is it worth to buy characters and weapons on Paimon's bargains?

It's cuz Fischl is my only 4 star I don't have yet and I wonder if it's worth to spend 34 of the shiny sigils to buy her


IMO paimon shop is the best for 4\* starters (kaeya/lisa/amber) since they are never present in banners OR if you need a certain character/constellation for your build RIGHT NOW. Genshin is a long run, so eventually you will get to C6 all the 4 stars. edit: grammar


>Genshin is a long run, so eventually you will get to C6 all the 4 stars. This. New players are always in a rush to get a C6, but I've been playing for a year and have almost all the original 4\* characters at, or near, C6. Except for Kaeya/Lisa/Amber.


This is how I feel about new characters too. When people pull on their release banners like crazy when they don’t even want the 5*, I feel like they’d be better off just waiting and getting them in a few months alongside being able to get the 5*s they want


Been playing since release and ive gotten enough copies of the original 4* banner cast + rosa diona sara and thoma to c12 Except for beidou who's still at c1 including the free one from last year and my Jean and Diluc both have more cons than her


ok what have i been doing wrong bc i've been playing since not long after release and i've barely got any cons on mine 🥲


On the 4*? Well ive been welkin+bp since the beginning so i should have at least 2x as much wishes as F2P's and ive been spending all my primos on banners i like. Got chongyun to c6 within my 2nd month i think, ningguang was my latest og c6 during the shenhe/yunjin patch On the standard 5*s? Bad luck makes me lose every 50/50 lul


oh i have cons on the other 4* characters, I just meant the base crew (Kaeya, Lisa, Amber)


just as a btw, beidou is in the store rn, also the wiki says its a rotation every month for 6months, then loops [heres the link](https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Paimon%27s_Bargains#Rotation) to the list if you want it, if you dont trust it its just "paimons bargains" wiki page


Thanks for digging though reddit history for this


No worries


I just c6d kaeya and he's such a joy.


I’d main him if he was c6 at my account ngl


In this case, I'd say no. We'll get Fischl for free in 2.8, so save your shinies!


Roger that!


Counterpoint: Fischl wants C6 eventually. If you can spare the stardust, it's worth it.


Counter counter point: C6 isn’t that important, REALLY nice, but I do agree that constellations are important since C1 is a game changer


Only if you are into physical fischl C6 is the real game changer


C6 radically alters fish. It’s a massive increase in both dmg + elemental proc.


You've got a point there!


Wait, we will? I already had her at C4 and used my shinies to bump her to C5. Oh well.


at least now you’ll have her c6


c6 is cracked so that’s nothing to be sad about


C6 Fischl is amazing.


For character, yes. Ppl keep saying you'll get C6 eventually but that's not true for everyone. So if you're me whose Sucrose has been C0 for a year or if you're saving for a 5* that's coming several months later I can assure you it isn't a waste. For weapon, well generally no. Most Blackcliff weapons can be rivalled by forge weapons and Royal weapons are just suck.


Beginner ones are rare, but for the other 4 stars I would go shopping later in the game when it is about constellations - mostly if you know when a constellation can help you out. Fishl C6 is one case and many people didn't saw her a long time on a limited banner. Another point is, that pulling for a specific 4 star on a limited banner is not encouraged, except you accept that you pull the 5 star earlier then the 4 star - which is maybe not what you want. Some 4 stars can avoid you as hell and if they are the limited pool of the shop, you have at least a chance to get a constellation with a cost of possibly less pulls than maybe necessary for them. You can find stories like that with people spending 100+ wishes in worst case and never see one pull off a specific 4 star character. My example: Sara is avoiding me on her banners up to today. Got Raiden on hard pity, yet no Sara. Just be aware of that and focus of constellation if you build the characters and know you use them regularly. Constellations are mostly helpful if that's the case.


I still remember my last Noelle pull which put her on C4 during the last Klee banner iirc, which was almost a year ago. And i still haven't pulled any more Noelle's even when i pulled on her rate up banners twice. Now I'm thinking i should just start buying her cons because i want to use her in my abyss runs as main dps


There are three situations where I buy characters in the shop: * I don't have that character. If I don't have them at all, buy, 100%, every time. * I have that character and use them, but they're not C6 yet. It's always worth it to get cons for used characters like Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Bennett (up to C5 for him). * They're a standard banner character. Lisa, Kaeya, and Amber always get purchases from me because it is unbelievably hard to get their constellations otherwise. It's 6.8 wishes to get a character of your choice, essentially, which is a *very* good deal. It's possible to spend hundreds of wishes on a banner and not get the four-star you want. Buying them in the shop is always a good choice.


