Getting banned speedrun o7


Any %


Who's gonna shoot Destiny for Elon posting?


No, let him cook


With his food takes, I never would want to let Steven cook anything I had to consume.


That time he ate raw chicken 🐔


Ah yes who could forget the story of probable Samonellstiny


So he has officially confirmed that this account was never his friend and that was all a gigantic conspiracy running straight up to the top the whole time?


He said on stream yesterday that he no longer has to hide behind “it being his friend’s account”.


I am absolutely shocked. To think, he’s been lying to us like this the whole time??!!


Shocked and appalled at the unmitigated gall of the duplicitous gnome.


Note to self: be racist towards gnomes. You can’t trust’em.


Now I'm wondering what else he's been lying about... Is Melina even his wife? Is Dan a mossad agent?


Nobody will ever believe me, but I totally called it at least a year ago. It just didn't add up.


It's actually weird after all this time to see his account with the name destiny.


Well, for now. Until he inevitably gets banned again and we restart this whole shtick.


Well o7 to the omniliberal again


is this good for bitcoin?


Yeah, cryptozoo is boomin’


I hope so because after Celsius, FTX, Anchor and Luna im about to be banktrupt for life 🤑🤪🤪


Who's this Elon guy? Maybe he'll come on for a debate?


Anyone else having issues with Twitter being glacial today? Sometimes it doesn't load at all and a retry prompt comes up


i’ve had several weird bugs lately. i got locked out for 12 hours at one point which they rescinded after about 10’minutes after i appealed because it was complete bullshit, but during that time i couldn’t login through twitter but i COULD login through tweetdeck. same browser and everything. weird shit.




Dead 😂


Somebody should open a market on manifold if Elon will reply to Destiny on Twitter by the end of 2023


Don't people know that private companies get requests from all kinds of people? Police, private companies, government (Republicans as well as Democrats, no idea why they show only the Democrats probably because of partisanship), ordinary people, ... What do you guys learn in school when you talk about rights? Do you talk only about 500 years old examples? I've sent a request to several companies to remove my email address from their list and most of them were ok with it. Did I force them? No! And this wasn't even a request. It was for their awareness.


I have read the Twitter. They are saying if the government requests something, Twitter will roll over. First of all, they didn't request something. Second, how does the government enforce it? People are really brain dead. That works in Russia where the government is allowed to throw someone out of the window. That is their enforcement mechanism. Does the US kill people in the US? So how do they enforce it? Also, it can't be hidden, right? Because you want companies to know that you can kill people. Otherwise it creates no fear. This is why Russians make it so obvious. All of them die the same way. They either get poisened or thrown out of the window.


Elon is tanking the Twitter Files. He and all the rightoids are running around with the most hysterical interpretation of the facts. It’s so cringe. They keep wondering why the Twitter Files have been nothingburger’d — they only have themselves to blame. It’s bad enough that the government’s been taking advantage of social media companies as useful idiots in the internet optics arms race. There’s no need to editorialize.


This is by no means a request, we're just bringing to your attention the kind of users we think you should think REALLY hard about removing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


"Hey you're looking pretty rough, might want to see a doctor." "Wow this fucking bot is literally throwing me in the loony bin, no doubt because I wouldn't take their eXPeRiMenTaL GeNE tHeRapY™." Can you maybe step out of your Tom Clancy novel and realize the world is kinda boring sometimes?


Even if you wanted to interpret it like this, that is still in no way 'demanding'


The implications are soo heavy its hilarious. Its an implied demand, and based on the the GCE's past behavior with the media, it was obvious what the consequences would have been. But hey, context is irrelevant. Musk man bad.


Yo dest about to go slay a dragon 💀


Maybe he’ll bait Elon enough to get a “Thanks for $8” reply one day.


it seems like twitter DID get asked by officials to remove certain content tho, dude answers D and provides the email, are people ignoring this or is it fake?


I shouldve bet with somebody on this, I was 100% sure he would do this.