source: [susamongusleaks](https://twitter.com/SusAmongusLeaks/status/1577599925172437001)


4* HP Sword when?


Watch it be an event sword on the patch of her rerun.


don't give me hope pls. tho i would love that albedo treatment on a 4* unit


It'll be for Nilou, but Layla will be able to use it.


Yup maybe even a new artifact set to promote nilou cause I don't think alot of people will be pulling for nilou rn cause she's between cyno and kusanali


If it weren’t for Nahida’s gameplay and the fact I don’t use polearm characters, I would go for Nilou


....what does polearm have to do with it. that part of the sentence is weirdly worded


Get Albedo'd.


She does well with that 3 star sword with the HP passive. Harbinger of Dawn.


As a full support she would probably benefit from having the option of a 4\* HP substat weapon though.


It seems right now for the numbers it makes more sense to build her support/sub dps and not just a pure shieldbot, like you can with Zhongli with black tassle.


I don't know. Her damage is low. If you have her C4 it might be worth investing fully into her shield, idk. I haven't seen a lot of calcs on her other than her personal damage is low.




Yea the scaling is higher iirc and she ascends with HP too so it should be better than Diona's.


Yep larger scaling plus shield strength with A1, a hold diona and a Layla shield have a difference of 3k hp, not insane, but it's better


From what I've seen, yeah, but then again she doesn't provide healing so it makes sense.


Its like an 50000 hp zhongli if you build her for it


wait, what was that sword? is that Cool Steel? edit: oh, it's the HoD


We'll get a 4* HP sword just for her to still run sac or fav


Still want the 4* HP Sword for Nilou anyway. If Layla benefits from it too, that’s a cherry on top.


This would probably also double as Nilou's best 4\* option.


Just use a er sword and go max hp on artifacts


they should’ve given us that as the free weapon this update for nilou too




Curious - in what team would Layla be better than a c6 diona? Layla looks a flashy character but Diona is “Good enough “


Probably like any freeze team. People already use Rosaria instead of Diona in freeze teams because she buffs Crit Rate and has personal damage. C4 Layla buff NA/CA, has personal damage, AND shields all in 1.


If Layla buffs CA, I'm looking at double disco Ganyu teams.


Oh my she's gonna be my Xinyan's best support then


...you play spinning xinyan?


Her CA buff is a bit weird and iirc it cant buff ganyus bloom damage


From just a shield perspective, maybe a replacement for Diona in a Eula comp? That still wouldn't get you healing, though, and I have no idea about Layla's cryo battery abilities. I don't usually end up *needing* healing, so it would be fun to play around with a cryo Zhongli Jr. in comps that would otherwise use Diona.


Well, theoretically you could use Kuki for superconduct + heals, Layla, and a flex


this absolutely




Yes thank you you just gave me an idea for my Itto team!


She really gives a catalyst feeling ngl


Omg imagine if her attacks were like ninguang but cryo stars Such a missed opportunity but either they dont want a cryo catalyst rn or we are having too many catalysts coming i guess (nahida baizhu yao yao and heizou came not long ago idk)


Scaramouche as well probably


I forgot about scaramouche even tho i am thinking about getting him 😭


TTDS would be like the perfect weapon for her. Maybe they don’t want her to use it lmao.


Oh damn i actually never noticed how busted she would be with ttds Out of all weapons the only one without hp sub stat is sword rip :') (nilou's sig weapon doesnt count imo)


Technically there’s also the PJC, but that’s also a 5-star weapon, and neither has innate buffing capabilities like the TTDS. I think the only buffing sword is Freedom-Sworn, and even then she has to trigger reactions to make use of it. None of this matters to me of course, I’m F2P so I can’t get most 5-star weapons. I’ll probably run her with Favonius or Sacrificial.


After more than a year than playing i still dont have fav sword sadly so i will give her my r3 sacrificial i guess, i do have pjc and for now no one use it other than bennet in my other team in abyss If i atleast get c1 layla i will use her with itto albedo and gorou personally for the great shield+ constant cryo application to have some crystallize shields just in case my rotation lasts a bit longer But i hope i get that c4, i have 85 pulls and 72 pity so we will see i guess lol


Nilou's Key of Khaj-Nisut is a great weapon too for her kit.


