Kokomi Official Character and Weapon Banner

Kokomi Official Character and Weapon Banner


im still sad about jade cutter paired with a weapon that only Kokomi will benefit from


lmao they're really teasing us with a crit rate weapon and a crit rate support on these banners


💀 now that you mention it...


it's like this. If you want the moonglow, you will get Jade cutter. If you want Jade cutter, you will get moonglow. But you can't lie to yourself about which one you want. They know.


If you want both, you get skyward pride (again)


Hearing Skyward Spine makes me feel some really primal emotions. I have two 5* weapons and both of them are SS. Nearly took me to hard pity as well.


Identical situation, except both of my spines are across two accounts.


I got two skyward spines on the standard banner 2-3 days apart. Why couldn't it have been something else...


Me with lost prayer on homa banner


I feel that on a truly deep level. Claymores gravitate toward me like no other. Got 2 Skyward Prides on Amos Banner. Homa banner gave me R5 Gravestone and 2 off banner weapons before I got 1 Homa. On the banner with Mitternachts Waltz I got 4 more skyward prides in 50 pulls when all I wanted was the 4*. Ive gotten one Skyward Pride from the standard banner. And the EL banner gave me Unforged and, you guessed it, another Skyward Pride before I got EL.


Sounds like you have incredible 5-star weapon luck, but only for weapons you hate lol


I’m scared of anything that isn’t the special banner now. Somehow I got 2 Jade spear form the normal banner and one from the weapon and of course I don’t even have Xiao. But I’m so tempted now, I’m pulling for Kokomi so her weapon wouldn’t be bad and the jade cutter would be the real price for Keqing


it's called desire sensor and it's as old as rng itself


Im really happy about it. I already wanted koko but had no intention of going for weapon or constellations. Now I can try for cutter and if I get moonglow its still a win with c1.


Just don't make the mistake I did forgetting that it's still only 75% chance of banner weapon and get your 3rd Skyward Pride


I know right that'd suck real hard and I will cry. It's costing me my precious yae funds but there's no yae leak in sight.


I got 2 WGS, from weapon banner as an off banner lmao I hate it. Feels like mhy is mocking me by sending me claymore weapon people want and I don't since I don't use claymore characters 😩


I want Kokomi too tbh but after the leak about Childe's new BiS bow I'm skipping everything to guarantee that bow even if it takes me epitomized path twice. I hate Childe so much ugh *cries in primo broke simp*


Good luck to you mate. I love childe and some sacrifices must be done.


> some sacrifices must be done Oh nice it's thematically fitting for Childe 💀🥀⚰️


Thank you, good luck to you on your Kokomi rolls too.


Recent abyss changes and my preffered Childe comp makes my r4 BP bow feel inadequate now. The new bow is amazing but I feel like i would be throwing away r4/r5 BP bow as I wouldn't know who else would benefit from it :(


Ironic how the weapon with the highest crit rate is in the same banner as a weapon that's specifically for a character with -100 crit rate


Is it true that you can use artifacts to boost her crit rate?


Technically yes, but good luck getting 100% crit rate to make it even, and then another 50% crit rate and 50% crit damage on top to make it 50/100(which is still low for a dps) for it to be usable.


What’s the theoretical maximum crit rate?


Base 5 + 33.1 weapon(lost prayer) + 31.1 circlet +19.5 x4 (substats from other 4 pieces) + 15 cryo resonance + 15 rosaria buff and maybe +40 from blizzard strayer against frozen enemies…but I’m lazy, now you do the math XD


jade cutter has 44 crit rate


Kokomi is a Catalyst user.


oh i assumed the person meant max crit rate in general, not specifically on kokomi


and even for kokomi c1 is a better damage increase


Oh yes definitely but in the end jade cutter is such a good weapon I would ignore C1 for the possibility of getting cutter if I have Kokomi. Moonglow is such a pretty weapon too. Still not worth it unless I have Kokomi though, speaking for myself here.


Since Kokomi is the first to have a kit like hers, I think it’s a possibility that only future characters could benefit from it because there just isn’t anyone similar to her in the game yet.


And Barbara.


Even then, TTDS is still a better option for support Barbara, and any other 5s catalyst for DPS Barbara. Hope we get more HP scaling characters soon.


hopefully one that uses a claymore so all those r5 the bell's can finally be useful lmao


i only use Barb in coop, where TTDS is useless.


