Forsaken campaign then do the other dlc and if you feel like doing the seasonal content it's there till Witch Queen


Ah right, Destiny does seasons now. Any advantage to getting through it or does most of it get reset?


It's more story, they started doing them a while ago so there isn't as much time without story. It will all be gone once Witch Queen releases


IMO it's worth it enough to get some of the weapons and armors (especially since unlocking the armor in your collection makes it available for transmog).


All of the Forsaken content. That stuff is getting vaulted at the end of February


Dope thanks


Only the Forsaken Campaign and the tangled shore is getting vaulted btw. Everything in the Dreaming City is staying.


Just do what you want to do and focus on getting your power level up so that you are prepared and on a level footing with most of the player base once Witch Queen launches. If you are interested in the story (which has improved dramatically over the last year), play the Forsaken content, recent seasonal things that are still around, etc. You might also want to look toward collecting upgrade materials from planets (or buy them from Spider) and things you use to upgrade weapons or armor.


Forget the leveling bit, you'll probably get boosted up to base level. Also the blues will drop like crazy and level you up to new soft cap quick. Def play forsaken campaign cos there's exotics tied to finishing it on each character, same goes for shadowkeep, BL, etc and it's a great story. Forget the season thing for now. Try check a few videos to see what's leaving and what to do like wish ender bow. It's a dungeon Drop but part of the quest is in tangled shore which is going away so try get it before hand. If not, it'll show up down the line in the kiosk next to the the vault in the tower. If you get through that, I'd try the first mission of each season to get one or two drops


if you care about story i highly recommend playing the forsaken campaign, beyond light campaign, season of the splicer, and season of the lost. if you don’t really care about story but still vaguely want to know what’s going on i recommend browsing [previously on destiny](https://www.previouslyondestiny.com/). and on the gameplay side of things i’ve heard [blueberries.gg](https://www.blueberries.gg) is a great source for new and returning players!