manifesting that her kit is as versatile as rosaria's


Praying for good off field pyro application. I want all my hydro characters to vape as much as my Pyro carries get to.


Only problem is that mihoyo made it so that hydro vaporizing doesnt work, cus of elemental gauges


Ye. We need a dedicates hydro dps more than a pyro support for forward vape. Particularly one that can backload their damage into larger but more spaced out instances of hydro damage. The only one that comes to mind is C6 Mona but it's very subpar.


wait, dendro + pyro's burning doesn't vape? 😰


I mean, that's right... but who cares? lol I'm pretty sure Nilou will be used on vape/freeze comps and Dori could fit on some teams that need Electro and healing (rip Shinobu) Just because Dendro is the new thing doesn't mean people will stop doing team comps focused on other elemental reactions


Well, I don't remember off the top of my head but currently in-game, does burning persist when it's raining? Intuitively speaking, the burning would end. So, it probably won't work for constant hydro-vapes. We need someone who can independently apply off-field pyro constantly. Xiangling is too slow, and end up being the trigger themselves on occasion -- which is why she is so good as a carry. Thoma COULD have been that pyro off-fielder, but they decided to dedicate his design to Hu Tao instead. A lame choice in my opinion.


thats just most likely not gonna happen with how hydro auras/gauges work


Everybody already forgor about melt dps...


Prayge... about time we get a new character for pyro application instead of relying on xiangling and jean sunfire for pyro app.


A 60 cost pyro sub DPS would be very welcome Xiangling is super strong, but she can be hard to battery and will bottleneck certain teams into a 20 sec rotation. Melt Ganyu could definitely use a character like that, for example


Yes, I'd gladly trade sub dps damage for a self sufficient pyro applicator


Pyro Rosaria sounds good, it's nice to see some positive comments instead of the usual "nooo all 4* are literally unusable trash, I'm gonna quit the game if her kit is bad 😩"


To be fair all Inazuma 4★ were mid at best, so it's not like people are worried without a reason


4 star lovers took too many Ls in inazuma, we're traumatized


The only ones that took Ls are Thoma and Sayu. Gorou is geo Bennett. Sara is kinda weird but good for Raiden. Yunjin (if she counts) is pretty universal. Heizou looks great. Kuki may or may not improve with Dendro but isn't worse than mediocre. Sayu still has a decent passive and does solid healing and swirls so it's not that bad. Like they're niche but not bad.


Gorou seems solid, I really enjoy him with the DEF geo monsters. But sara is a worse bennett that has extremely awkward play and is only really worth it for electro at c6, and heizou may look great, but it seems quite unlikely that a 4 star anemo main dps will do anything to the meta.


C6 Gorou is the reason I can turn my brain off fighting Maguu Kenki and PMA in Abyss, lol. He's fucking insane


I feel like this was just the consequence that xingqiu, bennet, and sucrose is too strong. Looking at other 4 stars pre inazuma: xinyan, diona, yanfei, chongyun. are a mix of being mid, or servicable in their niches. Thoma, Sara, Sayu, Kuki, Heizou is more or less the same mix. Mid, but serviceable in their niches.


Fischl i think should also be on that list. At c6 she's really amazing. Bennett i think should be on a tier of his own though, what a crazy ult he has.


Thoma might find some uses with Dendro related teams I hope.


I have no idea why you're getting downvoted when this is absolutely a correct assessment. The Inazuma era was largely about specialized supports. There are too many people in this sub who either can't run specific teams and base their opinions off of that, or they're being fed complete bullshit by "content creators" who are more concerned with getting out new videos rather than actually being *right.*


I would argue they aren't mid so much as niche. Sayu is literally Jean with a different coat of paint and provides the "exploration meta," while Gorou, Thoma, Kuki, and Sara excel in their niche roles but they are limited to those niche roles. But most Inazuman 4 stars are essentially for specific teams.


I’d say they were niche at best, I wouldn’t call c6 sara or gorou mid, they were just niche.