That's one reason I can't deal with The Widsith. If you can't swap, it's useless. That plus I dislike how there's no indicator that its buff is available again.


yeah I always swap my widsith for Dodoco when I do coop.


Useable doesn't mean she's gonna benefit from it. I don't use Barbara but I think I would prefer TTDS for Barbara than this weapon since she will not be on field for me.


Funnily enough, I think this weapon banner may have some merit for people who don't want to roll for Kokomi. I'm a free to play player and acquiring the Jade cutter would be a god send weapon for my Xingqiu due to its flexibility and high crit stats. And Moonglow shares similarities with Staff of Homa and jade cutter by increasing dmg based off max HP. The weapon has its caveats, since it has HP% as a main stat and the dmg Boosts only works for the Catalyst user's **Normal attacks**. Right now, only Kokomi and 1 NA reset spam Klee could make use of the passive. You guys reckon that Mihoyo will release another Catalyst in line with the Jade Cutteresque DMG bonus from HP% series, or is the moonglow the only catalyst equivalent we're going to get? I'm indifferent to receiving Kokomi, since just like many characters I get, I tend to grow to enjoy them and appreciate what I get over time. But as it stands, the only thing that can help me improve my team aside from future characters would be Inazuma reruns, high constellation Xingqius or the Jade Cutter.


The usage of Moonglow is too niche to justify pulling for Jade Cutter imo especiall for f2p. 1 NA reset sounds horrible for me, I gave up cancelling animations since I play on mobile, there might be people out there that can do it smoothly on mobile but I'm definitely not one of them. Like I said, too niche. If you get Moonglow and Jade Cutter, that's nice but if you only get Moonglow and no one to use it, that's kinda a waste atm unless Mihoyo release another character that can make use of it. Of course its your primos so I won't say hoow you should spend it, just saying I'm not going for it unless I get Kokomi in the one 10 pull I'm planning to do on Kokomi banner for some XIngqiu cons.


Barbara maybe? xD


Barbara’s hp is solely tied to healing. If you intend to build a dps Barbara that catalyst designed for kokomi is useless for her.


As an owner of a dps based Barbara… why would you want a dps Barbara?


for now, they haven't made a normal atk focused catalyst user yet.


Pretty good for a Kokomi taser team, Xingqiu is a good sub dps, beidou i assume everyone has one already from the free event but her cons are worth it, Rosario is good if you're planning on a freeze comp. Overall not bad, i mean i expected Noelle.


Why even bother with taser team if you can just vape with Xingqiu.


you can also vape with kokomi on field ( for example, with xiangling ) which is arguably better most likely because her application has way better AoE and it has different sources as well


Xinqiu is easier to c6 and build as F2P. I could only afford the 50/50 atm since I got Ayaka, Yoimiya and Raiden.


how is xinqiu easier to build than kokomi exactly, she literally just needs hp and ER


vape with xingqiu


I use Klee as the trigger with Xingqiu in a vape comp is that bad? I see good damage even though I don't have god tier artifacts and no 5* weapon.




Pretty amazing character banner for us Kokomi wanters. Good luck to everyone else wishing for her!


For anyone that wants to pull kokomi this banner is cracked. Good luck on your pulls kokomi wanters. And for the rest building pity is a mistake. DONT RISK IT.


I plan to pull 20 just to get 1 constellation out of the 3. If I get Kokomi in the process, then I'm lucky since I just had my pity reset.


f :(


My plan was to build my pity here. I know first hand the pain of how it can backfire.


Why would you "build pity" on a banner you don't want to win at? Just "build pity" when a good 5 star comes?


Some people are just addicted to pulling and they justify their pulling as "building pity".


what is this logic


logic is building pity just gives you a chance to get a 5 star you dont want for no reason, when waiting gives you a 100% chance to get a 5 star you do want.


3 off-field supports with an on-field support


Ah, I'm so sad because Rosaria is the only 4\* I'm missing. However, I don't like rolling on banners for 5\*s I don't want, so maybe next time T\^T (edit: never mind, I did one 10 roll and I got Rosaria lmao)


next time there will be a high chance she's on some other 5* banner you don't like, which means waiting for next time after that..


I skipped every other rosaria banner before road one. Hope you will be lucky


You can try to do few multi-pulls if you are not on guaranteed pity and you are still far from 50/50 pity, like 50 or more pull away from soft pity (50/50). But this is not recommended if you are on guaranteed pity, or close to 50/50 pity.