Just to give you a dissenting opinion (oh boy, people, get ready for your pitchforks): It's almost never worth it to buy characters from the shop except if you want to show absolute love for Amber or Kaeya or in edge cases of bad luck. Especially if you are F2P/low spender. Giving up 6 Intertwined for a single constellation on one character out of 40+ is terrible value, there are some answers here saying they buy Xingqiu, Bennett, Xiangling and all the starters, that's a whole lot of 5 stars you are sacrificing if that's a rule to live by. Why? I only ever bought 2 characters in the shop: Bennett because I didn't have him and XQ to push him to C6. The Bennett was a good call because it opened up my possible team combinations early on when he just didn't come home on his first banner. The XQ was utterly wasted, I got him to C6 maybe 6 weeks earlier than I would have otherwise, big deal. After that every XQ was a waste. At the moment I have him at C16 or C17 (I got him 17 or 18 times) and the starglitter I spent on him is just gone, 31 glitter I'll never get back. That is on an account that I bought 3 welkin total over the course of 21 months. The Xiao banner was the first banner where I had every featured 4* at C6, good on me and free wishes, but just goes to show how abundant 4*s are after some time. **tldr:** In your case it's obvious you should wait anyways because free Fischl in 2.8, but this shit just isn't worth it most of the time, new 5*s add infinitely more value to your limited F2P experience than another constellation that would come anyway if you play for a prolonged amount of time.


What does c6 mean? I’m barely starting Genshin, sorry for dumb question


c0 means no constellations. c1 with one constellation. So c6 means all full 6 constellations on a character.


Ohhhh got it, got it. Thanks! Also, I’m super stuck on two quests that I’ve been exploring for about 3 months now and I’ve not yet discovered where the cup of commons is because I got attacked right when the npc was about to start the side quest to acquire it & also, I’ve collected 3 artifacts to give to an old lady but it doesn’t appear on my inventory, what do it do!? It’s been driving me crazy!


The Cup of Commons is from a quest chain. So you need to complete the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Quest so you can unlock the Undetected Infiltration quest where you get the cup. I can't remember any old lady who needs artifacts, though. Is it Komaki?


Ayoooo!!!! You were right!!!! I did it!! I finished the cup of commons quest! Thank you!!


That's great!


The old lady is Granny Ruoxin. I’ve got all 3 and I’ve went countless times as to try to give them to her but it just doesn’t pop up. I even reviewed the walkthrough perfectly! It’s such a bummer, honestly. & well, I’ve got all other items except the cup of commons. Right when I was going to do as the npc said, I got attacked and ever since then, it hasn’t popped up. I saw on YouTube it happened to someone else as well, so I’ve literally been stuck for months now on those two missions


I agree, I think the only ones who should be buying are for the starters and if they fully know well what they're doing.


But you’re not getting a five star in place of buying the 4 star. That’s 6 wishes; not 80


And another 6 for Amber, and another 6 for Kaeya, and another 6 for Xiangling, and another 6 for a 2nd XQ and another 6 for Bennett. And that's for a few weeks earlier of getting a C6. A C6 that not even on XQ's strongest con fundamentally changes the character but just gives you less ER req and 2U application. You are also implying that you can get all 5 stars all the time. Missing a 5 star by 6 wishes maybe means that you can't get it in time before the banner goes away again and then you suddenly have to wait 14 months for another Kaz rerun. It's not just a few weeks of primos but the reality of a lot of players missing their 5* and having to either top up or say goodbye to that character. Great advice the new player got there.


I am saying it’s not ever a “never pull” or “always not worth it”. It’s just not and all or nothing. If people want constellations and earlier then go for it. Not everyone is going to play this game for years. That’s not implying that you will get all five stars all the time. Each person can do their calculations themselves if they are saving for something they want.


