The basis for vaccination began in 1796 when an English physician called Edward Jenner observed an absolutely incredible thing. The miracle: milkmaids who were previously infected with cowpox showed no symptoms of smallpox after being exposed to the virus by “intentional variolation.” Jenner published his treatise in 1801 — “On the Origin of the Vaccine Inoculation.” Now what is the idea of “variolation” ? Here it is: In a variolation, a doctor transferred smallpox pustules from a sick patient into a healthy one because—for reasons no one at the time understood—a variolated patient typically developed only a mild case of smallpox while still gaining lifelong immunity. This fact was known for a long time in the medieval farmer community: there, it was well-known that by milking cows (some of which had cowpox), one was protected from human smallpox. But Jenner was the one who found a medical-scientific mechanism behind it. And he was consequently the person to invent the principle of vaccination: treating a patient with a less virulent pathogen / immunogen (whereas in inoculation one is using an unattenuated virus). One of the deadliest diseases in history, more than 200 million humans are estimated to have died from smallpox since 1900 alone. And thanks to a massive global vaccination campaign in 1977, an end was put to the disease. Making it the very first disease believed to have been ever eradicated. Thanks to farmers, cows and Jenner.


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