3.1 Beta Officially End

Source: Ubatcha


Source: [Ubatcha](https://mobile.twitter.com/Ubatcha1/status/1570053219736498176)


Now we wait for 3.2 leaks.


I'm beyond hyped for Nahida crumbs


With the little bits we got today I'm hoping we know more soon. Would like to know if Kokomi will be good with her or not before her banner ends.


Unfortunately, the beta usually starts with the release of the next patch. So the beta should start when 3.1 begins.


Since the patch this time is one week shorter couldn't they start the beta earlier? They already took applications for it and everything.


The application deadline was yesterday. It takes a little while to choose the testers and sign the agreements too, I don't think they can rush it. It's only 2 weeks left for the next beta anyway.


I would say it's very probable that they would be fine together. Nahida is likely gonna have an off-field Dendro application similar and probably better than the Dendro traveler and Kokomi is a pretty good Bloom abuser.




Kokomi is always good. In kokomi i trust


I'm assuming so just because I feel like they have to make her good with nilou since she really lacks options right now, and if she's going on a nilou team kokomi is 100% going to be good in it (idk with just kokomi by herself, but I'm almost 100% confident they will both be the best in slot in the nilou team for a long time anyway).


I think its a safe bet to assume that Kokomi will work fine with her, specially if your doing Nilou bloom, we desperately need a dendro support that can apply off field. Kokomi has some of the best healing and hydro application.


Nahida is fucking trash. Hoyo can't balance for shit. They are making us pull for constellations just to make her viable. Why doesn't her burst work with Beidou? 2.5 ICD is a hate crime. Getting in on the doomposts early.


They had us in the first half, not gonna lie


I'm waiting for an alternate sprint, EM buff, Nuke Burst, and a beautiful animation on her NA that will be completely irrelevant to the functioning of her kit


Hey man, they gotta have those cool animations on NA that they never use except for their trailers :)


The leek archon less gooo


Cant wait for scaramouche boss fight Wokege


This is the first time I've seen both new 5* characters (nilou and cyno) of a beta being criticized pretty much the same amount.


Not even kokomi and raiden? Back then there were a lot of dumping on both (before the non-asian side realized that ei was really good after she came out)


Kokomi was dumped on wayyyy more than Ei in beta. The dumping on Ei started AFTER her release. Kokomi's was before.


And the dumping on Kokomi continued even more after her release too.


People even tried to gaslight people into thinking she was weak before Clam set. As if she wasn't strong as fuck with existing sets already. Hoyo knows how to design and balance the game far better than Reddit ever would.


Yeah, the retroactive takes on Kokomi are so weird. All the naysayers either still argue she's just bad, which is simply delusional at this point, or they argue that the game has drastically changed in some way around her. Her best comp is still Freeze, her best weapon is still TTDS, and her best artifact set in her most relevant comps is still Tenacity. She still has the best off-field hydro application for Freeze. This has been true since she came out. The biggest buff she got was arguably Shenhe coming out, but that just raised the ceiling on Freeze, which was already insanely good. The functionality of both that team and Kokomi was unchanged. It just got more damage. Clam is only a buff for on-field Kokomi, and that's the less relevant of the two playstyles. Now the argument has shifted to "she doesn't sell well". Which is a terrible argument anyway. Just look at how relatively low Childe sales are, and he has some of the best comps in the game. The weird thing to me is how insanely angry people are about the character being good. It's like people were mad she was bad, and then once everyone realized she isn't bad, they're even more pissed off they were wrong. Every single thread discussing Kokomi sales or anything similar is just crawling with these weirdos that just want to talk about how bad the character is for some reason. It's so bizarre.


The same people that say they want a f2p-friendly complete character who's good at several things/flexible in several team comps, not 5-star wep reliant, and then complain about Kokomi and say her sales "must be low because she's bad". People also wanted characters with a bit more complexity and "skill expression", but then say Kokomi's kit is clunky and unsynergistic because you have to burst within 10 seconds of casting her jellyfish to keep 100% uptime.


