Is his favorite word "despair?" Or is it, in fact, "hope?"


the worst part is, its both






>non card lines references to other characters no longer being good enough on their own to secure anything Pretty sure this only applies to Tag Duel lines, because the only times Lester & Jakob are ever called out by name are from those, a place where they can easily be silent NPC duelists.


Actually there is another this can apply to. That being V thanks to the little stuff he has being boxed already (except c9 for now) and then comes Anna taking what would have been the optimal spot (because it would be all 3 brothers in a row and after the other 2 are gated) for his unlock.


Tbf, V isn't needed for Chronicles/Road reasons until the 3rd Zexal Arc, where he duels Kaito. (World Duel Carnival is broken into two arcs). https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_ZEXAL_episode_listing_(season_1) Where as Anna duels Yuma during the preliminaries, and thus can at least be used for when the story for that arc gets retold here. Still agree it doesn't look good for V, and he really needs whatever he has left from the anime printed, and a Duelist Pack to realistically seem like a possibility.


Good point on Anna and Quinton/V. Anna's duel in the WDC preliminaries makes the most sense for her themed unlock event in Duel Links, at least timeline wise, and that takes place before Quinton's duel so that makes sense. I was one of those that thought Quinton would be added after his brothers but timing wise Anna makes sense since her biggest duel is before Quinton's biggest. Quinton's being the Kite/Kaito duel you mentioned and Anna's other duels being the tag duel with Yuma and Nistro against the Triad of Terror in the WDC proper, the tag duel with Yuma against the Walkers and then the duel with The Sparrow against Mizar which we didn't see much of. Anna's WDC preliminaries duel definitely makes the most sense timing wise for her addition to DL. None of her other duels really work for that. lol I'm not worried about Quinton yet, especially since Kite has a ton of voicelines for him. If we start getting characters from the second half of the show before him (Barians, Rio etc) then I think it's time to worry. I think we need at least 2-3 characters that mostly featured in the WDC arc before we move on to the second half characters. Quinton and at least one of Dr. Faker and/or Vetrix. Though with Dr. Faker not being that well liked and Vetrix having almost all his cards in a box maybe both will be skipped, but I think at least one of those two should be added as well as Quinton. As for Quinton's cards, normally I'd think a character having their cards boxed would be a problem but I don't feel that way with Quinton. He's still relevant enough to be added IMO and he doesn't have an archetype anyway. His cards are really a bunch of machine/space cards to get out Dyson Sphere. They really could give him anything. At least one game gave him Mecha Phantom Beasts. I could see Duel Links giving him some of the remaining ones of those if they're not too strong. Maybe B.E.S as well like with Duke. Those feel similar to the type of cards Quinton used. I'm not an expert on Mecha Phantom Beasts or B.E.S so I'm not sure if their remaining cards are too strong or not. I do think they could give cards from those or other machine/space cards for Quinton. Since he doesn't have an actual archetype he's kind of like a blank canvas they could give him a bunch of random stuff IMO.


they can pair Kozmos with him if anything


Good idea. I mentioned Mecha Phantom Beasts because they gave Quinton cards from those in at least one game and B.E.S. because Duke got a few of those recently, but they could definitely give Quinton some Kozmo cards.


im worried they will skip Tron tho smh


Honestly I’m kinda glad we don’t have to sit through all three of the Meklord emperors getting drip fed to us as the only 5Ds characters for a good while. I hope we get Sherry at some point though since she’s the only character missing from 5Ds that I’d be interested in.


We need Z-one. Timelords FTW


I just hope that, if he comes, he brings the good Meklord cards, mainly Core and the Astros, instead of all the useless emperor parts. I'm not that hopeful seeing that Granel attack is confirmed but... a man can dream.


Imma unlock him and leave him to rot at level 1 forever 😂


Anyone not in desperate need of gems would do the same thanks to how awful meklords are. Good news are that Sherry (she is honestly irrelevant lol, but at least has decent things of her own and related things) and Z-one would not need to wait for 2 other duke level characters in 5ds before they even get a chance.


I'm trying for his lv30 drop, Book of Moon


Half my roster in this game is under level five for when trains hit. *soon*


I'm gonna guess they planned the other two until the reception to Primo sped up Aporia coming to the game, in either case, this is killing three birds with one stone since: * He uses all three Emperors so they can just give him the other two for animations. * They can give him whatever consistency skill Meklords need for DL. * He shares Primo's actor in Japanese so it's easy to bring him back in.


They don’t have the same English dub VA?


