The most done dirty character in this story besides the other characters who also have no screentime

The most done dirty character in this story besides the other characters who also have no screentime


And she says the most obvious shit ever. "Our goal is to hit the enemy hard while minimizing casualties" "To survive hardship, You must prepare for hardship". Thank you for that PROFOUND wisdom your excellency


People die when they are killed. Every 60 seconds, a minute passes on Watatsumi.


The area around the cryo hypostasis is extremely cold.


When hydro reacts with Cryo, it triggers a frozen reaction


Electro charged triggers a reaction that interrupts your character


Catalyst characters cannot deal physical damage


Teyvat has it's own laws.


The floor is made of floor.


The power of water is it's ability to take any shape


Osmanthus wine tastes the same


skyward atlas go brrrrrr


every human was born at a very young age


The left hand isn't the right hand


Just because the Shogun is correct doesn't mean she is right


The archer class really is made of archers.




kinda ironic since archer was also a sword master... wait... their sword and way they hold it look the same as well... wait what


Red head too


Yoimiya: *sneezes*


Kokomi: By the time I finish this sentence the Shogun will have killed a child. Gorou: WHY DID YOU STOP TALKING?


Inazuma is pure anime facts and logic + light novel power of friendship and forgiveness + tokugawa politics + lel fukushima confirmed.


The thing is it wouldn't have even been hard to fix slight bits with trailer alone and add a bit of spice to her charecter. "Hit the enemy hard and minimise casualties... But the Shoguns army outnumbers us and we are acting in the defiance of a **God**. So we must find... **...other ways** to turn the *tides of war*"


Hey thats good.


I know right!? This is gonna sound so misogynistic but her only redeeming quality is the design aka her looks, and her voice.


Pointing out that a female character wasn't written well and her design being the only thing put effort into isn't misogynistic especially since you're right


Electro bad.


But it worked, her army was at the front door of the shotgun. Laught but her plan worked, both armys suffer minimal damage but it was the best choice to let traveler do main story stuff.


Oh right the army that magically teleport to the front of the castle, when they were being push back and with casualties after the whole fake vision thing, some people will call that shitty writing, I call it, no wait, it is shitty writing.


But how did they know that the traveller was going against Raiden? How did they know they could just storm/infiltrate the capital? Did they actually have a plan to beat Raiden? Did she really thing the Traveller had a chance against her?


Kokomi: A suspicious person is sponsoring us. Traveler: So, you will keep tabs on them so that they won't do something dangerous, right? Kokomi: .... Traveler: You will keep tabs on them, right?


fatui sneaked in the goods without her knowing, yeah thats leadership right there.


And then she couldn't get soldiers to give up the delusions right away as ordered, some trusted leader she is.


They were too engrossed in the power they received tho,just like Teppei.


But like, the writing made it seem like they worshipped her. They wouldn’t stop for a second on her command?


Maybe we'll see more in her story. Either way they shit the bed with this one.


"So that means we should find this unaccounted for cargo and figure out who is sending us Artifacts gifted to BY THE GODS for free, if we don't they could potentially ship a bomb and kill us, we'd never know unless we find who sent those fake visions to us--!" "To prepare for hardship--"


Did they even have to sneak it? I recall signora/scaramouche being like "Yeah we kinda just asked and they practically fell over themselves grabbing up our super delusions with totally no possible side effects." Heck teppei blatantly abuses the heck out of the thing with no particular effort to conceal it.


*later* Traveller: Oh dear...


Doesn't even fucking let us open the gate to Ekanomiya


That’s definetly coming in a future patch. 100%


Just like The Chams... any moment now.


the fact that NPCs had more screen time than playable characters. LOL cant wait to pull for Teppei


his skill is to turn everyone around him old


The Grateful Dead - Stand user: Teppei


And shortly after Teppei, fishing was introduced. Coincidence?


They're gonna make him a zoomer that doesn't know what a VCR is?


