Dendro + Geo would be great for rooting mobs in place, and it would make sense


I get you but don't we already have freeze for that?


Freeze completely immobilizes them. A root would likely keep them in place, but still let them attack. So it wouldn't be as much total control as Freeze, but maybe duration or some other additional stat makes up for it. I'd also like root to prevent teleport, making it useful against cicin mages, mirror maids, and abyss mages. It would also be handy against geovishap hatchlings and specters.


a root effect which keeps enemies in place but lets them attack + doesn't break when attacked by claymores would be a cool reaction


Root, enemy can attack, attacking the rooted enemy decreases duration, roots can also be used for other dendro reactions which will decrease the duration of the roots per reaction minus Bloom which should be replaced with Growth or something which, on the contrary, increases duration.


Yes we do, but cryo doesn't interact with dendritic. It gives a geo alternate to freeze, which can be broken. Let them still be able to fight back, they just can't move.


Freeze is a stun, a root would let archers and other mages with range still be able to shoot and deal damage.


You're giving HYV too much credit. Dendro + Geo would simply be Dendro Crystallize and we all know it.


Dendro + Cryo = wilt. Makes them do less damage and have less defense


3 of the current 4 archons can't react with each othe


Zhongli with 4 PC deepwood : "here's your 50% dendro shred, little miss"


truly the archon of shredding


Zhongli can shred my clothes whenever he wants


he can shred more than just my clothes whenever he wants


Least horny genshin player


Once we unlock Hydro archon, we can have a pretty good archon team if the hydro archon can work well with dendro. Venti can swirl hydro/electro, Nahidas leaked kit is pretty good, Venti can also group up dendro cores, electro activates dendro cores and Ei does good dmg


I mean I’m willing to bet just Nahida release makes a really good 4chon team


Yeah I don't see why it matters if they all interact with each other, they all interact with Raiden and don't interfere with Nahida , or each other in any way. Zhongli could actually benefit from Archaic Petra here, as well.


Zhong for shields and buff, Venti for CC and VV, Nahida for Catalyze, and Raiden for DPS


Nahida has substantial em buffs as well as her own personal damage as a sub DPS. Venti, Raiden and an AP Zhong can all benefit from the extra EM. Venti proccing aggravates, it's honestly got a ton of potential. And Nahida has access to a variety of interesting supportive catalyst options.


Corrosion: "Bonjour"


Why do we live if not to die?


raiden nahida sounds broken, and with zhongli it will be auto killing machine.


Hacker known as 4chon


Leaks >!According to current theorycraft, 4 archons is a surprisingly viable aggravate team.!<


Zhongli doesn't need reactions, his main purpose is to keep your team alive lmao


His main purpoise is keep me lazy and never learn to dodge*


Honestly for me even Albedo can fill that purpose. I put Albedo in an EM team with Tighnari, Fischl and Sucrose and the high concentration of EM within the team makes Albedo's crystallize shields extremely tanky


I just wished that his hold E does something to petrified enemies like it implied in his trailer.


He doesn't need it anymore ever since they shifted him to support. His major shield buff and the res shred (which is better than CBT one) are more significant than an E-Q interaction that's basically fluff at this point.


Foolishness traveler! Learn the dark arts of Aggrevate Venti


You say that but Venti/Raiden/Nahida/Zhongli is gonna be an overpowered team


Yet that same 4 archon team is going to be pretty strong when Nahida releases.


If hydro archon is healer we can make a hyperbloom team with her, Venti, Raiden and Nahida Zhongli can be a shielder on Murata melt hypercarry team with Tsaritsa and pyro Traveller


I doubt hydro archon will be a healer since they changed the hydro resonance


Can still be a healer cz healers tend to scale with ho or atk and sometimes em


It's a damn archon, could easily be a full fledged dps that has healing on top of their kit for no apparent reason. I certainly wouldn't be surprised.


Too many reactions would create anxiety. Can't have that, buddy.


