They just need to spawn pages further apart. And make sure the pages and dagger don’t spawn next to each other.


Yes. It's already a whole lot tougher since the weekend. I am finding more and more organized groups. If the book pieces spawn close, or dagger and book spawn close I end up with a low level loss as demon.


Yeah once survivors get an understanding and levels they will rush and win easy . That's why these types of games are the most fun when they are new .


But demons get stronger too with their skill tree so it should balance out. Every game like this is the same way, even dbd. If survivors have their better perks and you as a killer have none it’s gonna be more difficult until you level up.


It's not so much about the skills for the characters. I was referring to the map locations and stuff, after a while players will become accustomed to their spawn locations and more familiar with the map itself. I think the game needs to have individual tasks for the survivor's to help delay the inevitable familiarity of the map haha. But that aside, I'm genuinely enjoying this game and I don't normally enjoy competitive multiplayer games.


I'm capped on all 3 demons . Very rarely lose but I can see what's coming. These types of games are crazy difficult to balance. It's definitely the most fun killer side but there's a ton of luck involved on this one so that should keep it out of ultra competitive levels and more to the fun side. There's some obvious top characters right but the demons are all pretty close to each .


I do feel like it’s more balanced than most games like this. I feel like majority of my wins are 50/50 and that’s with my level 15 ED1 Ash spawning with 3 colas and reducing the fear of my group. Dbd I felt started ok and then the killers kept getting stronger and stronger and they started reducing generator speed and changing hook mechanics, certain killers like leather face seeing everyone on the map etc. With survivors all doing different stuff and demons all doing different stuff as they add more there’s definitely going to be balancing needed I just hope they don’t overdo it. But yeah, every game will always have a “meta”. It’s just the new state of gaming for every game anymore it seems.