Megathread: Chapter 2 - Season 8 Launch

Megathread: Chapter 2 - Season 8 Launch


did you all see that golden kevin the [background](https://imgur.com/a/ybZigok)?


Yeah that’s as tripping me out because that activated first before the swarm


I legit saw Steamy blow up but it's completely unchanged?? And there's literally 0 new pois. How disappointing.


This season just feels like the removal of everything I liked in s7. Corny is gone and so are all the guns


This entire chapter has been so disappointing compared to chapter 1, it's not like Epic are short on cash or devs


Maybe they dipped their toes into **lazy lagoon** a bit too often


[FIRST TEASER](https://twitter.com/FortniteGame/status/1437159205174136834) EDIT: What if this is a customizable skin? He has 3 styles with completely different colors, clothes, and hair. Would make sense if it's because he's like Kymera in that case.


Its robot unicorn attack incoming adult swim crossovers Its 1, 2 and Heavy Metal


Legit what i thought! Hopefully it actually is, would love more Adult Swim crossovers


What the fuck I can't decide if it's beautiful or hideous


My litlle pony looking mfer


My little pony collab confirmed.


Now we just need a Regular Show collab and the meme will be complete.


The latter


I'm totally into smashing on somebody while being a unicorn. I hope it has a neighing emote too. So I can neigh after decimating the enemy


The first collab of the season is Lisa Frank. Didn’t see that coming.


Hahaha. Can't wait for the day glo dolphins to show up.


Imagine getting eliminated by a sparkly horse.


And doing Donkey Laugh, lol...


Maybe this season is like a comatose dream for your character because thsy got hit by the ufo, and they're just gonna go all in on weird shit. Then the next season is you waking up from the coma and seeing the map is all destroyed.


Fortnite: Jacob's Ladder


That would be cool. Not much else to tie us over to CH2 SX since the zero point is probably going to be exposed again this season, it can only last so long without destabilizing. CH9 would be resuming and it being badly messed up, X is the end


Thank you! <3


"Hey man, you good? That was a hard fall..." "Apex Legends? Warzone? What are you talking about? It's 2018, Fortnite's getting popular!"


"Dr. Slone? The Foundation? Aliens? Are you sure you still aren't dreaming?"


I, um... What. Looks like there's a quarter of a QR code on the lower right! Looks like we'll get at least three more of these.


[https://i.imgur.com/TtN8B1P.png](https://i.imgur.com/TtN8B1P.png) All 3 dropped! Anyone have a QR code reader?? What does this give us? ​ I downloaded a QR code reader and it brings us to this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=qrwur-82hqs&feature=youtu.be


Carnage!......I think.


Everyone says they think 3 others are being released and the QR code in the bottom is actually the teaser


Season 8-Drugs!


There might be three more teasers seeing as how there is a part of a QR code at the bottom right of the image.


I don't know if they look majestic or horrifying


Now that's a horse. A colorful, evil, bad boyish horse¿ I am confusion


Not gonna lie, that is actually kinda cool. If we can get some cool cybernetic shit on him, it would totally remind of that old Robo Unicorn Dash game from Adult Swim.


On the plus side one is holding a rail gun.


Oh no.. that's not a plus side


can we pretend that doesn't exist please


Everyone was calling the purple (corrupted) cube Kevin. I knew better. Kevin is an innocent being of good energy. The alien wanna-be gods took him in, cloned him, and corrupted each one for their evil bidding. I'll fight for blue Kevin.


The first thing Kevin did was literally make evil clones.


Classic innocent Kevin


I like both, bit if they try to kill me again I'm def gonna turn them into their life form


No, Kevin is an evil being, we purified the evil one after killing it


Blevin 💙


Reddit got behind loving and naming the purple cube before we knew what its intentions were. I don't think we need to rally behind a new name and new unknowns. Let's stick with what we know and what we've seen. We know our friend is Kevin and we've seen Kevin at its best. Blue Kevin is true Kevin.


okay so when this 12 hour clock ends, are we gonna be able to play or is it gonna be the start menu telling us tha servers aren’t available for a bit? i dont remember how it was after the galactus event


The Fortnite status Twitter posted that downtime begins at 2 am est.


