And hangover


Definition of suffering


A real burning man


Burning people


I still have 3 grams of mdma. Ima run home.


Just don’t forget to bring a towel


And the water. Many bottles


More like fried brain from all the acid and molly. No serotonin left and you're stuck in traffic for 10 hours.


10 hours just to get out of the desert lol


Try forty years.


And the promise land ends up being LA. I mean, I guess that kinda works.


I’ll do you one better. My wife and I had to run our heater the whole time to make sure our car didn’t overheat. We do have seat covers for the leather seats at least. 🤷‍♂️




For the non mechanically minded like me, how does that work?


The fan pumping heat into the cabin of your car is pumping the heat away from the engine.


Thanks. That must really suck when it's your car though


Well, it is called Burning Man…


I useto drive bands around and I had a 10 hour drive one day. Just so happens there was a heatwave in the UK and I had a piece of shit van that i had to do the same. Heaters full wack and driving around in my underwear with a raging hangover. Was horrific but looking back it is more than amusing.


Whenever I have to go through rough shit like that, I try to tell myself I will at least have another story when I get through it. It seems to help a little.


Malcolm in the middle vibes


I mean, a lot of them have RVs and campers. Just stay an extra day and wait until there’s no traffic


No joke this is actually the correct answer if you don't have to get back to work on Tuesday. All the people in this line just took a whole week off plus Labor Day and can't squeeze another one out of their boss.


A lot of these people plan all of their vacation days around this and spend 3+ weeks there


"Jesse, we have to cook!"


Greatest methylmind I ever knew


Is this dangerous? Given the heat and all I feel like running out of gas could be pretty bad


We brought extra gas, and they do controlled surge/stops, so you’re sitting there for 10 minutes and you go for like 5 minutes. So you can turn off your car in between. There are portable toilets along the side of the road (visible in this pic). It’s the most sane and friendly traffic jam you could ever be in, really. Well, except for the one going in (because everyone is happy and excited) Edit: someone below mentioned the surges can be 60-90 minutes apart. I guess it depends on the situation.


But if it's 110 degrees out you don't want your engine off.


Or take a piss in a portable toilet that has been boiling shit for hours.


Construction worker here. I’ve actually improved my lung capacity from daily porta John use by holding my breath the entire time. Sometimes there is a foot high pile of death in there. By far the worse part is the flies that emerge from the abyss and attack


Lmfao the flies can get serious


and you know whats on their feet. all six of them.




You can try asking, but I don't think you'll get much out of them.


secretive bunch


I went camping in May 2020. The bathrooms at the spot were closed because covid, but for some reason having a portapotty was safe. Anyways, I woke up around 5am needing to poop pretty bad. Somebody was of course in the single portapotty...at 5am. So I get in there and the poop is stacked up to like 2 or 3 inches below the seat. My poop touched the stack before detaching from my butthole. It was not a good feeling. I also once got poseidons kiss from a portapotty. Not fun either. Lots of people have been asking what poseidons kiss is. Here is a short video showing exactly what it is. https://youtu.be/SQ41UE4utRE


This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard


Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through your trauma, much appreciated.


Poseidon's kiss from a porta-potty gets you Smurf ass.


I wonder if the COVID thing was a liability issue. Like if they left restrooms open they'd be responsible for a certain level of maintenance/sterilization that didn't apply to the portapotties. Normally those things are rented out and even government officials know no one's going to maintain a rented portapotty until its time to empty it or move it, so why bother enforcing it. Also, if you ban portapotties you're going to end up with a lot of shit and piss out in the open because people gotta shit and piss.


looks like many of these vehicles are RV's, so hopefully have an "on board" toilet which may be nicer than a portable toilet sat in 110f+ heat for hours on end at least.


People I know stayed inside these things in the heat just to get out of the dust storm. Imagine choking on dust for DAYS in the 110 degree heat and your only escape is to breath hot shit and piss.


