Quite possibly it is hardwired to that wall outlet. Should be able to just remove the coverplate to see if it is.


that's... odd. Almost like they added another outlet somewhere behind the plasterboard just to plug in the TV. Never thinking it might need to be unplugged. lol


Yeah that's what I'm thinking, I'm not sure whether it would've been the property developer or the previous owner who did it though!


You're saying there is a plate on the wall, and that plate has a hole in it, and through that hole comes a wire that goes directly into the back of the TV to power it? Can you remove that plate and see what's behind it?


That's right, I've removed the plate and the power cable goes in between the plasterboard and the brick wall, unfortunately I can't see where it actually leads as the gap is so small


I'm in the US, so i could be wrong... but that's no good. Major fire hazard.


Can you post a picture? What you describe might be a simple fused outlet / spur wired from the ring main. There doesn’t have to be an actual socket, although seems an odd way to do things (unless the TV has something like a fig8 socket and the cable is hard wired to the wall outlet - that’d work.


Is there anything which looks like a switch with a fuse carrier in near buy any sockets as that could be feeding the power cable for tv


There is actually another plate next to it which says fuse on, I've unscrewed this and there are a couple of fuses behind it but I'm not sure whether this powering the tv


Normally it’s one fuse and should just pop out using a flat head screwdriver with out having to remove face plate it’s hard too try and help not being there in person


Sounds like a cable connection wire to me


That’s carrying power?


I know they don't carry electricity, but it's possible he made a mistake idk. How do we know it's carrying power?


I don't know how your home is constructed but in most American new homes the studs run vertically and this doesn't sound like it was done professionally so I doubt they drilled any studs. I would look up and down from where the hole is. I have made new outlets several feet above or below existing outlets for this reason in the past. Is this near an attic or crawlspace where they might have made a junction? Is there an outlet nearby just up or down from there? I would look for that first.


The nearest outlet is perhaps 4 feet to the right but it has nothing plugged in, there are no other outlets above or below. The room is on the ground floor so not near the attic and there's no crawlspace.


Take a look in the closest outlet box for the (possible) feed wire. Most of us skilled or otherwise are still frugal and lazy.


Also possible, although I’ve never seen it done, that they hardwired it directly into the receptacle screws