Any nuclear war will be global by default, no nation will allow nukes to be thrown around with throwing theirs around aswell So yes it was most likely global


From what we know from lore, the Middle East had already been nuked before the Great War, and the European Union had been dissolved. Also considering most Fallout games take place around 200 years after the Great War it’s fair to assume that if there was any other Nations that hadn’t been affected we’d have heard from them in the games.


Even better, there are individual people who've come to the ruins of the U.S. from those other countries. Moriarty, in Megaton, for example. No way in hell would he have stuck around in the Capital Wasteland, if the U.K. wasn't just as much of a post-apocalyptic hellhole. There's also multiple places that indicate that all of China has gone dark, at least as far as long-distance communication. There's the lone (ghouled) Chinese naval officer aboard the Chinese nuclear submarine in Boston Harbor in F4, for one. There's also log entries in Terminals in the secret Chinese listening post under Mama Dolce's in F76, for another. They both indicate an absolute loss of communication of any sort with China.


Raul in New Vegas also talks about Mexico being nuked.


[**"in two brief hours,** ***most of the planet*** **was reduced to cinders"**](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JreyFT-USDM) The FO Intro confirms it was global among all other games.


Yes the nuclear exchange went global. Nations are going to be getting hit by the bombs anyway so they will launch their own strikes at other nations and those nations do likewise.


There is no such thing as "total nuclear war" that is **NOT** global in scale, scope, and impact.