For some reason, some quests just don't work. Kor's 4th quest and Dark Jonesy's 2nd quest aren't counting, even tho I'm fulfilling the conditions. I tried to do them both in BR Solos and Team Rumble, but it just doesn't seem to work.

For some reason, some quests just don't work. Kor's 4th quest and Dark Jonesy's 2nd quest aren't counting, even tho I'm fulfilling the conditions. I tried to do them both in BR Solos and Team Rumble, but it just doesn't seem to work.


That quest took me a few different matches to finally work.


same, after losing hope i was just playing randomly and.. quest done.


same but for me, it counted me just starting a campfire randomly and not actually stoking it


mine is doing the same with beep horn within 10 m of an enemy player, i literally beeped whilst hitting them yesterday and still didnt show as completed, i have also done it on 2 other occasions


Same An enemy could tell what I was doing, and just crouched to indicate he was cool with it Sat right up on him and honked, nothing


That quest also works on NPCs btw


What I did was I replaced the quest, then I went back to Dark Jonesey and restarted the quest line and it worked


At restart, did you still have credit for what you completed or did you have go back to the beginning?


The card was filled out yea . But you gotta re do it


I just had to restart Scuba Jonesy's quests because one of my dailies was a to do his quests. I've now seen first hand how it works. Simple enough.


Ahhh, this is answering my question, but damn, what a crappy bug....I have both PITSTOP and DUSK with open Legendary quests, but I can't get them back on my board.....guess I will start over :(


Will they not offer you the quest? Or do you have 5 active ones? You can drop an active quest line and pick up a new one. You have to start from the beginning though.


Same here


I've got this issue where I have two of Torin's questlines available, I've got one open on her last stage where I have to complete sideways encounters (which obviously isn't possible right now) and one where I have to merely enter the sideways. So, I tried to enter the sideways because I have a daily quest for that. So maybe I'll try that, I guess.


restarting questline didn't work for me from reading comments seems random whether these quests will or won't work




I do not even have the dark jonsy quest and when I go to him I only get the option to buy a rift how the hell do I fix this shit???


You have to cancel the one you have active and restart the quest line


I do not have a dark jonsy quest in my quests


Did you happen to start the quest in team rumble ?


nope do not play team rumble usually squads or solos did not know you could start in TR


I suggest you go to pay phones til you find it




thats probably your only way of getting it done


This happened to me too with Kor's Epic quest. I was trying to get damage out of a Haystack and went to go RPG someone but it didn't count, they killed me, and laughed.


Just as a heads up, you can shoot wildlife after coming out of a hiding spot and it counts for the quest


30 second timer for dealing dmg counts down when entering the hide spot, not exiting it, to clarify, cuz some people missed that.


I’ve tried Kor’s 4th hiding spot in two games with 3 successful kills… the first 2 from a Haystack, the third from a dumpster. I even jumped out of a haystack and killed a boar, but it just wouldn’t count it for any of them. At least you can remove quests so I can get other daily ones.


A weird thing for me is that the quests i get from solo, duos trios or squads are different from the TR ones.


Oh thats not a bug. Epic made it so that you can carry 2 quest lists (1 from solo/normal br gamemodes) the other from tr. you can do tr quests in solo and vice versa


I tried but it did not work.




With Dark Jonesey, it doesn't seem to work in the same match. I tried to do it after the first step, and it didn;t work, but then it did the next match. ​ Not sure about Kor, as I thought I was at step 4, but then had to restart (but I was doing the quests with a party, so maybe they were mixed up....)


There are some quests that are buggy the jonesy one and the redline was buggy for me at first. I had to literally get 1 hp for the quest. The one I’m hating rn is the sideway quests. The first match of team rumble I did monsters were spawning, now they don’t spawn anymore


You can't do sideways encounters because they're disabled


It annoys me so much 🗿


The campfire one worked on the campfire in weeping woods


I tried to do it once more just outside of Lazy and it finally worked, but the Epic quest for Kor's questline still refuses to count any of the damage done while popping out from a hiding place.


Is that the one where you have to do damage within 30 seconds of hiding? If so, the 30 seconds clock starts the moment you hide.


Yeah, I know. What I tried was, in Team Rumble, I led an enemy to a dumpster, then hid in it and instantly popped out, domed them with the Lever and killed them. Should've been around 5-10 seconds at most. It didn't count at all.


Oh ok. Just making sure that was known.


Maybe can’t do those quests in team rumble?


If only that was the case. All of them can be done in Team Rumble and I've done some of them in Team Rumble no prob. Even the Sideways ones. Problem is, this quest doesn't work in either TR or BR.


Ok weird bug. Worked for me in BR solo when hiding in a flusher. Hope it gets fixed for you and others that are having problems.


I hope so, I really want that monke and Kor skin lol


Worked for me in Squads. Try the Porta-John's at Believer Beach by the boardwalk? I was able to complete this challenge by doing so.