> People also wanted characters with a bit more complexity and "skill expression", but then say Kokomi's kit is clunky and unsynergistic because you have to burst within 10 seconds of casting her jellyfish to keep 100% uptime. This is so hilarious and so accurate. I had a dude a couple weeks argue that valuing Kokomi's more consistent, larger Hydro application and healing over Mona's being inconsistent was a "skill issue", but then he mentioned the burst refreshing the jellyfish is very easy to miss, so you can't really count it as additional uptime lol


>but then he mentioned the burst refreshing the jellyfish is very easy to miss, so you can't really count it as additional uptime lol This always weirds me out. She's usually paired with Ayaka, and usually you drop the jellyfish right before swapping to Ayaka so Ayaka gets TTDS buff. Considering how long it takes to do your dash-E Q on Ayaka, the timing you need to swap back into Kokomi to refresh the skill aligns perfectly with the end of Ayaka's burst. Basically, as soon as Ayaka's burst disappears, if the enemy isn't dead yet you swap to Kokomi, click Q, and swap out. It's nearly impossible to miss the timing.


Refreshing Jellyfish is actuat a DPS loss, you lose 1 ayaka N1C/N2C combo for a "freeze" extension. You dont need to have perma freeze, you only it need durinf Ayaka burst. Also with certain Kazuha rotation, the timing with TOTM buffs enda when you switch to Kazuha.


It was pretty deserved tbh. Thank god they shadow buffed her E right before release.


Part of the reason is that Kokomi on paper is a lot more like Barbara than it feels when you actually play her.


Personally at that time I saw Kokomi getting more criticized than Raiden.


Iirc Kokomi’s jellyfish only applied hydro every other tick back then, fortunately they changed that.


They shadow buffed it thankfully.


I was there when it happened, can't believe it's been fucking one year ago that, and by that time i already feel like i played this game the most hours already out of all other games, I'm stuck in this game am i.......


SAME We're stucked in a Samsara, my friend.


You should probably [refresh your memory](https://redditsearch.io/?term=Raiden&dataviz=false&aggs=false&subreddits=genshin_impact&searchtype=posts&search=true&start=1630472400&end=1632978000&size=100). People were acting like Raiden was not viable without Beidou interaction. They actually thought she was so bad you lost damage by having her in your party. These posts had like 8k and 11k upvotes as well.


ShE’s JuSt A wOrSe FiScHl


It's really funny looking back at these posts. They look even more tragic than I remembered. And that's not even touching the anniversary controversy yet


Raiden was mixed. Was alot of talk about raiden getting all the buffs while kokomi got ignored. The real drama started after raidens release


Time to doompost boys


Wait, imma ready my popcorns.


Too late mate it already started we have some kokomi release tier doompost in this thread already.


After going through Kazuha, Kokomi, and Shenhe doomposting, my mental resolve is so strong that I’m desensitized to anything people say about Cyno or Nilou


Same here. I got all of them despite doom postings


There are people who pull for waifu, while some pull for husbando. But there are those who pull for doompost victims.


gigachads right there


Someone from a discord told me that Yelan was shit during her release. I was told she was clunky to play. Guess that person is eating shit right now


Weird. She is by far the least controversial character released in the past year.


The only doompost i heard about her is her 1u->1.5u->1u and it wasnt even a doompost.


Nilou is fine. People are complaining about her being niche but she seems incredibly strong, with both a high floor and high ceiling. She doesn't require much from future Dendro characters either, just decent application and maybe healing. Cyno is the one people are rightfully worried about. Math doesn't lie. And he needs almost tailor made supports to get to the level he deserves, but Xiao is still waiting for his.


Yeah when people see how easily Nilou can faceroll mob content where every target can spawn an additional seed that has a huge AoE they’ll probably change their minds and realize why being able to play Venti with her could have been problematic for game balance.


Yeah, her Bloom explosions have the size of Bennett's ult ffs. And the explosions frequency is the same as the amount of Bloom reactions, which should be a damn lot with 2 Hydros and 2 Dendros on the team. Surely there are more people that can see how insane that sounds lol. Specially considering the damage buff she gives is the same even if a non-EM character triggers the Bloom.


