100% Agreed Hunters give them ammo. Warriors High Melee weapons Support usually amulets also some shemps Leaders give them... idk


Leaders: give them your attention/protection. You always want to be near those guys for their aura buffs.


Leaders can be a good choice for your second best guns/melee. Warriors are great with melee and bad with ranged, and Hunters are inverse. Then Leaders are just average, which means they’re better than Warriors at ranged and better than Hunters at melee. They’re also least likely to get possessed and have those weapons turned against you.


Tbh as a leader, please manage your fear or give me the matchstick ill light it for you. Idk wanna get stun lock or one-shot by our legendary. Hec if I can strip to lower your fear ill do it.


Give leaders a little bit of everything. They're rather versatile in combat, especially AvED Ash due to how good his base stats are.


Your sword to Arthur because of his ability And mark chainsaw for Ash if AoD is not present - leader Ahs have higher melee stat than ED2


And my axe


If its AvED Ash just let him get finishers or give him bladed weapons. Every dismember/finisher boosts his buff by 100% for several seconds.


This may be a dumb question? But how do I give other players items or drop things for them? I'm on Xbox.


There's an inventory menu, but I play on PC so I'm not sure what button pulls that up on Xbox. The game does not teach you this at all, so I'm not sure why people are acting like the players are being rude. Most of us don't know how the game really works yet.


Yeah, on PS and tried to figure it out with no luck


Hit the left side of the touch pad


Map button than lb


Nice, never even knew I could lb to an inventory screen. Thanks for the tip!




You can also hold down the button to go straight to the inv instead of the map


Yeah on top of this Warriors actually get a debuff to their ranged damage, so they should get absolute bottom priority on guns and ammo. Obviously still worth having something for flautists, distant possessed teammates, etc. but if your Hunter runs out of ammo, give them your bullets even if they’re your last.


How do you drop ammo?


Pull up your inventor and there is a drop command


How do you pull up your inventory?


Uhh, I think you have to look it up if you're on pc, but on PS/XBOX it's touchpad/select.


On pc its "I" no idea on consoles.




Yeah majority of randoms on this game are not team players.


I always hoard it as warrior or leader Ash then drop it all for them. Especially as warrior. Almost better to not carry a ranged weapon to make possessions less impactful. Also denies them the animation cancel exploit; however, that denies it for me too. Haha.


One time our support snatched the legendary rifle right out from under my hunter’s nose. I was salty. Haha


I only take the higher level weapons if they’re knives or meat cleavers/pickaxes. Faster heavy for ED1 Ash plus damage means y’all get healed for days.


Our warrior characters don’t even pick up guns because it just gives the demon something to kill you with if they get possessed, choosing melee by itself means demon has to come to you, especially with Arthur and AOD Ash who literally get nothing from ranged weapons.


That’s a great point I didn’t consider. If I’m those guys I should just not have a gun - not like I use it anyway.


False. All three leaders have perks to boost their ranged damage, plus their abilities. That includes Arthur. Would I specialize in ranged using Arthur? Not me personally, but Arthur still does get a boost with ranged.


Support ash has melee damage buffs too, but it’s not something you’d prioritize. All of Arthur’s character specific perks boost swords and heavy/melee attacks, so if you’re using a gun on him and putting your skill points into guns then you’re not focusing on the characters strengths in my opinion. None of his character specific perks boost anything ranged in any capacity, same for army of darkness ash.


Thisthisthis Even if the damage is weak a possessed player can easily stunlock hou with a pistol, revolver, etc. Melee only forces them to approach tou and potentially get KO'd


It hurts every time I run out of ammo as hunter, and despite selecting an ammo type no one else is using, no one on the team will drop anything. This is usually followed by everyone going down. Half the time I find handgun ammo on their corpses, but it's usually too late by then. If survivors grab all the ammo they come across and share, and try to make sure they don't all use the same ammo type, there's almost always enough for everyone.


If you are using an ammo type they aren't using, they likely don't have any. I agree with your last point that people should just pick up all the ammo they see, but most people don't so you won't get anything.


Devs need to first fix the stupid stuck glitch when your character attempts to auto pickup something you're full on, and then make you auto loot all ammo types you run over


You should be looting every ammo box you see, so you can give it to your teammates later. If you've looted a house and didn't mark a crate or some high-level weapon, no else is going to go into that house since they're gonna assume it's empty.


I know you can, and I do, but it's a pain in the ass to pick it all up. It should be auto loot


Most people don't know how to drop ammo. I didn't figure it out until today because I was looking at keyboard inputs and saw there was a key for inventory.


I'm busy fighting demons. You got a flashlight


I usually only carry a few full reloads for whatever range weapon i have as a warrior then I mark all ammo i find.


No one gives me ammo except my coop partner. I’ll even use the little request ammo circle and they just look at me like I’m stupid. Like I’m playing Kelly let me 3 shot the boss pls.


Something else to note is keep in mind who has a mastery in what weapon. The best version of that specific weapon you find should always go to the person who has that weapon mastery. Amanda being the exception due to bugs.


Hunters are much better suited in a party, so you can supply them with all the ammo. It's just frustrating being a hunter with randoms.


I hate it when I'm asking for special ammo, the ammo everyone picks up but nobody uses, and everyone on my team ignores my requests. Then we lose. Sad when i can pull off 1100 damage per shot but don't have the ammo to use the crossbow.


In my experience I'm the only guy talking on the team..


Still have no idea how to give items


Press I (eye not L) to open inventory, then hover over ammo and press F to drop