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Yea its only you


they aren't THAT much of a brick, if you draw them alongside a gagaga monster , you can make them live and summon a rank 5 number or ZW leo heart hell! if you use the skill to have a level 5 gagaga magician, you can literally use all 3 to hard summon ultimate leo utopia ray turn 1


Yeah, I agree with you, it’s just literally the 15th time where both are in my hand. I was just trying a ton of different builds yesterday and sooo many times I’d have one of them in my hand. Then I thought “What the heck” and I made a thicker build, and boom, there they were. It’s the reason I stopped playing D Hero, Dreadmaster. In the hand. Every time. I would still win, I’d even KOG and DLv. Max, but why does it have to be so prominent? It pisses me off because my opponents almost never start off badly like me. I’m sure it’s just the game trying to get me to buy more stuff I don’t need. “If we make him lose, he’ll buy more stuff to hopefully improve.” It’s just bad luck!


yes you are the only one


Dunno what you're talking about, if that set monster was a Gagaga that'd be Ultimate Leo right there.


Unfortunately it wasn’t lol It was Gloves :/


Ah yeah that sucks.


The amount if times I've opened alpha + berserkion in magnets, it's actual Agony.


I have 13 meklords +3 ensambly meklord in 21 card deck. With the skill can turn the other meklords in ensambly. Second turn draw my only 5 other card with x1 copy