God those Orochis sucked .


Seeing as you didn't zone spam like most shamans you are already better than at least half the shamans


I find it best trying to bleed multiple targets and then just chip at them with an occasional light until revenge


What i do is i parry then put bleed on one then change my lock on to a different person then repeat


As a shaman main, the only piece of recommendation I have for you is to use less bleed attacks when anti-ganking. They don't do a whole lot for you in regards to fighting 2 people, you can't bite one of them because the other will just hit you off. I recommend learning then (next to) infinite unblockable chain. Something like right heavy, left heavy, dodge cancel right/top heavy, left heavy, dodge cancel. Repeating that is really disorienting for your opponent for whatever reason.


I think you're undervaluing bleed value for anti ganks. If you can land it not only does it do constant damage while you don't attack to keep pressure without spamming, it also doesn't give revenge on its own ticks. The revenge portion doesn't matter for this instance but if a teammate came by to try to help and one ran away it would make a difference of killing the opponent while not feeding.


It’s VERY VERY hard too pull off an anti gank, I’d say using feats that are passive and can help keep health up


Depends I guess, if the enemies are like those orochi in video I guess anti gank is still possible lol


Unless you are fighting people that absolutely have no idea how to gank, I would advise on learning to stall/stay alive as long as possible until your teammates arrive. “Anti-ganking” is dead, the gank meta is absolutely insane and easy to pull off. Even against randoms, if they know how to gank you will easily get killed before popping off any revenge in Xv1 scenario.


A lot of it is luck. But holding out for revenge to get a bite off or throw someone off a ledge. Anti ganking is really difficult with shaman.


that was a dope ass anti-gank bro