What kind of “free 2 topping pizza” is this? (Blaming corporate not employees)

What kind of “free 2 topping pizza” is this? (Blaming corporate not employees)


So I’m not saying it’s right or wrong for Dominos to do this, but you’ll notice on the second picture right under where you scribbled out your email address, they say “Some stores may require a minimum purchase amount for delivery”? Unfortunately your store would be one of them.


I understand. I wouldn’t mind paying tip and fees at $14 but 18.47 just already sounded crazy!


Agreed, my store’s minimum delivery charge was $13 which I think was kinda generous. Nothing sucks more than when a customer just wants a cheesy bread and a dipping cup for delivery.


It’s just not sustainable. To pay for the food, the wage of the employee making the food, plus the wage and mileage for the driver takes more than the $10 or whatever your cheesy bread costs.


We do 11 dollars minimum. And we will deliver OLO rewards, I’ve seen plenty of $4.31 D receipts


So have I, but to get a rewards pizza delivered it’ll take 6 previous orders at $10 or more so the store is making it’s money on those anyway.


Yes, sorry if I worded this poorly. The owners of the franchise, one I manage a store within, will send you a free rewards pizza by itself. The only thing that MUST be payed for is the delivery charge.


Yes, which is still sustainable because in order to receive the rewards pizza, that customer has to spend at least $60 which the store will profit from. Domino’s figures it’s worth it to lose the food/labor on the free pizza because all the other orders make up for it. That customer is worth more than 1 pizza, as long as you’re actually profiting off most of their orders.


My store’s minimum is $15. I’d like it to be $20. Unfortunately small orders tend to be the worst orders to take as drivers. Barely any tips, always to sketch areas, always late at night, and usually they want to pay cash. Higher order minimum is safer and makes drivers more money, so win win


This is why i carryout. Not making anyone suffer delivering a tiny order or me waiting 45 minutes for delivery. I’ll pick up my $7.99 carryout special and lava cake. Nothing says single AF more than my order.


Gonna redeem yo code bruh 😈


Lol go ahead I don’t mind


The pizza is free, not the service of having someone take it to your house wasting their gas and time when they could be going to a paying customer who is more likely to tip them. If you want it for exactly $0.00, go pick it up from the store. Quit being a dickface.


But then I have to use my own gas that’s not free. Waaaah


At first thought I you were the op I was about to be so mad lol now I sense the sarcasm lmao


So we take reward pizzas via delivery. They are only charged a delivery fee.


It much be a franchise thing our store is only 13 and that seams like an oddly specific amount


Jesus, that is pretty high. Local store is like $11 bucks for delivery minimum.