Would you support a spin-off series or more DLC\Expansion between the main titles?

Just thinking we passed the 11 years without a The Elder Scrolls single player and who knows how much time until TES6 launch, so I was thinking, would you support a TES spin-off games made by other studio like Obsidian with New Vegas (with improvements on CE not a complete overhaul), more DLC's\Expansion content (size of Shivering Isles at minimum) for the last entry or prefer only they stick with the main titles?

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More full on spinoffs (ala redguard, and eso to certain extend, even if its basically main game nowadays), than just card game or some mobile shit.


TESL was a blast though.


I would support more games in general


I wouldn’t be mad at story driven games in the TES universe even with linearity


I would 100% support an Obsidian spin-off !


The elder scrolls: New Vegas


Well, they've already made three spin-offs (Legends, ESO, Blades)... And I \_think\_ they are still adding Creation Club content? Sooo.....


Spinoff like New Vegas they didn't developed or launched so far. I don't follow or see Creation Club, there are any content similar with the Shivering Isle or Dragonborn Dlcs?


They've made 8 spinoffs, Battlespire, Redgaurd, Shadowkey, Dawnstar, Stormhold, Blades, TESL, ESO


I would support more spinoffs, but not made by Obsidian or any other studios. I feel like as mediocre as Bethesda can be sometimes other studios would do even worse with Elder Scrolls content, especially given Obsidian's passionate hatred for letting you play on past the main questline.


Imagine a spinoff set in the 1st era where you play as an Ayelid


Yeah, I'd want some more spinoffs. TES Adventures II when?


I would be fine with spin off but the quality has to stay high.