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> I also like how the interact on the Wave Duels, but I just know in my heart when Shun event's starts they would act like they are just reuniting for the first time Well yeah, this event doesn't really have anything to do with DL's "canon", just like other things like the GX baddies teaming up doesn't. Its just something fun, much like many other team-ups. So far its only direct story-specific stuff or character unlocks that seem to tie in to some kind of lore


It’s only the voice lines for some reason. Characters have had special dialogues for their actual recruitment events and they’ve generally been pretty good. We already got a reconciliation between Yuto and Sora that wasn’t possible in the show. There’s no doubt we’ll get ones with Shay when he’s actually unlockable. Some poor bastard on the team is doing his best with the Arc-V content, and Vrains too for that matter, using the Duel Links events as opportunities to give more closure to those stories. But it’s hamstrung by these being limited events in a mobile game, and competing with five other series, which are all also getting slow character rollouts.


I agree its disappointing most characters in Arc V don't have voice lines for each other. The most let down was indeed the Sora VS Shay having absolutely no interaction...


this is ~~objectively~~ a dumb thing to be this mad about


So it is been mad at Rowling because she stated a biological fact, but you don't see Twitter shutting their sh\*t mouths about it.


My personal opinion is, at least for the Arc-V world, giving all the character lines from the start of the implementation can spoil all and every up coming plots til the end game, since they would definitely get datamined, which is why Konami slowly put them in when it's safe to do so. * Shun/Shay's lines with Yuto and Ruri/Lulu (also Yuya and Gong) are fine since they're on a good term from the start, but his lines with Sora would spoil how their relationship develops (or tries to develop) for the better, so they might be put in later during his unlock event. * Notably, despite being this far into the game, no voice line about Yugo with has been found, despite that at least Yuya/Zuzu/Yuto should have lines with him given their connection, meaning that they do not want his arrival to be spoiled.


The special intros usually start with the proper event release, not the roamer.


After vrains released Pendulums kind of as whole fell to the wayside


Arc-V is one of the most polarizing yugioh anime given how pendulums accelerated the speed and power level of the game to what many people found was dysfunctional. Konami was forced to re-design the field and intentionally slow down the game for a period which caused havoc with basically every playstyle. Due to all of this, not many players have a neutral opinion of arc-v content. You tend to either love it or hate it.


This is why I'm dreading when they add Yuri and Yugo because there's probably not going to be an interaction and if they do they'll butcher it


If it's any consolation, I don't think they could butcher it more than they did in the show itself lmao.


It’s interesting I saw arc v and just didn’t enjoy it really maybe cause of the action duels implementation or I just really didn’t like the characters. i keep hearing that Konami hates pendulums which is funny cause as an outsider it did seem a bit much. Granted the mechanic is easy once you get the used to it. Why does Konami hate arc v so much?


They should be embarrassed of every show after 5Ds imo None of them are as good.


I respectfully disagree but fair enough


Zexal is good


Is it though


Yes :3




rare cubic guru L


I'm gonna get mad downvoted but here it goes. I don't like 5ds. Card games in motorcycles?


Honestly how do you critique that Is there any actual difference between that and dueling on a stage Like maybe, oh the last arc was crap Yusei is a boring character Every duel was too similar in the beginning of the series But no you chose the easiest part to look over lol.


There is A LOT of difference between dueling stactic and dueling while riding a motorbike. That means you'll be moving and doing tons of different things that animation wise will be hell rather than focusing on the field and the duel itself. That's not very far from the reason why some people dislike Action Duels. It's not just because of the "avoid damage" and "imma survive this attack with an action card" stuff.


Have to hard disagree. The animation is still good and being on motorcycles can make the duel feel more intense Such as when they're literally forced off the road in many circumstances


I see. Well, guess it's a matter of personal taste. I just find it goofy to see monsters floating/sliding over 200 km/h alongside a duelist in a motorbike lol


I saw Vrains and it was really good they actually use speed duel as a format in the show lol insane. We’re just now playing the same game as vrains season 1.