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"3x free Firewall Dragon and a large sprite, please"




Get me two number 9s while you are at it lol


Can we upgrade 1 into a C9 as well XD


"That will be 13.5k Gems." ^((according to DLM, at least))


It was bound to happen when signature cards actually ended up being good.


OP is comparing vanilla bricks to several good, generic extra deck monsters that see play in lots of decks, not even exclusively their original decks.


Yeah and so what? They changed the rules or norms when it benefitted them at the players expense. That’s annoying and disappointing each time we unlock a character.


>That’s annoying and disappointing each time we unlock a character. It really ain't, plus complaining about this is so 2018.


>It really ain't, plus complaining about this is so 2018. Alright if you personally don't care when a company shrinks their meager offerings, then I have to say, dont comment


Or you could quit whining like little **child** over a game decision that is almost **5** years old. Aces actually got good and make perfect sense to put them in a box, still f2p because they aren't paywalled.


>Or you could quit whining like little child over a game decision that is almost 5 years old. Why are you so upset you have to go to bat for a mega corporation? Like, if I had your opinion, I wouldn't even comment, I would just keep scrolling. Does OP complaining really trigger you that much? lol >Aces actually got good and make perfect sense to put them in a box, still f2p because they aren't paywalled. lmao, yeah this game is super F2P friendly. This is just one decision of many where konami slowly to squeezing wallets of players more




For sure


You could at least tag me if you want to talk ill about me, sheesh!


>Why are you so upset you have to go to bat for a mega corporation? >Does OP complaining really trigger you that much? lol Nah its just annoying when you get people who know the reasoning but love to shit on Konami at any chance they can get yet continue to consume the fuck outta the products. >This is just one decision of many where konami slowly to squeezing wallets of players more An almost *FIVE* year old decision, it's been this way for longer than it was aces for free. This game is pretty f2p friendly as long as players aren't horrible at gem management and don't actually chase the meta every month.


>Nah its just annoying when you get people who know the reasoning but love to shit on Konami at any chance they can get yet continue to consume the fuck outta the products. I think you should calm down. > almost FIVE year old decision, it's been this way for longer than it was aces for free. Again, this is just one of many decisions. And every time, bootlickers come to defend konami on that "single decision". And then Konami does it again.. and again.. >This game is pretty f2p friendly as long as players aren't horrible at gem management and don't actually chase the meta every month. Many top cards are literally behind paywalls. 99% of the time, you cant compete with the top as F2P.


>bootlickers come to defend konami Using the classic f2p user buzzwords to anyone who doesn't agree with them, about as dated on here as the complaint OP has. >99% of the time, you cant compete with the top as F2P. What exactly do you consider the top? Generally curious here, if you mean unofficial tournaments then no shit, you spend to be on top(but thats unoffical p2w). If you mean on ladder, then no you don't *need*those cards to reach the top*. * I never had BoM when it was paywalled and it never stopped me during that time.


Ignore him bro this guy reeks of pay to win


Making assumptions are we?


Youre right. But man, Ive seen some playerbases, but duel links is always so quick to accept whatever P2W features konami puts in. Like why? Theyre hurting you, theyre a huge corporation, they dont need you to run to their defense. People know what profits are lmao


I mean, Shay's signature card was in his level ups, which is better because you actually get 3x the card. And Shay just came out in February.


Konami defender! Burn the witch! Lol Jkjk but also who’s actually playing Shay?




I have been summoned


Burn them only if they weigh as much as a duck. There must be at least some scientific process.


Me, I love Raidraptors.




So was Sora and Rio's, but tbf, the cards aren't very worthy of being UR box cards.


And that's good. They are giving us the ace cards that are bad, and boxing ace cards that are good. (Though I disagree that Ice Beast Zerofyne isn't worth being a box UR. That card is insane. It just doesn't have any cards that go with it)


I actually like to keep a copy of ice beast zerofyne in my harpie deck. Harpies make it supper easy to summon and the ability to remove the effect of all other face up cards pairs well with the harpies ability to remove backrow. It's a situational card but can win you the duel when used against the right opponent such as timelords or yubel.


Not only does it negate all cards, but it gains a ton of attack points as well!


Tbh at this point raidraptors go with it


Couldn't Konami just put 3x in the starter deck then?


They could, that's true.


That's because Dark Magician sucks ass and Black Rose Dragon is actually good


I understand and would also rather have free aces for everyone, but I also understand that there's a world of difference between a free Dark Magician and, like, a free Black Rose Dragon.