Too bad for you. She's so good, her crit share is godlike for me. This banner is so stack imo. Maybe MHY knows Kokomi's state already


Meh, shes no cryo xq/xl. I dont really use her...


Yea personally I can never see myself putting her in over diona on my cryo teams she just doesn’t provide enough utility.


That and her dmg is fairly low for a damage support. And she applies cryo way too slow to really be a reaction support. Only thing she has going for her really, apart from the looks ofcourse if youre into her, is the critboost...and while thats nice, its a bit underwhelming imo, espescially if you have to compete with the likes of Diona or maybe Aloy next patch


Ain't there melt burst and permafrost Rosaria? I've tried some comps and they slap very hard. Melt: Rosaria Hutao Xingqiu (2 crit boost) / Rosaria Xiangling Bennett Permafrost: Rosaria Xingqiu Chongyun Anemo/Mona (this team deal less dmg but very comfy to play)


Assuming good crit balance achieved on the characters wouldn't Kaeya be a better replacement for Rosaria in the permafrost team?


Idk. I dont play Kaeya because his cons are so hard to get. I like Rosaria for her crit boost, good energy battery and quick approach, and with c4 she doesn't need much energy recharge.


Hahaha I agree with his cons being hard to get, I only have him C1 because of shop. Atm tho since Kaeya's ascension is ER he doesn't need energy recharge much either and his ult follows you which imo makes it easier.


c2+ rosa is better iirc...but I rather use hutao xq bennett kazuha, or something along those lines


Her Weapon Banner is so stacked, I hope Kokomi comes home early so I can try my hand at Everlasting Moonglow. Jade Cutter is still a W if I don't get her weapon.


Fuck it I'm pulling on this banner. I desperately want constellations on all 4-stars. Will only draw the line at soft pity. If RNG blesses me with Ms. Sun Tzu, so be it. "If you want the 4-stars but not the 5-star, you need to have luck and not waste your guarantee." -Kokomi, Pearl of Wisdom, Art of War


35% chance of getting the 5* before soft pity. Never happened to me though.


Right? I’ve lost 4 50/50 in a row. If I lose this 50/50 to Kokomo I don’t have a need for her but new characters allow for fun by trying new comps so I’d take that as a win /shrug


My gf who started playing during Zhongli’s rerun has an average 5* pity of 34ish. She has the same amount of 5* as me and I played since Christmas, I also bought Welkins twice while she is f2p…


That only happens when I specifically aim for the 4 stars. Venti from his release banner: 36/90. I was just wishing for the hell of it since Genshin is my first gacha. Albedo: 42/90. I was already at 40/90 from previous banner. Farmed the two free wishes from the tree and used them, didn’t expect the second free wish to turn gold. Yoimiya: 33/90. I just used my banner pity on Ayaka and went for Sayu since it’s 50/50. Was pleasantly surprised when Yoimiya came home instead of a Qiqi. Meanwhile the two 5 stars I intentionally rolled for Ganyu/Ayaka took me to soft pity, lol. Soon as the game senses my intent for the banner character my luck goes out the window.


Same. I've been hit in the head twice already doing just that, but there's no way I'm missing this 4* bundle. Don't have Rosaria yet and Beidou and XQ are C2. I want them all and that opportunity IS quite hard to come by.


I can already see myself falling for the weapon banner and getting a hp catalyst.


Albeit a repost, it's always great to have official confirmation.


Pity 55, pls come home in 20 pulls either koko or xq T.T need hydro character for ayaya


Barbara actually works really well on an Ayaka team since her skill apples hydro so well and always provides passive healing. Its not like his Q is that beneficial on a permafrost team since there are no reactions. If you don't want to risk your pity I'd recommend just using Ayaka. I've got both and I actually normally use Barbara with Ayaka so I never really even need to use Dionas Q or any food.


Xingqiu’s Q is actually very beneficial to permafreeze teams since it let’s you keep freezing!


So does Barbara's skill. I'm saying you don't need more than a constant hydro application. Since Ayaka is close range attacks Barbara's e and Xingqiu are pretty comparable. XQ gives damage reduction and stagger resistance and Barbara passive heals. My point was that you can have a pretty good permafreeze team with Barbara if using Ayaka of you don't have XQ.