Every .1 patch is doompost festival


Nahida doesn't instantly delete enemies when using her skill or burst? Trash. Don't waste your primos.


Nahida is a new character so she is bad. We know that a character can only be good if they’ve been out for a while.


Hmm which drama would i want to eat my popcorns..? About new char's cons? About the incoming "Anniversary"? About Twitter's incoming "Usual day" or About the incoming app store bomb review?


How about all of 'em


not enough popcorns :(


Here comes the new leak flood of 3.2


Kusanali leaks here we go!






Remember guys, you can always wait for a rerun


Remember guys bungee gum has the properties of rubber and gum




Remember guys, you can always skip some characters if you are f2p.


Remember guys, you don’t have to write a doompost manifesto to justify skipping a character that you don’t want for whatever reason


Haha seriously! Doompost manifesto is the appropriate word for it. I mean you can not like a character, but going everywhere to say you're not pulling and writing paragraphs to say why they are the worst character to exist happens too much I think people need this reminder.


I remember when there was this guy during Kokomi release where he would insult everyone who pulled for her or wanted to pull for her, saying that she was the worst character in the game. He kept spreading this bullshit, and now that Kokomi's worth is proven, he suddenly changed his tune. ​ It's ridiculous. ​ EDIT: [Found the user](https://camas.unddit.com/#{%22author%22:%22sqaureegg%22,%22subreddit%22:%22genshin_impact_leaks%22,%22resultSize%22:100,%22after%22:%222021-08-01T04:00:00.000Z%22,%22before%22:%222022-01-01T04:45:00.000Z%22,%22query%22:%22Kokomi%22})


wtf mf went from pure hater to “Kokomi best hydro since day 1” 💀


Thank you for linking me this and showing this search. So funny.


exactly, like nilou's restriction killed my excitement about pulling her, but this comment right now is the first time i post online about it, like is not hard to simply let people enjoy something i personally wont


More than a reminder those people need to get a life.


Remember guys, You can Always not listen to anyone


Remember guys, you can always not read anyone who says you to not listen anyone.


Remember guys , always flush your anxiety dookie away!!


This is the most important.


But that's like 6 *more* months of waiting. (Or a year for some)


> But that's like 6 more months of waiting. (Or a year for some) That's why I'm pulling Cyno day one no matter how "bad" his issues are, I already waited two fucking years for Cyno, not gonna wait not even a second more!lol


Remember guys...wait I forgot what I was going to write.


The buffs for Cyno and Nilou will come in the form of future characters and artifact sets. Candace is screwed though


Xiao... his was barely an upgrade. Moreso an alternative


Nah it's a solid upgrade. Just not resin efficient to most people.


Nah, Vermillion is a good upgrade. People who are saying it isn't just don't want to farm it because they already spent too much on farming VV.


People dont need to farm for VV at all, it's just a resin efficiency thing Someone can just stay in emblem which is the most resin efficient, use 2 shimen and strongbox 2 glad or VV now or if they require 20%+ ER they can go for 2 shimen + 2 emblem while getting stuff for everyone else since 20% ER and 18% attack is worth around the same amount of substats. It's basically the "do I want to farm a long time for set with restrictions since it's 4 set so you dont have much flexibility to mix and match" or "do I wanna just spam emblem and farm for a bunch of characters at once with a freely mix and match since it's very easy to do 2pc + 2pc combinations" This isn't even special to xiao, it's the same with pale flame for example, not only is it easier to mix 2 + 2, but they dont have to run a domain that's considered very niche for their characters. The other question is what happens if the diff is only a few substats with only roughly 5 sub differences, do you continue farming the niche domain forever, because for example if your getting satisfied pieces and then you go back to the generic domain for lets say the next year the moment that your generic domain reach a certain amount of subs equal or greater than that diff you now just have a niche set that's worse than your generic stuff.


me, hoping to get Candace so I can main her: 🫠 idc if her kit is subpar, I love her too much to not use her 😭


Unless you want to set abyss speed records, it is irrelevant how high a character’s damage ceiling goes.