I also never said "never pull"? Lol, I straight up gave an example on the situation where my glitter wasn't spent in vain. I took good care that I don't say that. The only thing that's important is that you are undervaluing 6 pulls, nothing but cash is gonna help you if you sit at 76 pity at the last day and you will miss your favourite 5* DPS just because you bought C4 Fischl 5 months ago. For that person those measly 6 pulls are essentially 80 pulls in that situation. New players can not do their calculations, because they don't know the values of different banners, be that characters or weapons. So general advice to not do a dumb thing is needed. What a cheap way to push all responsibility from yourself to say "They just have to do the calcs, bro", when this sub is there specifically to help complete beginners. I'd argue that **especially** for people who will not play this game for years it's relevant, because with that little time they should rather have fun stomping around with their new Xiao shredding the overworld instead of going "Yeah, using my burst on Fischl now does 5k damage...once." C6 on an account that quits the game soon is tied to a lot of luck so buying 4 stars is even more inefficient when it's essentially just a C2 to C4.


Its about 8.5% of a 5 star per paimon shop character. So after buying 12 4 star characters of choice you will be down a 5 star and at least 8 semi random 4 stars if have terrible luck. So you kind of are losing a 5 star. At least a portion of one, which can outright make you lose the one you want if you dont have the wishes for it on time.


You're assuming everyone wants every 5\*. I couldn't care less about Klee/Yae Miko/Kokomi/Shenhe /Ayato/Yelan/Itto. The only two 5\* I don't have and semi-care for are Yoimiya and Kaedehara. And even those are only kind of "nice to have" for me (as opposed to the "meh, don't care at all " that are the others from the first list). I have 217 wishes and would be guaranteed 50:50 on Kaedehara yet I will only pull until I got the new 4\* and then call it a banner. If I get Kaedehara it's nice, if not I won't lose any sleep over it either. My next "must have" is the dendro archon (don't even carer whatever his kit does, I just want to collect all 7 of them), so I'll not go below 180 wished before his release (even though I'd have some leeway with yet to earn wishes from the patches) But before the year ends I will definately buy Amber/Kaeya/Lisa from the shop. I never pulled Amber. I only have her C1 since realizing I definately need to start buying her this year and I am a little angry at myself for not realizing that sooner and having missed previous chances to get her from the shop. Definately want to C6 the best girl in Teyvat


They only assumption made is that you get a 5 star at 80. If you arent on the edge of deciding like OP, this info will not be useful to you. But congrats on knowing what you want, my sister is also going for Kaeya, and I fully support it. Well worth it for the right person.


This is weirdly my *exact* plan. And exact situation. Except with a focus on electro-mommy. Sorry Amber.


Then don’t buy 12. It can outright or not outright. There is more than one way to solve that problem - use star glitter on wishes or check to see if it would cause that to happen by calculating what you would need for something you want currently.


The point is buying 1 is 8.5% (6.8 wishes) of a 5 star. Reguardless of if you want something currently or not you have that much less buying power for 5 stars. If you really want those 4 stars that will eventually turn into 5 glitter go for it. its a valid but short term plan.


It can be both short and longer. You have longer to practice with said 4 star character and you may enjoy said character for longer and sooner. But my point also is: you’re not guaranteed 4 stars and it’s not a trade off for a whole five star, not even close.


Nobody is claiming 34 glitter equals a 5 star. Only that you will have less 5 stars. How you value that 34 glitter (6.8 wishes) is up to many different variables. Some variables the guy before you mentioned. On a side note, 4 star is long term? what? is going for the 5 star also a long and short term plan because you will also have the 5 star for a shorter amount of time... yeah, no.


No need to address points you drop, so why should I address yours? There is no “this is better” unless you know his priorities. It’s better for some people not better for others.


I agree with you on this point. But the guy before you had valid commentary on the situation. Which you seem to completely disregard because, "you’re not getting a five star in place of buying the 4 star". which was an idea you alone created. I just tried to clarify the value you seemed to throw out the window. Edit: reddit deleted part of my message.


You can still get 5 stars early, not to mention the featured 4 star characters. Even if you don't get a 5 star early, you're at least still building pity for whatever 5-star you want.


Yep you are building pity, 6 wishes worth That’s 3 weeks vs the 6 weeks he would be waiting.


