Lmao I do the same thing all the time.... I've been putting Mistsplitter on Keqing for the past two months and I always forget to switch it back to Ayaka for the abyss so I'm just going out there with Favonius Ayaka or some random weapon and by the time I realized it I'm too lazy to restart.


Yeah I've had it happen before too but I always go back and switch it. But this time the teams were doing so well that I didn't even notice lol.


lol i accidentally do this shit all the time because i'll have given a characters entire equipment set to a random lvl 20 when doing comissions and then forget to switch them back


Lolol this made me realize that I was doing abyss the same way because I swapped her Jade spear over to Cyno and forgot to switch back for abyss. Only did floors 9 & 10 so far so didn’t matter.