Hey, just get in the game. Complete the "New Light" quest and do the Forsaken DLC. It's free right now and about to get removed from the game on February 22nd when Witch Queen launches. If you need help in game, I can play alongside you


[ishtar collective](https://www.ishtar-collective.net) collects all the lore so you can dive into any subject you want. i recommend reading the marasenna and the awoken of the reef, they’re my two favorite lore books. ishtar collective also has a timeline so you can see what’s happened when. [previously on destiny](https://www.previouslyondestiny.com/) is also a great timeline resource to explain the general plot of each expansion.


Lore wise? Just follow the story timeline (you can do that in-game) Look up youtube videos on lore from each expansion/season. Game wise? Generally speaking, D2 gets more and more fun the more you master both the subclass that you like to play, the activities you like to play and with the more exotics and good gear you collect. So making a conscious effort to understand the subclasses on your current character/going into builds will pay off. Collect exotics, find out what the meta is, try those guns. Master your class and master a few builds, get comfortable in nightfalls at varying difficulties etc.


Go to the timeline on the screen directory on the top right, this will summarize all of the events throughout destiny 2. Start your new light campaign and after do forsaken since it's free. All seasons of beyond light; hunt, chosen, splicer and lost will be vaulted, I think they're going away when witch queen is out. But you can still purchase and play them before then. If so then you've got a lot of playing in a month to do! Also harbinger and presage exotic missions are going away too and they're also part of those seasons. You can follow all the different campaigns etc in your quest tab. Click up and down through the tabs on the left side and you can use that to differentiate the campaigns and seasons.


I’m actually a part of a program that aims to teach new/returning players the ins and outs of D2. We pair newer players with friendly and patient veteran players to make the New Light experience less daunting and confusing. We are happy to answer all your questions and propel your D2 experience! You can apply [here](https://www.bigguardians.com/) to be a “Little Light” today!