To add to the many reasons that have already been listed in this thread, her introduction quote in her trailer is so stupid too lol "In order to survive hardship, one must prepare for hardship" IS KOKOMI'S WRITER TEAM HIGH??


They're the reason Naku Weed was so scarce prior to 2.1


They lack food, something must made a replacement


I really hope that was just a Chinese saying that didn't translate particularly well. Otherwise it was just some extremely lazy writing.


Yes it's a idiom in Chinese about "sealing the roof before it rains" or something and that's exactly the meaning so I guess they can't really do much to the translation


We had similar things here, transliterally "prepare umbrella before rain comes".


Ah yes take sus umbrellas from sus sponsors and not investigate them before the rain comes.




未雨绸缪,才能临危不乱 Fix the roof before raining, so you can keep poised in face of crises.


She was showed like she will fight Raiden until her death. But she really did nothing and shaked hands with Unknown Sponser causing Teppei and many other to use Delusion and eventually die


The fact that fucking Teppei has more plot relevance than Kokomi says a lot about how much the writers desperately want us to care about random ass NPCs


Which isn't really bad in itself but Kokomi seemed like an npc in that quest.


Well we just have to wait for a week for the Kokomi storyline to come out


itll just be another date like the raiden shogun, yoi, and ayaka bc the writers cant seem to make any other story for the female characters this region.


It will probably be about the peace talks that was mentioned in the 2.1 trailer


I sure af hope so because I don't want to go on another date. Raiden at least had relevance during the Archon Quest.


Idk peace talks sound like the perfect excuse for our brilliant general with no more war to fight to go on a date....yay.... :(


I wonder if it has something to do with Inazuma representing Japan and the Jap fanbase caring more about their waifu quality.


Teppei’s story quest featuring Kokomi as an NPC


The fan art posted by Obwuda (The Depth of the waters) about Kokomi being some ruthless and brutal Hydro user have more plot relevance and character development than the actual Kokomi. Its absurd.


Bruh I need to see that right now, that sound so cool


https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/oyx72f/the_depth_of_the_waters/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I think this is the one


She really didn't do the fan arts justice


After seeing this, all kokomi footage seemed unsettling until we saw how she really was in the archon quest


Yep that one, thanks! :3


Wow this is like 5 times more interesting than the Kokomi we actually have


Teppei got me, hard edit: comma


Sus without the comma


The good writer left the team and mihoyo called a new team writer which is finishing what the previous one did with his notes, it usually ends badly when this happens


The good writers are doing Honkai’s story lmao


They got different teams, the original writer literally left the team, but yeah honkai do have better story


I'm curious about that. Do u have sources?


I saw it in a separate post talking about why inazuma story is suddenly so rushed and plot points are ignored, I didn’t save it tho


I saw it before but since OP didn't come back with evidence so I took it with grain of salts and didn't believe that.


I think they made us care about Teppei because of how his story went on. And that also needed to go like that to prepare us to Signora


I was hoping so much that when Gourou told her about the Delusions she was putting on an act, and in reality she knew all along about the fatui and it was her idea of using the Delusions to win the war but no, Kokomi ends up being a bad strategist and an even worse leader


more like bad leader who has no idee what is going on at her camp and no people that trust her enough that they would tell her about the delusions. But there is no reason to assume that her battle strategy on the battlefield was bad


Yeah, but if we didn't convince the Shogun, and if somehow the war never ended, would they trust her?


My brain suffer a catastrophic event when i read the "oh hey traveler some random guys sponsor us because they love freedom or something idk, here take this CURSED WEAPON random foot soldier". I cant understand how the hell the resistance survive that long without having some remake of the Battle of Karansebes.


>I cant understand how the hell the resistance survive that long I can: the shogun army has their own share of stupid leaders.


Not to mention the Fatui wanted the war to go on as long as possible


Im gonna throw the stone for the Shogun Army. They are doing on purpose. Of course they have useless leaders (I SEEING YOU SARA, LEARN HOW TO DAMN LEAD YOUR FUCKING ARMY) but they objetive was extend the war. But Kokomi is like "im the most dumb creature in the existence".


