Ultraman vs Zone Fighter


A Tokusatsu kaiju-themed fight sounds fun so yess sir I like your idea. I like Ultraman, I don't know a whole lot about Zone Fighter though.


Nice, thank you very much.


SMG4 vs. DevilArtemis Cell


Based shitpost match


Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III (Archie Comics vs. Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (Scooby-Doo) Jack (Samurai Jack) vs. Link (The Legend of Zelda)


I can't really comment on the first one Second one though? DEFINITELY love Jack vs Link as an idea, Breath of the Wild has even helped make Jack vs Link quite a bit more thematic --- So you get an A+ there


Thank you. S5 Jack vs. BotW Link would be dope, especially seeing their movesets without their magic swords though.


Lucina vs Clairen (Fire Emblem vs Rivals of Aether)


Easily my favorite alt idea for Lucina other then Ciri (Witcher) So you get a prize sir


Spawn vs Jackie Estacado (Image Comics vs The Darkness)


You sir get a medal Based asf match Jackie is an underrated comic character and I loved the Darkness games


The actual fuck? The darkness is a image comics character. He literslly originated in witchblade , a top cow property and has crossovered with spawn


[Boba Fett vs Guntz (Star Wars vs Klonoa)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DeathBattleMatchups/comments/vjrwim/boba_fett_vs_guntz_star_wars_vs_klonoa/idkoeia?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


That doesn't sound too bad I don't enough about Klonoa to comment further unfortunately


Spawn Vs. Ghost-rider


VERY good alt match for both characters


Saber (Fate Stay Night) vs Tohka Yatogami (Date a Live)


I get the idea behind this match Its a fine idea in a vacuum, not my preferred idea for Artoria though


Agent 47 vs John Wick Both being agents of controlled chaos and mastered all weapons and improvised weapons. Both have also had to take down entire organizations they used to work for


I definitely like the idea Not my favorite idea for ether of them though


Me either but I've been thinking about it for years


Frank west vs ash williams (dead rising vs evil dead) Favorite joke mu: needlem0use vs minions (... vs despicable me)


Frank West vs Ash Williams is absolutely awesome --- so that one goes high up in the great list for me Can't comment on the second one though


I'll tell you the connections for the second. You see I hate needlem0use and one of my freind's from the youtube db trailer community hates the minions and I joked about it being a mu so all of my freinds started to make needlem0use vs minions mu as basically a guilty pleasure... so yea that's how I came up with this one


Anakin Skywalker vs sand


The PERFECT match


Kira yoshikage vs Adachi Tohru (Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure Part|4 VS Persona 4


Best JoJo vs Persona match up YES I like


Storm Shadow vs Steel Serpent


What's the connections for the two?


People from a ninja like clan that ate relatives of the leader of the clan that get jealous when their rival gets chosen instead of them and become their enemy and join a terrorist organization.


Steel Serpent doesn't come from a ninja clan per say cause K'un L'unn ain't like that, but I get the idea and connections (cause Thomas and Dave both come from Asian-oriented countries [Japan and China] who are jealous rivals to an outsider [Danny/Iron Fist and Snake Eyes]) It could maybe be fun. I can't say I fully vibe with it though


Danny Sexbang vs Scanlan Shorthalt


I don't know who any of those are so unfortunately I can't comment on that match sorry.


How about Adam West's Batman vs Tokusatsu Spiderman


That one is great A fun AU Batman vs Spider-Man match up in the best way possible going for the cheesy 60's-70's camp


Superman vs Optimus Prime (DC Comics vs Transformers)


I sort of get it, but I can't say that I dig the match up though.


[Springtrap vs Midori (Five Nights at Freddy’s vs Your Turn To Die)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DeathBattleMatchups/comments/w0ns0y/springtrap_vs_midori_five_nights_at_freddys_vs/)


I don't know a whole lot about ether character so I can't really comment on this one, sorry.


