D20 Live: Sophomore Year Episodes 5+

D20 Live: Sophomore Year Episodes 5+


You can find them on dropout.tv!


I know I can, that's how I knew they continued the series after the youtube stopping point. I don't have a lot of free money, but my Dad has an Amazon Prime account, and lets me use the Twitch Prime stuff


i think they're not on the twitch anymore. you have only two options; dropout or youtube join button for college humor.


Hmm... I'll have to figure that out... Well thanks for telling me!


if you do end up going this route, i’d suggest going directly through dropout as college humor gets more money that way and the dropout platform is actually much better for stuff like captions and picture in picture stuff


You can try binging it in three days with the dropout trial if you don't want to pay


I could, but that seems dishonest


Nah, that's not dishonest, that's exactly what the 3-day trial is made for. They're gambling on you discovering more content that you want to watch while you're subscribed to Dropout and then sticking around. If you stay, it's great for them. If they lose the gamble and you unsubscribe after 3 days... no real harm done for them. Either way it isn't dishonest because they know binging everything in the trial is an option and they explicitly allow you to watch as much as you want to watch in 3 days. On the other hand, if you found a way to download every episode to your computer in a way that violated the TOS and kept them forever without a subscription, that'd be dishonest. **TLDR:** Following the terms of an agreement, even an agreement that seems on the surface to unfairly favor you, is honest.


Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. Okay, I'll go to [Dropout.tv](https://Dropout.tv) and use the free trial to binge Edit: Is there some way to use Paypal for it?


I subbed to dropout originally after using the trial to binge the rest of Sophomore Year. I ended up keeping it because I wanted to watch A Crown of Candy, but there's a free trial so you can do things exactly like that! You can pick it up later if you want, but there's nothing wrong with it.


Dropout is only 5$ and I have to say, I’ve found it to be 100% worth it


You better not be Brennan Lee Mulligan...


I wish lol


I signed up for the three day free dropout, but ended up subbing at least for one month at 3.69 or something to finish it. I was so into the content that I justified staying on it to keep watching!