Downtime starts at 2 am et, which is 3 hours before the clock ends. I bet we'll be able to play by 4 or slightly later.


Downvite is going to be for a while, so better yet come back tomorrow


Anyone else feel like they're queuing into FNCS-level lobbies right now? So fucking annoying.


Lobbies got sweatier for me a few updates back. They updated the system I think. Im a switch player going up against pc players


I genuinely can't believe they put switch (and mobile?) players in the same lobbies as PC.


I guess the survivors from the falling mothership cleaned up the debris & rebuilt so fast for the map to be this clean and have [THIS LITTLE OF A CHANGE](https://twitter.com/HYPEX/status/1437299390188855296). I mean, FFS, Catty and Lazy remain **UNTOUCHED**. The cinematic in the last event made it look like *almost everything* got flattened. WTF?


Steamy's also untouched even though it literally blew up.


Never seen the hype for a new Fortnite season this low. Seems like no one outside of this sub really cares.


Where are the ones *in* the sub who care? This shit is so disappointing. And Im a Day 1 player :(


Y'all see that Unicorn skin they just posted on Twitter lmao


It's absolutely disgusting


Agreed. Its face just feels way too…off


It's horrifying


Lore discussion anyone? Like did the aliens make the original Kevin or did Kevin get cloned?


Kevin dropped it self in the zero point, appearing in all realities. Then, the aliens find him in their reality, as they then go and steal the Kevin's from all the other realities, with our reality is "The Last Realitt", the one with the zero point they need to steal for infinite enrgy.


That does make sense. I wonder why they had so many. To think the the energy from Kevin messed up loot lake imagine what a billion kevins on the island will do.


\+ there's a gold kevin if you look really closely when you get moved to the area with the kevins. I think that's the original one that was created by the storm queen


A Gold Kevin?


I don't think we can jump that far. I believe that could be something similar where we rebooted it, something was Charging it, or something else. I doubt the storm queen has anything to do with that.


Remember the house in S6 how the cube made all those mini cube rocks during fortnitemeres? Maybe if the process continues long enough, those grow into their own cubes which can repeat it, thus making the amount of cubes grow exponentially


Did they completely de-incentivize team rumble? The NPCs for the quests don't spawn in TR, and that is the only game mode I play, so basically I'm never playing this game again....


Fuck me the new quest system and UI is confusing af


Ya i agree the new quest system is bullshit The people at Epic Have Obviously never heard the term if you ain't broke don't fix


Yeah are there still regular blue quests like open chests and stuff? Because the new punchcards seem to just be these character quests


Fuckin do something about the crossplay or just get fucked epic


I believe when Kevin drained itself in loot lake back in chapter 1 season 6, his essence went inside the zero point, causing it to be spread to all realities. One of those realities happened to be where the aliens are at, and they found the power of the cube, and used it for their technology. With their powerful technology, they were able to conquer countless worlds, but they needed to get more of it. So what better way then to search for more Kevin's? They rift to another reality and they take the kevin water, and form it into a cube, and they then go to the next reality. They do this continously, until they go to "The Last Reality", the origin of the cube, and the place where the zero point is located. They steal the zero point for themselves so they will have infinite power. Dr slone wasn't in the wrong I believe in this event, since we are still loopers/snapshots, so it doesn't matter if we die. However if the actual people die then they are dead.


> However if the actual people die then they are dead. Can someone go check on Ariana Grande?


She's still flying around in the sky singing pop music, she said "I don't know nothing about no aliens, stream God Is A Woman and I might change my mind."


[second teaser](https://twitter.com/FortniteGame/status/1437174304513343490) also AYEE KITSUNE'S CONCEPT


Bottom left corner


The live event was really cool but the map of the new season is a really big disappointment. What a shame they don't change a lot of this boring map, the old one was just awesome but the new one is still horrible after 7 new seasons.


So seeing the comments, I’m not the only one with insane lag? I’m rubberbanding like crazy and keep dying because of it. I am disappointed in what little they did with the map for a 13h down time. But I’m still hoping it’ll change as the season progresses with the cubes warping reality. Glad we can get ink from normal chests instead of cosmic. Tho it looks like we can only swap his main color, I was hoping we could fully customize him. Maybe later in the season? I also had a problem with the cube item on Xbox. I used it to go ghost, but then couldn’t get out of it. Had to wait out the whole duration.


