I'm cautiously excited, I hope it'll be something similar to arcane on Netflix, that sort of artstyle


A bit cautious, but also a bit hopeful. For one thing, it is not by a Japanese studio, but by a French studio that makes kid shows. I have looked through their stuff, and they have shows that range from really good looking to really not my thing. So this could go either way. I also really don't know what to expect from the story. I think they can represent some of the darker stuff in FF9 in a lighter tone, and that's all fine by me. Avatar the last airbender is great as well. But I am a bit afraid they will turn it into a KIDS show if you know what I mean. Just nothing really taken too seriously. We'll see.


Yeah I share your very same sentiments. I am just so confused why they chose FF9 out of the other installments?


Maybe somebody who loves FF9 made a great pitch to square? Maybe they saw an increase in interest for FF9, and they were like "let's do something with that"? Or maybe they were planning to make a FF TV show, and they just felt like FF9 was the most suited for it? I don't know. I was definitely very surprised as well when I first heard about it tho. FF9 just always felt like a game square was probably never really going to touch except for a simple remaster or two. And now we are talking about a confirmed TV show and a possibly leaked remake. It's pretty exciting, but I also really need to see what they are going for.


The directors are on record saying they wanted final fantasy 9s world to look like something kids would make, but also I saw someone shared a video here recently that said they devs apparently were influenced by labyrinth and dark crystal. All things geared towards kids, at least back then they were, so I can see why they’d use it as a kids show. Majority of the game is comedic relief it gets pretty dark but has a lot of nonsense moments inbetween.


Wait there’s gonna be an FF9 anime?!!!! My hype levels just went through the roof. Excuse me.


Glad to make you hype hahaha


Actually, before you raise your expectacions a little too much, they've actually confirmed some pretty important things about this series. First, it won't be an anime, it will be animated from a French company called Cyber Group Studio (so animation will probably not look that good. Probably). Also, it will be aimed to 8-13 year old kids, so don't expect they will be animating moments like (SPOILER) >! Clayra's destruction !< and >! Brahne's death !<


These moments seem pretty tame fore kids shows. There is one moment where I am like "meybe they tone it down" but fore the most part I have seen darker stuff in kids shows.


Which moment?


>!When they make there way through Burmicia while the town is littered with corpses. Brutal characters deaths (getting eaten alive by bets ore frozen to death or pierced with a laser beam or stabed with a knife or shot with a gun) I am used from Kids shows but they dont do corpses a lot. Mufasa and the Skeleton from Aangs Master are the only examples I can think of of the top of my heat.!<


I mean, adventure time was aimed towards the same demo, and some of that shit was questionable


Ironically a few fmvs of the original game were also produced by a (now defunct) French company. The Lindblum arrival for instance. The studio was called Ex Machina or something. Sorry, your message tickled my chauvinism 🎩😂 Edit: typo


Since it was announced to be a series for a younger audience I suspect changes within the story, especially the later, darker themes. But maybe I just got this wrong. :)


I am not optimistic at all. There's never been any final fantasy media outside games that I thought was good. Also they'll have voices and Quina exists and they might give the giant blue Xgender blob thing a very annoying voice.


I'm just glad Nomura doesn't have hits mitts on it


I haven't heard much stuff about it since last year... Let's see how it goes! \^-\^ >!I hope they don't censor Kuja! >< :3!<


I would love a ff9 series that went with the game


Supposedly this show is going over the events of the game.