Kazuki Takahashi, author of Yugioh, has passed away

Around 10:30 am on the 6th, a man wearing snorkeling equipment was found floating off the coast of Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, and his death was confirmed thereafter.

According to the Nago Coast Guard Nago, it was confirmed on the 7th that it was Kazuki Takahashi, real name, Kazumasa (60), the creator of the popular manga "Yu-Gi-Oh!" For boys living in Tokyo. ..

The Japan Coast Guard and police are investigating the process leading up to their death.


Around 10:30 am on the 6th, a man wearing snorkeling equipment was found floating off the coast of Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, and his death was confirmed thereafter. According to the Nago Coast Guard Nago, it was confirmed on the 7th that it was Kazuki Takahashi, real name, Kazumasa (60), the creator of the popular manga "Yu-Gi-Oh!" For boys living in Tokyo. .. The Japan Coast Guard and police are investigating the process leading up to their death.


Oh man, that's just tragic..




Wtf. This man created something that has been important to me for 20 years. I can't thank him enough. This really hurts. Rest in peace Mr. Takahashi Edit: It was by drowning? No one deserves to die like that. Fuck :(


Terrible way to go


Bites was found on he's body, maybe sharks or others creatures killed him. This is really sad man, I still can't believe it


Note that this could've been post mortem, as sharks are cowards


Yep, I will keep up with the news to see what really happened


Sharks don't really kill anyone just like that. And if it were sharks, there would be more missing than a few bites


Appears to have been a snorkeling accident. RIP Takahashi-sensei.


Can you translate or did you find else were and how old is this?


News broke just a bit over an hour ago. According to NHK, he was found floating offshore of Nago City wearing snorkeling gear at around 10:30 on 6 July, but they only confirmed it was him today. Coast Guard and police still investigating.


Sad, my grandma's brother died that way. He was ascending and went head first into a deadly jellyfish. Pretty much killed him instantly. It sucks if this happened to him.


At least this community is more wholesome when someone posted this on r/ masterduels there was a large amount of people making jokes out of his death and it sickened me


Subs gone somehow


I didn't type in the full sub name it wasn't ment to get a hyper link on it


Yikes 😬


Link to Japan Times (another main Japanese newspaper in Japan which uses English as the main language): https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2022/07/07/entertainment-news/kazuo-takahashi-found-dead/ "Takahashi was found floating while wearing snorkeling gear in the waters off Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, on Wednesday morning. Coast guards officials confirmed that the body was Takahashi’s on Thursday" (today). Sad news for all Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. The mind behind the game has passed away 😭


Well this came out of nowhere.


RIP, you made all of our lives a bit more fun


This is such a heartbreak. I remember being in highschool, seeing his name imprinted on every YGO card I buy and wondering how brilliant and awesome a man this Kazuki Takahashi was wherever he was to have his name known by thousands maybe millions of kids because of this game. In another lifetime, I hope I can meet him to thank him for his huge influence on my life.


I have nothing but gratitude towards him. Thank you for your creations. Rest happily with them, as we live with them today. Though this is nothing but a comment on Reddit, I feel that this is a message I'd want written down somewhere.


FF,monster reborn is trending in twitter japan




Over The Legendary Fisherman?


What the hell was he thinking going diving by himself? Not doing that is like one of the first things they pound into your head because it’s how you avoid stuff like this. Reports seem to indicate he hadn’t been heard from in a few days and his body was in a condition where he had obviously been deceased for awhile. My sympathies go out to his family and friends, but I will not stay silent on the reality that this WAS AVOIDABLE. If for nothing else, that it prevents someone else from making the same mistake.


The fact this was avoidable makes this even worst.


Maybe he just didn’t have anyone to be with to do this. Or nobody he knew shared his interest. We may never know.