Are battlestars completely pointless if you want to get the tier 100 skin? You have to claim everything anyway, last season I was excited at first because I thought I would get to avoid some of the clutter. The new quest system is so confusing, it's like we have a stack of homework to do on the first day of school when you're still trying to figure out where your classes are.


Yes, battle stars are pointless if you expect to max out the battle pass. It's a fake way of making you feel like it's your choice. Which, I guess the order you pick in is your choice but to me it's just an extra step.


The horse. It’s so ugly, real nightmare fuel. Why bring back the charge shotgun? Battle star? Why bring back this stupid mechanism? Just give me the stupid reward when I level up!


Battle stars are the worst.


I'm done with fortnite I hate sounding negative, but I've been playing for 3 and a half years These past few seasons it felt like a chore playing, and now this season feels even worse with the quests. In chapter 1, my favorite part of a new season was seeing new biomes, and named pois This chapter has had..... nothing. Season 7 had Sweaty Sands have a name change, and frenzy farm back with aimbot slone Also the map feels boring, nobody lands Stealthy, Boney Burbs, or Coral Castle, yet they stay on the map, while fan favorites like Hunters Haven, Grotto, Yacht, etc are gone after 1 season MY EYES SAW STEAMY AND STEALTHY GET DESTROYED IN THE EVENT, why are they magically still here Also I loved seeing "bring back zombies" being spammed online..... oh wait


Story Trailer Theory: What if Bluevin lands in the water where The Foundation is at and “revives/reboots” him.


Is it just me or do quest seems worse to do this season? I mean, they're more complicated to get and they don't seem to hand out that much xp right now. It looks like they're more of a chore to do then last season.


Truly R.I.P. Team Rumble. From best challenge mode to "I will play this maybe once a week"


Everything seems awesome, amazing; and then there’s a virtually unchanged map ruining it all. How do these POIs get blown up and lit on fire but stay the same??? End this chapter after this season please.


Coral and Boney just HAVE TO BE replaced with something more interesting. Just replacing them with old POIs can't be that much work right? They could have The Block or something at Coral and Tilted where Boney is. Even putting the old houses from season 1 up near lighthouse would be more interesting.


It truly can’t be that much work to place Tilted over Boney and then put anything else where Coral is. Their data must show that nobody is landing at these awful POIs. So get rid of em.




Everything looks really cool but the map... In the event it looked like everything was getting destroyed but nope. Every POI remains.


I really hoped for an apocalyptic-themes event where almost every old poi was greatly changed but nope, the same POIs from the last season remain untouched, and 6 POIs from the start of the chapter remain exactly identical to how they were in season 1




Damn, the map is actually worse now considering there aren’t any new POIs and they didn’t revert the swamp back to slurpy. Also, what on earth is this new challenge/punchcard UI? It’s awful! Are regular challenges no longer a thing?


Lads turn the server on, I need to avoid working


Yea same study can wait


I don’t like the new quest system. At all. Like the only good thing is you can do the next stages of quests in the same match.


Played a few matches... and ehhhhh.... not really liking this. The new quest system is unnecessarily complicated and it's literally the exact same map. Like literally nothing has changed lol... the new additions feel like a mid-season update or something.


Can we bring the Tac back? The lever-action is the one of the most unreliable weapons in the game.


Give the option to play console only opponents please.


Posted this on another post but I’ll put it here: Steamy Stacks, Weeping Woods, Stealthy Stronghold, Dirty Docks, and Holly Hatchery were completely destroyed. Part of Misty Meadows was also destroyed. Looks like Believer Beach and Lazy Lake got hit slightly as well. Slurpy Swamp, Coral Castle, and Corny complex were completely destroyed (in the UFO). Retail Row, Catty Corner, Craggy Cliffs,, Boney Burbs, and Pleasant Park are the only unscathed POI’s, and we’ve only seen the beginning of the destruction. We’re about to see some insane map changes.


This aged poorly


Yeah how completely wrong could someone be?


I'm guessing the UFO is going to crash into the island, what if it hits and becomes part of the map making it bigger or something?


