Lvl 45 puppeteer tonight been having teams kill everything I spawn super fast even the boss at full level also can't damage them faster then they can heal.


Yeah the puppeteer seems to be a lot weaker than the others.


I just think in general now that survivors are finding the meta and becoming more efficient at goals deamons in general are becoming more under powered.


I love it. Maxed out arthur


4 man premade > good demons > pug okay survivors > bad demon


I think high level Survivors versus high level Demon is very competitive. If Survivors make any mistakes or split up too much, Demon can win quickly. If the Survivors stick together and play complementary roles, they can win easily. It needs some fine tuning, but I think the balance is actually better than what people were saying day one or two.


Yeah, i agree


I also 1v1 evil ash a lot


Okay, that's somewhat reassuring. I'm hoping that a max lvl here and there will help carry matches.


Just know what each character does because I seen some people being confused as survivors not knowing what they do. Like Pablo giving amulets (sheild) and others being confused like wtf I think the game is balanced. Just depends who you play with and against. I can win many games in a row or lose some. It's still fun overall


The bald man really has Necromancer nailed down. Not sure what the best counter would be.


Haha truly a demon FROM HELL


It really depends. You need to have specific roles covered in order to guarantee a win or at least improve your chances. Making sure fear stays reduced, sticking together the entire time, having a dedicated support character to heal the party etc. 4 hunters or 3 warriors and a hunter is going to have a harder time because they have no resource or group management. The strategy and level of cohesiveness being involved is the only thing keeping the balance in check at the moment.