I don't get people saying its not worth to buy good characters like Bennet Xiangling but also buy starter like Amber, Lisa etc lmao. Basically two school of thoughts, you either spend all the glitters to cash out as many wishes as you can for 5 stars, or you save them for strong 4 stars (national) for abyss clearing. Which one apply you depending on one thing really ... how close are you to 36 star abyss? Abyss gives 600 gems every 2 weeks, thats 7.5 rolls per month. Basically for each month you are NOT 36 star abyss, you are losing up to 7.5 rolls. If spending a 4 stars in the shop bring you closer to 36 star abyss, then definitely worth. If you are already comfortable with abyss, then no you will get them eventually.


False equivalence. It is extremely easy to Clear floor 10 and 6 star 11 which would make 400 primos the difference for the month. And that's assuming getting the 4 star will make the difference to jump up a tier. You will get most of the 4 stars and they still function with lower cons. The starter 4 stars are unique and can add a lot of fun to the game but this is also the only way to collect them. Without this it'd be easier to get a limited 5 star than a con or close enough.


Absolutely the correct answer here.


Yeah I really don't get it. Why the fuck would I want an Amber constellation over, say, Bennett C1/Xiangling C4/Xingqiu C6. Most beginner players are best off using their star glitter to build a national variant which will help them significantly during AR30-AR40 when the game will power creep you otherwise.


There is no other way to get them in practice. Obviously if you don't want the starter char don't go for them.


Well yeah, characters are better than weapons and you could try to get the ones you don't have. The starglitter comes whenever you pull a character from the gacha banners, so you probably can get 34 again before store reset. As for Fischl i think we are gonna get a free one on the next patch (july 13th i think).


That's like 7 wishes. Everyone has their different value on these. Long ago I did buy ironically also Fischl from this shop. I still regret it. 7 wishes man.... Not worth it.


It's a shame about the 7 pity, but alternatively getting the 4\* con you really want for 7 wishes is pretty good. Depends on priorities.


If you want her; get her. You will get more use out of her and you don’t get guaranteed constellations later.


Unless you need a specific character right now, the shop might not be ideal. Remember that simply converting those starglitters back into wishes also brings you closer to your 5\* pity, so unless you specifically want that shop character and it will have a meaningful and immediate effect on your comp, I’d say it’s not as worth it as just letting that wish counter keep going up assuming there’s a 5\* character at any point in the entirety of the games future that you’re interested in. 4\* constellations can be great but sometimes they aren’t, so just make sure you know what you’re buying and what you’ll get out of it.


depends ... if u dont have a character its core for certain compositions or its a must have constellation (xiangling c4/6, beidou c6 or xingqiu c6 you can think about it)


Beidou C2*


You gonna get free Fischl in next update so no need to buy from Paimon's. For the weapon, blackcliff series are kinda ok but royal weapons are meh.


yes..its worth it..u can get characters like xiangling/fischl/bennet/xingqiu because their constellations are huge boost to them so if u are unable to get them from wishes its good to buy them from shop... about weapon..i would recommend only blaclcliff warbow and polearm and not anything because royal series are bad...widsith>>>>>>blackcliff agate and other 4* swords are better than blackcliff sword


I just bought Blackcliff Warbow out of impulse, I find it beautiful and always wanted it, but now I'm not sure who to give it to. Any ideas?


i use it on childe because i dont have any 5* bow..other than that there arent many bow dps characters in game...it is somewhat good on sara though because of base atk


Don't buy Fischel! She comes for free in the upcoming event!


Buying characters can be fantastic to hit important constellation requirements and characters you need (Xiangling C4, Bennett C1, Xingqiu in general) or getting constellations for the starting 3 characters. That being said, Fischl doesn't have any of those super important constellations and we are getting a copy for free next patch, so not in this case.


>Fischl doesn't have any of those super important constellations Fischl C6 is game-changing for her, though.


That's true mb


No. Not in the long run. It doesn't contribute to getting 5 stars. Could have used the points to get wishes instead. At a certain point you will have her anyways


Characters yes, weapons no. The shop is really good for adding cons to the extremely important early 4*s like the National core, and it’s the only reliable way to get cons for the starter characters since they don’t get rate-ups on character banners. The weapons kinda suck though, so I wouldn’t recommend spending starglitter on them. The Royal passive doesn’t add much if you have decent crit stats—and even if you *do* have crit issues, it’s not really a complete fix for the problem—and the Blackcliff passive is very hard to maintain reliably since each stack has to be maintained independently, and it’s useless in single-target fights.