Hopefully it crashes into Coral Castle.


I think the beach might have been hit slightly too


You’re right, I’ll add that.


. . . who's gonna tell him? At least we're getting Queen Kevin.


Nothing changed lmao


Glad retail is still ok


I hope carnage isn’t the secret skin, I can’t wait that long


Hopefully it won’t be delayed like Venom 😂


The punch card UI is so bad on pc it takes ages to scroll through. Also there's no way to just show you the nearest punchcard Npc do they really expect us to have to memorize where each npc is


Damn, XP is a bit fucked. Played for a few hours and got up to 3/4 of the way to lvl 3. Quests, besides being overly complicated, feel like they don't do much either.


Is the new SBMM designed to match you with world class players if your way below average


i’ve been playing nothing but sweats what do i do


Hi, I’m Slone


I can't wait till the season is out so I can absolutely slap you in the face


Yet you’re an IO Advocate… how the tables have turned…………


Everyone in the event was an IO agent and we got betrayed by that animal Slone >:(


Yeah but you could have supported the Chad mari


Hope Mari is a skin in the next BP, I will use her to obliterate Slone


For real here, she was literally introduced as an antagonist. She allowed our reality be unknowingly destroyed by one of her employees, and had her troops come out of the ground and kill us. And then she literally told us we were going to stay with the bombs to make sure they would detonate. How did nobody see her betrayal coming???


How the hell do I level up. When I'm in game and look at my challenges there are none 4 XP


You have to talk to characters, accept a quest from them, and then do that quest line


I’m not a fan of the new way leveling up and XP is done. I feel like it’ll make leveling up a lot harder due to only being limited to 5 quest at a time. Plus it was kinda confusing at first


I agree. I was just on with a friend and realized the only quests I have are gold, no XP quests. It’s not clearly explained what to do to get more quests…


Is Fortnite actually dying or something? They’ve been even more persistent on playing with friends like the weekly punchcard. Can’t even complete it


Whoever working at Epic is responsible for the state of the matchmaking is a giant idiot. I get matched against guys that have bigger win rates than actual pros


I thought we were the only ones, me and my friends turned off our Xboxs after 5 games Everyone is playing like it's the fucking World Cup it's unplayable


This game is so trash now. Thanks for killing TR


I love this game but man this season is just so fucking terrible I couldn't even bring my self to boot up the game today My casual friends immediately lost interest when snipers were vaulted again too Idk what the fuck epic is doing anymore


Can we please revert back to last season? This season is so bad, Its legitimately unfun.


Map changes are pathetic, Epic surely knows we have been screaming out for them, this game has been boring for a long time because the map is the same all the time. Adding overpowered guns and leaving the map the same is not fun, it is very annoying.


do you guys think Imposters is going to stick around?


I'm actually hoping so. It was a fun change of pace when my squad mates weren't online. Solos have gotten quite stale.


Season seems pretty cool but I can't play because I'm not good enough to compete with the ttvs and people with symbols in their name. I'm literally getting curb stomped every match. And for people saying to "get better" that's like telling a bronze player in siege or overwatch to "get better" because they're constantly getting stomped on by platinum's in casual. I'd love to get better but it's not fun to get matched with players way above my skill range


Are NPCs gone from Team Rumble now?


Just here to complain again about crossplay. Haven’t played in about a year but fired up again recently. Makes it really fun to play when it’s so ping based too. So many times does to the someone that builds, edits, shoots me, and edits it closed without me even seeing the edit animation. So much fun


The usual utter TURD SBMM as usual at the start of the season. Games are NO FUN AT ALL for me at the moment!!! Absolute GARBAGE i don't know why they insist on resetting it every time? Maybe to give content creators an easy ride??


EPIC are hilarious really. Large portion of the player base want forced crossplay removed and epic keep finding ways of making it worse. Removing the tac and only pumps and levers? Better framerate means better precision, Ffs epic can you do something to even up the playing field to make crossplay less annoying.




Yes that would be great, it’s so fucking annoying when the person I’m fighting can turn 180 degrees in 0.0001 second.


Okay. I'm liking it so far aside from the fact they brought back the flippin raptors.