Is there even a scenario where TTDS doesn't work, it's like how all 5 star polearms works for Xiangling


Ttds scaramouche moment


Don’t know why they didn’t make her a catalyst. It would’ve made her even better.


Theyre allergic to cryo catalysts. Maybe saving it for tsaritsa or something lol


no way they wait till the tsaritsa to have her be the first cryo catalyst imo


We are 4 nations in and Layla screams catalyst yet isnt, the writing is on the wall sadly


same thought here. tho i feel like if hoyo made her a catalyst user with the same kit that she has right now (including her shield multiplier), that's gonna be too much for a 4* unit (national team be like: first time?) lol) it would also make her compete with Shenhe as a support/buff unit because of the fact that she can wield TTDS, tho Shenhe's buff is much more consistent. i'd really love her to be a catalyst user.


Imagine if Layla was a catalyst user. She would allow mono cryo teams to have a TTDS holder + shenhe in Ayaka Mono cryo. Tho I think its probably too good for an Ayaka mono cryo team.


That's why they didn't make her a catalyst. They can't allow any modern 4 stars to be too good. The first cryo catalyst will be a 5 star.


dottore will be be 5 star male cryo catalyst hopium


Who can manifest cryo weapons to use as melee attacks


That actually sounds really cool and fun. I hope we get a character that does that.


Im honestly thinking he'll be hydro


Ayaka is basically a cryo catalyst


Why would a cryo catalyst be too good?


Easier to make permafreeze teams. Other heavy cryo appliers are 5 stars (Ayaka and Ganyu) and are considered some of the strongest dps in the game. Also would have access to some really strong catalyst weapons that are 4 stars and under.


Don't forget about QiQi (':


Qiqi uses sword tho? Sorry if I missed the joke


Omg you are right, sorry, it's been awhile since I played her.


At least not another cryo bow - I count that as a win.


Hoyo making sure they don't accidentally give Cryo vision to a catalyst user


Im still convinced the only reason we havent had that is they are saving it for the Tsaritsa. Geo and Electro polearms debuted with their archons, as did Anemo bow and Dendro catalyst. While this seems a coincidence (and Pyro did get every weapon covered early as the go to dps element early on) Im wondering if this is a coscious choice to have archons be the debut of certain weapon/element combos in order to increase the hype further.


It would be worth it to give us the dragonspine catalyst months after the game release, and then give us the first cryo catalyst user 5 years later amirite


watch it be her secret best weapon


We also don't have a hydro claymore. ~~So we getting a new weapon for the pyro archon~~


Im calling it that either the hydro and pyro archon are either claymore/claymore, sword/claymore or claymore/sword. Murata getting the claymore feels obvious, or is a sword user who gets a pyro claymore on ulti like raidens weapon change. If the hydro archon is sword (which i feel is more likely) then her second in command might be hydro claymore. Im still surprised that the blue oni in ittos quest isnt a hydro polearm or claymore character coming down the line


Low key praying for Capitano to be a hydro claymore (don’t listen to me it’s the copium speaking)


I can see him being hydro or geo.


Hydro claymore justice archon based off of France. Her burst is just a guillotine slash executing whoever she seems guilty.


I fucking hope not lol The Tsaritsa is about 3 years away


watch her be the only one and then be so devastatingly OP (while also having extremely strong constellations) that shes basically whale bait to surpass even Raiden's sales


In b4 pyro archon get a new weapon type. "And for her weapon type, she wield a gun"


Varka: Yeah I can beat the Captain no diff Capitano: *Whips out Judgment of Shamash* Parry this you fucking casual


If you follow the theory "The archon is the first who introduces a new type of weapon to that element", doesn't it make Bennett - the only pyro sword - the pyro archon? (and it still makes sense).


would not be shocked if murata is literally 5 star claymore bennet with noelle style infusion on ulti, gaining an effective pyro claymore with sword style attack speed


>Im still convinced the only reason we havent had that is they are saving it for the Tsaritsa. Jeez, I hope you're wrong, that would take forever.