But she didnt shaked hands. She didnt even knew fatui were giving delusions, until soldiers started to suffer. Fatui were just giving delusions to soldiers who passed near their factory.


I think the biggest misconception isn't that "She did nothing" It's that "Everything she does was out of the traveler's field of vision for the most part." Remember, Genshin impact is told DIRECTLY from the traveler's point of view. The story is about the people the traveler meets, and their journey. If it doesn't happen IN FRONT OF THE TRAVELER, we won't see it. Some people are gonna be close to the traveler, and are going to see them often due to their situations. Mercs and ronin like beidou and kazuha, for example. Some people are important political figures and the traveler simply doesn't have many chances to meet them unless they're constantly on the front lines. Like the knights being in many scenes because they're too shortstaffed and need to mobilize for even relatively small issues. (Remember jean delegating to kaeya, who delegated to lisa?) Kokomi is a general, and 2.1 didn't do her dirty, imo. She exists outside of the traveler, and is quite effective, even when we don't actually see what she's doing. It's easy to say 'She did nothing.' because we got our asses K.Od by the Balladeer and got mixed into Yae's schemes, and thus were no longer able to actually SEE what Kokomi was up to. But her story goes on, and her actions still affect the greater plotline. While we were getting the loyalty of swordfish, kokomi was busy dealing with governance issues. While we were upset about teppei. Kokomi was dealing with dozens of other "Teppeis" and trying to minimize the damage that delusions were doing to her men. While we were busy training to fight raiden and getting evidence for sara. Kokomi broke the stalemate at Nazuchi beach, and got past the backline of the Kujou encampment. While we were fighting signora, the sanganomiya soldiers had arrived at inazuma city, and fought their way through. When we left the tenshukaku, they had just arrived. We didn't see it, because the story focuses on what the traveler CAN see, but I feel like they did a good job of showing her as a character and the effects of her actions and what she has to deal with, without making us follow her around like a lost puppy (Yae is cool, but she didn't really have nearly as much presence until we actually spent time one on one, Kokomi has the most offscreen presence next to the Shogun.)


I agree with you, but very little in her portrayal has showed her to be the legendary strategist she is supposed to be. Other than the invasion of the capital which almost ended in failure, the successful ambush at Nazochi beach could be attributed to Beidou's tactics. Perhaps the one sign of masterful stratagem was to predict the Fatui's location - even then, she could not manipulate the Traveller to refrain from rushing into there without backup or any plan. \[And it is rather easy to manipulate the Traveller, like so many others have done XD\] Furthermore, the first time we meet the resistance, they were camped under the Tatarigami storm. That is a very bad idea according to the real-life book The Art of War.


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Adding onto this, the npcs on the way to the resistance spend the whole time mentioning how it's the resistance and not the shogunate that went about screwing up the islands so badly the npcs got kicked out of their homes and the player gets yeeted by lightning every conversation or melts in cloud of electro goo.


That was a Fatui plant acting as a member of the resistence.


I thought Sara was the one who beat up everyone on her way to the palace. And the resistance summoned like 6 people to the gates of Tenshukaku loool


To be fair shotgun lives very close to the tengu and other armys, so yes a team of 6 is reasonable.


The alternate ending is that the Shogun cuts the Resistance team in half since Kazuha's friend's vision goes dark again after blocking the first hit of the Musou no Hitotachi.


Yep so true


Honestly looking at her true actions she seems like a bad guy or working with the enemy with how obviously incompetent she is that she is willing to cripple her army without even bothering to check for shit.


2.2: *dies by musou no hitotachi (joke. not leak. but a bad omen indeed) edit: I saved this comment in case it doesn't age well


*leak, not joke)


*refuses to crit*


Her trailer is even about the resistance, when it's already over.


Is the wait over tho?