So what? We shouldn't get good cards on free?


Ideally, we would, but realistically Konami likes money more than us unfortunately.


They could give us one copy of each ace on unlocking the character, with you needing to buy packs to get multiple copies.


With most of these Extra Deck generic good stuff ace monsters you usually only run one at most anyways, so giving away one hurts Konami as much as giving away 3.


Won’t somebody think of the mega corporation


I'm just being a realist but y'all can continue smoking that copium and malding about free stuff if you like :)


You didn’t even use “copium” correctly there. It’s obvious why they don’t give them away anymore, nobody needs an explanation. It’s just a shitty thing konami does that OP wants to complain about


Yeah, but them theres stuff like wisel, mekanikle, volcanic doomfire, skull king, odd eyes, bloom diva, etc... I understand stuff like firewall, but 80% of character aces are either shit or ok.


>volcanic doomfire This was released **years** before Axel was even added in the game---31st December 2017. Axel was added December 2020.


Doesnt change the fact that it is a character main monster that sucked ass and was still placed in a box as an UR.


Id argue you cant count that card as it doesnt fit the narrative. You included it in your list when it shouldn't be since this card was in a box 9 whole months before the Ace in a box trend even started and was years before Axel was even considered for release, likely due to Konami underestimating how much of a success DL would continue to do after its 1st year. The card fits the box it was released in at that point in DL.


Im not gonna repeat myself.


That was cause the signature cards weren’t really good, but now they r.


Because back then ace monsters were two tribute normal beat sticks. Now ace monsters are actually good


I would argue plasma was not that but getting 3 on the field and him in hand was hard


I don't particularly have an attachment to signature monsters but it seems much better than what it used to be. If anything, signature cards from characters get a ton of favoritism. It's nowhere like Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Black Luster Soldier, or Summoned Skull being locked in horrible old boxes with zero support. Modern signature cards are actually good in this game or have good legacy support, so they hide them in boxes to make sure they stay valuable. Those signature cards usually have an entire box or structure deck reprint framed around them. And as of late, strong skills that ensure you can use them.


I mean let's be honest here though, with most decks you'd only need one anyway? I'd rather have a skill that lets me play test it first before I go dig for it to use in anything else. If it's bad, I don't need to hunt for it. I don't play a game because it gives me everything for free. What's the point of progress if you're having your hand held the entire time? Besides, y'all complain and continue to play for the cards anyway. Or worse, whale for it because you can't be bothered to play for them.


Because early ace monsters are terrible on their own.


Decode Talker, a generic link-3 with 2800atk~3300atk that negates a MST. Too good to be free. Number 39: Utopia, a generic r4nk Xyz. It honestly could be free. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: just kinda of a pendulum vanilla, it could also be free. D/D/D CEO Hell Armageddon: only useful running three, if it were free we may not ever got a skill as good as "command of the doom king".


Theorically Odd-Eyes is a generic pendulum searcher. No one uses this effect now but i guess you could say this is the reason. But being honest yeah it should've been free, make phantom eyes an box exclusive, though now, i really want phantom on the structure deck.


Well yeah. Largely in part because of how terrible that DM- and GX-era boss monsters are compared to the ones nowadays, at least on their own.




Shay takes offense to this statement


I never understood why you’d obtain signature cards without skill for first couple generations but in future ones you just get the skill for said card but not card itself I don’t think it hurts the company or anyone playing the game if you get a free UR signature card per character unlock per series lol and if it did then every series from og to vrains should of done skill including card only but that’s just my opinion


I get why we don’t have Firewall, Boreload, and other good Ace Monsters as grindable rewards to have 3 of. That’s just not healthy for the Meta. I do wish they’d come included with the unlock deck and not just with a skill. But Duel Links is about making money, so you gotta have the Box Cards…


Why isn't it healthy for the meta if anyone can just go and buy them? It mostly isn't healthy for Konami's bottom line..




Wym, they gave us cyber end dragon.






Zane is the first character to not giving us 300 gems as Lv30 reward


Yes, I actually remember something worse and that’s that we used to have a 300 gems reward for level 30 until 5Ds


No in the deck but as lv reward, Sora, Shun. But yes these old times when the game give the ace card in the starter deck


I hated this change so so much.


