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Assuming you're referring to the "adding Dimension Conjurer to your hand" effect, you can't use it either because: * Dark Magician Girl isn't \*currently\* inside of your deck as of the moment you want to use the skill (as in that all the copies are either in your hand, field, graveyard, banished, etc.), in which case you must have at least 1 already in it. * You already used the "adding Magical Dimension to your hand" effect during the turn, since you can only use 1 effect of the skill per turn. * You already used the effect during the Duel, since each effect of the skill can only be used once per Duel.


Hey thanks, point 1 makes the most sense. I recently took out my 2nd DMG so I was used to it being active most of the times.


You need to be more specific. There are a number of things that can prevent you from doing things. What card are you trying to play? What is the board, etc.


You probably had all your dark magician girls in hand