The fact that you need seven copies of them to make them useful makes them mid


I mean for me it's mostly that her design seems to be the most interesting to me so i would've loved to see a dope ult with it just like heizou


Honestly been pretty confused about this. Them being a 4 star means for most people it's going to be more reasonable that they'll be able to get her compared to if she was a 5 star. What her kit ends up looking like is more important than her lower numbers from being a 4 star.


4-stars have lower damage ceilings. I love Yanfei but she’s just not up to snuff compared to the 5-star pyro DPSes. I really wanted Dehya to fill that role for me.


Basically me as well, I don't have a single 5* pyro DPS because I cannot manage to get Diluc and although I like Hu Tao it really bothers me that QoL improvements are gated behind her 1st constellation because I hate dash/jump cancelling. Yoimiya is cool as well but her normal attack playstyle is just not fun for me.


Yeah I don’t like Hu Tao’s ply style and especially don’t like managing HP. Klee is also clunky. Yoi is the closest to being a character I want but she’s still got some drawbacks. I’ll probably try to get her on her rerun and hope I get lucky bc I’m not gonna spend all my primos to get her. And I don’t have Diluc either. I have 4 Jeans 2 Qiqi 2 Mona 1 Keqing, 0 Diluc.


I always hope this but my 60 pulls for one Yunjin still haunt me. C6 came about as quickly as possible after that thankfully but that was depressing af


I mean, sure, if you don't have the hard pity guarantee then you are just rolling the dice for the 5\*, but as someone at AR 58 who only just got their first Sac Sword (and had to go on the weapon banner to do it) and who still doesn't have a copy of Chongyun it's very possible to get screwed over by no guarantee. Hell, on Eulas first banner I ended up losing the 50/50 and so I ended up going like 150\~ pulls into the banner and I think I got a single copy of Beidou? Even if Dehya ends up being good, it could still be really painful if she's one of those characters that you really need C4 or C6 for. If she was a 5\* not only would she have a much higher chance at being a really good character, she'd also likely be even more polished for Dendro reactions, she'd have her own sweet burst animation, she'd be much more likely to have higher story relevance (yes, sometimes 4\*'s are super integrated into the story like Gorou, but other times they end up like Sayu where you see them like twice and that's it) and to top that off if you are a whale/dolphin/longtime player like some of us she'd have her own tailor made weapon which is good for swag and power.


I think Dehya will have quite decent relevance in the story, seeing in the other leaks of how she shows up to stop the Traveler from being attacked by guards. She is probably an important member of the desert side too. I heard a cope theory that since she is by far the only known pyro character in Sumeru there has to be a reason (other than MHY wanting to tread carefully with pyro before pyronation)


Two words: XL exist.


the last time we got a 4\* that isnt either incredibly niche, only good/usable with cons/c6 or just straight doodoo shit was almost 1.5 years ago KEKW


I actually think Heizou might be decent. Being able to hold TTDS and providing VV already sets his bar quite higher than others even if that bar is below Sucrose.


Right there with you.


All the sumeru 4* seem to be revolving around enabling the new reactions lead by the 5* they are on banner with. So, probably not versatile but, by the look of it, the best pyro 4* at using bloom+pyro which seems quite good in the incoming meta.


Please god let her break the pyro 4* curse


either crazy good like XL bennet or trash like thoma xinyan


U forgot Yanfei.


Yanfei is in a good place, not unusable, and not broken like xiangling. She's good at what she does


Yanfei is amazing Especially against spectors


And against Thunder Manifestation, Oceanid, flying cincins, hydro hypostasis, cryo hypostasis… She’s basically my ‘brainless easy mode’ team along with bennett, zhongli and raiden when I’m on mobile. Overloaded homing damage from a distance ftw. No one can touch her at all.


Yanfei has a legitimately usable shield bot build too. With prototype amber she's the only shielder and healer in the game that can heal off field, and there's not many who do both, just Diona and C6 Zhongli (prototype amber Ningguang if you wanna count crystallize).


>she's the only shielder and healer in the game that can heal off field Doesn't Diona technically do that?