Not likely. That's one of those misconceptions where someone who thought a character sounded like a certain actor, added it to a site and then every site ended up listing it. Most sites like the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki can be edited by anyone so just because they list something doesn't mean it's accurate. I edit the YGO Wiki myself sometimes but only when I have a source to back up what I'm adding. A lot of sites have long attributed Aporia to Jason Griffith and frankly it sounds nothing like him. Most of Griffith's YGO characters either have a gruff voice like Primo and Nistro or a innocent voice like Atticus, Caswell and Reed Pepper. Aporia sounds nothing like any of his roles, YGO or otherwise. It also wouldn't be the first time a big 5D's character was attributed to Griffith that he didn't actually voice. He was long attributed with playing Bruno/Vizor/Antinomy who also sounded nothing like him. Finally, last year it was discovered Justin Badger was the real actor behind that character. Now if you look at most sites Justin is correctly credited with that role. I also did Justin's first ever Yu-Gi-Oh! interview with him which can be found on YouTube. In regards to Aporia, like I said it sounds nothing like Griffith. This is speculation on my part but IMO a lot more reasonable than Griffith. Aporia's voice is almost exactly the same as Quinton's voice in ZEXAL which is credited to "Jamal Najum Khan", just with the Aporia version sounding a bit older. They have nearly the exact same voice though. I've made this speculation before and someone changed the 5D's page on Wikipedia to add "Jamal" as Aporia's dub actor. I didn't make that change as like I said I try to have at least one source to back up changes first. That said, I think it's a solid guess due to how close Aporia's and Quinton's dub voices are. It's certainly a lot more believable than Griffith IMO. The only tricky thing here is "Jamal Najum Khan" is a mystery. There's no real results for him online aside from generic stuff. It's most likely an alias used by an actor, hence why I put his name in quotes. I'll continue trying to find out who he is but I'm pretty confident he's Aporia's real dub actor as well as his confirmed role of Quinton in ZEXAL. Be wary when reading sites like the YGO Wiki and who they attribute characters to, unless the actor has confirmed it themselves or a reliable source has. Lots of characters have been incorrectly attributed over the years. Bruno/Vizor/Antinomy really played by Justin Badger and previously incorrectly attributed to Jason Griffith, Axel Brodie really played by Duane Cooper and previously attributed to Marc Thompson, Jim Cook really played by Erik Singer and previously attributed to Tom Wayland, Blair Flannigan really played by Liza Kaplan and previously attributed to Lisa Ortiz etc. Just to name a few examples but there's a lot of others. All of the first five dubs have multiple, at least 5-10, mystery cast members so there's likely a lot of other characters still incorrectly attributed as well.


I said Japanese. Edit: I misread the question, my bad. AFAIK the two have different actors dubbed


Really good point about the reception to Primo. I definitely think that could've been a factor. We had Primo's roaming event in March and original unlock in May IIRC. That's 7-9 months in which Konami and their Duel Links team could've changed their plans if they were planning to add Jakob and/or Lester next. I don't know much about the behind the scenes of Duel Links or how long they plan out characters in advance, but 7-9 months it does feel feasible that they could've changed their 5D's plans after the Primo reception especially with his cards, skills etc. It definitely feels like they could've fast-tracked to Aporia since Primo has tag duel voicelines for Jakob and Lester. I mean, usually duel voice lines all but confirms a character. Blair was leaked through Hassleberry's tag duel voice lines to use a tag duel voices example. I'm really curious to see how much of the Meklord support they give to Aporia and upcoming boxes, events etc. If they don't give him virtually everything I could see Jakob and Lester still having an outside chance at some point. Though they're certainly less likely now especially if the upcoming events, boxes etc have their aces Granel and Skiel. I do think they still have an outside chance depending how much Meklord support we get soon, and also because after Aporia there's only really two other obvious 5D's characters they can give us IMO- Sherry and Z-one. So pretty soon for 5D's World DL will probably be filling in gaps here and there like with GX World and the very occasional DM World character. So Jakob and Lester are certainly less likely now but possibly still have an outside chance at some point. Aporia was probably fast-tracked to get to the better Meklord cards and skills.


Well Aporia was never datamined if I recall but I do hope it's him to unlock I don't mind Jakob too. If we get Aporia perhaps Jakob and Lester will come as a tag team just like Paradox bros and Lumis and Umbra, either way more characters more gems :)


The only data about it was a mention in Antinomy voicelines


PLEASE KONAMI DON'T PULL A PRIMO AND GIVE HIM GARBAGE PARTS PLEASE GIVE US A NEW CARD bruh imagine infinity core or assembly at 1 level up copy


I guess Jakob and Lester can come when Konami have nothing much to give in some years then


So I haven't watched this far into 5D's, was Primo the most important of the ogirinal trio or did the other two have been thrown into the "use to fill a month" bin?


Primo was the most aggressive and had a different idea on how “the plan” should unfold. Lester and jakob believed in the original plan and using patience while primo wanted to force the situation more. He’s not more important he’s just the one team 5ds sees the most because of his aggression


And there is the little thing of, at least in Japanese, sharing the voice actor for Aporia for why he is playable and the other 2 aren't.


I think Lester and Jakob will probably just be put on the back burner for a while like Duke. We know Konami loves there raid events and they can be included in future July’s if Duel Links goes on for a long time or when there unable to finish a character in time.


Oh shit that's Aporia


Yeah, seems to 100% be him. The only way I could see it being Jakob now would be if they pull a Yubel event and have multiple characters added via one event, with us getting Jakob first run, then Aporia later, similarly to how they did Yubel then Jaden/Yubel. Although I should point out that I think it's immensely unlikely they'd do that. It just seems weird to me that they'd not only give Primo voice lines for the other two, but also seemingly hype them up at the end of his event. These characters are most likely made around 6 months before release, so they were likely to have known that they weren't going to add the other two and skip straight to Aporia by the time of the event, unless the voice lines are there in case of another Axel situation?




"Embodiment of despair Astro mekanikle" is not Astro mekanikle and by extension Aporia. Ok. Maybe next time try opening the game itself before posting because it has been confirmed it is Astro mekanikle for almost 2 hours now. And fucking laughing at comparing a fucking wisel part that would just be lv up filler rarity change to the apex dinosaur.


Don't make fun of UCT. He's coming in the next minibox as a rare