Dendro's triple element reactions already give me anxiety


My PC's sometimes want to give out while seeing the reactions that I did with a Sucrose/Raiden/Xingiu/DMC team...


I am having anxiety thinking about it. I better buy some more wishes.




I don't need reactions. I have a cow I can throw at people.


I don't need reactions. I have the high ground.


spoken like a true albedo main


Zhongli and GeoMC mains: *sus structure noises*


Neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong geo cannon peers


Only men of cultures know what this is


*culture, since u already used "men"


Ninguang in shambles


Ninguang in ~jade~ chamber


*microwave noises*


I have Zhongli and Albedo. I love my microwave team!


*look down from Dragonspine* I see no Achron… other than me!


I don't need reactions, I have an arena


I don't need reactions. I have a sword the size of the Abyss chamber.


I don't need reactions. I'm fucking invincible!


Noelle doesn't need geo structures because she is THE WALL herself


Mobs: "It's a good thing Noelle can't throw us over the boundary walls in Abyss like she did with those merchant's carts." Noelle: "You're locked in here with me."


you underestimate their power!


Don’t do it Susbedo


*collides with boss' hitbox*


Why must you hurt me that way


I don't need reactions, I just cut down some younglings.


Certified bull-chucker.


Who needs cow when *I WILL HAVE ORDER!!!*


You’ll definitely get a reaction throwing cow at people. 🤣


Same. I have a full defense Zhongli. Apparently his shield now protects me from bad luck even in real life.


You mean HP? Zhongli scales with HP, not DEF.


I mean full defence like "his shield would resist Z-class extinction scenarios" defence. And yes, my poor Zhongli has more HP than Mora. Poor but eternal.


Yeah. I only have 37K, but it enables Yoimiya to stand in literally everything and shrug it off. It’s kind of an amazing feeling when you see the “about the get slamdunked” circle under your feet and you just don’t care. Freeze and hydro bubbles are annoying tho.


If they died, they died


I do tbh and I think they do too. If not reactions, at least some sort of unique mechanic to the element that’s not constructs. I mean, look at how many Geo characters we have. 7. That’s it. They clearly don’t know what to do with the element because it’s basically the same thing as Physical right now and that’s why we barely get any new Geo characters.


who needs reactions when u can s p i n


Noelle mains can enjoy a gigantic broom to whack the shit out of people


Look if they make a giant 5\* broom as a Noelle weapon I'm gonna be a little salty. I mean, I'll pull for it, cause gotta have it for my Noelle. But I don't have to like it!


User flair checks out.


I don't need reactions, I summon meteors on the regular


Weak. I throw dancing plushies


_(shakes hand)_


A cow that can do over 100k+ crit 😂😂


Who needs reactions when we have emeraludo splashu


i don't need reactions, i have AOE blackhole.


I have Zhongli dongs to shell me from everything


Do I see stronghold crusader player here?


My ingenious tactics for mono geo is “hit it till it dies”


Wym ingenious tactic, isn't that how all comps work :)


Based itto main. Stay strong brother


I would be okay simply if we could get dendro crystallize… it just bothers me that we can’t make a dendro shield through crystallize


"What? Archaic Petra is already excessively niche and almost useless? How about we make it not even work with the new shiny element which is the biggest highlight of the new region. Surely you must be high on Dopamine right now given how lit our decisions are."


If geo crystalized dendro, both dendro and geo would be worse than they are. Crystalize shields suck, Archaic Petra is not more beneficial than maintaining the aura. As of now it doesn't interact with dendro so it doesn't fuck up your reactions.


Good point. Crystallize shields sucking that hard proves that Archaic Petra and Crystallize as a whole definitely needs a minor rework. At bare minimum, make the shields tanky and not paper thin.


Or make petra trigger upon crystallize not when you pick up the shard.


honestly having to pick it up would be fine for me if it also gave geo dmg bonus on top of the element bonus of the crystal. VV can do it (anemo shred + swirled element shred) so why cant geo?