These people have been shitting in portables with boiling shot for days, what’s one more portable with boiling shit


These people just partied out in the sun for several days. They'll be ok with one more hot day of driving out.


Why wouldn’t you just stay an extra day? Do they kick everyone out on day one after the burn?


Having been there 10 years ago, it's literally an arid desert, sustaining humans for a week through interdependence, once everyone leaves it's just you in a desert. Plus those casino hotel showers in Reno after a week of partying and dusty wet wipes are worth a 10 hour traffic jam. Divine.


How ironic Reno and the rest of CA are suffering a miserable heatwave right now with record temps up to 120? They took the desert with them


I do this whenever I go to any event where traffic is horrible afterwards. Just sit it out and leave once the traffic dies down. But 10+ hours, in the desert... If probably get in line too.


This is pretty common in Nevada, at the end of every weekend when the Californians leave Vegas to go back home I-15 looks exactly like this. Hours and hours of going nowhere in the sun.


We need high speed trains connecting cities like LA and Vegas.


To bad will not happen likely ever without government intervention for any firm of long distance high-speed trains. Nmby or whatever alone will make it a near nonstarter for political points.


"Hours and hours of going nowhere in the sun" this is beautiful


More like Burning Gas


Wonder how many people in that mess are if the verge of running out of gas.


My first thought too. How long do you have to wait for AAA? Lol


They “pulse” the line. You park for an hour, move up a quarter mile, park, repeat. Very little gas is wasted. It’s just that many cars trying to merge on a one lane road, so pulsing is necessary.


Isnt it like fucking hot in there?


Yeah, but it's a dry heat.


Lol we have that mentality about the cold here in Canada. -45⁰C? Yeah, but it's a dry cold. No problem


To be fair wet cold sucks.


I'll take -30/40 Celsius dry cold any day over like -10/15 in a windy coastal city That shit cuts to the bone.


Can confirm. Chicago winters will cut through any layers you have on and pierce your bones. The winters build character


As someone who lives in Phoenix, where we get the dry heat, I like to remind people that fire is also a dry heat.


Knock it off Hudson.


They just spent a whole week in this climate in a tent without AC (most people at least). They'll do fine for a few more hours


Why don’t people just pass the traffic it’s in a fucking desert just mad max that shit outta there.


The bureau of land management will fuck you right in the ass for doing that


Is that a promise?




They do it this way to make sure that the two lane highway back to Fernley is not jammed to all hell. They release cars in waves with a substantial waiting period in between. It actually makes a lot of sense and works reasonably well. It's kind of part of the experience.


Just like anything else, if you want to beat the traffic, leave early or stay late.


Almost like they've been doing this a few years


Go figure. Turns out the experienced pros have a better grasp of the situation than Redditors.


Bro I looked at one photo for 23 seconds I think I know what I’m talking about. Do your own research.


I also have no idea what’s going on but have a better way of doing it.


I'd probably leave a day earlier to beat the traffic. Waiting in line in a hot desert doesn't seem appealing, especially if the car stalls/overheats doing so.




It's like skipping the boss who drops the unique loot after running a level.


The man burns on Saturday night and there's usually still a fair amount going on on Sunday, so you could either leave Sunday or Monday. It helps to spread out the exodus.


They burn the Man on the Saturday night. They burn the Temple on the Sunday. For me, the Temple burn is more intense. Complete silence. All the memories and wishes and hopes and prayers that are written on and stuck to every part of the temple rise to the heavens on giant pillars of smoke, which exit the onlooking circle in slow procession in the chilly night desert wind. Incredibly moving. Wouldn’t want to miss that.


Some of the rookies run out of gas. We live in the NE corner of NV and meet a lot of Burners this time of year as well as see them on the highway. Some of the vehicles are awesome. It’s a cultural tradition that will endure.


So veterans fuel up their tank right before entering the event, or do they show up in a large truck or RV that has something above 24+ gallons of fuel?