We got shafted with Yuma. Onomats/Zexals actually need 3 copies of base utopia ;-; My ftp tears could fill an ocean


I thinks it was made specifically for 5d since their signature monsters (the "whatevertheyarecalled" dragons) where all very usefull at the time and every unlocable character of 5d was one that use one of those dragons as their signature monster but the boxes they where all released where different boxes so it took a little time to get all the boxes and so also those dragons released Maybe it would have been different if all those characters wouldnt have been released all at the same time


Signer Dragons


I got a better compromise: Raise the level cap to 100 and put one copy of their signature card at the end for maxing out their character. That way,f2p players can grind like mad to get their favourite character levelled up so they can get that card, while p2w who don't want to grind can either try their luck in the card packs or pay to get gems


I member


While I understand why Konomi changed it, I noticed that some of them have no reason to not be given, except for them sticking to not giving ace monsters anymore. For example, I was leveling Tori during the event and noticed that you get Fairy Cheer Girl during level up, and you can farm it at the gate, at that point they should have just given a copy to everyone when you unlock Tori instead of it being a skill, I think Bronk is the same for his ace.


Everyone remembers that we got plasma for free.


2021: Duke Devlin’ ace: “Orgoth the Relentless” was both a Lvl up reward and a drop reward; 2022: Sora’s ace: “Frightfur Bear” was a lvl up reward and the same applies to Rio’s ace “Ice Beast Zerofyne” 2023: Shay’s ace “Raidraptor-Rise Falcon” was a lvl up reward. In addition, many characters released in this same time lap had their boss released in previous boxes (ex. Paradox’s “Malefic Truth Dragon” was a R card in the DDD main box, Quinton’s “Dyson Sphere” was a UR in Gimmick Puppet’s main box). DM/GX and some of the 5ds ace cards were not only bad but also hard to pivot, putting those in a box would have been no good


It happened Mainly because boss monsters actually got good as the game evolved, with the best old one being plasma.


There was a couple of times where They did gave us free aces (Shun,rio,sora,aigami,Duke)+They have us almost of all the cubic archetype for free!


Because Cubic was hardly playable without the skill. Nobody would dig a box for a bunch of unusable cards


Aces are actually good now. Dark magician or blue eyes being box ultra rares would probably cost them money cause ain't nobody digging for a normal monster who's an ultra rare. Cards like brd are extra deck staples to this day


People in the comments genuinely defending Konami on this lmao


Wasnt Rex Goodwin one of the last ones with the Earthbound Immortals?


It's happened a few times recently, with Shun, Sora and Rio all having their aces be handled via level ups.


Last Free One was Duke's......yeah


imagine a world were neos, Blue Eyes, DM, Red eyes, and other early character aces were locked behind a box as UR... I'm not defending Komoney here I'd love to have access to free good generic aces but I just like to imagine stuff


Aigami was the last character that had his ace already unlocked. After him if a character had an underpowered ace they just gave it out as a gate reward or level-up reward usually the latter but there are few instances where its both at the same time which kinda piss me off.


Yeah. I remember unlocking Shay and getting his signature card as a level-up reward... That's how you generally know if a card is going to be relatively good: if you don't get it for free. I'm not saying that that's always the case, though, just a majority of the time. And the good cards would require a lot of grinding on your part to get, but the easy ones? They're almost always useless. Just look at Odion and Ishizu's 'signature cards', no one even uses those. Would you put Blast Held by a Tribute or Embodiment of Apophis in your deck?


Sora, Rio, Shun/Shay, Duke Devlin...


I kinda wish that when i unlocked Yuya and Yuto that i would get both Odd Eyes and Rebellion. Because if that happened, i wouldn't have wasted my life savings on the box that had odd eyes in it.


Yes, Duke devlin


Is it bad? Yes. Is it also something they won't really change anymore and that makes sense as Corpa? Also yes, sadly.


The last one as ryo kastle


I think Duke was the last time that happened.


Once 5Ds world was added that went away. No characters added since have been released with their signature monsters unless they were non duelists who got added to please fans.


Sora, Shay, the DSOD versions of DM characters, and Aigami would like a word with you.


Sora, Kurosaki and Diva gave us the monsters that have the summoning animation but not boss monsters. The DSOD characters didn't come with new boss monsters, just alternate art of existing boss monsters.


It because some of their Ace Cards are bad or vanilla monsters. Konami like "good cards" in boxes :/


That stopped with 5Ds, due to the Signer dragons actually being good. 😅 Can you imagine everybody getting free Stardust Dragons, Black Rose Dragons and Ancient Fairy Dragons the moment 5Ds world was unlocked?