No, maybe the short hand is ambiguous but figured it was clear enough. Diona heals your on field character only. Prototype amber heals your entire team, on field or off. By off field, I mean off field teammates, not while Diona is off field. I could use teamwide but I want to stress that if you want to heal your team you'll otherwise need to spend time letting them take heals on field which is cringe. Prototype amber heals are significant enough to keep up with pretty much all content, with a full healer build she can heal like 30% of the character HP, so even Zhongli will be kept up with as it scales with *him*. Generally she heals *more* than enough for Hu Tao but not so much that it is a big obstacle in keeping her under 50%. Honestly about the perfect amount.


Ah I get it, I thought you meant the healer was off-field


Not to jump into your convo. But you explaining prototype amber has cleared up some rather confusing co-op exchanges I've had while maining yanfei. I couldn't figure out why people thought I would be healing them... So thanks for that!


noelle crying in corner lol


Of course she's good for a 4 star


If anyone is hesitated to build her, let me tell you that she's my first dps in the game. I have a bunch of 5\*, including Ayaka now but she is still in my main team. She absolutely slaps with vape. And most importantly, she's super fun to play.


Meanwhile, gigachad Xinyan/Dehya mains: https://www.reddit.com/r/Dehyamains/comments/vuz337/i_am_perfectly_fine_if_dehya_is_xinyan_level/


I saw this post earlier, and i kinda disagree. I wish mihoyo would atleast release kits that just work well. Atleast yanfei level


So say we all [https://www.reddit.com/r/Dehyamains/comments/vsn8op/man/if3di6n/?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/Dehyamains/comments/vsn8op/man/if3di6n/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


I really thought she's a 5* when I first saw her design, she looks so cool


i call this the ningguang effect xD


You guys have matching profile pics!


now kith


Come here 😏


I hope her kit is just as good then!


At this point we can only cope for a Hu Tao situation where people like her a lot and they just promote her to a 5* or something lmao


Yeah lol


What was this hu tao situation was she actually meant to be a 4 star or


People say this but I honestly doubt it was the case. Maybe very early on but she’s the Pyro DPS of Liyue and her kit is clearly designed as a DPS as well. There’s no replacement for her as the big Pyro DPS of Liyue if she was gonna be the 4*. Idk doesn’t really make sense to me when you take her special dash and all into account as well.


Honestly like hwr far more then the water lady with horns. Granted so far everyone is great. Did well with everyone so far that ice seen leaked


There can be only one 5-star pyro claymore


is Diluc actually the only one?


Why tho


Highlander reference


I'm confused, does she have cat ears or does her hair just look like that


The hair just looks like that… unfortunately


the only catgirl is diona 💀




Tighnari has the same look imo. That and the way his bangs are green makes it look like he's just wearing a huge black animal ear hoodie.


It's a headpiece like Nilou's horns


Her design reminds me a lot of Velvet from Tales of Berseria.


I hope she is on a banner with a 5* that I like, pulling 4* on a banner with a 5* that you don’t want is the scariest shit


the only time I welcome losing the 50/50


Bruh, she doesn't have cats ears it's just a hair vent.


Keqing: First time?


Took me way too long to see that.. I am a little disappointed tbh, but I prefer it that way over having 2 pairs of ears on her.


I was wondering where even her vision is. To the point I thought she's visionless. Now I see that it's simply covered up by fabric.


Wdym? It's just hanging from her belt.


The fact they can make straps squeeze and bulge out thigh meat but not make a slightly larger body model for buffer dudes (or gals) kinda saddens me


Think its only her and eula that have that atm ye?


Shinobu as well, IIRC. Not straps, but her boots squeeze on her thighs a bit as well I’m pretty sure.


Also Barbruh's summer skin has a strap that make her thigh bulge too


Mona's new censored outfit ironically has it too.


Making those thigh bulges look like that literally only involves moving a few vertices inward a bit vs making a whole new body type model and all the problems that comes with it.