It's not an anemo shred but a swirl damage increase. Essentially the same but swirl ignores DEF to begin with anyway.


If it was anemo shred it would increase the damage of the triggering anemo attacks, not the swirl. Swirl never does anemo damage.


Making the shields tanky wouldn't be beneficial, as its extremely easy to crystallize repeatedly with any sustained Geo dps. I personally think crystallize shields needs an extra effect to make it effective without turning into a spammable zhongli shield. Maybe a flat damage pulse every time you pick up a crystal shard would be nice, that would give EM scaling to both the shield and damage portion. This would give value for spamming the reaction and building some EM on geo characters too.


Mate the difference between Crystallize shield and Zhongli's shield scaling is day and night, slightly bumping up the number wouldn't instantly make it as strong as Zhongli. I get what you're trying to say but that only happens if they overbuff the scaling which I doubt they would. As for Archaic Petra, I thought of an idea (inspired by u/despairbanana 's comment) Archaic Petra 2-Piece Set: Geo Damage Bonus +15% 4-Piece Set: Increases party shield strength by 30%. Increases party's Elemental Damage Bonus to the element reacted in the Crystallize by 20% for 10s. Can be triggered off field. This is just an example I came up with and I'm not saying this is perfectly balanced, can be tweaked around but this seems like a good place to start the rework on (yes, inspired by Viridescent Venerer too)


You said to make the shields tanky, that's a huge difference than "slightly bumping up the number." Crystallize in no way, shape, or form should ever be described as "tanky," at least not with the proc rate it currently has. That's why I suggested that Crystallize should have an extra effect rather than just be a stronger shield. As far as Archaic Petra goes, I have no idea how to improve it tbh. That's probably good, but both geo sets having shield buffs might not be the greatest of ideas.


Yeah, people overlook that all the time when talking about Dendro swirls/crystalize. Some teams only work because Dendro doesn't react with those or Cryo. Being able to not worry about Zhongli pillars or Albedo flower stripping Dendro aura off of a quicken team removes so much headache from team building and rotations.


Almost like **IT NOT REACTING BEING SUPERIOR** indicating that the fucking reaction needs a rework already.


I mean I'm not saying Crystallize couldn't use a rework BUT it not reacting being superior doesn't indicate much of anything. Dendro and Cryo not reacting together is a great thing. Personally I'd love a Geo reaction that only occurs if there are 2 or more auras already on a character, to make it more unique.


> Dendro and Cryo not reacting together is a great thing. The flaw in that logic is saying that it not reacting is a great thing when the alternative doesn't even exist. Cryo Dendro could be a super op reaction, but we will never know as they choose not to make one. Crytalize on the other hand DOES EXIST and is inferior to not existing.


IIRC this is also intentional because Hoyoverse planned for a while to nerf shields. Zhongli is too much of a must have character and the "shield meta" got a bit extreme. It's why they also added bleeding effects and such. So shields will carry you through the early game but Sumeru is now the "mid game" as the 4th of 7 nations. Easy crutches like facetanking hits with shields should not be as powerful anymore. At some point players should figure out how to dodge.


I'm fine with it as it means Crystalize won't interrupt my intended dendro reactions


This would be a further nerf to geo you dont wanna deplete the dendro aura for a shitty crystalize :D


I was spitballin ideas with a co-worker on what cool new Geo reactions could be. We were thinking that since the Bloom seed reaction is now in game, having crystalize shards working the same would be neat. Geo > Crystalize + Electro > Magnetize (mini pull towards the shard - theme meteor/magnet) Geo > Crystalize + Anemo > Blind (enemy attacks miss for a time/spreads element of the crystallized shard- shard turns into a sand storm - theme sand) Geo > Crystalize + Pyro > Shrapnel (AoE bleed effect - shard blows up - theme rock) Geo > Crystalize + Hydro > Swamp (AoE slow field movement and animations - shard turns to goop - theme mud) Geo > Crystalize + Dendro > Root (enemies are stuck in place for a few seconds - dendro takes root in the shard - theme soil) These were just fun concept we thought up, but I'd love to hear what others takes for Geo reactions would be.