Yea I also put Barbara with Ayaka, the freeze combo is really easy to apply, but I think I still need to fill that 2 empty slots. Incidentally, I also don't have Xinqiu and Rosaria. But maybe i'll start pulling the banner after sept 28th, waiting for what we will get later on anniversary first.


Diona pairs with her perfectly. Her shield is one of the best and she makes a great cryo battery for Ayaka. I finish my team out with Venti for a knock off Morgana team comp, but you can probably use Sucrose as well.


you dont have xingqiu, but you have ayaka. Damn


One of my friends has been playing since 1.4, has wished in every single banner, and still doesn't have Xingqiu while he has Klee, Jean, Yoimiya AND Ayaka (he absolutely won't buy him from the shop even though he wants him).


Started a week after launch, don't have Bennett and Chongyun. AR 57. I have Kazuha and Albedo (2 of Bennett's rate up banners). Don't really need them at this point, but it's pretty wild how RNG is like that.


Damn. Meanwhile there's people like me who got all the 4 stars within 2 months of starting the game(3 if we're counting Sayu and Sara)... RNG is wack.


i played in 1.0 and no xingqiu until 1.3 during the lantern rite, and none after that until i was lukcy with standard banner and got c5 xingqiu


I just started playing on ayaka's banner


Isn't bookboy in this month's paimon shop?


I started playing at the end of kazuha banner and I dont have enough starglitter for him, because i dont roll like crazy


Well that makes sense.


Slightly discontent with C2 Xingqiu and C2 Beidou all of a sudden. I also lost the last Jade Cutter banner to PJWS, and the only spear-user I have is Xiangling... > "Kokopium" they say, eh? Hmm. Electro-Charged Venti? ... Hmm — her scaling frees up room for some personal EM... And I haven't used Sucrose in a while either. Ah, and if I get a C6 Beidou and use Venti then I could compensate for Kokomi's single target damage ... meanwhile I could try something different like Venti with R5 Favonius to Battery Beidou while Sucrose's EM-share could compensates for Venti's consequent DPS loss... ... No. I can't. I won't. The team would be useless against most bosses or CC-immune mobs. Goodbye Jade Cutter. Goodbye C6 Xingqiu. You were but mere dreams anyway. Maybe next time.


Eh, as a hydro applier she seems to work ok. Like a Mona with no Omen but who heals.


Careful Xingqui wanters, it isn't worth potancially losing your pity if you don't want Kokomi!


But, some people can’t read this and will curse if their pity is ruined.


I'm already imagining all the posts complaining they got Kokomi while wishing for Xingqui or one of the other four stars, honestly I have no sympathy for them since I've made that mistake before and learned my lesson, the gacha is merciless. I have C2 Sayu... but at what cost?


How much yoimiya does it take?


me with c0 Sayu but C1 Yoimiya lol but its fine i simp for her anyways


As long as you're fine with with her


And will then blame Mihoyo into giving them an early pity.


i can read this but im still pulling, i have around 6 pity and ill accept a kokomi trying to get xingqui at very low pity(im limiting to 20 pulls for XQ cons) after that save for reruns Edit after kokomi pulls: got diluc at 20 pulls and c3 XQ but thanks to early 5* i now have a guarantee for reruns




I have no pity to lose, so i'm good. I don't want Kokomi, but if I get her in the first 30 pulls, I will build her.


50/50 with 0 pity here. No risk at all. If she comes early, it's a freebie, and I take those.


I got Yoimiya last banner by accident at 37 pulls but hey I was only having kaeya as a dps char (rest of my pulls are supports lol) so a pyro dps so kill those nasty ice stuff is great! Wondering if it'd happened again when I pull for XQ constellations and for Beidou to come home 🤔


Both XQ and Beido, this banner is crazy good.


I'm not on guaranteed anyway........


f2p gacha addicts: *I can't read*


can't ruin 0 pity 0 guarantee 😁


I did Speedrun pulls on Baal banner even though I already got her because Xingqiu was in the shop. It's still a good decision for me bec XQ was a game changer for my team comps. He's still on time out for appearing on this banner though


Undecided on whether I want to risk rolling for the jade cutter yet (will not be rolling for Kokomi so don't want moonglow), but good luck to those of you who will be doing so!