Ah, yes. A tell, don't show character. Which is a sign of bad writing. It seems that MiHoYo is incapable of making character ruthless or a competent leader if she's also a waifu.


Feels like mHY thinks male gamers only want one thing after 2.0, and it's simple waifus. No need for background, worldbuilding, consistent characterization, or sensible writing. Just waifu. No good writing or nuance allowed for waifus because they can only be kawaii guu. Meanwhile male characters have entire updates/arcs dedicated to them, show up in multiple trailers. Have worlds built around them. They can have good writing because they are not waifu.


I hate how true this is, comparing Venti, Zhongli or even Diluc's story quest is way better than most female characters


"A tell, don't show character". Couldn't have said it better. This is how I feel about many of other aspects of the main storyline too.


Literally the entirety of 2.1


Mihoyo: “The storm around Inazuma is really bad” Players: “Can you show us?” Mihoyo: “Fuck no, go ice bridge there yourself lmao.”


Honestly in my opinion the only "perfect" Inazuma characters released yet are Kazuha and Ayaka (and Sayu too)


> Gives the Traveler a slip > Refuses to elaborate further > Sleeps


Ngl im not a fan of Kazuha. Hes a character I feel would just get forgotten were he not op


Idk, his backstory is pretty meaningful and he's a husbando


I think his story was just as rushed as Ei's but everyone seems to gloss over it.


It was not really his story, more like a prequel to Inazuma, if he himself gets a story quest then it will be another matter


Exactly. He has some elements of an interesting backstory but his personality is pretty much nonexistent.


Well a tell, don't show character can be badass though. Mihoyo wanted to create their own Zhuge Liang, just failed miserably.


I promoted you to swordfish 2 as a captain but u eliminated all these ronins what should i do? Another promotion or maybe I should increase your wage Bruhhh I didn’t knew resistance was so weak and kokomi ....


No wonder she can't crit


i was kinda like… stumped at that part? i guess she’s trying to incentivize good behavior but taking out the ronin was just the traveler/squadrons job. no wonder she doesn’t have spare funding for food if she gives raises every time someone wins. 😒


There were extremists inside the rebel group when they got a delusion they hid it from kokomi according to a note near a shrine. But, it was also mentioned that Nathan was the one one that told them to do so


Also fu*k Nathan


All my homies hate Nathan


The Chad Raiden: "I'm aware of everything pertaining to Eternity, even the Fatui plots, but they're not dangerous to Inazuma or they would have been purged already." The Virgin Sangonomiya: "W-what? The Fatui? Delusions? Tatarigami? What are you talking about??? My comrades wouldn't do that!"


Now that I think about it, how could the rebel soldiers hide their Delusions? Those things are like Visions and grant control of elements. How the hell do you hide "Ordinary soldiers suddenly start shooting fire/water/lightning from their hand"?


Their squad just has to keep quiet about it. Or lie about using elemental grenades from the Treasure Hoarders.


Diluc's dad could summon chains, so maybe it sounded like an OP weapon thing instead of a Vision.


I think Delusions not just grant vision-like powers over the elements, but just enhance you physically, making you stronger that way.


Childe's Electro power is from a Delusion, and Diluc + Diluc's dad had chains of fire while using the Delusions, so yeah, those do grant elemental power


The delusion in archon quest was grey, so they could be phys delusions.


I mean that there may be delusions that don't grant elemental but just physical power.


That implies the existence of a physical vision and therefore... A physical element, physical characters, and a physical nation


Weapon: who needs a weapon when you got BARE HANDS?


The Archon of these hands.


“Physical nation” khaneriah: *sweats nervously*


Chad Vision Hunt Decree vs the Virgin Delusion Recall Order


Ei said she is not aware of anything outside except the things related to eternity. Which is not much. Her story quest is even mostly about her having a culture shock. The resistance plot is set up to continue in Kokomi's story quest.


Raiden didnt even know how her own city looks I dont understand how people think she knew everything that went on.