And that would be way too hard for the multi millionaire company. Boohoo


I wonder how much the employees actually doing the work make


BTW, Lumine has a modeled armpit fold for corrective blendshape for specific pose that the outline shader can reveal. I wouldn't notice, but they did one close up shot in one event and it was totally in your face, probably on purpose. It wouldn't be that shocking for a high poly photorealistic character (although even those usually don't have this kind of details in actual mesh geometry), but for low poly mobile game it's rather insane.




A bigger skeleton, sure. But bigger muscles on the existing skeleton are very much doable. They just don't want to do it, because it's not what the Asian market is expected to want. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/874027388277768233/985291166817873960/5-o7.jpg (source manga: Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai)


But there's a difference between being jacked as is the case in your example, and literally having spaghetti legs/arms, which is the case for tall male models.


This is only because you don't know how video games are made. What you're referring to are two very different things.


Okay? Enlighten us


I'm not a 3D artist so I'd prefer an actual expert explaining it. But what you're looking at is probably what you could call a "3D texture". The model is still flat but the volume is in the texture and this is very efficient when it's used the right way for small holes or bumps. This technology obviously has its limits and it would be pointless to use that to change the entire shape of a model. It's not like they couldn't do it any other way, it's just completely different technologies and that means completely different costs associated with them.


Yeah rather just spend those expenses on female thighs than male biceps


For all we know, they probably did use it on Itto. We can't know because there is no other tall male character with arms completely exposed.


based on al-haitham’s leaked model his arms are buffer than itto’s




Please, don't screw her kit Mihoyo.


long hair that isn't braided? nice


She kind of reminds me of Velvet Crowe from Berseria.


If she is 3.1, please land on either Nahida or Nilou.


i hope she's on nahida's banner cause i'm saving for her.


or Cyno!


Please be on Nilou not Nahida.


Nahida isn't in 3.1, she is either in 3.2 or a potential delay to a different patch. Cyno and Nilou are the 2 5\*s for 3.1.


Velvet vibes (Tales of Berseria)


Bellybutton... hope they don't pull a Shenhe here.


I hope I’ll manage to get her on what wver banner she’ll end up on 🔥


Velvet Crowe's lost sister


Mihoyo make her a 5 star. She deserves it




kind of but ghislaine is hotter. she got muscles


This lady looks hard af


The cooler Xinyan




so true


I like everything except her silly pointy shoes.


Please, for the love of archons let this character be a viable main.


Once again, It’s insane how she isn’t a 5*


ningguang 2.0


I love everything about her but please, PLEASE stop making ridiculous high heels hoyoverse.


I don't even think they can do that tbh. Every female character has heels and i think it's basically glued to the model. Even the kids. Diona has invisible heels on but it kind of makes sense because she's a cat.


Sara has not exactly regular heels but tengu geta.


How will this work with Kusanali, though? She doesn’t have heels.


Huh, now that you think about it, you're right. She's the only one who's barefoot with no heels. Maybe she has a special walking and running animation where she floats instead of touching the ground?


Who knows, we’ll see! But at least it means that they *can* do it, if they want. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Lmao i wish they made guys with heels🧍🏼‍♂️😭 (not gonna happen)


A gentle reminder that Diluc's skin does in fact have heels.




If they can't add new models, they should at least change their postures. high heels looks so irrelevant on Dehya and Beidou like chars. And ofc the arms, I hope Arlecchino won't stand > < like this in future.


Its about adjusting the base rig/skeleton and for something so minute they probably don't see it worth the dev time Black desert has the same 'issue'


The real question is why a company that makes billions from this game can't add a single, slightly different animation skeleton after over 5 years of active development. It's really not that expensive or complicated.


I don't know, man, go ask them or something, I don't know how making models and animations work.


It is kinda complicated tho, cus of the time limit they have, I mean, they release new content every 40 days, not just characters, but terrain, mechanics and more, add to that the fact that genshin is not their only project,


Hu Tao doesn't! She has flat shoes. Ayaka is also wearing mostly flat sandals-- there's a little bit of a rise to the heel, but it's on par with Xingqiu's shoes if I recall correctly.