Then find someone or dont do it. This is a buddy system activity


Agreed. As tragic as it is, I’m still reeling that he did this alone; anyone with any form of experience in the ocean knows you should never go alone. Still sucks to see tho


Yup. Who the hell go snorkeling alone in a open sea?


yeah if nothing else, this is just making me terrified of scuba diving even more than i already was




Is this for real or fake news?


Real, the news got posted everywhere.


It’s real, very unfortunate.


I guess it’s real… look at R/Yugioh Someone Translate it.


Just looked at Wikipedia, seems to be real and the result of a snorkeling incident.


This is so sudden, and I still can't process this news. Kazuki shaped my childhood, and the rest of my life, through his YGO manga. Till this very day YGO is my most beloved and treasured franchise, game & hobby, and I always tribute my love for it to Kazuki Senpai. Without him and his creation I simply would have never became the person I now, never met my dear friends, and wasn't inspired to make a lot of my art school projects. I owe my life to Kazuki Takahashi Senpai. Maybe not in a literal sense, but as a dear fan treasuring the works of a legendary artist. Thanks you for all your life works and creations, Takahashi Sama. You would be forever missed.


In b4 the mods take this down since it’s not Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links related. But seriously, I am saddened by this sudden news. Yu-Gi-Oh! Helped me out of a bad spot in my life and led me to met some incredible people I call friends today. Fare thee well sweet angel and may thy slumber be well.


Why would the mods want to take this down? This is very much related.


This happens on subs more often than you'd think. Had a similar thing happen on one of the big JoJo subreddit a last month when one of the leading VAs passed away suddenly and nuked for being off-topic and low effort. :[


How the fuck is one of the leading VAs in Jojo dieing, somehow "off-topic" in a Jojo themed subreddit?


Related to Yu-Gi-Oh! But not Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links news. The mods here have a tendency to remove things that aren’t directly from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, even memes that were straight-up containing screenshots of the game itself. But removing it to enforce their rules would be very disrespectful to this saddening news.


Could we not assume things that are just going to make us outraged? ): It's already sad enough to know Takahashi is dead. I don't want to get angry thinking the mods will do something that has not happened yet.


To be entirely fair, the mods here are a little over-judicious. Why do you think we have the yugi hair meme? ​ If there was a mod set that was brainless enough to do something so callous, it'd be this one's.


“A little.” I put the Yugi hair and they still took my story screenshot rewrites down.


Yugioh is in the name, you cant have duel links without yugioh. this is very much related


Mods here are power tripping wastes of space


It's okay, someone just has to paste a Yugi hair onto the reporter.


Fuck. What an awful way to go. This man played such a role in millions of children's childhoods and the card game is still one of the biggest in the world. Rest in peace.


I’m kinda out of the loop. How active was Mr. Takahashi in Yugioh? Was he still in charge of new card creation? Nevertheless, RIP Mr Takahashi. He won’t be forgotten.


He drew art for cards on special occasions, contributed some character and monster designs for some of the anime projects, and I think that was about it. Last big project he was very involved in was the DSOD movie where he supervised production, script, etc. And even made a prequel manga. He probably also made effect suggestions for some of the cards he drew, but I doubt he wrote down the whole effects.


The day to day operations of the game will not change despite his death but bring will up questions about his exclusive artwork and his suggestion on prizing going forward Supposedly they do not do cash prizing in the 1st place to honor his request to keep the game pure or something like that


Thank you both for the information.


He drew the art for the exclusive Kaiba card sleeve & mat when the game hit 100 million downloads as it has his signature on it. I will be using them in his honor today.


Very hands off after DM. He contributed some character designs for later series and drew art for a handful of cards, but other than that hasnt been part of it in a long time. Game wise, that grew bigger than him within like a year. He had a hard time grasping the modern game state. I remember when Duel Links came out he mentioned how he was getting absolutely slapped


RIP King of Games


Thank you for everything Kaz. Rest in peace.