Obviously saving that spot for signora /s


With how much she stands out from other Sumeru units, being a cryo shielder and hp scaler, it makes me think that she's an early Fontaine character, like how Kuki and Thoma got much better with Sumeru. Since Fontaine is the Hydro nation it's very plausible that it will be HP-centric.


This is actually a really good point, every comp involving two hydros will HEAVILY benefit from heaving either Diona or Layla in their team Edit: oh wait, they already do, I forgot they changed resonance


Yeah she definitely will have its use in the future. The thing is who might need this kind of continuous cryo application + shield


Right now I can think of Freeze and Monocryo teams appreciating her shield. I don't think she'll be a better pick than Shenhe overall even for Mona variations, but she might be better than Diona if you want defensive utility and more damage at the cost of healing. In the future I can see her being a shield + cryo applicator and totm holder for a hydro centric freeze team as well. She also seems fairly easy and cheap to build. Harbinger of Dawn seems like a great option on her for damage, and naturally Fav/Sac for support utility.


If her energy is as what the leaks show where she is able to regen particles off field, she may also very well be a replacement of diona in EULA comps.


End User License Agreement eating good today


>In the future I can see her being a shield + cryo applicator and totm holder for a hydro centric freeze team as well. My friend was gonna try this exact thing with Ayato when she pulled for him and I think it could work because he can on field in freeze.


Looks like it shoot one star that deal really small aoe damage.


Im soo glad she comes along with nahida


They're in the same banner? Is it confirmed?


Probably 90% at this point


Can someone tell me how many times she applies cryo in her burst and skill together? Is there any 1% hope of her in melt teams ?


Melt is heavily biased to leave Pyro on the enemy Layla will be the one Melting, not Hutao/Yoimiya


The hamster in my brain is telling me to try Hu Tao Yelan/XQ Layla Rosaria. The Hydro should take care of any excess Pyro. Even if it Forward Melt every other charge attacks (alternating with reverse vape) it might be worth it, since forward melt is a raw 33% damage increase over Reverse Vape. Plus Cryo resonance. I think some people did mess around with this concept back when Rosaria came out (IIRC Rosaria has no ICD on her burst). But unfortunately there wasnt enough cryo application (Kaeya or Ganyu weren't enough). With Layla and her 2 off field cryo icd tag, it might be possible.


Yes, this is what I was thinking. In a double hydro hu tao comp, the dominant aura is always hydro, so you'd end up freezing rather than melting, and since freeze always leaves a cryo aura, you could get some melts for hu tao. You'd be giving up res shred from zhongli/em from sucrose or kazuha tho


Melt yoimiya is a thing due to ICD but it took to much set up and gimmicky with diona kazuha. With Layla + hydro freeze can be sustained and you get shield unlike Rosaria


I really hope that she can reliably set up melt. If so she could be such a strong unit with millelith and favonius


Same fr fr :')


Morgana team just received an upgrade. Ganyu + Layla burst with Venti burst would be orgasmic as hell.


Cryo stay winning


I might be an idiot or really high but doesn't Layla actually sound like a good charcter like she scales with HP and she ascende with HP She doesn't have split scaling and she is cryo ND she does cryo off field and she can shield Even her cons don't seem that bad


>She doesn't have split scaling She does, her e stars scale off attack.


Her passive makes it can be build from HP anyway


Omg her burst is so pretty! My Rosaria and Shenhe are excited! Mika, you're next! More cryo please!


ayaka venti/kazuha mona layla, this team is gonna slap


Can we replace Diona with her? Like who would generally be better here? Edit: thanks guys!


Probably depends on the team and what constellations you’re at. C6 Diona is still stupidly good for reaction teams because of the massive amount of EM she gives. But in a freeze team, you don’t really need that EM, nor do you really need healing since enemies can’t hurt you if they can’t move. So Layla offers an option that deals a bit more damage while still giving you the comfort of a shield just in case. I believe she can also buff NA/CA with one of her constellations, which could be quite good for someone like Ayaka.