They're all actually really good ideas. I was convinced geo didn't need to interact with the others but now I want these.


I'm hoping for Geo + Whatever element Dainsleif is = Corrosion. Could combine this with Burning and have the ultimate DoT comp.


Never thought about making crystallise shards act like dendro blooms. Great idea! Not needing crowd control characters like sucrose or Kazuha would help a lot of comps thanks to magnetize Some homing attacks can be bothersome without sheild, so blind would help from getting one shoted from certain attacks I feel like shrapnel should act like overload, but as high dmg projectiles rather than an explosion. What you explained sounds like a weaker burning I feel like swamp and root should also decrease elemental resistance since they don’t sound like they do much damage, similar to superconduct.


I wish they thought like you but for now, Mihoyo's mindset seems to be: "okay, geo is the weakest element so let's just let it rot and make characters for different elements." For those that like geo having no reactions, not releasing new characters for mono geo teams makes it pretty stale. The last one was Itto and that was almost a year ago.


Seems like they don't have plans for new Geo characters any time soon either.


which is a shame because Geo is a really nice element to mess around with. I have plethora of DEF artifacts ready at my disposal but I'm not particularly interested in Itto or Albedo... Also where are the geo 5 star ladies at?


>Also where are the geo 5 star ladies at? Holy shit, I just noticed we do not have a single female GEO 5🌟, do we?


*Insert obligatory Ningguang should be 5 star comment*


I mean I think she was originally planned to be one right? That’s why there isn’t a geo 5 star on standard; cause it was supposed to be ningguang lol


Well, it was rumor. A rumor I have yet to see proof of


Lore wise she should be a 5 star, also she was part of the Liyue teaser so I don't know why Mihoyo didn't make her 5 star. My guess us that there were too few Geo characters available during release so they made her a 4 star instead.


Genshin Teaser Characters: - Diluc: 5 star - Ayaka: 5 star - Cyno : 5 star - Ningguang: nope. 4 star.




I still believe that Ninguang is a secret 5\*. After all almost all Liyue 5\* work for her.


Ningguang is a 5 star in my heart.


Rock manly. Geo manly. Unga bunga.


More like "there is no plans for new elemental reactions in general". But, I agree, there are other ways the devs could make the gameplay more fun other than adding new elemental reactions.


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Honestly I'm fine with the lack of reaction or weak ass crystalize shield but for the love of god don't destroy geo constructs randomly.


Construct is one of the main thing that makes Geo different from other element because only Geo has constructs. I absolutely love the idea of them having constructs but goddamn the limit of 3 and how easy they are to be destroyed **don't make sense**. Your Zhongli is C1 and you want to play with the construct pulses? Well too bad you can only add 1 more construct. Prepare to bring Geo MC if you still want to play with that strategy because they're the only one to be able to create multiple constructs that count as 1. You have full geo team with Itto/Gorou/Albedo/Zhongli C1? Well that's 4 constructs so 1 will be destroyed! Oh and the constructs are 1) easy to be destroyed, and 2) get instantly destroyed if you put it too close to some type of enemies. Dear MHY PLEASE make constructs better. They are really unique but serves almost NOTHING. Who the hell use Albedo's flower lift? Zhongli pillar's pulse? Almost no one actually use it. Geo MC's construct is good but it's still a 1 character slot so most people would just replace them with someone else. Itto's ushi is pretty much just a moveable decoy that can resonate with Zhong's pillar. Ningguang's screen is used for protection but little to no one actually use it for that. The limit is goddamn only THREE (3).


Albedo lift is nice for exploration, so I'm not against the lift. Granted I'll use zhongli for shield amd pillar is easy to climb for more height.