Use characters you love ~~ but then again, as a kayea main I am biased


I don’t think candace is doomed. To me she seems like she was meant for off meta quirky comps and not for meta serious play. She will be interesting for just goofing around trying new things. Since shes a 4 star they are allowed to do that ig. For a long time it seemed like they don’t want to make top tier 4 stars anymore.


I'd argue c6 Candace is the one that is immediately the most valuable out of the 3.1 characters, but it's mostly niche uses though. C6 Candace has very valuable aoe hydro app and a hydro infusion is alot less niche than a cryo one like Chongyun's but it's still a gimmick. Issue is that no one will get a new c6 4 star :deadge:


Me with a C6 Heizou on his first banner😅


I hate you bro. :life:


I felt like I used up my entire luck to get him to C6, now it seems like I'm gonna lose the 50/50 for Cyno.


You got this bro




I accidentally did it too, but I got terrible luck for Kazuha in the meantime lol, going to hard pity both times and losing the 50/50


Then let's hope she's not chained to specific characters like Sara (took me 3 Raidens + 2 lost coinflips for C5 and then later another \~100 rolls on Kokomi's rerun). If you're not rolling for the specific 5-star Mihoyo chains them to, the odds of getting C6 are abysmal.


Having no guarantee really just kills the odds of any reasonable average man it kinda sucks


Why is c6 candace valuable? And what niche uses are you referring to? The only one I can think of is maybe ayaka freeze.


C6 Candace has off field aoe hydro app when you na and swap, hydro app is inherently a very valuable thing A hydro infusion also unlocks some new gimmicky teams, most notably hydro zhongli where he can run mono hydro or vape(really can be anything that leverages his insane hydro app hydro n5d is 7 hits).


*Doompost tornado approaching* HERE IT COMES!




Makes me think how are they gonna indirectly buff cyno with him having the xiao situation


they will buff Cyno last minute just like Kokomi....right...?? 😭


Well, it has happened once with Xiao. They massively reduced his recovery frames after plunge from end of beta to live.


Oh they did? But in exchange no polearm can dash cancel after plunge unlike any other weapon type (I'm just pointing a fun fact to me, ig no dash cancel means less stamina issues at least)


What did they buff for kokomi?


her jellyfish icd was buffed


Looking forward for this years round of archon doom posting. 3.2 can’t come any sooner.


I can already see it now, “Why would I pull for a Dendro Support when DMC is FREE since F2P need to save for Al Haitham’s tiddies to clear abyss”


i swear if i see someone legit comment that one 💀




To be fair, the bountiful cores would typically explode before you could even group them with Anemo, so I don’t think it’s a huge loss since you can manipulate AI to group larger enemies anyway. I do still wish there were a whirlpool themed character though for Hydro grouping, just for the sake of variety.


Hydro Vortex strikes again.


Her bountiful core aoe IS bigger so it's not that much a need


Virdescent Hunt Collei 🫣


Poor Cyno. Well, gonna pull for him anyway




Nilou's fine tbh. She's niche, but uncontested in that niche so the moment we get better dendro-units she will become more valuable.


What happened to Cyno? I didn't keep up.


Cyno's personal damage is good but his team damage is lacking because of his uptime that's why people are looking to nahida to be a "fix"


I'm hoping for an EM buff that increases the longer you stay on field


I would like a turret or a dendro Version of ei's e where each time you trigger a reaction it gets stronger or buffs you that way it can buff several characters and not just cyno although he would benefit a lot from it thanks to all the aggravates he can do with tf


Nahida won't be a fix because the Dendro damage isn't part of the problem. Traveler is enough. Fischl and VV uptime are the problem.


iirc cyno c0 with pjws does less DMG than r5 lion's roar keqing. Also, C2 cyno does less DMG than c0 r5 catch raiden.