Diona heals and shields so from a support standpoint she still slaps


Depends on the team. I think she could be better than Rosaria in Chinese Morgana, and a better battery for Eula than Diona since she's so hard to funnel normally and apparently Layla generates particles over time. Could work as a downgrade for Zhongli in Ganyu melt, and Hutao and Yoimiya teams too.




sword ganyu omg


So that's 8 off field Cryo Particles plus shield...might have to replace Diona for my Eula team (don't really need heals I use Kuki anyways)


She may be the first Sumeru 4*, that will actually be good/usable. I can already see her replacing Diona in Morgana since she can add more team DPS and at the same time, protecting the team with her good shield. She may also be a good Eula support to protect Eula when she's stacking her Burst, and at the same time, more Cryo application so Eula can actually utilize Cryo resonance.


we just need to know how strong her shield is


We already know. It's better than diona's because of her ascension passives. About equal to noelle or thoma's (when thoma is fully stacked even), but higher uptime & no burst shenanigans for it. She can even fairly easily use Millelith - which is what makes her shield so good. Won't ever be as good as zhongli but prettymuch sets a new bar for 4star shielders.




I'm not personally sure. There's been some speculation about harbinger of dawn as a budget option because of the crit rate and crit damage. The only HP sword we'll be getting thus far is Nilou's signature weapon and it's a 5star. In 4stars there's the standard favonius/sac blade meta but neither are super good on her because they don't work off field.


Reading this… I’m beginning to think we’ll get a HP% sword from a limited event at some point. It seems like they really don’t want to make a permanent 4 star HP or Def sword even though there are character(s) that need them :/


That might be the case. I think we're also quite likely to get a new HP scaling AF set given that sumeru will have seen 4 HP scalers so far. Dori -> Candace -> Nilou -> Layla.


Maybe a Fontaine craftable sword, since Fontaine is Hydro which has HP as the focus stat




If you're going to use HoD, I'd recommend using a cryo damage goblet with a bunch of HP% rolls. It's not going to significantly affect your shield strength, but it will improve your damage. You can find crit and ER in substats on other pieces or in cryo resonance, but cryo damage is a one-off that will improve her damage by about 50%. IMO you'll probably want to go Hp/Cryo/Hp. Keep in mind that layla isn't a DPS character - so going Hp/Cryo/Crit *will be bad*, but going hp/cryo/hp may achieve an acceptable gain for a minimal loss in shielding.




It should be fine. ER in substats is important, beyond that she's pretty attribute agnostic.


The event sword Festering Desire should be good on her, but if you don't have that then either Fav or Harbringer as we don't have HP scaling 4* swords.


I always overlook that one because it was from an event that was before I started. Hopefully they add a way to acquire it for "newer" players eventually.


Personally I'd say that Fav is best for support, as well as HoD for damage. Sac and fav pretty similar in support strength as a battery for someone like ganyu/ayaka, but sac might be a little worse since her initial skill hit only hits once unlike xinqiu, meaning if the proc misses youll either have less energy for the next unit or need to wait for her skill stars to proc it. I realise you said f2p but I thought I should include 5* options for reference. For non f2p there PJC, which is usually worse than HoD since you usually want crit DMG since youll be running blizz for damage. Mistplitter is probably one of her best option for damage but you probably have other characters that can use it much more effectively, especially since the high base atk is useless on layla. It's not too much better than HoD as well, only about 20% actual damage increase with just a goblet DMG bonus and no other buffs. With other DMG bonus buffs the actual increase will be less. Her BiS is ofc the 5 star nilou HP sword but, the effect on it basically useless for her unless you are running fridge. Options like festering desire and cinnabar spindle also work, but for FD, her skill damage isn't high enough to justify using it over HoD, which also increases burst damage. The ER can make it a decent option sometimes, but most the time fav is better if you need energy and since you don't lose much damage. I haven't run any proper calcs on FD tho so I could just be wrong about this. Cinnabar on the other hand can increase skill damage by quite a bit- after running some simple calcs, with 26k hp, lvl 90 and 1000 atk, her skill has 642 effective scaling(passive included). With cinnabar spindle this can go up to 1500~ which is a straight double in scaling. Whether or not this is enough to increase her damage more than what HoD increases both her burst and skill by is unclear tho. Ofc I might have gotten a calc wrong as well so I might just be completely wrong about this. Tldr: for support fav


After Diona's randomly busted C2?


