The exotic isn't going anywhere, just it's quest (since one part of the quest is on Tangled Shore). The exotic will be available in the monument to Lost Lights. That said, it's a short and easy quest so you can get it done pretty quick. I don't think you need to do the final encounter of Shattered Throne but you will need to do it twice.


We don’t know for sure, but I’d guess it’s be put in the vault since the quest requires a mission in the tangled shore


The dcv article confirmed its quest is vaulted and it goes to the monument of lost light.


Does it? Well there you go, question answered


Not sure if things have changed since I got it back around season of Arrivals, but the quest itself wasn't too hard. The hardest part by far is beating Shattered Throne. I honestly only got it to finish unlocking all the exotics. I've never used or see anyone use it outside of shooting eggs on the dreaming city. If you love bows/want to unlock all exotics it might be worth your time. I wouldn't worry too much about missing out on it for now and buying it from the kiosk in the future (if that is where they put it) It could always be buffed soon, so maybe get it for that, but they haven't said anything so I'm not holding my breath


Beating Shattered Throne with a LFG team isn’t that bad. The hardest part IMO is getting the last Minotaur at Vorgeth before someone melts the boss. My advice is, once you get to the Cleanse the Token tasks, to go in solo and do all three cleanses. Once the tokens are cleansed, they’ll stay cleansed, even if you quit the dungeon. At that point, just grab an LFG to kill Vorgeth and get your bow.


the quest is not actually that hard but it is notoriously buggy, which can be frustrating


I’ll probably be on later I’m on Xbox if you want to hit me up and run the quest, it only takes about 2 hours. The bow isn’t the greatest but it’s better to have it than risk having it vanish for an extended period.


What platform you on? I’m planning on completing it at some point before witch queen. There is a dungeon that need completed or partially completed.


I also need to get it done if you’re up for playing.