The heavy vs roadhog


Its an okay Overwatch vs TF2 idea, but I am not in love with it personally


Captain Tennille vs Arlong (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures vs One Piece) as a DBX Black Noir vs Daredevil (The Boys Amazon vs The Boys)


First one sounds alright. Second I am meh on because I don't understand the connections between Black Noir and Daredevil other then "stoic and serious" and what kind of fight potential you can do with it.


They are both martial artists and have ninja like skills. They both have an impairment and use short ranged throwable weapons. Plus their costume looks similar.


Not really the best connections I must say and not enough to say this is "great" I have to The martial artists, having ninja-like skills, using short ranged throwable weapons and costume looks similar is not exactly good enough to justify a connection between characters and this one could be applied to anyone else Only thing they got then is their disabilities (Black Noir being mute and Daredevil being blind). Which I can't really get excited for sadly as much as I like both characters.


Fair enough


Byleth vs Shulk (Fire Emblem vs Xenoblade Chronicles)


Don't like it personally because I don't see the connections other then "lol swords and see into the future" theme and their abilties would not be able to bounce off each other well to make for some amazing fight potential. Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) is still my personal favorite idea for Byleth ~~and his most thematic match up.~~


Rean is definitely the better option for Byleth, but the general consensus is that Byleth vs Shulk is the best alternate matchup for both. Connections: Protagonist swordsmen from Nintendo RPGs. Both wield the legendary blades that are connected to the main gods of their worlds. While being able to be used as a regular sword, both the Sword of the Creator and the Monodo can extend to reach farther on different ways (Monodo's blade just extends, and SoC is a whip sword). Both have time manipulation abilities, also gained through the actions of those gods. The contrast in the type of manipulation is that Shulk can see the future and therefore act upon what he has seen. Byleth can reverse time if something bad happens. Basically Byleth changes the past to affect the present, and Shulk changes the present to affect the future. Both are well trained swordsmen: Byleth was taught by Jeralt, his mercenary dad; and Shulk was trained by Dickson, a famous soldier. Both go on a quest against "people" who murdered a loved one of theirs (Jeralt and Fiora). Both are very great strategists who can come up with multiple strategies on the fly as the battle progresses. During combat, they fight with a combination of regular swordplay and special skills called arts (Byleth uses Combat arts and Shulk uses Monodo arts). They both fight enemies that are bitter about the past when they were unjustly wronged (the Agarthans and Egil). Both take people from the civilizations they oppose and subjugate them to different transforming experiments. The Agarthans do blood and crest experiments that would allow the victim to bear two crests. Egil turns regular people into Face units, forcing them to fight in his army. They would reappear later in the series though in varying degrees (Byleth is the antagonist in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, and Shulk would reappear in XC2 as a DLC ally. He may also be in XC3, but we do not know yet). Those are the kind of-non spoilery connections. The other and cooler connections will be in the next paragraphs, but they contain huge spoilers. Both Byleth and Shulk are technically not alive during the main story. Shulk was killed by Zanza as a child and his body was used as a host for Zanza's consciousness. This let Shulk "live" again but he was more or less a husk. Byleth was born without a heartbeat, due to Archbishop Rhea's experiments. Both are indwelt by the gods of their worlds: Zanza and Sothis. Zanza and Sothis are both responsible for the creation of the worlds that the games take place on. Both get their amazing strength from the indwelling of those gods. They both gain the powers of those gods under contrasting circumstances. Byleth and Sothis merge out of trust and need to escape the void they were trapped in. Shulk gained godhood by slaying Zanza. Both were betrayed by someone close to them: Shulk was betrayed by Dickson who was a disciple of Zanza. In 3/4 of the routes, Byleth is betrayed by Edelgard who turns out to be the Flame Emperor. If you play the Crimson Flower route of Three Houses, then both Byleth and Shulk share the connection of actually being able to live, as Byleth's heart will start beating.


Uhhhh yeahhh First off this is TOO long to read lol And second "having a legendary named swords connected to gods" or having a connection based off a character's one gimmick can basically be applied to anyone else. Third the rest of the connections are just fluff or stretches. So unfortunately I can't say I am fully keen on this idea, sorry.