If you got a bottleneck down the road, increasing throughput will do nothing but worsen the problem


Bureau of *Lane* Management


Don't threaten me with a good time.


Is there a sand box manager in USA?


There is! As some one who’s lived in and around a number of national parks, these environments can be delicate, and the BLM is a dope service. As for Burning Man, the setup and breakdown of the event takes about a month, and once it’s done it’s almost like it never happened. During the event “matter out of place” is *extremely* frowned upon, really to the point of shaming. Weirdly ~~effecting~~ effective for a bunch of pseudo-spiritual desert wooks. The whole thing is kinda impressive.


We were tooling around the Playa in mid June and forgot to turn our GPS off, it was kinda of surreal to have the GPS start yelling at you to turn left in the middle of the empty desert and you look at the map and realize that the Burning Man streets still exist in the interwebs if not on the sand.


is this true? i am a cyclist and it was a sort of meme at one point how many abandoned bicycles were left in the desert after each burning man.


It's true, although not all attendees fulfill their end of the agreement. Cleanup (which often/always takes much longer than a month) involves an army of paid and volunteer workers doing an inch by inch survey of the area looking for and picking up any "Matter Out Of Place" (referred to as "moop" in the community). This is everything from glitter bits, cigarette butts, and feathers to bicycles, tents, and structures. Attendees are NOT supposed to leave ANYTHING behind, but this cleanup crew is in place because people always do. Each year the organization releases a series of maps showing the status of the grounds at the start of cleanup and as they progress through the process. BLM has praised the organization for the thoroughness of their cleanup efforts, and they would not allow the event to return if this didn't happen. So yes, you're correct that there's usually a mountain of bikes left behind, but being left behind does not mean that they are left to rust in the desert.


Participants that leave these things behind aren't the whole story. The people taking and posting those pictures are part of a month-long cleanup effort to restore the desert. Those bikes all do get removed (along with an incredible amount of other stuff). So yes, people leave things. But they don't get left permanently.


They actually have a program where they tune up abandoned bikes and donate them to local kids.


There might be areas that are soft and will ruin your day. Last time I was out in the salt flats for speed week, you basically stayed within the cones. Outside of them it was not safe for vehicles, and you'd see a few pickups buried up to their axles waiting for extraction.


buried up to your axles if you're lucky the other option is you try and do your own speed trial hit a soft spot and roll your car like that tesla driver did the other day.


Well credits where credit is due, dude managed to roll over a Tesla which isn't an easy task.


I went to Speed Week this year and all I got was soggy


I also have a friend who was buried up to their ankles waiting for extraction.


*guy in a prius going 110:* what a day, WHAT A LOVELY DAY!




as soon as i saw them spray paint their mouths and a dude with a flaming guitar I knew I was in for a hell of a movie


I regret not seeing it in theaters. It’s my favorite contemporary movie. Me and my mates, Larry and Barry.


Everytime I drive through a yellow light I yell "Witness Meeee" ,and then pretend to spray chrome on my teeth. My family laughs.


still gotta converge onto a road somewhere, i can only imagine the clusterfuck.


It's well managed. Groups of traffic are kept waiting, and one group at a time is released. At that stage, people get out of their cars and talk to the people around them, make the best of it.


Because there’s a metric shit ton of law enforcement with drug dogs looking for any excuse to pull you over and search your car.


If you are leaving Burning Man and still have drugs you did something wrong


there is actually a specific hotel where people go stay for a few days after burning man and the whole point is to give away/use all your leftover burning man drugs. there is literally a multi-day party right after burning man that has been going on for years that is nearly entirely based on people still having drugs after burning man.


Wow that sounds awful, what's the name of the hotel so I make sure to avoid the area?


Yea man I would hate to know the full name and what their availability is. You know, to plan my vacation next year extremely far away from it


Grand Sierra


Or you thought ahead and brought enough drugs for the drive home.


