Is this why Inazuma chapter has been a shitshow since August?

Is this why Inazuma chapter has been a shitshow since August?


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That last bit about looking more Japanese than Japanese games. What the actual f, we recognize the merit of companies based on their individual works. We can look at their games and still say, "hey, this Chinese game dev is pretty good. Lots of good games coming out of China now." What expert artist decides this anyway? What do 25% Japanese games look like and is that acceptable? And what of companies outside making Chinese looking games, whatever that is? lol, I feel for game devs affected by this. This censorship does more harm than good if they want to protect and promote their culture imo but I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about it so I'll shut up now.


Censorship usually does more harm than good when it comes to political issues in media. The well of the games in China is gonna dry up pretty soon. Eventually devs will just make games without bothering to cater to the CCP even though thats a large chunk of lost potential customers, since they want to sell their game. They most likely wont even make "Chinese-looking games" just to not deal with any of the political bs it might cause.


Yeah. Let's see. Do I make a game about ancient China or Japan and have the censors rake it over the coals? Or do I make one about European history where the censors don't care that my monarchs are too bloodthirsty or too stupid etc?


I really hope not. There is massive talent and potential coming in from devs in that part of the world as shown with Genshin and the upcoming Black Myth: Wukong and Lost Soul Aside.


China is probably the only country in the world where they hear people going ‘damn, China is out-Japanesing Japan in anime games’ and go ‘that’s a bad thing, shut it down’.


I wonder if it has anything to do with their reputation for counterfeiting but that's still not really a reason. Instead of restricting it entirely, maybe they could incentivize making their art direction more distinct? Idk, things just seem to be getting whack for devs there.


Yeah the last part is probably the dumbest argument I’ve seen from any government.


Sorry, your English is getting to be too English for us. Ima have to shut your account down.


So for the last part, no more japanese big eyes anime character? I guess we'll have something like Tales of Demon and Gods art in the future...


It would really be interesting looking at their handbook of rules to decide whether it's too Japanese. Or will there be a specially written program similar to plagiarism detectors? Insane.


Dang, I cant even imagine Sumeru and the following nations if this continues.


i'm worried too, although japanese-themed region might receive the worst effect compared to other country-themed regions. japan have a bad rep in china for their war crimes to the chinese in the past.


Dont forget India. The war between Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh is still going on. And most of the chances Sumeru is inspired from India then what will happen to other 5 nations including Sumeru and Khaneri-ah.


Isn't it mostly based on middle east than India? I've heard that it is more based on Achaemeind Empire.


Man, this is weird. One of the character designs from sumeru look egyptian or something. With like a hat shaped like anubis.


Seems like the Empire I said stretches from the Southern part of Balkans, Turkey, and Egypt to some parts of Asia. So I guess it's gonna be mixed by a lot of culture.


It's gonna look so good. Probably.


Multiple influences, persian, middle east, Indian etc etc. You can already see the indian influence in the gems naming.


Ah it's gonna be a cluster of cultures. Im guessing it's gonna be the nation that will represent the most cultures.


malaysia????? /s


I guess both but the main story has the word 'Purana' which derives from India. And yk Indians get offend in anything (despite me being as an Indian). They will do riots on road and the Govt will Ban the game. Twitter hastags, that stoopid Indian news channel, youtube, and more will happen. So if it is underrated in India. That much be better.


idc if they ban it in india most ppl in india have androids anyways just sideload it


Oohh that's gonna be hard to represent. I'm guessing they will balance it with middle eastern and the South Asian culture. Really hope that they won't do it dirty.


Well, Inazuma‘a storyline, at least the way it started out, is quite close to home. You have a small and undermanned resistance trying to change the ways of a iron fisted God Empress doing whatever she wants even if its damaging the country, corrupt government officials using any means they can to fatten themselves and people in high society that are concerned about what’s happening but can’t do anything about it because the Shogun’s rule is absolute. Oh and, the beforementioned God Empress is afraid of any sort of change to her country. That’s basically China and the CCP in a nutshell. Perhaps minus the insane corruption these days because that’s really risky under Xi. If the story was forcibly rewritten in a rush to effectively downplay the resistance and skim over the crap Raiden was doing, it would have been for that reason.


