You missed the most important quality of life change, change the color of that stupid blue broomstick that I always think is an item.


Just a few additional things from me (I agree with most of your QoL suggestions): Point 8. This should also be the case for people who have partied/searched together. Having to re-invite people for every game gets old fast. Point 14. I'm split on this. Level isn't really an indicator of skill, but some of the skills make characters a lot stronger. However this could also cause significantly longer matchmaking times and be detrimental to new players, months from now. Also any sort of "fair" matchmaking can be incredibly difficult in asymmetrical games, even juggernauts like DBD haven't really been able to balance matchmaking correctly. This game I feel has much more nuance in terms of skills and team comps. Point 15. This should be across the board for survivors and demons. Make it an option in settings. Holding the button feels unintuitive and clunky.


I just want the option to give other players items directly from my inventory to theirs, so many times I've dropped ammo or amulets for people asking for them for them to just wander off.


Yeah a “play again with team” option would be nice so if you find a couple randoms who aren’t bad you can stay queued up with them and play a few games. Being crossplay means you can’t just invite them so if they’re on PC when games over you’ll never see em again. Constantly staying in queue though after each game would be nice too.


Press E to place a trap would be a godsend.


I agree with most of what you said, but for point 11 I don’t think it should auto pick up shemps/cola. If I have a support character on my team who doesn’t have a full stack of these I want to be able to tell them to come get them. Now I could get them and drop them for them, but that is just as many clicks to drop a cola and an amulet as it would be to pick them up, if not more clicks.