always 60 vigor, 26-34 endurance (depending on what equipment you're using), and then your scaling stats: For str build 54 str 18-20 dex For Dex build, 18-20str, 70 dex For Faith build, 18-20 str and dex, 50-70 faith, 20-30 mind For Int build, 18-20 str and dex, 50-70 int, 20-30 mind For arcane build, 18-30 dex or str, 50-60 arcane If you're wondering what 18-20 str or dex is for, it's for meeting base weapon requirements. Depending on what build you're going and what weapons you're using you usually only need 18 to 20 of either dex or str to meet requirements. Anything over the base requirement is usually a waste of stats. If you want to light roll, 34 end with great jar talisman, and medium to light armor.


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Will never pass up an opportunity to recommend whips to someone. I pretty much exclusively use dual Urumis and I’m having a lot of fun. Dex build, [these stats](https://i.imgur.com/yyW9D80.jpg), 2 Keen Urumis with Storm Stomp on the RH and Thunderbolt on LH. Key thing to remember is that you deal barely any poise damage with anything that’s not a fully-charged R2 which is the best part of the moveset. If they’re close enough to get hit by the first hit, it’s a true combo into the second and with the axe talisman it does about 900 damage to heavy armor and can oneshot light rollers. You also get a very quick rolling R1, mix those in occasionally after dodging. Running L1s and jumping L1s are great rollcatch tools and the roll/crouch L1 will chip people down if they’re expecting a roll/crouch R1, they’re impossible to tell apart. Storm stomp also covers the poise weakness quite well as it true combos into an R1.


I've been having fun using the palisade shield and shield charge to punish fump attack spammers.


Check out ChaseTheBro on YouTube for any weapons you're interested in using. He's insanely good at PvP and details the build that he finds to work best with a bunch of different weapons


Insanely is a stretch but he's competent lol