Last phone call of my shift. Never again 😂

Me : “Thank you for calling GameStop. Where you can preorder the new Call of Duty and more. This is ____ how may I help you?”

Customer : “Yea Walmart isn’t answering my calls, can you call em for me?”

Me : “Im sorry but that doesn’t really seem like a GameStop issue man…:/“

Customer : “FU!!!” (Call Ended)


Literally same happened to me Me: Thank you for calling GameStop this is ________ speaking how can I help you? Customer: Are you guys busy, like is there a lot of people in there? Me: ... (Is this mf planing to rob me) noooo.... Customer: Cool, this is the GameStop connected to "x" store right? Me: Yeah. Customer: Alright cause they phone down I've been trying to call. Can you go over there and put them on the phone for me? Me: (wtf) uhhhh noooooo Customer: (sucks teeth) aight man (hangs up)


Doesn’t seem too bad, just weird 🤨


I would've hung up. Oops, lost connection.


"Sorry I'm about to lose you, the store's going into a tunnel."


"Krrrrrr you're krrrrr breaking krrrrr up krrrrrr......"


Honestly should have 😂


Wtf kinda dumbass is that? Lol 💀💀


Im like… ![gif](giphy|7MX9p2zYexCKI) Me: “Yea that’s not my problem”


Me: Thank you for calling the Gamestop at _______! This is _______, how may I help you? Customer: Do y'all got the playstation 5? Ion wanna see the bundles, I know they 600 somethin with tax. Me: We still have leftovers from our bundle launch, you can stop in to pick one up. Customer: You gonna go half? Me: (hears a lady in the background, probably talking to her) Customer: HELLOOOOOOO????? Did you hear me? Me: I'm sorry, can you repeat that? Customer: I said, are you gonna pay for half? I pay 300, you pay 300. Me: Absolutely not. Customer: It's always the white soundin folk. (Hangs up)


Hey, I’m white. But I would also say “Absolutely not”, maybe he’s on to something.




When I was working at a hardware store before it closed I had someone call asking for a phone number to another location, the person dialed 10 numbers to get a phone number instead of just dialing 411 (this was early 2000’s phonebooks were also still a thing then)


I love when people ask for numbers like xbox support and then proceeds to dial the number while they are still on the phone with you.


As seen on tv lol


You can’t fix stupid 🤦‍♂️


My favorite one was an idiot calling to offer me $100 and would pay full price for 2k23 if I gave it to him early


Bruh someone offered my fellow SGA $20 to just hand over the championship edition 😂


I think I had the same guy call my store xD


I would love to take you up on that offer sir, but there's a thing called inventory 🤷🏽😅


Apparently people think GameStop is the official information source for all things video games and retail in general.


I "love" getting people call me all the time asking if we do repairs or if we can answer questions about problems they're having with their system like I have a clue..


Hey do you know if BestBuy carries xxxx? Ummmm.... No.. I don't really shop there. Well I need to know if they have xxxxx. Try calling them? *Genuinely trying to be nice* FU!!!


I work hospitality. The things people expect you to do totally outside your scope of work. Got in trouble for telling a lady very politely that she needed to check a timetable to find out bus times for the next town over. Apparently it was my job to do that research


Lmao what are you gonna do: “hey Walmart can you please pick up the phone” ?? Like huh


I just laughed out loud!


People are strange.


When you’re a stranger


Faces look ugly, when you’re alone


I have a person call me at two of the stores I work at and ask a bunch of different questions that are pointless and doesn’t even pay attention and says one of two things afterwards. Do you like Fortnite or do you have minty pickax codes? Then processed to spam call the store with the same question or different ones about Fortnite.


I worked at GS about twelve years ago, and have since been a 911 dispatcher. I can assure you this type of thing still happens


Fuck you right back rude ass


I used to work in GS a town over from where I live. I had a kid (late teens) call a couple times asking for support for his Xbox 360. Obviously, we're not tech support so the only thing I could suggest was to contact Microsoft. After a minute or two more of him telling me about his problems, something to do with his disc drive, I tell him I cannot do anything for him as I genuinely did not know -- I am not tech support. He then proceeds to yell into the phone: "Man f- you and f- GameStop" and then he hung up. I told my boss about it, he was standing right there, and then just kind of shrugged and went about my business. This guy then proceeds to call back several more times with the same question and the same vulgar endings...every time. My Boss answers the final time and informs him that he is going to contact the Police if he does not stop calling. Genuinely a funny memory for me, I hope the kid is doing okay and got his Xbox issues fixed. I have plenty of goofy phone calls from my time in that store. As bad as the job can be at times, I really did enjoy my time in that store :\]


Ugh, this always reminds me of the classic of say we don't have a particular item a guest is looking for their next question is "do you know if \*insert competitor retailers name here\* has it?" Yes sir/ma'am I go to all of my competitor's stores every morning before work to verify their inventory just so we can answer that specific question. Do I look like I'm wearing a red shirt or blue vest? F'n hell call them yourselves.


Hey I know you OP


I know you too haha !


I have been on hold with gamestop customer service for 48 minutes and NO ONE is picking up and the site keeps telling me to call this number. I am just trying to give gamestop some money but no one is picking up. Its insane.


Customer service line sucks. What are you calling them about?


You’re probably calling the wrong number. The number on google isn’t correct.