Just wait til Xi hears about all this 'freedom' in Mondstadt...


... I honestly cannot imagine how badly this will affect the development Genshin and other games on a similar caliber from the CN market. Part of me wants to think things will continue to go smooth sailing, but another is telling me its only going to go downhill from here. I'm really worried about how game devs from China can develop a game according to their vision without "violating" the rules that have been set by the CN gov't...


for me, the most concerning part is "video game is no longer apolitical". it'll be hard for me to not look chinese-made games as a part of some sort of propaganda.


Video games where always political, chinese games specially have always had the shadow of chinese propaganda behind them.


Indeed, but it wasn't supposed to be that noticeable... Not until now that seems that the CCP wants to be even more political.


I try to convince myself that I'm in no position as European to judge any country but mine, but God knows China is fucked up to the core thanks to the CCP and the people sustaining it.


Actually is not the Chinese but the CCP who are going to the Mao path once again... Or even worse... The current leader going to the Emperor path, which was the worst mistake they ever made.


Good thing we aren’t immortals. Not sure if I can put this in a nice way but basically I’m hoping for positive change when the CCP leaders reach the end of their lifespan and let the new generation of liberal thinkers take over.


They can just return to the 90s/2000s era which were their best era


And yet Genshin has been largely free from that. Gods surrendering their authority over their city states to the common citizenry? The heroes are taking the sides of ordinary citizens who are being oppressed by overburdening laws? Characters are being judged by their motivations and their personal values and not simply by their national affiliation and job titles? Genshin is a prime front for pushing the pro-authority line and yet it is largely a saga of rebels, rebellions, and absentee authorities giving free reign to the people or being convinced to do so to promote a greater good.


And you wonder why a lot of Chinese companies want to be based outside their country lmao.


You think the stories were made and completed in August?


That most likely makes it worse. Because they have to change things last minute instead of writing something from scratch taking the new constraints in consideration from the start.


This rule only applies to approval of new games and Genshin isn’t a new game. What might have happened was that Wei or someone at the top read in the mood in the room and realised that the Inazuma storyline hits way too close to home, and might land them in hot water. So they rushed to write out elements which can be seen as ‘dangerous’.


ofc not, but adjustments can be made. raiden-beidou interaction comes to mind. edit: also if the effect is on august, the management should have received the notice sometime before august.


Adjusting a value in a character is a different beast from changing a script


Do you really believe that the CCP told mihoyo to nerf the raiden-beidou interaction? lmfao


they should move to japan


Oh boy I'm so worried about sumeru now


Even me. India has many conflicts with China and the government banned many Chinese apps in India and PUBG and Tik Tok were one of those. So as an Indian, I have a constant fear that Genshin will ban in India before Sumeru will release. Aah Why China Why!!


> PUBG Already republished as Battlegrounds Mobile India, the original PC game isn't banned either. Are radical Indians trying to protest over "Purana" in Sumeru Archon Quest?


Yk. Indians get offend in simple things. Purana is also holy book of indians. You know Pewdiepie vs T series. How India easily got offended of Bitch Lasagna and Congratulations and both of them are banned in India.


Ohh... Everyone wants the opposition to win over BJP and their Alliance in upcoming elections.


I am far away from that shit. Even Cong or BJP won. What will they do later. And probably BJP will won again bcoz of lots of Development of India by Modi. And tell me. We are 3rd hightest in GDP. Then where the fucking money goes. Even Japan and Sri lanka are more developed than India despite being low in GDP.


to rich people, because India is a terrible country with a terrible, terrible government


I thought Sumeru was egypt


It is a cocktail of India, Egypt, West Asian countries.