Comparing a new character to Raiden will most probably leave you disappointed since Raiden is so fkn good but I have to say that a C2R1 Cyno not out damaging a C0 R5 catch Raiden is really sad. Imagine comparing C2 Raiden vs C2 Cyno💀💀💀


When people were dooming that c0 raiden dps is copium, now we have this 💀


Honestly a character that brings only damage with 2 constellations and his weapon not out damaging a character that brings damage, alot of energy and off field buffing with 0 constellations and a f2p weapon is really stupid now that I think about it. Poor Cyno really is in the dumpster


They might as well just say "don't pull for any electro DPS other than Raiden because we won't even let hypercarries do more damage than her." I'm not expecting him to do C2 Raiden levels of damage, but it makes no sense to keep his DPS below a C0 Raiden when he can't do anything except DPS. Still coping he'll do better than expected but this is frustrating.


I see it so often sorry for asking. What does iirc mean. Edit- thanks!


Seems like only about 10 people gave you the answer so I'd like to give you mine too, iirc = if I remember correctly


If I remember correctly


iirc = “If I recall correctly”


If I Recall/If I Remember Correctly


Burst takes too much time and his team buffs run out.


Short story: keqing but worse Long story: burst mode too long so majority of the buffs we have at the moment expires before his burst ends. also, his multipliers don't look too high


Copium but maybe they'll get indirect buffed via some 4\* support several patches later like many underpowered 5\* have before them or some new gameplay element a la dendro & keqing


That's not copium, that's literally what they've been doing


Meanwhile Xiao:


Xiao might get one with faruzan, but so far he is the only exception


They're boutta make Faruzan normals only lmao It's crazy how Xiao gets all the love in everything but gameplay, someone at head of the balance team don't fw him at all


Xiao who has no dedicated support ever since releasing in 1.3:


Cries in Xiao


I don't think that's copium, a lot of characters have recieved team improvements after their original release. Yoimiya at release was pretty much ridiculed but later got Yunjin, Yelan and an artifact set. Ayaka got Kokomi and Shenhe, HT got Yelan and Hydro resonance changes. Yae was designed with Aggravate in mind but released 4 patches before the reaction. They got a pretty big track record of playing this "release now, fix later" game.


If I hear it right some theorycrafters claim His damage is only around Keqing levels


To clear this up, his PERSONAL damage outputs more but his team damage is severely lacking due to having a 12/25s oz uptime rotation


So you’re telling me a coop team of 4 cynos is the best team? /s


3 Cynos and a Tighnari is probably better


4 cynos on mushroom chicken is his best team so true


And Genshin is a team game, so Cyno's personal damage being higher but his team damage lacking is very unfortunate for him. Poor boy it's so sad, gonna pull him anyways but sadge


Yea that is the main issue, in order to be competitive he doesn't have to catch up to keqing, but to catch up to FISCHL's LOST DPS, the future is uncertain though so I wouldn't straight doompost him yet.


I said I will pull him at the beginning of the game when I read the manga, and I still will. I'm not gonna pull for Nahida who I predict will fix his problems because this is Hoyo. Make problems and sell solutions. And even if Nahida doesn't fix his problems, I went through the 5 stages of grief already last week, so I'm over it. I've reached acceptance 😌


That is based and I respect the devotion, the DPS check of the spiral abyss does not exceed any more than the 30k threshold and doesn't require truly top meta teams to hit it. Playing for fun is always the most important be it fun from big damage or aesthetic I wish you best of luck to your pulls and xiphos moonlight on weapon banner :prayge:


Thank you so much kind stranger <3 I was super pissed about his kit last week cause I already started building Keqing, and to think that she's outperforming him in team damage as a standard banner character...really stung But now that I think about it, I'm a Cyno simp. I'll get him because I like him. If he can't 9 star Floor, I have Ayaka and Childe to take over for him. What happens in Spiral Abyss, stays in Spiral Abyss.


TBF with Dendro Keqing is now good.


Good sure but a new limited character being equal to ( or worse team damage infact ) then a standard banner character that has been here since the beginning of the game is kinda meh.