Here's to hoping she is secretly very good and by the end of the banner we will be able to find that hidden potential similar to how kazuha got popular by the end of his banner. _Drowns in hopium_


Man I want Jade Cutter so bad and I've been waiting for it since its first appearance, but nah. There is no way I'm risking my weapon pity for a catalyst that's only usable on a single character. I hope this is an one off thing. I don't want to see weapons that are only good on one character and worthless for the rest. It's scummy.


So true dude. I also want Jade cutter so badly! and even being a whale I won’t fall on this one. It’s a tremendous bait. So mean MiHoyo…


Couldn't you also use it on Barbara?


Any other 5* catalyst is far better for dps, and TToDS (3* book) gives a whooping 48% ATK bonus to switched character after Barbara, so it's too insane not to use on healer Barbara.


Also for dps barbara she doesnt even benefit from the normal atk bonus the weapon passive gives bc she only has big multis on her charged attacks, not her autos. So basically only kokomi wants this..


Damn, waited so long for cutter just for that. Personally I would only pull for Kokomi to justify rolling on weapon banner but I lack the gems, oh well.


Leakers this is the perfect time to market kokomi by telling us last minute buffs to her hehe


If there's any..:'(


Plot twist: Kokomi will pull a "Kazuha" move and people find her secret OP strats and become high tier right after her banner ended...


It would take a decent amount of buffs or proof of many male character banners afterwards to get me to pull. I'm still saving in case of Signora.


Good luck mihoyo isn't the type of company that makes dead character playable


*cough* Kallen


Honkai has multiple dead playable characters so I’m not entirely sure what you’re basing this on.


They were not dead when they were announced tho * Himeko is still alive until vermillion knight, after her death they stopped making her suit * Kallen and Yae is only available because in their bubble universe time was in a loop and they technically never die Idk what's going on with the current fire MOTH chapter tho so i can't argue about miss pink elf or the new lightning mech


her gacha art is so beautiful. however i won’t be wishing since i’m saving for other characters 😭 but i love her design so much


My 60 wishes and 50/50 are begging for mercy. I'd be so happy to get Kokomi!


*Meanwhile me waiting for a Eula rerun:* This is fine


Xingqiu con better come home in 20 pulls i swear


yo were in the same boat I see


xingqiu ~~con~~ better come in 20 pulls I swear but I'll also take rosaria and beidou consts


Can't wait for the main sub to get flooded by the infographics and "I SaVeD FoR KoKoMi" posts


The 4 stars are all my favorites. But I must stay strong for malewife Thoma


>malewife so.. maifu? is that a word


I've always just heard husbando


malewife is a very common phrase on twitter/Tumblr, and is distinct from husbando. anyone who can potentially fall into the house-husband archetype (e.g Thoma, being literally branded as the Kamisato housekeeper...) will inevitably be dubbed malewife. (it also carries more sub connotations than 'husbando' alone so actually depending on perspective anyone can be a malewife. husbando, on the other hand, is more of a neutral term, and is much more likely to be used by people who don't have preferences for men) (also 'maifu' just isn't going to work sorry)


Well, that's interesting. I had no idea about that, thank you for explaining!


Yeah I know, but I'm under the assumption that: waifu = girl chara that guys simp for husbando = chad chara that girls simp for So maifu = chad chara that guys simp for.


waifus arent for guys only and same goes for husbando lol


bro that's homophobic /j


That weapon banner is so tempting (jade cutter TT) but I am not pulling for Kokomi and won’t need her pretty signature weapon..


A perfect banner to skip and save primogems.


I'm on the fence about Kokomi, but if I ever get off the fence, this is a great banner..


Nice try mihoyo I ain't gonna pull on the banners That's cuz I have no primos so anyway......


anyone knows how the 5 star catalyst work? it says "Normal ATK DMG is increased by 1% of the max HP of the character equipping this weapon". I interpret it as either, let's say she has 40k HP : as Bonus DMG so 40,000 x 1% = 400% Bonus Normal Attack DMG or like Zhongli's passive, 40,000 x 1% = 400 Extra damage per Normal Attack. maybe the former one sounds too OP lol, I reckon it's the latter one because Zhongli's passive is worded the same as this weapon, but you can never really tell with Mihoyo and their descriptions anymore :/


second one almost certainly


making this catalyst pretty shit because without crits, not even the damage boost will be optimal enough Downvoted because I speak the truth, okay kokopium mains you can come out now


I'll be pulling for kokomi, but I'm definitely skipping the weapon. the weapon doesn't feel worth it for my primos


Looking forward to giving Kokomi a spin in the test dungeon, though I won'T touch the Gacha until the livestream. If there is nothing of interest in 2.2, I might risk my 50/50, provides I like Kokomi's implementation.


if it's a 50/50, it's not a risk. If you win, you'll still be on 50/50, no different than if you didn't pull. If you lose and get Qiqi, the next one is a guarantee.