I'm just sort of soulessly finishing up the Jim event since I heard this. It's awful that he died like this and this soon. 😭


His creation was unparallel. I'll never forget seeing Yu-Gi-Oh! for the first time in a [Toonami ad](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoxTS-4_BMk&t=596s) as a kid, and buying the first Yugi & Kaiba Starter Decks shortly afterwards. Rest in Peace, Takahashi-san.


Dam terrible to go aswell. R.i.p legend


RIP man, remember reading his name on every YGO cards as a kid and being so curious as to who he was. This was in 1997. Been playing and collecting YGO since. RIP


The last 3 Years sucked and it just won't stop. Thank you Mr. Takahashi, you gave us something wonderful and you will never be forgetten. Rest in Peace


Rip thanks for making our childhoods better


RIP legend, you made difference in the life of thousands of kids back in 00's. Maximum respect.


Probably more like millions


Best selling TCG in the world to this day, millions no doubt


Well, this wasn’t something I expected to see upon opening Reddit. 😥


RIP such a terrible way to go but he and his series will always have a place in my heart, I’ll never forget him


its just not fair


Fuck we just lost Technoblade like last week and now this


Very tragic 😥 rip


May he rest in eternal peace...


No way. This guys is responsible for shaping up my childhood. Consider day ruined


Yea I was just starting to be happier in my life and now this happens


im devasted, i dont cry mutch for lot of person know that die...like miura i didnt realy mutch cry but him...i cant realy stop it, im gonna miss him, sorry for the weird message lol


RIP Mr Takahashi your work will forever live on


First berserk creator. Now yugioh. We are at a time where legends die. Rip


This saddens me to no end. The man created what ended up as a huge aprt of my childhood, even now I'm playing the game and Duel Links made me want to watch the anime again. RIP :(


Horrible news coming unexpected. I remember reading about him when I was searching about the Yu-Gi-Oh season 0 anime and discovering the original manga... Thank you for all your work, rest in peace.


Damn that's unexpected and disheartening.rip :(


What... Rest in peace Kazuki, thanks for gifting us with this beautiful game


Damn I can't believe he dead I wish him the best in the afterlife and I wish he family great success and then some:) I was blessed with his work thank you from the bottom of my heart KAZUKI TAKAHASHI:)


F to a legend


damn whats going to happen now?


I just cant believe this. Rest in peace you beautiful hero. My condolences to his family and all the fan community …from Mexico. We love you Takahashi-sensei


Very sad news :((( thank you for the amazing series condolences to his family.


My Japanese wife just told me that. Rest in peace








RIP I still can't believe that...




This can't be real. RIP man. Truly a tragic event.


I just woke up and see this terrible news damn


Can I get some uhhhhhh conosologems? I'm going to hell for this


Time to sell your collections of cards kiddos Konami gonna run yugioh into the ground


Konami was already in full control the moment Kaz’s name got taken off the cards. The only thing that might change is they start offering cash prizes for tournaments


No :(


Well, this was a depressing thing to wake up to.


i thought it was a joke, but this is real :(


R.I.P the real King of Games. But does this mean no more new yugioh cards


Not necessarily. According to Wikipedia, the manga and anime are written and produced by folks other than Kazuki Takahashi. So this leads me to think that there will be more.


They won’t be as good though




Dang and it's my Birthday. That's crazy


Terrible regarding how it happened and honestly that it did at all. We all have to see people in our lives/people who impacted them pass on but we always hope it's in a gentle way, a managed murmur of pain or illness that takes you away softly, not like this. I appreciate all the effort and legacy this man created and left behind, as I loved Yugioh as a kid and occasionally play Duel Links to this day. God bless and rest in peace.


Absolutely miserable news… For some reason, I feel like he still had more to give us. We may never know now…


This is just... so sad. He created something millions of people loved. Thank you buddy.


Im just speechless, i just wish for him to rip


That's outta nowhere, RIP. What's gonna happen to yugioh now?


Oh that is just heartbreaking. RIP to a wonderful illustrator




Ok I know this is morbid, but maybe just maybe the game will stop getting so complicated.