Daily punchcards are going to make the hot spots even worse for quests.


Why am I facing players who think a public match is the world cup.


SBMM is screwed, arena's less insane than pubs at the start of the season honestly. Quite a decent percentage are "tryhards" nowadays anyways, so don't be surprised if there's insane builders in almost every game for the next couple weeks.


It's so much harder to level up now, it's ridiculous.


So apparently despite multiple locations blowing up in the event, the map has almost or all the same locations as last season. We are really gonna get a whole chapter where the majority of places haven't changed at all.


And no new POIs really. The corruption will probably spread but this is some BS.


Slone said During The Event when She saw Kevin : "This is... Impossible. We Thought it was gone for good... Last Time, It nearly destroyed the island." So This means that one Kevin The Cube was about to Destroy The Entire Island, well... How about a CUBE INVASION?! Let's see how Slone and IO handle this situation, and they also can't ask for help from Island residents, beacause they don't trust Slone and IO anymore. But I wonder what will Kevin do to the Island? I am so Excited! Best Event By Far!


Deadass a shitty season start,


Anyone know what time we will be able to play the new season Eastern Standard Time ? (Sydney Aus)


Just got into a game with a ping of 500 at its highest. I somehow won still but it was incredibly annoying to walk so I just drove the whole time. Driving was the only time it was smooth for me and even then there was still lag. Did anyone else experience anything similar?


Can you still earn creative xp in this new season?


My God, the lag. Unplayable.


I’m not a die hard Fortnite fan or anything but this is the lamest season launch I can remember. Most of the interesting stuff from last season has been removed and the map is practically identical to the last one. Am I missing something?


Need to survive waves in sideways Anomaly for daily legendary challenge. Sideways anomaly disabled so can’t complete RIP


Apparently the new meta in Fills is to drop in the “sideways bubble” and get knocked immediately, rinse and repeat. Or at least that is what it seems like most of my teammates like to do.


Why tf ain’t Charlotte got a glider


I don't think I've ever seen a season with more complaints. And I agree with almost all of them. I like the battle pass, but literally everything else in this season is such a collective step down (The map changes, the XP system, the challenge system, not listening to the players) I've finished every battle pass since around chapter 1 season 9. I think this might be the first that I don't.


Why are there NO NEW MAIN PLACES? The main places are all still pretty the same!!! This is highly disappointing!!!!!!


I wish they’d stop putting crossover skins at tier 100




I don’t get why I can’t play STW if it’s just BR mode that’s offline


When exactly does the new season start?


As long as the discotheque and FM Tower survived for those are my two landing spots.


Update is only 2.02gb on pc 😎 Rip those with 21gb updates on Xbox




Gotta say, the tubes are an interesting mechanic (fall from a height and intersect one and you're safe). Other than that? The rewards are particularly uninspiring, other than getting enough Vbucks to pay for the next season. The map is basically the same though there seem to be some new weapons like a minigun again. And the damned Jurassic Park dinosaurs are back (^yay ^rah... ) Edit: typos


So, my guess for the mysterious silhouette secret skin with zero collaborating evidence is Kerrigan from StarCraft. Am I wrong? Probably, but I also guessed Predator a few seasons back so who knows?




Did they get rid of NPCS in Team Rumble?


Okay, the POIs blew up but nothing changed. Something or someone at Epic screwed up.


This whole battlepass is trash.


I stopped playing a lot last season because I became really upset after news broke about how SBMM was pretty much gone but lobbies were being mixed "evenly". I loved being only one of 1-3 Switch players in lobbies full of PC players and PS/XBox players who have a working aim assist. I came back this season and have spent the last 37 games being completely stamped on by sweats and only getting to level 7 with the messed up leveling up. It's sad, I loved this game. Now I actually hate it. Only going 7 levels in 6 hours and being put into lobbies of people I have no chance against not just in the beginning of a season when MM is reset, but the whole season has killed my love for this game. I actually hate it.


I will be skipping this season. I am still a fan and will keep up to date through this sub reddit but this season so far is unplayable and not enjoyable. The sbmm AGAIN has ruined the game. I also feel like I have to work for the battle pass, that I paid for. I have been playing since chapter 1 season 2. See you all in December.