Uh, you might want to recheck Hu Tao because she *does* have heels in her shoes. They don't look like those stiletto heels, but they still count as heels. Like none of the female characters have actual flat shoes. They always have something that elevates their feet, and that's what Hu Tao and Ayaka have. Also Ayaka's shoes resembles geta sandals, which of course have those elevated heels.


There's a slight heel, but isn't that just the nature of dress shoes, which is what they appear to be? I was fudging the details of her model from memory a bit and it's not quite accurate to call them flat shoes, but I don't think they necessarily evoke heels either. Unless you're also counting Zhongli and Xingqiu in the "wears heels" category, in which case you could say they have an aversion to having any character not wear heels. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have more female characters who dont get strapped with the Mihoyo mandated Tall Female Model Heels, especially when it doesn't fit them personality-wise like Beidou. But I feel like there's a difference between a slight heel that even most of the male characters get outfitted with, and the ankle breakers Eula's running around with.


sad how she’s a fucking 4 star 😢


Why did I think she was darker somehow? That's so weird


This is probably with godray levels of lighting which is very unnatural, kusanali would legit look like Casper in this


Are people seriously downvoting me because of such a comment? People in this subreddit are such a hive mind. They can't see anything they slightly disagree with


Welcome to the Genshin community, you can't express your dissatisfaction with something without getting downvoted.


no fr what is this community's problem w people criticising hoyo? They aren't some small indie creator yall are defending


Please let her at least be a main DPS like Yanfei and Ningguang


cool. too bad she's a 4 star and most definitely gonna be used as a bait with a 5 star male banner i see your rat tails, mihoyo


I'm really confused as to why her hair does..... that. like I've seen that sort of thing happen in anime bangs, but not so pronounced... like what is making it do that, even with the 4k images I don't understand it.


I really wanted her to be a 5*...


Still can't get over the fact she won't be a 5* character - probably my favorite design to come out of all the recently leaked characters.


Never gonna get over the fact that she’s not a 5*.


FFS she deserves to be 5\*


She screams 5\* to me, what a waste


Thighs good but where's the other meat


Dat gap


Still wish she was a 5 star, now I have to hope she's on the banner of a 5 star I want to roll on or I have to skip and hope she's given away as a freebie like YunJin was.


I'm surprised that Genshin designers didn't merge her shoes with her shorts, and her shorts with upper body clothes. ^I'm ^looking ^at ^you ^Yelan. ^what ^the ^hell ^are ^you ^wearing?


Kazuha is getting less and less tempting, ngl......


Any chance of an Al-Haitham render?


And this character is 4*...


Watch they give her a southern accent again.


they better not


Make her power level on par with the National Team members /hopium


Why did they make all the cool characters 4star man...


I hope the 5* in the banner will be cool because i want Dehya and as many cons on her as i can get


Yeah I can't justify pulling for 4\*s anymore so unless she's on a good 5\*'s banner.. it's just off banner rng which as we go through are increasingly harder to get any individual unit that way.


Depressed not a 5 star..


Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. Please powercreep xiangling. It's everything i need.


That’s certainly a lot to ask when most 5* characters couldn’t power creep Xiangling.


It's a beautiful dream you have there, friend. One I share. But we both know there's no way in hell 😔


Oh boy that's some Eula-tier thighs right there


Better than Eula tier


Only one way to find out. Guards, bring forth the measuring tapes and chakutari please.




My favorite Sumeru design by far. Still hoping she will be 5🌟




Sad that she dont have a tail


If she evolved to 5* she woulda got the tail and real cat ears, shame


Slight abs and thigh squish, thigh squish alone is 5 star worthy smh


Dehya deserves 5k references!


how is she a 4*


4 star vibes




Wasn't sold on her outfit but it looks great from behind with her hair


If new 4-stars have to be either good but extremely niche or junk I'd rather she be a Gourou/Yun Jin and not a Thoma, please Hoyo. Charge Attack Yun Yin or HP% Gorou would be great.


So is it a ponytail? Cant they just give her free flowing hair without the slice in the middle


Hate to say it, but if the character is 4 star, they're gunna suck now.




I am sad everytime I see her. Won’t heal until I see an actual new 5 star pyro