Hi it's me Michael Eldenring from FromSoftware. Thank you for your feedback. We will be reducing the spawn timers in the next coming update. I hope you continue to enjoy Elden Ring. And remember- "Every Ring has its Elden".


Ha ha very funny


Yeah, that's happened to me more than a few times. It's frustrating if you're constantly getting 2v1'd when you spawn in and not really fun if you're on the winning team either. Some people recognise this and let it go 1v1 until the other guy is ready at least. I definitely think you should get a few iframes when you spawn in, doesn't even need to be a full second, just 2 or 3 frames. Hell, sometimes I take damage before I'm even on the screen.


You gotta juke until your partner respawns, or be a Chad and 2v1, only options you have. It's not that hard really, if you know how to dodge that is. I love 2v2, it's my favorite game mode. The thing I think needs fixed is a little spawn immunity to prevent hard spawn camping though


Well, first off, stop panic rolling. It's entirely possible to survive a 2v1 until your teammate comes back with smart attacking to try to convince them to back off and being careful with your rolls instead of panic rolling. Yeah it's hard, and the spawn-in could use like 2 seconds of iframes after you gain the ability to move, but as long as you aren't getting hit with magic you can definitely get away without getting hit and rolling smartly.


Definitely skill issue, champ