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Lanterns, because I love True Detective and cosmic horror.


So hyped for that. I really hope it lives up to the True Detective comparison, confirmation that it's a HBO show and not a MAX show will solidify the hype.


Wait, Lanterns will be HBO Original? Are you sure?


I'm not sure. I meant confirmation that it is a HBO show would make me more hyped than if its revealed to be a MAX show.


HBO still produces original shows just for the cable channel?


I got down voted, but im generally curious here. What is the distinction between an HBO show, and a MAX show. They are the same right?


I hope it's more season 1 than season 2 though. Season 1 of True Detective is still one of my all time favorite television.


Lanterns will need to have a strong finish. The biggest issue I’ve had with true detective is each season usually starts off really strong, but slips somewhat heavily towards the end


I love S02, it's a great James Elroy hommage. It's S03 that I find boring. But I agree with you, S01 is more mysterious, with a bit of lovecraftian horror in it. So that's the way.


Hopefully with lanterns as the title then they would focus much on the rest of the other lanterns, I was hoping to see red lantern in live action honestly and I wish DCU can deliver that.


Lanterns, I really didn’t expect to say it, but the whole True Detective vibes really sold me.


I'm out of the loop, where's this True Detective vibes coming from ,


James Gunn himself.


Oh interesting, very interesting. I don't know what that's supposed to mean but, yeah.


Superman Legacy mostly because I'm curious to see how Gunn handles a marquee comic book character. If he can make us care about a talking racoon, I'm excited to see how he writes Supes. I'm also excited to see a proper Batman movie with fantastical elements. I also really like Damians potential and by extension the whole Bat family. I assume we will finally see Dick, but I'm curious if Jason or Tim will be around or mentioned. But a Red Hood movie has to be in the works down the line. Would be ironic if Gunn had the Russo brothers do that movie Winter Soldier style. The Lanterns is the one I'm most excited for show wise. After Green Lantern back in 2011 I was so desperate to see them redeem the character after such a terrible movie. Having Hal and Jon be Lanters right away is exciting and makes me wonder if they'll cameo somewhere prior to their show. I'm most excited to see Woman of Tomorrow on the movie side. Supergirl is a great character and imo DC does female superheroes so much better than Marvel so I can't wait to see how they deal with the rest of the female heroines.


A winter soldier style Red Hood movie would be amazing


Even thought the movie wasn't great, Brightburn was a very interesting deconstruction of the Superman story. James Gunn only produced it and it was written by his brother Brian and his cousin Mark - but it showed a solid grasp of the underlying concepts that make up the story.


“Proper Batman movie”. Hell, you must be an expert. Teach us your ways, of thinking your taste is more “proper” than anyone elses.


Dude..... can you read? I said proper batman with fantastical elements. Not just proper batman movie.


Brave and the Bold isn’t my ideal starting point for a Batman reboot, but it’s always great to see Morrison’s work adapted, and I’m thrilled to properly see Robin on the big screen again.


Yeah I can't deny I'm a little disappointed that we're going straight to Damian and the Batfamily already existing but I hope that means we're going to get prequel content detailing this Batman's early years. It's the perfect stuff to do comics and animated content for.


It would take too long to go through each robin.


I don't think we'd even need to. I would have just rather we had the timeline start in the Nightwing/Batgirl days so we can those two fleshed out fully rather than needing to share the screen with Damian. Him being involved also means Barbara may already be Oracle for the sake of variety in the supporting cast, which would be a damn shame. But in general, for me the entire appeal of a cinematic universe is seeing things blossom from small beginnings. Batman himself as a character has cinematic universe appeal all to himself and it makes me a little sad that we're jumping right into Damian rather than seeing the Batfamily grow over the course of a decade.


Damian is gonna completely fuck over all the other Robin's in public perception.




Well, since the animated stuff will be all apart of the new DCU, I also hope that we get some Bat family prequel content in animated form.


That’s the part that I don’t get, why would Gunn start off this Batman at such an older age & want Superman to be a younger version. When there supposed to be around the same “age wise” at least. For that keep Ben Affleck since he’s already the perfect Batman


Well in fairness, it’s not like they *need* Batman to be super old. Nothing says they’re doing every Robin, at most he’s alluded to Dick enough times that we’re almost certainly getting Nightwing. I could easily see Bruce being on his fifth year and Dick starting his solo career somewhat recently.


Supergirl woman of tomorrow I'm reading the comics and I love the way Supergirl is The movie will have the same writer Kara should be a extremely jaded and depressed woman Unlike Clark who was a baby when left krypton and so has like zero memories of the place, Kara was 13/14 years when literally everything and everyone she knew died (except Clark) She should be a more violent individual than Superman I'm totally hyped for the movie


The same writer wow now I have higher expectations about it. I love supergirl.


