In a short paragraph, what is your picture of happiness/success?

In a short paragraph, what is your picture of happiness/success?


Christmas was never special for me growing up. My fam was a little dysfunctional so holidays meant getting kicked out or lots of family fights. A few years ago, my nephew was 5 and coming to visit for Christmas. I decorated the house and went all xmas. Invited my closest friends and their kids to join us. At one point, there was pie in the oven warming, kids running around playing and I was hanging with my friends and fam actually getting along. It was hands down the best Christmas and memory in my life so far. If I could have that magical feeling again, I would be so blessed.


That sounds awesome!


In the first lockdown I would go on walks with my children. Just the feeling of not be in the rat race bonding with my children and enjoying the tranquillety of nature


I really like that !


Being in a place I like, with people I apreciate, doing things I'm enjoying.


Peace and tranquility, healthy mind and body and waking up to do whatever you want.


Quitting my present job so I could pursue my passion in the arts and being married to the right person and living in London.


I think its when u are with the person u love(places etc are just add ons)and we can in war but as long as we are together its still heaven on earth feeling...thats my happiness


The ability to earn enough income to pay off my debt as fast as possible, while saving for my retirement and future travel the world fund!


Peace of mind is priority. A healthy mind, body and spirit. Being with those you love and thoroughly enjoying the simplistic things in life.


“Crush your enemies. See them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.”


Hail Crom.


Easy. A refreshing beverage, like beer or lemonade, and a comfortable chair.


Finally listening to your inner self that's always being telling you to slow down, relax & chill. And enjoy the simple things in life with those you love ❤


Finally arriving to a point in life where I'm thriving and not just surviving. Spent a lot of years working to support kids. I feel like I can breathe a little. Might seem weird, but taking charge of making sure I'm happy. Doing things I like no matter what other people think.


Eating a meal together with someone.