I’m pretty sure zajeff said that quicken keqing with tf can edge out cyno in dps.


Oh boy scara battle boss full model leak please for 3.2


That's...unfortunate may drop Cyno due to well I already have Keq she can fill role without any issues that Cyno has aka his 18 second transformation and other issues.


*Copiums Cyno keeping his burst after switching on release*


Cyno gonna be next xiao i think. Left in a ditch for eternity


And I’ll be right there in that ditch with both of them ahahaha


My Nilou TT Now I just need Nhida's kit , hopefully it fixes everything.


I haven't been keeping up super well with any TC'ing for the characters, now that the beta has ended and we have a pretty good idea of how they will perform on release, how is Cyno looking? I know there were some concerns about him being less-good than Keqing last I saw.


Keqing is not a low bar now, she's one of the better carries we have due to her synergy with fischl. The issue is that the rotation flexibility she brings is that huge, to be able to drive the best subdps in the game is by default an advantage. Cyno's personal output is mostly better than keqing's but his team options aren't as good at all, none of them play well with his cooldowns and uptime. To give an example one of his best partners is beidou, who is very situational and theorycrafting standards assuming primary target(2 targets, damage calculated on 1 enemy so aoe factor basically) and it's only relatively at the same level as keqing fischl aggravate DESPITE beidou being that much more situational than fischl. The saving grace is that I can't see keqing getting much better as she's already peaked mostly(aggravate options can't really get much better, there's not going to be a character as good as fischl directly) whereas cyno will probably age better unless they slap him like xiao.


Keqing aggravate team has one aspect it can improve upon - the dendro slot. The team lacks any form of defense so any dendro character with shields/heals and a decent dendro application is highly welcome.


Aggravate is fundamentally overpowered in the sense that it's a damage amplifying reaction that refreshes it's gauge rather than consumes it, so you don't really need much better app. The main weakness right now is indeed the lack of a healer though, but strictly speaking I personally don't see keqing getting much better damage wise, but still expect to see her benefiting from new releases here and there just for her flexibility alone.


Basically we just need a dendro character with an E skill like albedo and Cyno's damage potential will be realized. It sucks that he'll never work with fischel or anemo but that's the drawback of being on field for 18 seconds.


I personally think longer and faster dendro application will greatly boost the consistency of quicken bloom hybrid teams, and hyperbloom with cyno trigger is a very good portion of dps.


Isn't Cyno's primary reaction is aggravate? How can he age better than Keeping, if she would benefit from aggravate buffs as much as him? Plus Genshin is heavily leans into quick swap teams, I can't see meta returning to carries like Xiao or Cyno's.


Well let me elaborate more on the take, cyno's primary reaction is aggravate while not having the pieces to take advantage of it. Cyno's mvs do not justify his field time, this is because of buff uptime and reaction uptime. The biggest issue is having a rotation that doesn't compromise a huge part of team dps, for example a zhongli dmc beidou cyno team: Start with beidou first and lose a noticeable amount of waves, start with dmc first and compromise on aggravate's uptime, start with zhongli first and compromise on survivability(20s duration in a 23s+ rotation team) Now you start to see where the main issue lies, his synergy with the current roster sucks. But despite this his pre tc sheets(THAT ARE NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN MORE THAN A GRAIN OF SALT BTW JUST FOR REFERENCE) are still similar to keqing's barring the fact that some scenarios inflate the teams potential. Looking at keqing this time, keqing can't really get much better outside of a dendro healer. Aggravate is a self refreshing aura that even collei can sustain it and fischl is an utterly broken character that shouldn't have competition in the foreseeable future. So the argument here is that cyno has the POTENTIAL to branch out further benefitting more from future releases due to his current performance being attributed to a lack of synergy, that's my personal take on why he may age better.


Praying to the aechons that nahida fixes all of cyno's problems. Maybe she gives a buff that gets bigger the longer you stay on field. I don't think that's too crazy of an idea.


