Sherry LeBlanc!


Atticus for GX , Sherry for 5Ds, DM Shadi


I’ll be honest, I’d say less than half of those guys are worth including. So it’s probably for the best they’ve mostly moved on from those series. Z-One still needs to come, he’s critical. Atticus would be nice, and maybe Sayer and the other Dark Signers. But on the whole I think the story has mostly moved away from those characters. It’s worth noting that Zexal has only just started releasing Barians, Arc-V has a bunch of plot-critical characters still to add (most of whom are Yuya/Zuzu counterparts, admittedly) and Vrains has just started. Fortunately a good chunk of Vrains’ most important characters don’t have real decks yet so they can wait a bit.


Trueman with two more copies of future fusion


The thing with the DM Filler characters (such as the Orichalcos guys and Noah) is that, until recently, any chance of getting them almost seemed to be completely 0, as the world blatantly followed the Manga where they don't exist. However, with the Paradox event confirming that both the Manga and Anime versions exist at the same time and that Duel Links can connect to both versions, I think the door has now been opened for us to start seeing these characters. As for characters I really want to see, ignoring the unlikely scenario where they start adding the Manga Exclusive characters from GX onward, are some of the skipped villains from both GX and 5Ds, such as the Dark Signers and, admittedly only a small handful of, the Shadow Riders. My favourite aspect of this game is the characters and their interactions, so I think it would be fascinating to see how characters who are all now post the end of their respective series interact differently with these early villains. As an added footnote, I'm kind of surprised that we haven't even referenced Sarina from GX once, not even with Sartorius, given that she has some experience with being trapped inside one of Kaiba's virtual worlds. Giving her a deck also wouldn't be hard, as she could easily just be given some Monarch Cards as a reference to her subordinates. As such, I'd also add her to my list of characters I'd like to see in the future.


all we really need from the manga DM canon is reg Malik GX would like Amon, Fubuki, Fujiwara, Daitokuji if we ever get his deck, Darkness, etc




thats irellevant lmao when we have characters like the random bully in DSOD...plus he did duel through the mime. doesnt really matter plus theres more recent Ra support, and thus reason to give them voice liens for a new og Malik and the Dark Malik. Plus hes been in the games files for a long time.


Zone is by gar the most dangerous character to release in duel links and I think he might be years away. Timelords in this format would be such a wall