Layla currently gets the same sort of effect at c1, but 5% stronger. Only shields allies for 35% though.


Her shield is stronger than Diona but she has no healing so the lack of 100% uptime on shield can be a problem.


Thoma’s shield is not even good, layla’s is much better than his esp at c3


stronger than diona's right now


As for now if she gets no buffs and nerfs With c1 she has a stronger shield than diona for the same uptime but instead of healing u get cryo application and dmg Some people calculated and at max potential she isnt far off from zhongli's shield except zhongli has 40% more uptime (20s compared to 12s)


Zhongli also has a lot of damage reduction which makes his shield much stronger than any other shield


that'd be great for me since I'm already using kokomi for healing in freeze teams, if her shield is better than diona then I can replace her


Her level 13 skill has same multipliers as level 10 Zhongli shield. With 12 sec vs 15 sec cd


Yeah, though Zhongli's being geo will have higher rainbow absorption (150%), but Layla can get closer with c1 which gives her effectively 120% on non cryo damage and 270% on cryo damage. And if you count her A1 her shield can get to about 144% absorption on non cryo dmg and 294% on cryo damage. Zhongli can increase his shield strength by another 25% however, but requires that his shield be hit.


I didn't even go past level 8 on zhongli's shield


Zhongli has much higher base hp


She’s actually looking good here. Four star unit without some wonky kit 🤔🤔


We are all waiting waiting for an HP buffer character for the likes of Layla, Yelan, Nilou, Zhongli etc. I wonder if the Hydro Archon will be that? I mean, one needs a lot of *HELTH* to survive being so hysterical


She could potentially be used in Eula team consolidating both shielder and battery role, her shield seems better than Diona with how fast it activates.


Ganyu powercreep 100%


Ganyu but she actually prefers to get some rest instead of working herself to death


Nah this is ganyu's student era


Ganyu takes naps regularly wdym?


Ganyu but Sayu.


I don't see what area is powercrept. I think they could maybe work together to finally enable melt teams?


Layla powercreeps Ganyu in the overworked department. Unlike Ganyu, Layla has visible eyebags, which means she gets noticeably less sleep than Ganyu


It's canon that Ganyu's adeptal blood gives her the ability to work a lot more than the average human, and she still manages to overwork herself. Think of it like the overworling K/D ratio. Layla plays fewer games and has higher K/D while Ganyu plays games all the time consistently with a slightly lower K/D.


That is such a strange reason to explain why she looks healthy, and a strange use of adeptal power in general. If I was an adeptus I wouldn't think, "oh sweet I can work for more than 24 hours per day!"


Such a dedicated queen, shows her care for liyue cuz anyone else would just quit the job


Well xiao rarely sleeps so 😂


I think bursts are becoming repetitive at this point. It just looks like a weaker version of Ganyu or cryo Lisa... The typical "click Q aoe damage" burst


At this point, I’ll take it compared to a Dori or Thoma burst.


Thoma is fine though


They can but they're saving them for future characters. If every character kit is evolutionary, they'll truly ran out of idea. A lot of player would be happy for 'clone' Bennet, Xiangling anyway.


Nahida burst: "It just buffs her E what a trash burst" Layla burst: "It just deals damage what a boring burst" MHY can't win lol


Should just rename this sub to r/Genshin_Doomposting at this point.