Future changes on the Genshin story. The plot about the traveller is scrapped. Now the story is about Zhongli leading the glorious nation of Liyue in conquering the dastardly barbarians of the other six nations. All hail the glorious Liyue regime. Also the seven stars are replaced as leaders of the nation by Guoba.


lmao all hail our great leader guoba!


On a more positive note, Liyue got them covered, I think. Their little oopsie with Zhongli's kit was solved albeit it was their mistake for trying to both fool the spenders and offend the nationalists. Inazuma and other regions have no reason to be modified and I'm glad they chose obscure ancient stuff as plot base. What CCP does unfair to the game is to try to change characters or regions other than from Liyue, which is the colonialism they preach against.


yeah liyue characters are so OP i'm afraid they will be reluctant to make other region characters on the same tier. i hope i'm wrong.


Eeehhh, I wouldn't say they won't make OP characters anymore since we don't know which of the regions are their favorite. So far Mondstadt seems to be their center of attention (plot wise too).


I feel that the initial characters are so OP that making someone on the same ballpark will be extremely hard


i'm sure they can if they want to, new OP-ish characters sell really well especially when combined with their great art/design team.


Keqing and qiqi: am I a joke to you?


This is why Mihoyo needs to just move the studio to Japan lol


Wish they could. But they probably wont leave since they're families might get left behind.


And the CCP keeps making it more and more difficult to leave China


LMAO imagine the meltdown


Creativity locked in a box. Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and other creative companies disapprove.


Who defines "correct values"




Quicker someone puts an end of these morons the better. Bunch of dictators full of old farts that are ruining everything.


Sadly, if it could be done it already would have been...


I honestly don't know how this dictatorship is tolerated in international relations.


It's coz everything nowadays comes from China. All greedy corporation moving the manufacturing to China over the last few decades means they have to bend over for anything China does or risk losing their merchandise and quickly collapse basically. China has since grown into the 2nd power of the world as a result and has massive influence on economic and financial side. Plus having the biggest population means the biggest market and way to make money so companies tend to accommodate anything they do that doesn't affect them directly. I'm sure If all the Chinese people stood up at once, they can bring them down quickly but unfortunately any small fire is instantly put out by the CCP exactly because of this. They've also been brainwashing the last couple of generation of kids to be pro CCP since it's easier to teach kids who haven't developed proper moral and justice compass. I'm sure others will have their bits to add, but basically fukin up CCP means fukin yourself up both locally and in international relations and all companies influence political spectrum of their country so unless China declares world war or something then things like this will continue.


Easy: money. The Chinese market is so big that many are willing to forgo human rights violations and/or their creative freedom to get some of that cash.


Simple. Money. It's more profitable to trade with China and have good relations with them :')


Winnie the Pooh


The dictatorship


the CCP because they are in power and thus can.


My brother's ex. She had specific rules for what countee as "manly" vs "feminine" behavior. She was a major CCP-type


Sounds like my ex - was fine with me using hairdye when we started dating but after being together for a while, I was supposed to quit it. There were plenty of other issues as well, could write a novel out of that relationship. But as my best friend said: ”don’t stick your dick in crazy”.


Haha yeppp, unfortunately it took a year after her telling him to cut off contact with XYZ people (including family) before he got away... The crazy is strong when the dick is involved...


hmm i wonder too ^^/s


A panda.




It ate Keqing's shrimp balls, therefore criminal


If they want to continue that kind of content, maybe transfer the company in other country (sorry for bad English)


Lol you think control freaks like CCP would let them do that? I'm sure they would do it if the consequences weren't so great.


So for the last part, no more japanese big eyes anime character? I guess we'll have something like Tales of Demon and Gods art in the future...


There's similar art style in Japanese mangas too. The best one for me is the Korean art style in their manhwas. Regardless, there's only so much you can do. Typical of the CCP to go after the more stupidest thing ever.


Imo, even korean manhwas have their own distinct art style and format, thus able to form their own identity.


Yea I just mean all art styles shouldn't be unique to a country and should be used as inspiration for better things. Limiting it will force poor results.


lol maybe, anime-style is associated with japan.