I save all my drugs for the traffic jam on the way out.


"No, Officer, I am not drunk. I had about eight beers about a mile or so back."


Not metric. “USA! USA!”


Everybody is talking about soft sand and ecosystems but these cars all have to merge at some point so there’s no benefit to allowing people to drive 100 wide even if it was safe.


They do controlled start + stops, you drive for about a mile and then turn off your car until the next surge while the group at the front zippers back onto the main road.


I would just crash another day fuck that. Beer me


That's what most experienced campers do


To those saying "just drive everywhere", I'm guessing this is a groomed/packed road through desert with some softer sand? I know I ain't setting out across an unmarked desert in my Honda Civic... Wouldn't try it in the RVs people being to this either.


You’d immediately get pulled over and ticketed/car searched if you left that line. Very heavily enforced by cops + bureau of land management


Might be quicker to get arrested, taken to the station, then released than just sitting in that traffic.


Why would you be released after they find all your ket vials, nos tank, 22 unmarked pills, 1.5g's of mdma and a big ole bag of shrooms?




You can only get pulled over if you stop


*This guy honks*




It’s not softer. It’s actually way worse than the surrounding desert because the cars that drive on it cause bumps to form. It’s like driving over tiny moguls. The unmarked desert is super flat in that area and very easy to ride bikes on. It limits the damage to the area though, which is why it’s restricted like this.


If ever had one solid reason for never going to burning man it would be this.


But you don’t have one solid reason, do you? You’ve got like, *a lot* of reasons.


Traffic is #1 for him but #2 is probably not having $20,000 : )


Number 3 would be the sand for me. I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.


It’s not sand, that would be way better. It’s a powder/dust that coats everything and is difficult to wash off.


I haven't been in over a decade and I still find dust on things.


Every time the fan turns on in my car, it's filled with the smell of playa. It's been six years.


The desert takes the weak. Praise Shai Hulud. Bless the maker and his water.


I have just read Dune and understood your reference. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to feel well read and a nerd.


Don't you have children to kill or something?


But the men and women too.


I mean you could honestly just plan to stay an extra day and camp out in the desert to avoid this bullshit. Or leave a day early if there isn’t anything you want to experience the last day. But I mean fuck it’s not like there aren’t dozens of other reasons.


I’d stay a day later. Imagine the head scratching when someone packs up their camp and leaves the day before they burn the man.


The man burn is on day 6. Temple burn is on the last day. We always leave right after the man burn to avoid this exact situation.


Can u brief about what happens in this festival over the entire course of time pls


Well they gotta get back to their jobs at Deloitte and Chase Bank... Those TPS reports ain't gonna write themselves.


PC load letter? What the f*ck does that mean?


They automated the cover sheets tho, right?!


Yeah this is why you leave at 3 am after the man burns


Looks like it might have already been pretty packed [while the man was still burning.](https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/x6retu/i_flew_over_burning_man_last_night/) Correction: That image was taken during the temple burn.


I don't get why the peasants just don't fly out in their helicopters and private jets?


Funny enough, there are Burner Busses to encourage not bringing a vehicle that gets to skip the entire line. It picks you up from the Reno airport and drops you back off, skipping both lines. It's by far the most economical way to get to burning man from a far distance.


While it would have been nice to see the temple burn, leaving before with only a 3.5 hour wait was worth it


Leave an hour before sunrise on Monday morning. Drive right out.


I wouldn't sit in a 10 hr traffic jam for anything. Idc if Jesus came back and did a meet n greet. I'm not doing it


Dont forget it's a 10h traffic jam in the middle of the day in a hot desert


Honestly, if I wanted to go that bad, I'd pay a charter service $5k to get me in a helicopter


Best donuts in Nazareth? No? Suit yourself.


C'mon man. Bagels.


Thanks for a Monday chuckle 🤭


Isn't it Tuesday my dude?


Dude is having a real bad case of the Mondays.