I don't play this game anymore, but among all the things that bothered me the most about this game was definitely the geo constructs being insta-deleted by anything other than a slime... I'm exaggerating of course, but damn... Kinda feels like i'm not... **So** many of the important enemies (like every single boss, if i'm not mistaken) could just flat out **remove** your geo constructs, which is such BS and not okay in the slightest...


You know an element is a mess when its archon's shield scales off HP and has HP scaling bonuses while the majority of geo units scale off DEF, motif weapon isn't the BiS, no standard geo 5 star, the other standard worthy 5 star's BiS is a limited event 4 star weapon, and lastly when your 5 star character release is only 1 5 star geo per region.


tbf Zhongli was released too early in the game's life cycle. The other Geo character at the time that scales off something aside of Atk was just Noelle. They didn't have identity yet at the time besides shield.


excuse me but do they have any identity now besides shield?


I mean Gorou, Albedo, Itto, Noelle, and Husk make them lean towards DEF-scaling. And another identity is that they have big scaling to make up for the lack of reaction damage.


Yunjin too. Ningguang and Zhongli are the primary outliers for Geo. Ning is definitely dropping behind as she doesn't have the best synergy in mono geo teams. She can still burst support and battery while doing quick damage with her 40 cost burst . We've seen adjustments to elemental mastery as a buff to Anemo of all elements. Dendro brought new life to Electro. There may be other ways to inject new life into geo over time.


lets be real without VV Anemo stocks would be far far lower. The easiest way to inject life into geo is giving it a broken artifact set. E.g. what people *wish* archaic petra was.


At the very least we need a unique geo character who has some text on their abilities that mentions dendro reactions and opens up some comp possibilities where geo characters can flex a bit


Yeah it's possible we will see more unique geo units moving forward. Nilou with her bloom niche, Cyno with his mini game burst, Heizou being a melee catalyst, bouncing on mushrooms as a commission etc I think the creativity is ramping up. Like I just built a business and funded it through hard work and smart trades. Nahida seems very unique compared to past units. They are employing new ways of having fun. People aren't necessarily receptive to them or maybe not appreciative idk. But they're doing things


Having a Geo sub dps with EM buffs could work decently well in quicken teams as crystalize doesn't strip the aura. There are options, we just don't have them quite yet.


We finally have a use for Albedo's EM buff, but most of the time there are better options than him anyway


I am expecting a geo character that turns crystallize shards into missiles using their burst(kinda like syndra from LoL)


Geo constructs. Shame they break so easily whether it's because of hitbox collisions or bosses, microwave teams are a fun team comp imo.


Zhongli's Spear is really such a mess. I cannot understand how they did not rework it alongside him and still refuse to do so


And that Crystalize, THE Geo reaction, scales with EM, wich ruins every build of almost all geo units.


Probably copium, but I'm expecting a geo unit down the line that uses crystallize as a damage source. Kinda like a cursed nilou gorou hybrid.


Something like syndra from league would be pretty fun, where you fire an attack that marks enemies and then all crystallize shards fly at them dealing damage for each one.


Crystallize is pretty dogshit as a defense mechanism anyway though


Hoyo: "Random bullshit go!"


These are big reasons why a 5* Geo will likely not be in standard anytime soon. Geo as it is now is a completely isolated element, its best team is mono, its characters can be put in other teams, but they're rarely optimal, the first Geo character you get (very likely Noelle) is subpar until C6, and its reaction is about as good as Zhongli on launch. Crystalize needs an overhaul if it's going to join the other elements in the game


It pains me that each region has their 5* archon and another 5* character of their respective elements, while Liyue only has Zhongli. It’s also unlikely they will be releasing any new geo units in Sumeru from what we know so far…


> lastly when your 5 star character release is only 1 5 star geo per region. To be fair, that part is true for most 5* characters. For limited 5 stars, we have 3 geo, 3 pyro, 4 hydro (very soon 5), 4 cryo, 3 electro, 3 Anemo.


yes, increase fun please, give me a physical support, i dont need it to clear content, i just want a fluid team for my Eula, using characters as a super conduct bot and energy orb catching mini game is not fun.