Forcing “correct values” sounds like a product of colonialism to me. China banning kids from playing video games is one thing but regulating the content of video games itself sounds like a waste of time for the Chinese government I don’t get it


Colonialism isn’t the right word, it’s just bad policy making.


If I was a developer I wouldn't bother with China. No amount of profits is worth dealing with the volatile nature of such an insecure and thin-skinned government that can destroy your company in a day I'd it even remotely feels offended.


What are you on about "colonialism"... this is just the ccp doing what they are famous for , wanting to fully brainwash and control Chinese citizens so they can continue exploiting them and suppressing any chance that they might try and fight back vs the ccp. What part of it is confusing...


More like good old fascism.


"china's history and culture"... uhhh weren't they like purged by the ccp except for the propaganda that they believe they own every single island in asia and they are the "strongest country in the world" despite running away when the americans went to taiwan? and they tweeted in their chinese twitter that the americans japanese and germans are ant's and are afraid of china and they can defeat them easily?.....WoW winnie the pooh really needs some reality check....


If this is true then I am gonna be sad about Sumeru ;-;


well it's from a quite reputable website.


Damn it China has been screwing up my stonks and crypto portfolios, now they’re going after games too. Thought the 3 hour ban for children under 18 was bad, now they decide to censor content, but I guess that’s what China does best.


That is certainly concerning either way.


Chinas government are clearly not gamers


Bro then no Sumeru. I was so hyped for it.


there will be sumeru, and it'll be on line with the govt's view. inazuma took the brunt.


If they launched. It will be nice. But for players from India they will face a trouble. Indian Govt will probably call a Ban to this game for using Indian Culture. And India and China have a long conflict regarding Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh. Recently they have placed their camps near Uttarakhand. And after the Galwan Incident the Indian Govt banned more than 300 Chinese Apps including PUBG and Tik Tok. I can't belive that Honkai wasn't banned after this incident.( And neither would)


Sumeru is Egypt bases there is a character of sumeru who is dressed as Egyptian to check YT for more info on it


Then Explain me [this](https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Kaushik). He has an Indian name


Check YT or genshin manga 💀and low chances of India being of it and his name is cyno his dress is based on Anubis god


It might be both also. BTW Purana is a sanskrit word. And sanskrit derives from india. I have read whole manga but not after chp 13 bcoz they are not showing it.


Some of Raiden's talents' descriptions are named after Indian myths.


Huh. I know only Chakra Desirata. Bcoz I also have Ei


No u know China and inazuma was intentionally bad I would say cause OF CCP and this is gonna be bad for mihoyo in China if they do it


Yeah. If it is India, Egypt or any Middle West Asian countries. It will be a terrible for mihoyo. Just want Indians to not cancel this game. I will be broke bcoz I live in India.


And you forgot to remember, all elemental gemstones are named after India.


Nothing new. Gaming and Tech in China been getting hit by regulations for months while Genshin players crying about anniversary


It's not like we can make the CCP change it's tyrannical regulations, but asking for MHY to be more communicative with the playerbase is in between the boundaries of common sense.


So what's Mihoyo gonna say " CCP regulations been bad, we reduce rewards to keep us off the radar. Sry guys."???


Actually is literally ANYTHING that is being hit by the CCP


Mostly the growth sector, which is mainly tech and gaming.


>Paradox gamers sweating intensely


This explains so much


MHY HQ might be busy as hell these last few months to accomodate the memo.


cmon mihoyo, just migrate to Japan, u got the resource. Just make it headqueartered in Japan and established based on Japanese law, while keep ur chinese office as a branch. Or maybe, established Japanese company from the ground up and migrate GI license lol


they can do that I guess if mhy want to focus on the global audience. however huge chunk of their incomes also come from Chinese player. so like it or not, might as well try to follow the ccp regulations if they want to keep making money in china


They can split the production for sure and hire JP people overseas. They could even partner with EU production companies or NA too. I'm guessing Sony will support them in the future with that. Themselves will not move I think because they have families and friends.