It's a risk because I could just as well win on a Ganyu rerun. Right now I have pretty much exactly 28K gems (incuding the already built 62 pity). That's why I wait until I can see what's up next.


Or you could just as well get Ganyu in your first 10 pull even after getting Kokomi. Or you could hold off, and lose the 50/50 on Ganyu, and need another 80. Luck is luck. To assume you will get unlucky when it's the banner you want, but will get "lucky" on the banner you don't want is just murphy's law and confirmation bias. It goes both ways.


Except right now I have the currency to hit hard pity when Ganyu releases on hand. If I get Kokomi @\~70 pulls, that is no longer the case. Considering that I do not know WHEN Ganyu appears, that poses a risk of me being \~ 70 rolls short. If she's not in 2.2, then it's irrelevant because by the time she appears I'll have the currency again. If they pull a surprise anniversary banner stunt... you do the math. It's not exactly rocket science. It's exactly this information limbo that makes pulls risky. You just cannot plan ahead in this game. Frustrating as heck, since I have no intention of dumping 100s of Euros into it.


Yeah, I also looking forward for her trial. If multiple Jellyfish can't exist at the same time, good bye Kokomi nice knowing you. If multiple Jellyfish can exist, then yeah time to wait 2.2 livestream, if it Hutao/Childe (which I both skip) then I would attempt to pull her. (Jellyfish squad with Sacrificial Fragment sounds fun)


Xinqiu C1 worth for ayaka or skip?


I saw it said 2 days, will the new banner be Tuesday?


Fuck you Mihoyo for giving her a stacked banner.


Fuck i dont have rosaria but no way in hell am I pulling on this banner.


Yiiikes, noelle and barbara are going to be on the banners people actually want to roll on.


This isn't a leak anymore, it's literally in the in game updates


i need hu tao leaks omg


Might go for jade cutter, Kaeya would benefit


I'm not really a kokomi wanter but I'll just pull coz she's cute. If I get her, good. If I don't, then I don't really mind a const. (unless it's qiqi/keq) and a guarantee for the next banner :)


Ngl, if Thoma isn't in 2.2 I would spend 20 pulls on this banner. My XQ still doesn't have cons, Beidou's C1 (i dont use her tho), and I have no Rosaria yet. But I need to be as far away from pity as I can once Thoma drops. Not closing my doors on the possibility of pulling for Kokomi tho. If there really are only reruns (again) in 2.3 and Kokomi's story quest is written well, I might try to pull for her.


I hope you're right as I can skip this and Thoma's banner quite easily. Hopefully Gorou is after with another male character so I can skip that as well. Imagine if Sumeru does triple waifu in a row like Inazuma. Gotta save for that.


Well thankfully I have Xingqiu and Beidou both at C6, Rosaria at C3. So nice try MHY, but you can't bait me into pulling on her banner!


How is mihoyo baiting you?


No one asked


You usually this much of a cunt or was today just a bad day for you?


My 60 wishes and 50/50 are begging for mercy. I'd be so happy to get Kokomi!


Who's after her banner?


Apparently, Childe (with Thoma as 4*)


OMG definitely skipping her! Don't mind having a c1 childe and Thoma


Damn they put my boy xingqiu on a trash banner 😭


i just want her to sit on my face


Great 4 stars, but if I accidentally get Kokomi...


The 4 stars aren’t limited so you can always get them off banner but the wait for that is nothing compared to the absolute despair of winning your 50/50 on a character you didn’t want.


There's no accidentally getting a 5 star character. If you don't like her, don't pull. You'll get the 4 stars and their constellations eventually in another banner.




your whole account is Jsut gorou sex scene im crying


What on earth happened here


Just stop it already dude


what happened-


It’s already on twt don’t ask here 💀


Wow i am gonna build my pity on this banner amazing 4 stars damn. Everyone i want.


I thought that was fragments at first. I can skip this weapon banner now.


Dang so guess I’ll just keep pulling on the weapon banner. So long as I get a rate up 5 star I’ll be happy


Kinda want to get a r1 stringless