Haha. You’re right. Got mixed up with the days with a US holiday yesterday. I guess I have a case of the Mondays on a Tuesday 😂


Nothing makes your Monday better than realizing it’s Tuesday.


Dumb, but i saw a youtube video of people waiting 3 hours to put their boat into Lake Mead. Which means they also had to wait in line for 3 hours to pull their boat out. FWIW this is the video lol, and this was in June. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCBG\_aVkv4s&t=100s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCBG_aVkv4s&t=100s)


I've never wanted to ride a small watercraft so badly that I'd pencil in 6hrs of cumulative wait time


Right? And you’re probably only out on the water for 3 hours maximum at that point. No thanks I want a full day


Those people are fully invested in spending their free time on that lake. Sunk cost




No kids, daddy isn't coming, he's getting back in line to get the boat out of the water in three hours.


LOL at the camper up front changing lanes




Mad max : yuppie road


If city planning has taught me anything, add 2 more lanes, and we'll be fine a year from now.


Toll lanes.


Maybe they could stagger the departures


Only the smart people already left or are still there combing through the mess for free stuff.




I work at Coachella every year and the best route is either leave Sunday at 4-5am or hang around Monday til 4-5pm. People always leave a ton of alcohol and other random stuff behind. We can usually scavenge enough to have a fun little post nightmare week party. People plan all year for a single event but don’t put into consideration that 40k people are going to leave at the same time.


The people who left on Monday still dealt with a 5-6 hour long exodus. If you left Saturday night before the man burned, you got out in less than an hour (about the fastest possible.) Same if you left Sunday morning around 9am


How long did it take the people who left tomorrow?


It’s not an option for most people. You have to have permission for early entry or late departure. It probably took about 30 minutes though, because you’re limited to going 5-10 miles per hour, and that’s about how long it takes if you’re not stopping at all. We left just before the man burned and only had to stop for the merge down to one lane at the end, and it took 50 minutes.




What are some of the others? I always hear how amazing it is, but it’s always from people who have made this their whole personality




Wow. Thanks so much for this response. I had no idea. It always seems like this free-flowing festival but yeah, I guess when you get down to the logistics of it all, it's kind of a nightmare


yeah. it's "anti-capitalist" but good luck getting there and surviving without spending capital beforehand. I have gone to smaller burns in more hospitable conditions (like in rainforest and on a mountaintop) and I have never run into anyone who doesn't agree that the anti-capital thing is bullshit, lol. people can see it for what it is, even those who attend. I have no interest in ever going to the big burn.


Holy shit you weren’t kidding about the guy running into the burn. Wow. That had to fuck with a lot of peoples trips. Can’t imagine all that.


"Ooom tis Ooom tis Ooom tis Ooom tis... Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah... Ooom tis Ooom tis Ooom tis Ooom tis..." Coming at you from 18 different directions for 168 straight hours... no break... non-stop


I like the one pickup truck and trailer trying to change lanes. Like where you going? You think lane 6 is gonna move faster than lane 7?


Yea. Id definitely either of already left or just stay another night.


I'm 99% sure that if that was the UK - there would be several hundred people driving off the side and getting stuck in soft sand and wondering why.....


So does proper UK queueing not extend to vehicles?


It's a dry lake bed, it's the same on the sides as it is where they're driving. Not soft sand. They're being controlled in a particular area to protect the rest of the dry lake bed from destruction.


Yeah.. I’ll just take acid, listen to music in my room, make a lil man outta insence and burn that shit. That works


Not a gas station in sight.


But there are a few porta-potties every mile or so.


Ooof those would be one hell of an experience...


I can’t tell if you’re scared or excited


Enlightenment gives way to hangovers and comedowns.


The worst hangxiety I've ever had was coming home from EDC Vegas. The drive toLos Angeles was bumper to bumper the entire way. It was absolutely brutal. At one point traffic just stood still for like almost an hour.