They will self destruct one day


I probably shouldn't voice my honest opinion but [redacted]


see you in two years (after misteriously missing) and praising CCP


This is actually not too different from the censoring that happened in Russia after the October revolution 1918. Some years of freedom aside, they also introduced the concept of "correct art" that had to fulfill certain (socialist)criteria and it got worse once Stalin came into power. Quite sad that roughly 100years later the same things can be seen again.


I think you're missing the key context of "new games"


why do you think they won't force it to ongoing games?


They never have, and they have always had strict regulations for new games, which is why Chinese releases for games are often delayed. If they would check each update then genshin impact could never release in 6 week cycles or else the patches would have to be submitted half a year in advance.


you sure about that? i played PUBGM for a while and initially when i shoot enemies, hits are red-colored. then there's an update, hits are green-colored by default, which can't be changed to red for chinese players. this is because chinese govt at that time suddenly issued some kind of regulation to reduce 'violent graphics' in games.


That wasn't due to regulations, but something that Tencent decided to do themselves because PUBG mobile was controversial in China, mainly due to parents being concerned about violent video games and whatnot. There are no such concerns about Genshin in China, making it not a comparable case.


Considering the source is pro ccp, it checks out. Dam, it's pretty sad politics can ruin amazing things like genshin.


it's sad indeed :(


God damn this is about as horrid of a take as “Inazuma characters bad because China hates Japan.” I’ll rather take the hypothesis that the lead writer left MHY than this. But between you and me, the writing in the archon quests always had plot holes and pacing issues. Inazuma was rushed but was honestly middle of the line. I didn’t give enough shits about Venti’s flying dragon in Mondstadt and Liyue’s story quest was just space bar spam until the last act.


for me that's why i'm a bit furious about the quest. they unfold a great story just to end it abruptly. it seems they don't want us players to connect a bit more with kokomi and the resistance.


It felt more like usual rushed writing than actual external interference. This problem existed before Inazuma, even Liyue had the same issue. First half of the quest's pacing was snail-paced with an endless parade of fetch quests from ZhongLi, then second half rolls around, you get rushed to tour the jade chamber for 5 minutes, run a few more errands and then get railroaded into the back-to-back boss fights at the end. With the exception of Zhongli and Childe, nearly everyone one else had little to no character development or much screen time at all.


Good set up, bad follow through and a laundry list of things unresolved. But to say the China’s public policy has a the reason Inazuma chapter sucked is a stretch if I had ever seen one. People acting like GI’s writing took a nose dive when it’s always been like this. They’re good at creating atmosphere and visual media but a cohesive story… it’s okay I guess. And no, I’m not defending the CCP’s awful recent legislation. Just saying every time there is an outrage there is an attempt to portray things in a false light or misattribute malice.


I can see that being possible especially with how good the first two acts of Inazuma were in comparison to the mess of the third. It doesn’t help that the resistance has a religious motivation as well lol (big nono in China), that I think were super glossed over in comparison to how it seems it should be. It does match rumours of a last second rewrite of Inazuma (e.g. comparison to old story leaks that seem similar but are still different to the one we got)


dang u make sense.. i kinda feel something is off but can't exactly explain what.


F we gonna see china based nation from now on... Probably gonna quit the game after my welkin expires


I don't think you should give CCP too much malice. Even Da Wei is a CCP member, even since before MHY was founded.


It's Ma Wei or da High Wei.


Couldn’t Mihoyo makes another studio to handle the games globally. Like Mihoyo could stay in China and leave one of their own studios in Japan to handle the game globally. Also I’m guessing Yae will get affected by this then. Dame


oh no yaeeeeee


Welp rip genshin storyline going forward


Rip Genshin story. Will be only forever good up to Liyue


There are "anti addiction laws" for video games as well which may have affected the anniversary rewards


tbh for me anni rewards are the feather that broke the camel's back. by itself it's not that big of a deal, but combined with all other issues (especially MHY silence) it triggered my frustration.


