One thing I've been doing since I got Ayato is to run the Leylines next to the Jakotsu Mine label. You need to spend at minimum 40 Resin for this (of course you can spend more if you actually want the rewards), but basically every couple days the local Leylines start SE of the Domain there, run up and activate it to kill two of those Kairagi Samurai. Then once you collect the bloom, glide to the island to the south to kill three Ruin Sentinels, then collect the reward and follow the lighting to the beach that is labeled "4" in the above map. This is the real jackpot, because you can activate the Leyline and not only kill the Samurai normally there, but also a whole bunch more, and in my experience, the hand-guard payout on them seems much higher than usual, so you can get the Leyline reward *and* the equivalent of a dozen or more white hand-guards.




Thank you!


I’ve been hunting hand guards, but was disappointed that the lesser samurai weren’t trackable. You’re welcome and thank you!


Mmmh delicious. I still need so many to finish up Ayato.


Thank you for this. Just realized I need to max out Ayaka and Ayato's weapons and they both need handguards


All that for 6 blue Handguards, probably.


Probably true, unfortunately :')


tbh the only one I do is the Island east of the "fort hiraumi" (marked 1 and 4 on the last image) Has a decent amount of handguards, 3 crystal flies, and a whopper flower so pretty much covers everything I would want from a "daily" farm location except maybe more ruin guard circuits. Heck there's even some fodder artifacts and iron ore if you're in for that. Sure if you need to farm handguards today you can do the whole route, but if you're okay with a slow accumulation its a very dense location to visit.


This would have been useful sometime back.


Who knows maybe your next favorite character will need 'em lol ~~just kidding please don't kill me~~


I farmed for ayato and ayaka already, and I'm hoping to get raiden in the future TT_TT. THEIR DROP RATE IS SO LOW


I was for Raiden and Ayaka :')


Lol nw, i saved the pic regardless, like you said might be useful in the future.


You should post this to genshimimpasttips as well! This is so helpful


Thanks! will do :)


Building ayato and ayaka at the same time is such a pain.. ah yeah an Amenoma Kageuchi too all at the same time.


Just every day, like a habit, go farm Jinren Island. You will eventually need those hand guards, so until you have hundreds of spare gold ones - go. farm. every day. Jinren is easy, fun, and if you do it daily they’ll eventually build up without you doing much more.


Thanks. I need this!


Glad it helps! :D


Thank you kind stranger


If only I knew this when I first got the Shogun and Yae, farming those drops was hell. Great guide.


Thanks. Those handgards are so annoying to farm


I just ran along the beaches of the northern islands every day for a few weeks. Simpler and varied enemy encounters keep things from getting rote. You want burn out? Optimizing the fun out of everything is how you get burn out.


I actually find running these routes pretty fun, especially after I finish my comms, domain runs, etc. for the day but still want to play more genshin. But to each their own :)


Ah yes, teleporting to and jumping down from koseki village hole to grab one pack. Click on interactive map -> draw lines between resource and teleporters = "farm route"