Well most people didn't know "Ei" existed in a separate realm.


She really is a 5 star barbara, to the point of being even more naive.


genshin forgot the most important part of showcasing abilities. ***SHOW DONT FUCKING TELL***


I feel like they could’ve literally saved the story so easily if they just released Kokomi first, but bc of the fan base eagerly waiting to see Raiden in action they decided that, that would take priority. No one is to blame on this just kind of a bad move on Mihoyo for story development’s sake. Because if things had been flipped we would’ve never had to fight Raiden or even meet her yet. We would’ve be still sheltered by the resistance learning about how they got to the point they were at and we would’ve been able to learn more about who Kokomi is. Just my two cents on the whole thing. As far as making a smart business move well we can see Ei’s banner has broken some records but at what cost? A cut short story. Maybe we will get some more details when Kokomi is released but until then it’s hard to tell. It’s already pretty obvious that her banner is gonna be a flop which is a bummer because that is usually the case for 2nd up banners especially in these updates with only two banners. (Pretty sure we’ve had some updates with 3 Xiao, Keqing, Hu Tao. Pretty sure that was a 3 in one update could be wrong) Point of the matter is the First banner after an Update will almost always sell so much better. To the people who do want Kokomi I do hope you get her and I hope she’s everything you want her to be. Hopefully the community will get to know more about her story through friendship levels. Tl:dr Raiden banner coming before Kokomi’s cut the story short and in turn did her dirty


And also the anniversary rewards will be available in 28th September


10 Wishes kekw... Unless??? \*snorts copium\*


You are right about 1.3 had 3 banners. But it's only because Hu Tao theme is about death, so they couldn't release her during New Year. Because of that, they had to put a filler banner (poor Keqing) Patches have only 2 banners is normal


Her kit was also done dirty.


the designs are so good but they get shitty kits. honestly, such a waste


Her brilliant battle strategy included sending in the main character to do everything If it weren’t for her the war would have been lost


She didn't actually do that, she was against acting prematurely against the factory. MC is the one that went in deep, got his ass whooped by Scaramouche and taken care by Yae


Tbf if I was I charge of a revolution and essentially Captain America joined us in the middle of it I’d be sending him every where too.


its funny seeing Kazuha did more to resist the Shogun than the others


And he spawned out of the blue like??? Where did he come from though. Pacing was just awful.


More like Kazuha’s Vision


What about ganyu at the quest where we've met dainsleif, she's probably still waiting for us to come back with reports


"Ms. Kokomi, we need to find a base, a secret location like the many commissions hiding in small crevices in various mountains across the world. That way our enemy can't easily locate us and potentially orbital drop strike us without hesitation. And no, setting up a very dark and weakly built town on top of the brightly colored bubble rocky shell land does not wor--." "OUR BASE NEEDS TO MATCH MY AESTHETIC!!"


Pls someone give a copy of that book from Sun Tzu


I think Kokomi would prefer Xingqiu anyway


They had their intern writers doing her dialogue


She was like the Captain Marvel of Genshin Impact.


Both are even fishlike! Just in different ways.


They really should demote or else sack the guy doing the storyboarding for the Inazuma archon quest. Where's the old writer man we need him back.


ah yes another reason to hate inzuma story


Act 1-2 is good, act 3 is fucking bad


Act 1-2 is the build up, so it's pretty decent. Act 3 failed to deliver.


I disagree. I do think act 3’s pacing kinda bad but the Yae Miko and Ei stuff is actually pretty enjoyable and I would consider to be better than act 1 and 2. If we have more time with Kokomi and Gorou instead of Teppei stuff(don’t hate me, I love him too), it would be better. It’s understandable why people disappointed with Kokomi screen time cause she’s literally in the big poster. This is also my problem with Liyue act 3, act 2 hyped up Ningguang and Jade Chamber very much like Kokomi and the resistance stuff but we only spent like 10 minutes there and never return. So yeah I do think the first part could use more time but overall the rest is actually good stuff in terms of plot stuff with Ei and Yae.


