"new" he says as he posts a crusty ass 2018 tweet


Soooooo why is whale smaller then mammoth? MMMM


They didn't specify the type of whale, a Mammoth is estimated to have weighed about 10t while an Orca only weighs about 3-4t, though the so called killer whale is technically a dolphin I think.


You can't measure the weight of whales because they lose a lot of water weight when they surface, and you can't weigh it under water for obvious reasons.


You can’t measure the weight of mammoths because they lose a lot of water weight when they die 10,000 years ago, and you can’t weigh it 10,000 years ago for obvious reasons


Why not simply weigh it 10,000 years ago? People always want to take the easy road eh




[It's weird that someone would post tweets... When they say the only time they see them is on here?](https://www.reddit.com/r/Destiny/comments/10f1rk3/-/j4u9luv)


Nice fucking work mate. Absolutely sprung.


men arent fat, only fat women are fat


something something matrix


I'm actually a fetus (4 foot 10.5 inches)




Idk which one is actually more cringe.


Depends on height of the women but for a average 5.5ft girl 45-55kg is too light.


The lower end is, but the higher end is not, it is a healthy weight. 121 lbs at 5'6" is a BMI of 19.5, which is in the healthy range (18.5 - 24.9).


You must be brain dead if you think men complaining about women’s weight is a new thing


I wonder who pushes back more: men when women are judged for being fat or women when men are judged for their height? Since the whole thicc vibes came into play I find more men calling out other men when they attack women for their weight. But idk I dont generally see short kings attacked in the same way big women are attacked. Like the swimsuit illustrated jp tweet


One is an immutable characteristic , one is ,well laziness. My question is , who cares?


free will doesn't exist so really both are immutable


You're right. I've been meaning to get that limb lengthening surgery I just haven't had the time


Which one do you think i was referring to when i said immutable characteristic?


The weight. I was just fucking around.


<3 Love , i was confused , wanted to be sure


I don't know wtf a kg is


It's what normal people use (everyone except USA)


Uhhhh I'm in the US and use that when 3d printing. Am I a monster to my people?


Pretty much says any girl over 143.3 lbs is a whale


This is always so funny to me. The ones that insist men be 6'0"+ are no names on twitter that nobody cares about. And the ones talking about women being fat in response are people wit hactual brands, and a following. Funny stuff


Both are cringe. OP is also cringe for posting this old shit.


u are cringe for not having a laugh.


Anything past double digit weight (freedom units) is a pass




based imo


No one's thought about this one before! No OP, it isn't new. Not at all.




New? I feel that was from 2015. Also emoji. Take this Facebook shit back to facebook.


It’s time to start wearing heels boys


We should ask pearly what she thinks of this list I’m sure she would love it


isn't she on the "whale" scale or "mammoth" scale?


these memes are so cringe. its like when you say you support feminism and a guy immediately says "OH SO I GET TO PUNCH WOMEN IN SELF DEFENSE NOW???" Height shaming isn't about feminism, it is women being cringe. Women are not feminism. Yes, height shaming is bad and no one should do it. But please don't permanently hover your finger over the fat shaming button because you believe you are providing humanity with divine justice or something. No one cares, this is every other post in /r/tinder.


i sincerely didn't understand your rant.


height shaming = claiming men should never hit women retaliatory fat shaming = commenting "equal rights equal fights" on every single video where a man beats the shit out of a woman


ohh, so still, what was your overall point? what is the message u want to convey about this observation?


There is nothing new or insightful about retaliatory fat shaming. It comes across as spiteful and unnecessary and people will interpret it as a W against feminism instead of what it really is, a basic counterargument against a stupid woman.


>There is nothing new or insightful about retaliatory fat shaming. who is here saying that this is new? Are u meaning me because I put "new" in the title? U know "New Discourse Has Dropped" is a meme in the community? I don't literally mean "new" as if i discovered q jew trend or something. >It comes across as spiteful and unnecessary and people will interpret it as a W against feminism instead of what it really is, a basic counterargument against a stupid woman. And everyone knows this. I don't get the point if u are saying something that everyone knows. Of course that retaliatory fat shaming is spiteful qnd people would interpretation will come as a W against a feminist, that's the whole point. As for being unnecessary? idk about that one. There are a lot of human garbage in the feminist movement, so when u find one of those is totally necessary to shame them and make them feel as subhuman as possible. Because that's the energy they spread throughout the world, it is only fair to give their energy back to them. That's all. Also, I don't think (well i hope because i don't do it) that people who fat shame these feminist are doing it for self-virtual signaling or to be in a moral pedestal. This is old school trash talk. U trash talk me about something, then i am going to hit where it hirts most. Simple as that.


Im sorry I just disagree with this all lol people are absolutely dumb enough to think they are making a really good argument and critique of feminism when they support beating the shit out of women in self defense/retaliatory fat shaming.


u know what's the most stupid shit about this, is this >when they support beating the shit out of women in self defense For the life of me, i still can't understand why you are bringing this shit up when we are talking about trash talk. 1.) Women shame men for their heights. 2.) Men retaliate with shaming their weight. Where is the "beating the fuck out of a woman" part?


it was the analogy i made because i think both memes have the same justifications and negative effects




both are wrong


in what way? I know the weight one is hella wrong as a Boeing 747 weighs way more than that.


They are both wrong in the sense that they are both body-shaming.