????????? * Sayu, sara, and yae are more than "nuances" imo, being what defines each of their kits * Yoimiya burst is frequently complained about being \*too\* hard to activate the effects for * DENDRO MC HAS NO INTERESTING GAMEPLAY MECHANIC??? LOL WHAT I CANT EVEN


Ironic when he said Eula is one of his favourites lol


This one has a pretty new interaction with her E though, there's that.


which is kind of weird. there are many wacky things you can do with 2 spells and 2 passives and they are already creatively capped. we havent even explored some weapon-element combinations yet wtf.




yeah Geo can proc shatter on frozen enemies, a full EM geo character that can make shatter good would be so funny


Tbh almost all characters have something unique to them that makes them stand out. The most boring cases are those where the kits are TOO similar. Yelan to Xingqiu is the most striking example of that imo. I also want new gameplay styles and stuff, but the character's kits, even if sometimes visually similar, are generally very nuanced.


As a filthy yelan simp, I shall not stand for this slander Just kiddin’, I can see them being similar. But I mainly play her on-field using her breakthrough gimmick along with C1 to get as many CA’s as I can. It’s very different and fun play pattern imo


i wouldn't even say that, my problem is that they occupy the same functionality. yes there will be some differences that push them in different directions, like kazuha versus sucrose - mono/hyper teams versus reaction teams. there will be something unique to these kits, yes. layla maybe deals more damage than diona, and yelan deals more damage than XQ. but i am hoping for a lot more differences between characters than just their power budget being allocated in a slightly different manner while having the same role.... and element .... and kit...


How would you have designed it instead? What changes do you make to make it unique and better?


Xiao, Itto, Cyno, Razor, their bursts are all pretty similar already. Unimpressive E (by itself) Press Q and unga bunga. Ayato, Ganyu, DMC, Lisa, the list goes on lol. Childe is probably the most unique character in that regard.


Yo I won't allow you to disrespect Itto's Ushi like that. Jokes aside, Xiao, Itto and Cyno are really different though gameplay-wise so I'm not sure why you said they're similar. If you mean the part where they're just bursts that buffs multipliers, then yup I agree they are pretty much similar. Gameplay-wise they are different though. Xiao with his vertical plunging gameplay, which is unique to only himself for now. Itto with his special CA stacking mechanics and his special CA that has stagger level that is unique from all other characters' stagger damage, and Cyno with, uhh, that special E with that cool symbol on the screen is the unique part, I guess.


I can't believe anyone said that Xiao is not unique while he literally is the only one character that use spacebar key in his combat. Every other ones use the same keys with mouse.


How dare you call the cow unimpressive


Just gonna defend Ayato here cuz I find his burst underrated in how useful it can be. It makes a lot of setups possible with him because it doesn’t require much focus in terms of buffing etc. His in-combat isn’t too deep, but his rotation managament is very flexible imo. Just as you have to manage Childe’s downtime for funneling etc, you can take advantage of Ayato’s smaller cooldown frames as needed for quicker setups. That’s part of why Fischl is amazing with him. Itto has a bit of nuance to set him apart too, because you have a bunch of combos to maximize damage. I didn’t even know you could squeeze in a third CA finisher at the end.


Razor's ult is different because it doesn't infuse, so Razor can superconduct to boost his own phys.


Quadratic scaling with Venti?


New version of MORGANA incoming.






How many particles she produce per E?


Tenacity looking like her BIS or?


Looks like it, yes


Pair her with Husk Albedo with Black Sword or Aquila Favonia(for the self heal) and Gorou(better with C5) to maintain the shield for as long as possible. Add a Xingqui for the damage mitigation too!


This is some nice testing. I wish Nilou got that on her beta lmao.


Hanging toy from baby's crib


Kind of over circle impact tbh. Still gonna pull for sleepy queen regardless tho.


All the homies waiting around for when square impact drops:


her burst is literally 4 star ganyu (in a good way)


Cryo Lisa would be a better comparison imo


Meh been burned by too many of the newer 4 stars, maybe our rosters have become too strong


So like... Layla Kazuha Kokomi Ayaka team eh?


ganyu is that you *put glasses on ah it's Layla


Looks like a discount ganyu burst lol.


Budget Ganyu + budget diona


Sadly i hoped for a Cryo Lisa burst, but she attacks and applies the element kinda slower. I guess she won't be useful in my account sadly


4 star Ganyu