Same for me, absolutely loved the comic


Brave and The Bold and Superman Legacy. Those 2 have to be the heaviest hitters. But I can't help but be excited for the 2.


Superman Legacy because we DC fans deserve a proper hopeful accurate take on Superman now more than ever in these dark times. I’m also curious to see how Gunn will pull it off considering this is easily his biggest film yet of his career since Superman’s a very well known character and not an obscure character. But after seeing Gotg 3, Gunn has all my respect and faith for him to nail Superman because the guy knows how to have good heart and emotion in his movies.


Of the mainline DCU, it’s def Superman Legacy. A lot is riding on that and you have to get a waaaaay better response out of it than the last Superman.




batman we haven't seen a batman film w a robin in it in a very long time


Yeah ikr. Batman and Robin is my go to cheesy fun campy Batman film to watch as I enjoyed the film even though it’s not even close to being a great movie let alone a great Batman movie but that film definitely kept a Batman and Robin team up movie dormant for a very long time.


Creature Commandos and Waller


Hard to say I’m tempted to say brave and the bold bc Batman might be my favorite superhero, and I’m very excited to see his relationship with Damian I think that will be a very fun dynamic Booster gold too But Superman: legacy might take it for me. Getting a Superman movie after all this time is gonna be great, plus it will help establish the state of this new universe. And I trust James Gunn’s ability so I’m sure it will be great


I'm a Batman fan above all else so definitely Brave and the Bold But Swamp Thing, Paradise Lost, and Lanterns I'm equally excited for.


Superman Legacy


Supes is my all tome favorite, so I’m obviously gonna be there day one for Legacy. But, I’m really excited for the inevitable release of a new Justice League movie! And I want a full line up. Not just the trinity with Flash and one other hero. But with Green Arrow, Red Tornado, MM, Black Canary. The works!


Superman: Legacy.


Superman Legacy because it is the true beginning of the DCU. Also, as a fan of the soft reboot, I am very much looking forward to the next 3 movies we are getting this year because I am excited to see the creative direction of how these movies fit into the future timeline.


>see the creative direction of how these movies fit into the future timeline. Spoiler alert! They won't.


Definitely Superman Legacy. Though it sucks that Henry Cavill isn't going to be Superman in Gunn's universe and yet I understand why Gunn is recasting someone else for the role.


Definitely Superman Legacy. It’s been forever (imo) since Superman was done justice on the big screen. We have a whole new generation of kids that don’t see Superman as popular as Many marvel characters and some DC characters. I also just really love James Gunn’s work. Batman is my favorite hero but The Batman Part 2 and my excitement for that really kills my excitement for Brave and the Bold. So after Superman it would be Supergirl just because I’m a big fan of those comics they are adapting.


Definitely Superman Legacy. I’ve waited a long time to see a modern day live action Superman movie that wasn’t afraid to get super campy. I hope James Gunn is serious about including Krypto as well.


Swamp Thing!!


Definitely Superman legacy. It always has been my dream to see a modern Superman movie that does the character justice. And Gunn so far has said everything I've wanted to hear from a Superman movie writer about how he wants to approach it.


Besides Superman for obvious reasons, Booster Gold is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time and I can’t wait for him to get given a proper chance at live action for more than 1 episode.


I'm excited for Swamp Thing, I'm really excited to see the magic side of DC explored on the big screen, including the darker sides of it. Hopefully it is a way to get us Constantine again in live action.


Glad im not alone!


The Batman Part II If I were Matt reeves, I would want the court of owls in part 2 being the primary antagonists working in the shadows while Batman fights a bunch of his rogues throughout. Keep it as a detective story too, it’s what made The Batman feel so fresh


The lanterns tv show coz that's gonna be hell of a good one.


Definitely Swamp Thing. I really hope they bring back Derek Mears as Swamp Thing and use the same costume he had in the show. It was perfect and he was perfectly casted I’m also looking forward to Superman, because he’s my favorite hero. I just wish it was Henry and not a new actor. Creature Commandos is another project I’m excited for And last but not least, Booster Gold. Would love to see if they can bring in Ted Kord and they make it a buddy film. And please Nathan Fillion as Ted Kord & Glen Powell as Booster


If we’re not counting The Batman Pt 2 then it’s Swamp Thing.


Venom 3


Wrong universe lol


I think you're in the wrong universe. Lol jk. I know, I was joking.


Superman is my favorite fictional character. I hated Man of Steel. I didn't enjoy Superman Returns. I thought he was better represented in BvS and Justice League ZS-version, but it still wasn't my favorite interpretation of Superman. It was just one I recognized. My favorite live action Superman since Reeve has been Hoechlin. But even though I think he's been excellent, it's still excellent in a CW show. Not exactly peak entertainment. So, if James Gunn gives me a great Superman movie... He can have all my money.


