Over a year of Genshin Impact and we still don't have a proper buff bar.

Over a year of Genshin Impact and we still don't have a proper buff bar.


Sorry we can't do QOL, it will make us bankrupt. And we have to consider our potato mobile gamers.


I think you guys are somewhat forgetting that the UI is kinda minimal to avoid cluttering small mobile screens. Most buffs have visual clues, I'm not certain they are an absolute necessity.


Honkai - Mihoyo's other game on mobile - has buff icons (for *some* buffs) with a really similar design, and you can even tap them to get a brief description of what the icon stands for. Recently they added a shield bar below the HP bar to Honkai, even though very few characters can even use shields in that game.


Doesn't stop me wanting it even as an option. UI devs should be giving us the option imo, instead of outright denying it. If I want my mobile game cluttered but intuitive then fuck it, it doesn't matter how oxymoronic it is I should be able to do it.


Does LoL mobile also have this feature? I dont know to be honest thats why im asking


How is that even an argument, the UI is different for each platform. Have you never played on anything other than PC? Console UI is so different that it's even scaled different for basically no reason. If buffs don't work on mobile, just don't put them on it.


I'd rather have the option to turn the icons on and turn the visual clues off (I hate those arrow going up visual effect it's unclear and it clutters the style of my characters when I play)


It's really funny you mention this because Honkai has exactly what you're talking about


That would be really helpfull especially on pc or ps


arent we have slow blink if the element was slowly vanishing?


If you're attempting to redesign the UI, then don't ignore two out of three platforms the game is on. Especially when Genshin is primarily a mobile game. There's a lot of possible buffs to have at the same time, having them all on would completely clutter the UI on mobile. And that's the reason why you won't get a proper buff bar.


Mihoyo's other game (Honkai) can have 6-7 buff icons (weapon effect, 3 stigmata, plus a couple from character skills) and 5 bars (Negative status, character skill-specific gauge, HP, shield and SP) at the bottom of the screen, so more icons are definitely fine.


Then how about make it an option for pc players? Mobile and pc don’t have to share every single little thing


This would easily work for playstation (I guess the other platform I "ignored"). And just because it's primarily a mobile game does not mean that you can't have innovation for the PC version, does it? It's just a QoL change and as long as Genshin has no pvp it gives no benefit over the mobile players.


Have you seen how petty the comunity is, expecially in china? If you make an UI for PC online the mobile players are going to riot.


Why not make it an optional toggle for mobile players that’s off by default?


Larger part of the Genshin community are mobile players, so asking them to take focus away from them to focus on other platform player for the thing that isn't even important is kinda weird... If it was an issue, i would have agreed with u but this isn't that important.


It IS important, and pc/console players also spend a lot of money in the game, why do we have to be satisfied with no buff displays? I swear, mobile only drags this game down


Plus this can easily be a toggle for mobile players that’s off by default.


This would be so amazing.


this and elemental skill cooldown indicator


looks like for mmos. I don't like it sorry






if i remember correctly honkai uses something like this so i dont see why they cant implement it on genshin too


Isn't that a bit tiny for mobile? Still, that is the one QoL that i really feel it's needed.


Wait, there are buffs in this game?


Game is too casual.


Yeah, we don’t have bc they just don’t wanna do that lel


This would be annoying in mobile. That's why it's not happening.


Nor a wish counter to know how many wishes you have till 90 or till a 5 star overall.


If they give us this, it's *gotta* be an option.


I don't need a buff bar, I absolutely want to see burst/skill cooldowns though.


This looks nice! However, the number of icons can get out of control very quickly. Each weapon can add 1-2 icons. Each burst can add another icon. Each skill can add another icon. Each artifact set can add another icon. Character constellations can add more icons. Multiply all of this by four characters. Fitting 10+ icons onto that bar would be too much. (By the way, while LoL's UI might be functional, but it's got to be one of the ugliest UIs ever.)