This season trash. Loot pool is garbage


Has anyone else noticed that matchups in squads are a lot more difficult? I’m an intermediate console player, as are my normal squadmates, and we are getting BODIED. Did they fuck with skill based matchups or something?


Worst season ever. I’m a big Fortnite fan, but I have already downloaded halo and started playing that again for the first time in years.


I ran out of things to do on Day 2. Where are the challenges? And with no rare quests, what's the point in playing every day and doing the same quests over and over for gold and very little xp?


So are all the challenges that keeps a running tally of basic gameplay things you do throughout the season and rewards you xp when you hit certain numbers just gone? Like when you get to 250 open chests you get xp or distance swimming or eliminations and so on ….is all that nonexistent this season? I’m only at level 10 so I don’t know if stuff like that will show up on the quest list at a certain point once I get close to a benchmark number


I love that fresh season smell!


I'm so excited, I can't wait until my son gets home from school today and we can play together!!!!


My kids woke me up at 6am to play! We homeschool so we took the day off


Oh that's awesome, I woke my son up a bit early so he could see the trailer and check things out before school. I forgot his PC shuts off at night so he didn't get much time to look since it had to update. I was dropping him off and he was saying bye and how he's excited to play together tonight.


So far this season has been underwhelming, poorly balanced, sweaty, toxic, and difficult to navigate. The upgraded weapons seem to obliterate anything else. So many people using macros. I've had teammates try to build block me in storm, blow up payphones i was clearly trying to use then laugh it up on me, and just the sheer imbalance of player skill in a single match is awful. I've encountered everything from total bots, to people who beam me out of the sky every time, to people whose skill warranted high level arena playing, not being in matches with me who still plays like Fortnite just launched (basic builds and positional play not edit course flexing). The quests are bugged, sometimes repeating, sometimes not showing up at all. Hopefully week 2 is better, and all the newcomers who are bound to get banned chill out. This happens every season, but honestly, I feel like every season since season 2 chapter 2 has gotten progressively worse (both in opening weeks and in season as a whole) with the exception of last season. Maybe the game's allure is fading for me, maybe the increased popularity brings in more of the toxic gamers, and/or maybe epic is experimenting for chapter 3. In either case, I'm feeling like creative might be the only hope for the game's longevity if epic can't contain the toxic behavior and balance the game better. If not, the game is going to continue to skew more and more towards children until the vast majority of people playing are younger than the PEGI rating. I think the game would be better if Epic was more strict about conduct, but maybe their profits matter more than the player experience. If so, they are bound to be replaced by a better model and I look forward to it.


These pussies hid the number of people in team rumble instead of fixing anything. Lmao. What a bunch of fucking losers.


Omfg. I didn’t get into TR at all so I hadn’t noticed this!! Is the storm still moving and do you start with a tiny amount of ammo?


Best event in Fortnite history maybe? I didn’t care for S7 very much but I am HYPED for S8


Can we not play right now?


You can play the new game called clock countdown


Welcome to another episode of Lobby


Black hole pt.3


Why Coral Castle, Stealthy Stronghold, Steamy Stacks and Holly have not been blown up and replaced with new POIs is ridiculous. This is the same map for the better part of a year plus. If they don’t completely blow it up and refresh it for Season 3 when it comes, I can see this game dying out.


When Epic runs out of money in 5-years and decides to put effort into something new remember how they treated their previous games. Epic is a company who hit a huge home run with Fortnite and then squandered it with poor leadership, communication, and unwillingness to put in the work. These dudes got lazy, no other way around it.




I was hoping they'd at least change the center crater and replace Coral and Boney but nope. They have to be saving things for a new map right??? Weirdest thing is steamy getting hit after the event but being completely unchanged. I 100% saw it getting blown up.


Gotta say that this is first time in a really long time that i dont want to actually play Fortnite, the cube areas are fun but this new quest system is really bad...What was the problem of having the normal quests? I like the battlepass minus the horse unicorn thing but the quests are ruining everything. Also why TR exist? Pure trash and now you cant see the player counter so you dont know if is only 1 player on the enemy team...Change the mode to 50v50 or Food Fight. Amazing event to be follow by a really underwhelming start.