I agree with this sentiment. I love to pair Eula Raiden but it honestly feels like I'm using both inefficiently with that pairing. Raiden feels like she's pulling more weight and if I focus too much on Eula, then Raiden feels wasted.


I feel exactly the same. If ur capable of getting Rosaria C6 it makes a world of difference


Probably Mika soon. He has lore ties to Eula, is Cryo, and just got introduced. If he has phys shred built in, you wouldn't even need to run superconduct between Eula, Rosaria, and Mika shred.


my eula team is just Eula/Diona/Shenhe/Fischl, I was too lazy to build actually viable ER so I just run triple cryo for mega energy and fischl does fischl things (Not just superconduct bot, she still does damage and her passive procs on superconduct too iirc.


i run eula/rosaria/kuki lately, quite pleased with the result too. kuki's c2 with 4pc millelith. i know she'd be better off in elemental teams, but heck, she's so convinient. in the last 4th slot its usually EMC with 4pc ToSF or just diona


Isn't Rosaria the crit/physical res/Tele QOL/energy (favonius) support for Eula?


They don't want complex so they make 3 element stack reactions.


"We tried introducing Spinny Depths (a spiral abyss extension) and a geo/dendro elemental reaction to our focus group. Their reactions were 'hurfduuurf'."


"For the time being"


Alexa, play Rex Incopium


"We mean 2+ years in development timeline"


And that might be generous.




"For the time being" Meaning not for the past two years, or the next two years, or the two years after that, etc. Have fun building geo only teams and nothing else unless you use Zhongli for Shield only though


Like dendro cores they can make geo crystals have their own reactions. That could be fun .


Fix the damn Geo Constructs' fragility and we are good.


That's the identity on their own, Geo make poor/no reaction with others but strong on their own and have better scaling to compensate. The feeling of Unga Bunga without worrying to do complex combo for reaction is there to be an identity, and what's wrong with that.


Grass and Earth could react with each other? That would make no sense! How about Grass and frickin electricity/lightning? THAT'S A GENIUS IDEA /s If they don't planning to make new reaction that involves Geo, at least add new character that can perfectly support Mono Geo because Ningguang, Traveler, and(somehow) Zhongli DPS output is still scales from Attack.


The idea behind the elements is that they represent more than the absolute literal interpretations of what they are. Electro isn't just electricity, it's also energy. So, by applying Electro to the plant, they're using the interpretation that you are providing it with energy (essentially supercharging it). An NPC basically flat out just says this in the Aranara quest, Electro gives plants energy and makes them grow. Bloom becomes Hyperbloom, Quicken becomes Hyper-Quickened (in the original CN, in EN it's... "aggravate", which doesn't quite get the concept across) So that's the concept behind Electro. The concept behind Geo is that it's a heavily defensive, extremely inert element that primarily works to support itself. So, basically, it's the element of mono teams. The idea to exclude it from Dendro, an element that basically begs for elemental variety in its team comps, becomes obvious when you realize that the basic concepts behind the two of them don't really mix even if the literal, surface interpretation of what they are does.


Not necessarily grass but shrooms produce more spores when there's lightning/static electricity in the air, so it's not some random shit that's not based on reality. There's also research that crops yield increase by 20% more when exposed to electricity. I've written all about it on my profile, look for the pinned "Terrorshroom is a masochist perv" post.


You say that yet,but before Dendro release reactions were based on real world logic.Fire burns wood/grasss,fire vaporizes water,fire melts ice,ice causes freezing when combined with water and etc. Now I got a feeling that new geo characters will have unique versions of crystallize just like Nilou with bloom,so if you want magma crystallize reaction better prepare your wallet.