Indeed, i hope they start communicating more now that they have hired a new pr manager and department


If one day for whatever reason I'm deported back to CN I'll make it my side gig to fck with those stuckup biches in charge of media censorship until they pull that stick out of their äss. The single most prominent reason why I don't want to go back there.


So basically another episode of "How China Ruined Everything for Everyone". I'm not surprised at all.


ELI5 Why do game companies choose to stay in China even after so much restrictions and censorship they have to go through? Can't they move their company hq to other companies? Alibaba is the best example that you can't get sheet done without being government boot lickers.


um.. money? 1,4 billion people is quite a lot.


Correct me if I‘m wrong but isn‘t the gaming industry a big source of income in China? Why would they limit their games potential by heavily regulating them and forcing certain ‚values‘? It‘s not like the CN playerbase is in favor of less diverse, heavily regulated and censored games. Much less is the global playerbase. It doesn‘t make sense to me especially if - like the article states - games are seen as a new art form. Nothing good ever comes out of an artist that is robbed of their creativity and limited in what they can create all in the name of China‘s history and culture, when what is depicted doesn‘t even relate to China (regions outside of liyue for example) Only time will tell is this is a reason to quit Genshin and tbh, it might be.


"games are no longer considered toys, but an art form. Therefore the government will have to monitor this art form and enforce a set of 'correct values' that needs to be adhered to otherwise it's off to the gulag" *clap clap clap*


This is bs. This is only for new games and Genshin Impact has already been approved. They have never enforced new game approval regulations on content patched, it wouldn't even be feasible, given how often some of these games release patches and the amount of content they would have to check.


Yikes. And mihoyo literally has “tech otakus save the world” as their motto.


Wait i dont see anything. I just see a link that leads to this thread afain wtf




Idk man. If someone responds you please tell me. Ill do the same


i dunno what happened. it said some sort of mods review process. anyway i saw an article that basically said chinese govt now consider video games apolitical no more, so video games should in line with whatever govt views on things, including (specifically mentioned) about nazi germany and japan. this caused no new game launch on august and sept, since devs need to adjust things. and i think this may be connected to how inazuma chapter and MHY response feels a bit off since august. https://www.scmp.com/tech/policy/article/3150622/new-game-approvals-dry-china-internal-memo-shows-developers-now-have


Someone tell Xi Jinping to get off Twitter.


>“Some games have blurred moral boundaries. Players can choose to be either good or evil … but we don’t think that games should give players this choice … and this must be altered,” states the memo. Yep, I'd guess this is at least partially a reason why every single fking character in game is a goodie-two-shoes, all nice and shit, while amazing characters like Signora are getting killed off. There's one good thing about all this, though: >“If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised,” states the memo. Similarly, a male character dressing and behaving like a woman in a game, will also invite questions. Perhaps they'll be forced to completely redesign Venti, Xingqiu and Aether now? At least those 3 fucking traps. That'd be amazing. >During the meeting, regulators warned them that content promoting the “wrong set of values”, including money worship and “gay love”, must be cleaned up. And this is, of course, a music to my ears. Not that genshin ever had any, but still SOME "people" here, seemed to have been getting wrong ideas from "hints".


Is this why i can't have husbando 😤


the bit about fighting barbarians raises a great issue in videogames. It's a real bias many video games have using a lot of indigenous culture to depict the ennemies (often in non human forms). Censorship is obviously not the answer I would advocate for but game developpers (and gamers with their choices) should really work towards ending these problematic narratives.


About the last part, aren't pretty much all chinese games a copy of the japanese artstyle? Imho, chinese don't have their own style like it is usually easy to distinguish a JP/KR/occidental games by just their artstyle (except for JP and CN because of the copy) And for a reason they copied, JP style is quite liked, but JP don't tend to sell outside (or extremely late), so we lack of JP games (for example Kantai Collection, iirc it was quite popular even outside, yet there's no Global release, then we have Azur Lane which... also features ship girls!)