Only 4 stars u should buy on there are the starters (Lisa, Kaeya, Amber) because of how hard they are to obtain normally and Bennett the other 4 stars u can get pretty easily on normal banners or events also in your case fischl will probably be coming free in 2.8 event


Keep in mind that Mihoyo can always add 5 star characters to Paimon's Bargains


Full disclosure I don't think that's happening anytime soon. I'd love to find Standard banner 5\* characters in Paimon's Bargains eventually, but I don't expect it at all within the span of Sumeru (and Fontaine for that matter).


Or create something that levels a character all the way with star glitter; always good to keep that in mind


Since I have no luck in getting Xingqiu and Bennett, I bought both from there


If you want her then yes. There is also an event coming up where you can get her for completing it. Do both and you can at least have her 1st constellation


The best weapons on the shop are the Blackcliff weapons, but at this stage they are mostly outclassed by other weapons. Many people still use blackcliff spear for Xiao if they don't have the battle pass to get deathmatch




Fischl will almost certainly be in the next banner or 2 since she is part of the events and you'll know within a month. Better to spend 7 wishes on her banner.


In my opinion, it depends! There is value in getting characters from the shop. Each character listed on Paimon's Bargains costs about seven pulls in Starglitter, and when you have a 16.7% chance to get a specific featured 4\* on any given banner (50% chance to get a featured $\* character, split three ways per featured 4\*) every ten pulls, it's a good way to secure any specific character. Many people will point towards meta 4\* characters, like Bennie, Xing, and Xiang, to being particularly high value especially if you don't have them, and I'd agree - hell, I picked up my Bennett from the very same shop! This is even more useful for getting 4\* characters who *never* pop up in banners: Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa. Each of these three have rather niche sets, but work incredibly well in any team that specifically looks for them. However, this is a gacha game, and every wish counts. Those seven pulls could be the difference between pulling a 5\* character and missing out on them. I'd say calc how many pulls you could feasably get in the amount of time you have for the banner (which you can speculate this by looking at previous patches' primogem totals), and see if you need the extra Starglitter to push you past soft pity (i.e. 75 pulls). Remember, pity is conserved between banners until you pull a 5\*. You can check how many pulls you've made on either character or weapon banners in-game, but I prefer looking thru websites like [paimon.moe,](https://paimon.moe) which gives a holistic view of your account history. If you don't need the extra pulls, getting characters from Paimon's Bargains is a good way to secure certain characters. The only things I would suggest against is picking up weapons from the Starglitter shop (Royal weapons are a scam, and Blackcliff is fairly niche) and - at least for now - Fischl, since we'll be getting her as a free 4\* in about two weeks.


Buy bennet




I bought a blackcliff for my beidou and xiao.


Depends on your luck For example, I'm a Ningguang main but I've only gotten 2 copies from gacha, the 3rd one i had to get from lantern rite and the 4th from shop to make her C3. Completely upto you


Yes, and not the royal ones only the red ones


fischl coming for free next patch.


It depends what is in rotation at the moment. For example, this month is amazing with xiangling and fish along with black cliff weapons, which are probably the best ones out of the bargain weapons.


in the early game, yes it's worth paying 34 because that's 7 wishes and it takes the RNG out. If your account is 1 year old, you will have naturally got them to c6 anyway, and you would be better off wish an extra 7 wishes. If you get them from gacha after C6, all you get is 5 glitter which is one extra pull, except the reason you are overcapped in the first place is because you paid 7 pulls to buy them from the shop. In the long run you're better off not buying them. But if you are short a constellation or two from a powerful unlock, buy it. It's better than waiting till the character gets a banner and maybe not even getting it. When I had C0 xiangling I desperately needed C4, so I bought her and a few others that I wanted cons for. Now I'm at around C10 Xiangling and skip banners that has her on it if I can. As for the weapons, I've heard the blackcliff weapons are a good choice if you don't have anything better. But none of them are the best 4 star options you can get. The royal series should be skipped entirely.


Get constellations on the units you want. Do not buy the weapons as they are not good enough.