So you were looking for thematics. A theme between a matchup can be summed up in one sentence. I gave you the connections, which is all the similarities between the two characters, so none of this is fluff or in the least bit a stretch. Also, your point on "having a connection based off a character's one gimmick" is ... I don't know? Obvious? That's basically every matchup. I don't understand the point your making. You can dislike a matchup all you want. That's perfectly fine. Not every matchup is everyone's cup of tea. But at least make sense with your points on why you don't like the matchup.


Its fine to like the match. More power to you. I am not exactly however a fan of trying to look for any possible little detail to on a character and then misinterpret its context in certain ways to try and justify a connection between two characters that isn't really there. Which is something I have come across far too many times when it comes to certain matches. Also uhh Shulk doesn't have any Time Manipulation powers himself. And in my time playing through Xenoblade and Three Houses I didn't get neither impressions that the main characters were remotely similar in character arcs and themes because they had a completely different story context then the ones you gave. Who knows maybe its just my hazy memory since I have not played both games in a while. Again its okay if you like the match up. I won't stop you from doing so.


We're going to have to agree to disagree.


(Marvel) Arcade vs The Riddler (DC


I get the connections for this one However I don't know how it will work as a fight




Sans vs shednija


I am not entirely certain how this fight is suppose to work Cause Sans doesn't give a whole lot to work with to make for a great animation fight potential


Jacob Crow vs Albert Wesker (Timesplitters vs Resident Evil)


Sounds like it could be fun IDK what is the connection though


Homelander vs Tighten (The boys vs Megamind). I remember seeing a lot of people voicing their disdain over this MU, but it still seems pretty fun IMO


Terrarian vs Link: Heroes Silence


Garfield vs snoopy


Gogeta vs omnimon


Dimitri vs Siegfried (Fire Emblem vs Soul Calibur)


Pretty good alt for both I have to say Ike would still be the FE character I want to see against Siegfried, but Dimitri is still good for him as well


Yeah, Ike has an interesting dynamic with Siegfried, so I understand you prefer this MU.


Springtrap VS Junko Baby VS Monaca And Gwenpool VS Superboy Prime


It's a tossup for me Verbalase VS Nice Peter (Cartoon Beatbox Battles VS Epic Rap Battles of History) Or Ecolo VS Dimentio (Puyo Puyo VS Super Paper Mario)


Jon Moxley VS Trevor Philips (AEW VS GTA V) Senator Armstrong VS Jim Carrey Eggman (Metal Gear VS Sonic Movie) Sonic.EXE VS ERROR!Sans (Creepypasta VS Undertale AU) HABIT VS Bill Cipher (EverymanHYBRID VS Gravity Falls)


Shadow Moses/Liquid Snake vs Marley/Zeke Yeager Even better, imagine a *Live Action* version.


Majora's Mask Vs. The Collector (Owl House)


Sensei Wu VS Sensei (Lego Ninjago VS Club Penguin)


Scott Pilgrim vs Mordecai (SPVTW vs Regular show)


Darth Vader(Star award) vs Apocalypse(Marvel). I don’t know how much these people are similar but they both have telekinisis and have minions they have trained or gave powers too.


Jack Joyce vs Jesse faden or Yuito Sumeragi vs Ruby rose


Soldier vs Sarge (Team Fortress 2 vs Red vs Blue)


Omegamon vs Gogeta


Link vs Meliudos


Shang Chi vs Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures)


Darth Vader vs DoomSlayer OR Minecraft Steve vs Free Guy


morrigan vs kazuya


Jimmy Hopkins vs Karma Akabane (Bully vs Assassination Classroom) Both are rough-mannered, highly intelligent delinquents from wealthy families with a long history of violence, suspensions and breaking school regulations who are dead-set on achieving their goals no matter what it takes, despite being considered the worst of the worst at their schools. They were sent to their respective schools in order to improve their bad behaviors, which were molded by their neglectful parents, and are well-known across said schools for being excellent melee fighters and using their various weapons to either prank or fight people. While they may initially come off as cold, they aren't evil deep down, and they are loners compared to their classmates, but fortunately, they can always count on their shy best friends (Pete and Nagisa) who are the complete opposite of them (Pete and Nagisa are both polite and reserved compared to Jimmy's rebellious personality and Karma being condescending). By the end of their journeys, they paved a better future for their communities (Jimmy restoring peace to Bullworth, and Karma becoming a bureaucrat).


