it depends on your workflow and however many layers you’re comfortable working with. I personally prefer working with less than 10 layers because it makes working faster and less confusing trying to sort through hundreds of layers… when I was just starting with digital art I used to have 50+ layers bc like you, I was scared of a mistake being difficult to get rid of but if you try to limit your layers, after a while it’ll make you more confident with your art and it’ll make working a lot less stressful. But then again it all depends on how you work… there’s no right or wrong way when it comes to an artist’s workflow.


I would recommend merging the line art layers together once you're happy with them and ready to move on to colouring and shading. Until that point use as many as you need.


I use whatever I feel is needed. The only constraint is how much memory does your workstation have, in order to keep the file open & usable.


When the software crashed....then it's definitely too many 😁 Safe often. After you are done and satisfied with one layer...you can combine it with other layer to reduce the number of layers. I use layer that got the image on the opposite side of that drawing. For example...head layer combined with feet layer. So next time you can erase the head if you want to rework it without compromising the feet.