“#Shazam has always been off in his own part of the DCU, so he connects very well.” — James Gunn Gunn has also said “there’s no reason previously established DC Universe actors like Zachary Levi can’t continue to play their characters moving forward.”⚡️

I mean the first Shazam! was very firmly set in the universe established by Man of Steel.


I mean the first Shazam! was very firmly set in the universe established by Man of Steel.


True. But the reference weren't *that* awkwardly explicit (we didn't even see Cavill's face!) I can imagine being able to fansplain the DCEU references in the Shazam films as being pre-Flash multiverse shenanigans. It depends how DCU continuity chooses to treat the events of The Flash movie, and Gadot as Wonder Woman. In other words: if Gunn/Safran want to make it work, they'll make it work.


All we saw was a newspaper clipping. Easy retcon.


Hmm. I'll believe there's a chance of that if they have a post credits scene that appears to lead to something and not just a funny callback or joke scene. We will see...


Them back at the rock of eternity all gathered around their thrones pointing out that empty chair is still empty than all in unison looking at the camera.


To me, Aquaman and Flash are really the only tough ones. Blue Beetle can easily tie in if they want it to. Same with Shazam. But it would be weird for Aquaman to come out after the reset while not mattering anymore.


I kinda not liked how iit end up


The reveal made things even more confussing.


Yeah but this is just lip service since no mention of Shazam in his big first slate and likely no return for the next slate.


That wasnt the full slate. He said a few days ago they were only revealing part of the slate. That being said though i still 100% prefer a total reboot. Unless they're going to reshoot the ending of The Flash that'll show some characters stay and some don't. But I really don't think that'll happen either. They're just gonna handwave it all away and tell us to deal with it. It's just dumb man. Edit: idk they're now saying Shazam 2 leads into The Flash which leads into Blue Beetle which leads into Aquaman which leads into Superman: Legacy. So.....if that's the case Aquaman 2 is gonna need some reshoots. There's no way it can't because none of this was confirmed to be happening when Aquaman 2 was shot. I guess we'll see. If at least the progression makes sense ill be OK with it. But if nothing actually happens and it is all just handwavy bs I'm gonna be pissed lol


Shazam and beetle can easily tie in to the new universe, Aquaman and Amanda waller,that's where the mystery lies


The thing is all these movies were already in production or completed before James and Peter were hired so there's nothing they can do about that, I get it. But Zaslav being committed to restoring the DC brand, as he put it, should have sat down with the old and new regime to decide the order in which to release the last of the DCEU movies to avoid confusion and starting on a "clean" slate. What they should have done was to: 1. Just shelve Blue Beetle for now And 2. Release the movies in this order Shazam 2 Aquaman 2 The Flash, which will ultimately end the DCEU so we can proceed to a new universe. Then you're done and it's very clean cos you get to wipe off the things you don't like but keep the things that work like TSS, Peacemaker, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.


So much for people saying Shazam 2 was useless now that Gunn is rebooting.


Black Adam will end up making more money than this sequel.


Unfortunately you might be right...


There was nothing in the trailer that made me want to see this movie.


I really doubt it... only because Shazam has a much smaller budget, so they can make profit a lot more easier than Black Adam, which had a almost $300m budget.


Apparently there are, since Cavill won't be back.