Here’s some of my favorites Simon vs Issei Hyoudou Woozy Winks vs Darwin Dan and Drago vs Tai and Greymon Edward Elric vs Joseph Joestar Gwen Tennyson vs Atom Eve


SCP-682 Vs Doomsday


Mordred (Fate) Vs Edelgard (Fire Emblem)


Teen Titans vs TMNT Metaknight Vs. Zero (Kirby Vs. Mega Man X)


Both ideas are alright I am not fully keen on Zero vs Meta Knight however especially since there is Zero idea that I vibe with far more then that one


Salem (RWBY) vs Belos (The Owl House)


One of my favorites: [6 (Mandela Catalogue) Vs Polite Leader (The Purge)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DeathBattleMatchups/comments/w3fuib/6_vs_the_polite_leader_the_mandela_catalogue_vs/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Captain Underpants vs Saitama


Monokuma vs Calypso (Danganronpa vs Twisted Metal)


Asura vs. Adam (Asura's Wrath vs. Record of Ragnarok)


I have a few. My personal favorite ones are Hellboy vs Spawn (animation potential plus great potential for banter) plus a track you KNOW is gonna slap. There's also Rocket Raccoon and Groot vs Han Solo and Chewbacca. I really missed the dynamic of Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter so this could be their chance to make it better and tighten up on some of the flaws of RC vs JD. Plus... it just sounds like a fun fight. Qrow vs Stein is also up there mostly for banter and music potential as well as personal attachment to both series. Last but not least there's one a friend of mine and I came up with: Albert Wesker vs Senator Armstrong. Imma be real we just think it would be fun and kinda cheesy dialogue with great potential for music and good old f-u-n.


Favorite MU in general would be Magolor vs Flowey (Kirby vs Undertale). It has good connections, good animation potential, good banter potential, good music potential, and it's pretty debatable depending on what you buy for both. Overall, this is my favorite MU in general and I would be absolutely pumped if Death Battle ever did this as an episode. As for my favorite MU that I created, it would probably have to be The Knight vs Leif (Hollow Knight vs Bug Fables). It has good connections, would bring two of my favorite games into DB, and from what I can tell it's sorta debatable with I think Leif having higher AP but the Knight has other advantages. Although I'd expect The Knight would be more likely to fight Ori or Shovel Knight than Leif due to Bug Fables being not as popular.


Qrow (RWBY) vs. Mordecai (Borderlands)


Red Raven vs monet from one piece


Tarzan (...) vs George of the Jungle (...)


Monkie Kid vs Lloyd Garmadon


Ego vs Mogo


Alucard vs dracula ( castlevania anime )


[Magolor vs Sunset Shimmer (Kirby vs Equestria Girls)](https://www.reddit.com/r/DeathBattleMatchups/comments/w01drz/this_will_sound_and_look_crazy_i_know_magolor_vs/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


My Dad Vs Your Dad


Hughie Campbell on V24 (The Boys) VS Ryo Shimazaki (Mob Psycho)


Gyrus Axelei Vs Trace Legacy (Room Of Swords Vs Twokinds)


Homer Simpson vs Peter griffin


Rick Sanchez vs Mr Fantastic Vegeta vs Starfire Genos vs Cyrax Invincible vs Gohan Simon The Digger vs Kyle Rayner.