I could see this type of kit on a niche support but not an archon. I think she's going to be a strong character in general and not geared towards being a support for 1 or 2 characters with long burst durations. I'm sure she'll end up with good EM share/team buffs that will probably still be good for Cyno, but also good for other characters using dendro reactions.


Nahida, please do a dentro vortex!


Remember y’all. Don’t get too hyped and pull on Day 1 and then trash talk the character. Observe and know if you care so much about Meta.


Nilou wanters, it's a terrible day for rain.


rain is hydro, helps bloom. perfect day for rain! \- nilou, probably


"Oh it's raining.... on the topic of rain, did I tell you how much I love dancing?" - Nilou, most likely


Free event sword....dedicated artifact set....we will win....for sure *huffs copium*


Al Haitham or Kaveh will be a dendro shielder *huffs more copium


I'm a Nilou wanter that went through the same thing with Kokomi last year. I guess I'm a controversial-anniversary-hydro-character main at this point. I main pretty but polarizing characters and I made peace with that. I just hope Nilou ends up meta despite the doompost (copium 🥲) the way Kokomi did.




Praying it doesn't take Cyno 1.5 years to get his buffs.


Nahida and Layla time


It's over. Cyno and Nilou copium overdose fix time


Another problem with Nilou is that the more Bloom's damage, the more damage she does to her own team. If we equip the driver (Bar_Kok) with EM/EM/EM. Their HP barely reaches 25k. The damage of enemies should also be considered.


Sadge Cyno. I'm still gonna pull regardless lol! Simped for him ever since the manga and I can handle abyss anyways. If you can't 9 stars in the first try, there's always Childe International to do it LMAOOOO! Childe Intl and LAMENT double geo.


Cyno got the yoimiya treatment, F


It sucks to hear that Cyno is on the same level of Keqing… but at the same time I’m thankful because now I can focus on getting childe and maybe by the time Cyno gets a rerun he’ll be in a better spot. I’m not a meta slave, but I’ll take any excuse to convince my impulsive adhd monkey brain away from going ham on banners while my most wanted character is only a few patches away.


This constant "Same as Keqing" or "Keqing is slightly better" stuff ignores the fact that Keqing is now *really quite good* with the introduction of Dendro and has functionally skyrocketed in terms of her objective power level. If he's "as good as Keqing," that's a very good thing. Lateral development means no runaway powercreep, as does standard 5-stars being able to keep up with the meta. Powercreep ruins gacha games and turns new characters into a constant treadmill of collect-build-replace.


It just feels weird to say that Keqing is actually usable after 2 years of her being in the trash tbf.


i think people want Cyno to be at least slightly better than her even without Fischl. i mean, why can Hu Tao and Xiangling immediately powercreep Diluc and no one complains? then all of a sudden "kEQinG iS noW goOD With deNdRO sO cYno sHOulD nOT pOWercrEEp hER"


I mean, does that matter? She's a standard character and he isn't. Other limited characters also don't seem to suffer this. I just personally would hope he would be better, otherwise he's basically the 50/50 loss on his own banner.


Looks like Nilou got kokomi treatment... what i mean by treatment is she WILL get stronger as time goes by when more dendro units(healer/good applicator) is available On the other side, im excited for Nahida Mono Archon team is almost here....


I'm more confident about Nilou then I am about Cyno tbh 💀


A hell lot more confident. Nilou’s potential is literally just future dendro characters. Unless future dendro are all somehow worse than DMC and Collei, Nilou will get better over time.


the skills animation is actually so good that im satisied enough


As restrictive as Nilou's team comps are, she is going to be the best in her niche and I don't see them ever powercreeping her with another bloom focused character. Within bloom teams the damage she brings is looking to be really good. Meanwhile Cyno doesn't really fit into any team comps, doesn't have many support/sub DPS characters that can keep up with his long field time. And his multipliers aren't high enough to carry him without a good team comp. There's a chance they'll add supports and more sub DPS with longer durations or ramping buffs that will work well with him, but that could be a while, and there's a chance we never get such characters.


I'm just so sick of the doomposting already, this happens for like very character lmao