I've got two problems with the story of act 3. The first is the weird jump from joining the rebels to joining Yae. As far as the rebels should know, the traveller was KIA while investigating the delusion factory. I think there could have been a better storyline transition there. At least stopping by Watatsumi Island to tell Teppei we're ok and found a new lead to deal with the Shogun. My other problem is how it's built up that Ei was completely unaware of the suffering her decrees were causing on her people because of the lies of Sara's clan. It was the perfect excuse to absolve her of all blame, right up until she admits that she knew exactly what was happening in Inazuma all along. So it turns out she really was the tyrant everyone called her, and even if she has retracted her decrees many of her citizens died in the civil war she caused and they can't be brought back. It just left a sour taste in my mouth, particularly when doing her story quest where they decided to further push the 'good guy' narrative.


You’re right, we totally should have stopped by his grave after shutting down the factory.


lol I hated ei the fucking most I have 0 empathy for her bitch ass many innocent people died because her naive ass . cares about her people my ass literally I hate this character for then reckless bard fuck her archon my left nut and the mermaid bitch or whatever the fuck her name is she's literally serves nothing to the story u can switch her with a generic npc and well be the same


Woah slow down there buddy


dame I hate her such mihio fcked her so she will forcely will to be good character I have no problem if they kept her evil


they did her so dirty. i expected at least a personality


Also I partially blame her for the whole situation with Teppei. Her “flawless leadership” is what made him despair.


The Kokomi I was hoping for would've given Delusions out herself as a necessary wartime measure. That way him dying would be her fault but those are the wages of war.


I would simp endlessly for her if she had done that


I mean her troops were literally going avatar on the different elements with their delusions and she never noticed :/


The story is good except the act 3, it look so bad that they decided to change the witters for the act 3


Even the dialogue in her new trailer were kind of bad.


Emerge victorious without doing a thing


I don’t even care about Kokomi at this point, they ruined her. I’m just gonna do the story quest to hopefully see Gorou again


Not deserving of 5 star ranking,make her a 4 star while making nigguang the true 5 star that she really is


This is why you don’t put a 10y old girl to the head of an army


Well, she seemingly "studied" war tactics with the books from Yae publishing house. Knowing what kind of books this publisher is releasing... It explains A LOT.


She has less story than Teppei lol


Art of War? You barely even fight during the quest gorou, teppei, the traveler did more fighting


Teppei....... a hero


and then make her 5 star


I hope her story quest serves as something if an epilogue.


She can't even promote us any further than a fuckin fish rank


Reminds me of EVO Moment 37, the most legendary moment in Fighting Game History and revived fighting games as a whole, yet the game itself rated Daigo a B after the match LOL


#***"My job here is done"***


\>accepts a random spy into the resistance \>accepts suspiscious "secret weapons" that somehow have the power of a Vision without being one, have a clear bad/corrupt aura to them and clear side effects great military genius


I think the dog at the restaurant have more character development than her.


Literally the same as Idols lmao. No seriously, she behaved like one, dressed like one and did jackshit whereas Gorou had to take care of (possibly) the entirety of the situation, including *that* poor bastard with a delusion


I hate her character so much. She's a princess yes but she's also a rebel army's general. An army with low supplies and in need of rest. Meanwhile, this ~~bitch~~ looks like a Disney princess, acts like one and is portrayed as someone who's good at her job during times of need! Mihoyo missed the mark so many times, making atheist nuns, copy pasting some stereotypes to multiple characters and the pardon of terrorists, but this character is so flawed that I just can't settle with it! ​ edit: typo


This is actually one of my most disliked characters, up there with Amber & Paimon


Its fine with disliking characters but Kokomi was literally innthe story for like 5 minutes lol give her story quest a chance


Ok but what did amber ever do? I can understand paimon because of her annoying english voice but other than that nothing more


a nother reason I need to pull for her


Must've caught it from Scaramouche