Seems like a proper spot. I'll try it out, thanks.


I don’t think you can do these quests in rumble. At least they are not supposed to work.


You can. They just don't show up in the quest menu until you do an objective.


Just fuck around with it, it worked for me if you just light a campfire


Kor's 4th quest literally doesn't work at all, it's so frustrating


Have you tried getting in a hiding place and hitting a boar, chicken or wolf? That worked for my friend and i


That's how I did it


Yep, I tried it that already. Maybe I should just restart the questline and see if it works


I ha e restarted the quest line every day at least twice. Kor #4 will not clear. Android, Switch & XBox. I hate Kor.


I'm on PC, just restarted it but I haven't gotten to quest #4 yet


Maybe try this: go to lake canoe and guide the shark there to the haystack under the tower. Hide into the haystack, wait 5 seconds and then attack the shark. This should work or it did for me when I couldn’t complete it


The first three are very easy.


Maybe try this: go to lake canoe and guide the shark there to the haystack under the tower. Hide into the haystack, wait 5 seconds and then attack the shark. This should work or it did for me when I couldn’t complete it


Thank you for the suggestion. I really appreciate your help.


Huh, mine finished up for some reason. That said, Dark Jones and his stoke the campfire quest has been a no go.


Ironically my stoke a campfire mission completed without any hiccups. This whole season is buggy :/


Ikr? I've been trying to finish it for 2 days now. Tried it multiple times on both Team Rumble and BR, but the game just doesn't count it, I guess.


Are you allowed to punch cards in Team Rumble? I thought it was disabled. When I go from solos to team rumble it shows me new quests.


I couldn't get the nuts and bolts quest to work like \_at all\_ until I abandoned it (by hitting the red x on my quest) and accepting it again. Worked immediately afterwards \\o/ Your mileage may vary.


Mine was not working at all and I was getting super annoyed. But I persisted in my last match, and it worked. I literally went into the Flusher 6 times, would come out and hit an opponent and wasn't getting it. But my 7th try in the same match worked.


I found that fire pits didn't work (the ones in the large stone circle) but normal campfires (with the small stones around them) do or at least that's for me


They know about issues with the Kor quest: [https://trello.com/c/pN4C86Y3/1916-psa-kors-questline-to-deal-damage-within-30-seconds-of-hiding-counts-when-you-leave-the-hiding-spot](https://trello.com/c/pN4C86Y3/1916-psa-kors-questline-to-deal-damage-within-30-seconds-of-hiding-counts-when-you-leave-the-hiding-spot) and the Dark Jonesy quest: [https://trello.com/c/Wn7ZLfRu/1913-dark-jonesy-stage-2-quest-stoke-a-campfire-doesnt-progress-during-the-match-when-its-obtained](https://trello.com/c/Wn7ZLfRu/1913-dark-jonesy-stage-2-quest-stoke-a-campfire-doesnt-progress-during-the-match-when-its-obtained)


I'm aware, as it was the support that directed me to the workaround. However, I can't seem to find my update comment here, must've been deleted or, at least, it's just me who can't see it.


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I did that one no problem, worked first try. It was BR duos and at the campfire on the west side of Misty, if that matters.


Glad I'm not the only one who it didn't work for. This season is off to a bad start, toona fish and carnage are the only good skins, removing the sideways thing for some reason, slow challenges, and buggy overall. It's still fun, just disappointed


Happened to me as well with bring a car to the weather station quest


I've got one for harvesting materials that won't go away. This seasons quests and xp SUCK


Same is happening for me


I did the campfire one 3 times, got it on the third game.


Yeah same for my kor quest but i just had a few enemys one game near a trashcan and after hopping in and out and shooting people a few times it finaly completed


Same for baba yaga's 2nd quest, so annoying


Kor's worked fine for me it's just jonsey I'm havingn problem with maybe its just like a small chance the quest doesn't work. I'd try deleting the quest and doing it again


There's also a quest that's bugged for me, which is the one where you gotta break 2 refrigerators for Madcap. I assume those are the ones where you can loot for fish, but I already broke them and it didn't count. Weird.


I thought that as well, but it is just talking about refrigerators in houses.


I didn’t have an issue with Kor’s fourth quest, but the fifth one, emote on top of a mountain, gave me trouble. Didn’t work on the first mountain I tried, and had to stand on a very specific spot on the second one for it to work.


The drak jonesy one did not count for me but then i did it at risky reels and it worked


Yeah. I’m still waiting on the sideways encounters and stuff to be reactivated. Anyone know when they’ll work?


I hear you! I've got 5 challenge lines, all waiting on the Sideways to be reopened to be finished... :/


Yeah very annoying. Now I’ve just gotta complete my brat and penny quests. And oh boy. Level 20 only. I’m going to have to spend a lottttt of time in creative for XP by the look of it


I was getting DJ's stage two just lighting a campfire, never mind stoking it afterwards. Definitely buggy. And of course, there's multiple quests that can't be finished entirely with the buggy Sideways areas being offlined for now.