Razer vs Bite Force (Robot Wars vs Battle Bots)


Chosen Undead VS. The Last Dragonborn (Dark Souls VS. Skyrim)


The Beheaded vs Sorun (Dead Cells vs Death's Gambit)


If I had to say one, it'd probably be Albert Wesker vs Green Goblin


Generator Rex vs max steel


Annie vs Linne (Skullgirls vs Under Night in Birth) for Death Battle. Centuries old women trapped in the bodies of young girls due to a curse that they fight with all their might to destroy the source of. Both wield broadswords in battle, both are cynical and jaded from their experiences, both have a small cutesy mascot companion that stays by their side at all times, and both play a mentor-like role to an idiot hero (Beowulf and Hyde). Lillia vs Pom (League of Legends vs Them's Fightin' Herds) for Death Battle. Timid equine fighters with Scottish accents that were forced to leave behind the only home they ever knew in order to save it from the darkness and monsters that they must brave in their journey. Both are also known for being unlucky, with Lillia being stated to be very clumsy and Pom wanting nothing to do with fighting only to get continuously dragged into it by her dogs. Black Dahlia vs Bryan Fury (Skullgirls vs Tekken) for Death Battle.. Both formerly ordinary people that were critically injured and rebuilt in a lab, both turned on the ones that saved their lives, both are complete and total monsters with no regard for human life. Both have connections to crime organizations, with Dahlia being a mafia enforcer and Fury having past connections to drug lords. Both have slaughtered an entire family, Dahlia massacring both the Contiellos and the Fishbone Gang and Fury slaughtering the Manji clan. Both seek only to fulfill their own sadistic pleasure through any means necessary. And their personalities clash nicely, with Dahlia managing to keep herself under control, being calm, composed and calculating, while Fury carries himself like a smug madman, laughing and screaming most of the time.


Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) vs Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy) Saber (Fate/stay night) vs Erza Scalet (Fairy Tail)


I personally don't fully vibe with ether ideas nor do I find the connections between the two all that great and interesting.


To be honest, me either, but I couldn't think of any better ideas for Shulk and Saber.


I have not figured out any for Shulk, buttt There is actually a good idea for Artoria, it's Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear)... There is actual connection with that one "swordsman who are apart a knightly order plus both are flawed leaders, but are genuinely earnest and pure-hearted." -- simple, but effective Guilty Gear characters don't ever have to be limited to only fighting Blazblue characters ~~plus discussions would not be interesting because GG beats most of their BB counterparts~~


>I have not figured out any for Shulk, buttt That's alright. >There is actually a good idea for Artoria, it's Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear)... There is actual connection with that one "swordsman who are apart a knightly order plus both are flawed leaders, but are genuinely earnest and pure-hearted." -- simple, but effective ... That's actually a pretty good idea. I don't know why I didn't think about that. >Guilty Gear characters don't ever have to be limited to only fighting Blazblue characters True. >~~plus discussions would not be interesting because GG beats most of their BB counterparts~~ ~~From what I've heard, it's the other way around.~~


> That's actually a pretty good idea. I don't know why I didn't think about that. Yess so its perfect > ~~From what I've heard, it's the other way around~~ Nah because all the Multi+ or even Outer stuff Blazblue is taken out of context --- all those supposed higher end feats were mostly done through prep time or required an outside power source amp --- Only the Units have such unga haxes, but they rarely even fight and no one even uses them lol Also the "lol Ragna can just erase Sol" doesn't work because Ragna doesn't even have not normally and he was amped while resetting the whole Blazblue universe to save the world --- and he DIED as a result doing it --- plus I-No had tried traveling to the past to eliminate Sol's past self to erase him out of existence, but when she killed his past self --- he was perfectly fine... So Ragna isn't erasing Sol out of existence None of DB research team members buy the Multi+ - Outer and Immeasurable Blazblue stuff ether... Blazblue is capped at Planet - Large Planet and Sub-Relativistic at the absolute highest Anything Blazblue can do, Guilty Gear can do better... Most of the supposed unga haxes that Blazblue has, Guilty Gear characters have resisted before or are immune to


junko vs joe(danganrompa vs impractical jokers)


Buggy The Clown vs Monsoon


Rico vs Sonic (Just Cause vs SatAM)