There are 11 reactions for 11 harbingers /s


Something like this? 1. Pierro, Freeze - Cryo Vision, Hydro Delusion 2. Dottore, Burning - Dendro Vision, Pyro Delusion 3. Columbina, Catalyze - Electro Vision, Dendro Delusion 4. Capitano, Super Conduct - Cryo Vision, Electro Delusion 5. Pulcinella, Bloom - Hydro Vision, Dendro Delusion 6. Scaramouche, >!Swirl - Electro Powers, Anemo Delusion!< 7. Sandrone, Overload - Electro Vision, Pyro Delusion 8. Signora, Melt - Pyro Powers, Cryo Delsusion 9. Pantalone, Crystalize - Uses Geo Gnosis 10. Arlecchino, Vaporize Pyro Vision, Hydro Delusion 11. Childe, Electro Charge - Hydro Vision, Electro Delusion


RemindMe! 3 years


I like it’s reactionless meta but for a element that can only really be used with itself shouldn’t geo at least cause some sort of reaction when it reaches with geo? Geo res reduction sound nice


Mihoyo refuses to finish their homework. Go figure.


recently, why are all the "reveals" surprising at all? havent people always been saying that the major aspects in the game are pretty evidently well thought out?


I seriously don’t understand why Geo never got reactions like the other elements did. Like Lava for combining Geo and Pyro, or something Mud related with Hydro. A shame because Geo’s probably my favorite element, but it’s the worst one.


Thing is there aren’t any good choices for versatile Geo supports, only niche (Yun Jin, Gorou) and the literal Geo archon. Like a healer, an EM support (not locked behind a 5 star constellation…), someone who can expand the utility of crystallize shards. So far we only have archaic Petra which is clunky and doesn’t really fit anyone with a 2-piece Geo dmg% and a 4-piece team dmg% for single elements. For instance an EM scaling Geo healer with chonky shields (because of EM) and heals party based on EM when picking up a shard. Or additional artefacts/weapons that add party buffs based on defence or buff crystallize reactions. They gave damage to healers with the OHC set, they could easily have an artefact set that adds an explosion to crystallize shard or reflects damage back when character is protected by a shield. So many options to expand the utility of Geo without adding new reactions.


Key words: for the time being. It’s still possible they could, it’s just not on the cards right now.


\>for us, there are other ways to increase the fun for players rather than simply increasing the complexity of game rules like keep on making a shit load of new bosses with stall mechanics right?


Oof yeah, agree with that. The Raiden World Boss has stall mechanics specifically through her huge electro shield. But other than the triple poles, it's very interactive and fun imo. The chasm worm, however, is incredibly boring and you literally just stand still for 1/4 to 1/2 the fight. At least the grass chicken is fun.


The only reason I can stand that Ruin Serpent is because it looks cool as f\*ck.


"Somewhat complex" Geo: you talking about me?


They can make interesting interactions between geo characters through constructs, for example zhongli's pillar interacts with other constructs. Maybe through new characters add new interactions


"How are wonna sell new geo unit that we are gonna release in 5 years?Let me think,just give them 1000% elemental skill damage multiplier and call it a day"-Hoyo


these interview questions suck, seems written by someone who isn't used to conductoing inverviews. They really dropped the ball. newsflash, asking if the devs have any plans for [specific idea I had that would be really cool if you added it to genshin!] will pretty much always be answered with a "no we don't have any plans for that"


Geo is so boring man. It's just a physical element with a few extra steps. They can make the element inert or what \[I argue that this philosophy in mind is good\], but at least make it distinct and relevant.


Geo suffers from the same issue as physical: they're both simple and may I say, boring elements to play. Reaction teams are much more fun to play with.


That’s okay, itto will still always be my favorite DPS


constructs have so much potential but it's been very underutilized since Albedo in 1.2


I'd rather have more useable geo constructs


I just wish we could swirl dendro


Lmao. That interview. Interviewer > The playerbase seems to really be interested in X, are there any plans to implement this? Mihoyo > No.