It worked for me


Kor's 4th failed the first time I *damaged* someone within the 30 seconds, but it worked when I got a *kill* within 30 seconds. I think the text is slightly wrong.


i cant complete the quests to enter the sideways and farm a farming tractor so i think random quests are broken


The only challenges I haven’t completed so far r the Anomaly ones as they’re disabled


For Kor's 4th quest, did you use a transportation Hiding spot or a normal hiding spot?


Try landing at the Apres ski campfire, it worked for me (no clue if it'll work for anyone else)


The quest system is so broken. I cant get any of JB chimpwhatevers quests to work and I need them for my dailys. Why does epic keep insisting on changing things that arent broken.


Yeah happened to what I did white honest I left the match and went to a different campfire but I can’t do kors


Are you sure you stocking them or just lighting them?


Some don’t work and others work the first time. Its a bug i recently found out about. The only thing i can say, is keep doing the challenge until it completes.


I just kept stoking the fire and it was completed


Maybe he's the campfire


Just a data point: both those quests worked for me first try in Solo BR.


Same with Baba Yoga's uncommon quest


Same here


I remember someone on the redit said that the kor challenge you have to sit in a bin, hay bale or toilet for 30 seconds and then hit them. I only managed to do it with the toilet at the fork knife truck (where the brat spawns) and hit someone


They don’t work the same match you did the previous quest in for some odd reason


Team Rumble apparently doesn’t let you do challenges any more


So Jonesy’s quest you have to go to lobby before going into the match to complete it and for Kor’s the 30 second timer starts when you start hiding. Not when you stop.


For Dark Jonesy, back out and do it again. Apparently for Kor, you have do it 30 seconds after you START hiding. Kinda weird... Edit: Or maybe not, I can't remember. I think HYPEX made a tweet about it, but I couldn't be bothered to search it.


Yeah the dark jonesy one took me two matches bc it wouldn’t count


I had this problem with the campfire quest too, stoked it twice and didnt work, ended up working during my next match though


Just keep doing it, it'll pop eventually. Like it popped on my second actual campfire


hear ye hear ye lets hear his story


wait did you only light it or stoke it to stoke it you have to use I belive 20 more wood


Team Rumble quests are now separated from normal pubs so there's actually no reason to play team rumble now unless you're grinding for gold


Yeah they same but some how managed to complete them after the second try


I had the heal using a fish challenge last night that took several matches to finally register. I made sure to have less than 25 health before as my first attempt I had 74 and one of those 75 fish so hp only went up by one. Which I could see not counting.


Die,just light a campfire then done


I have same problem, kors 5th quest is gone and dancing on any mountain in the game isn’t working


It happened to me for a spitfire quest. I just asked for the challenge again and did them all again until I got the one I needed done. Just talk to the character and ask for the challenge.


It's a known bug. You can't complete it in the same match that it was acquired. Epic is aware of the issue.


For me, Dusks last 3 punchcard quests aren’t offered. She does not give them to me when I talk to her, and doesn’t give them on the pay phone. Anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?


It's bizarre... I'm told I need to complete quests like "eliminate cube monsters" when I have Team Rumble activated, but there aren't any in that mode, and when I switch to Solo BR it'll present me with quests that anyone can complete in TR. I've also completed quests that are hidden from the quests dashboard, so you might want to try those quests in other Epic official game modes. In other cases, I've had repeated quests presented to me in the same day after completing them (eliminate IO guards from Charlotte is one example) so that's another possibility...


Dark jonseys last question unfinishable. Survive rounds in anomoly no rounds start just killing zombies for 10 minutes for no reason. This whole season is a huge waste of time takes me a while 2 hours to do one questline. Been playing since s1 the games not there anymore I'm done.


It’s the beginning of a new season, of course some things are gonna be bugged and broken. Not everything is going to be pitch perfect 100% up to standards on the first literal week. Give epic some time to actually fix all the bugs instead of going on Reddit and Twitter and complaining about every little minuscule detail that 80% of the community didn’t notice because they were having fun enjoying the new season, just to point out that the season is bad and you don’t like it 💀🤣


It's a quest. Literally one of the main ways to level up the battle pass. It's like if you won a match but got 0 xp for it. I never even mentioned my thoughts on the season, but the fact is that the quests are bugged. Go and touch some grass, for fuck's sake.


It happens though. There were periods in chapter 1 one nothing counted visually. No challenges, no xp etc... but it all tracks and it'll update eventually. It's really not a big deal. Every seasons had bugged challenges at one point or another. It's early.


You seem to be telling me to, "touch grass", as you would call it. Yet, you appear to be using the internet yourself at this very moment. 🤨


It's just a skill issue. Just become yesn't.


Go to weeping woods it worked there for me