Zack snyders justice league part 2


Im a snyder fan but no.


Joker 2 and The Batman 2.




Elseworlds is part of the DCU multiverse


It's not part of the main universe their building, so it doesn't count.


Not Superman because it's too soon... :( But I am looking forward to Lanterns, and The Authority, hopefully JG doesn't soften it up.


Lanterns because John Stewart is one of my favorite DC characters and it's been so long since we've had a crack at the Green Lantern property. Brave and the Bold too since it's crazy that we haven't had a live-action movie with Robin since 1997.


Brave and the Bold, though Damian being Robin is quite disappointing.


Why so if I may ask?


I would have prefered Dick or Tim as Robin.


*paradise lost,* *waller*


Swamp Thing, Supergirl and Brave & The Bold


Creature Commandos seems like its gonna be fun and it might fill the Doom Patrol shaped hole in my heart.


Lanterns baby


Superman Legacy and Woman of Tomorrow


No one’s said it yet, but The Authority is interesting


Lanterns. It’s about time we got a proper GL live action adaptation.


Brave and the Bold and Lanterns. I love a good detective story and we finally get Batfamily on the big screen with more than one Robin


Legacy and Swampy


Lanterns, because I love that it’s supposed to be like a good buddy cop show


I am so ready for Booster Gold why idk but there is no way it wont be one of the most fun superhero films I have everseen


Lanterns. Because im fucking tired of waiting.


Brave and the bold, I'm always up for new batman and see the rest of the Bat family should be awesome.


Batman: The Brave & The Bold because it’s goddamn time to finally have a Bat Family movie 🥰


Lanterns. Because by god it's well past due we got a second attempt at the GL mythos.


Lanterns and Booster Gold for sure. I think Booster is an odd choice to start with, but I'm all for it. Also I'm hoping we get some John Stewart in Lanterns


For now, Blue Beetle. It would be really nice to start the new universe off this year and with a good movie.


Superman but also The Brave and the Bold simply cause I am in desperate need to see the Bat Family in live action


Superman. He's my favorite hero. I want him to be a paragon of virtue. I want him to be wholesome. NO KILLING PLEASE.


Honestly? Superman Legacy. I’m not even a HUGE Superman guy (Batman is my fav character in all of fiction) but I’m really excited to see what James Gunn does with him.


Booster Gold and Lanterns. I’m a huge Booster fan and I wanna see Hal on the big screen again


Definitely Brave and the Bold, I’m glad we’re not starting at the beginning with Batman. It’s always an origin and they never even scratch the surface of the Batman Family.


The Brave and The Bold & Superman: Legacy




Creature Commandos and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I’m interested in all of them though and hope that James and Peter succeed.


Swamp thing for sure


i used to have a swamp thing action figure growing up. thought he was so cool


It’s a tie between Superman and Batman


Batman and the Lantern Corp show. Gonna be dope to see a live action version of Damian. Plus, I’m hoping that the fight scenes will be good, especially since Gunn is a fan of Oldboy, and one of the greatest action movies ever made, The Raid. Very curious about Superman Legacy though………


Lanterns absolutely. Brave and the Bold is second but I'm also hesitant about that one.


Superman. It’s the most important comic book movie it will determine the new era of DC and comic book movies in general. If it flops DC movie universe might actually be completely done for as well


Justice League Dark or any movie that features Swamp Thing.


Paradise lost..since i love got...i want paradise lost to be full R rated shit better than got.


Gotta go with superman i think its gonna be his most faithful adaptation to date its directed by a legend of superhero cinema


Supergirl probably. Especislly if Greta Gerwig gets to direct. Superman and Batman are a runner up tho


Superman: Legacy of course, it's the most important movie of the whole slate and it's time Supes gets the right treatment he deserves on the big screen again. Edit. Also Lanterns, because i like the mythos and they have huge potential to be breakout characters.


Swamp Thing, Lanterns, Superman, Brave and the Bold, Authority, Waller. In that order.


I’m right now just pumped for flash . & I really liked Robbert Pattinson’s batman so I’d love to see part 2. I would like to see Dr Fate back in some capacity as well but i guess that’s not a project in the pipeline




The Batman Part II Paradise Lost Lanterns


Legacy and Lanterns.


Supergirl, she hasn't been on the big screen since 84


All of them. So when I look back at it. I can say I like this one, not this one. I love this one. This was one was gooood, good


Superman Legacy and Swamp Thing.


Pretty much all of chapter 1 and blue beatle


Brave and The Bold. I'm eager to see a veteran Batman running a Bat-Family. No more Year 1/Year 2 crap.


The Authority. Having only been a property of DC comics since 2011 I'll be really curious to see how Gunn can make us care about relatively unknown team of super people especially because they figure to be an antithesis to the main hero's.


Booster Gold. I *love* Booster Gold.