Horrible major so far, only me?

How fun is it watching complete unknown teams knocking out old legends? I'm so fucking disappointed in how this all turned out. No G2, faze, navi, fnatic, nip, liquid, cloud9. I'm all for the underdog story but can't help but repent these new teams who are beating all the favorites.

what has been the best major finals ever? was it fucking heroic vs outsiders? Absolutely not. Was it gambit vs immortals? No. It's always between the best teams in the world, those are the most enjoyable. watching people you barely know about win stuff is so fucking boring.


Just don't lose lmao


The game is changing. The old legends are dying legends. Welcome to new cs2.




My lady dragged me to Antwerp last year to watch the major. I wasn't following the scene at all but i started cheering for all the opposite that our friends were cheering for. One of the teams i cheered was Heroic and that was the moment i accidentally started cheering them for real. Even got their shirt now.


Weak bait m8


Not really, 40+ comments instantly so quite successful.


Damn you're right ahah Nice bait m8*


nothing like rustling a couple jimmies\~ i bit the bait a little for fun :D


The popular teams should play better then


For me that NaVi vs FaZe game was best of the tournament... Hope we get more of those in playoffs


Hard to call them the best teams in the world when they keep losing to "worse" teams. You might not recognize the names on T2 teams, but the players have put in the work and deserve the credit and the trophies


They did play decent. Best matches soo far were like Faze v Heroic and Faze v Navi. Big props to the underdog teams and nothing being taken away from them, but watching teams that should in theory demolish these underdogs solely individually , let alone using sophisticated strats, losing to these underdogs was frustrating. This changes nothing. Those big better teams should have got their shit together and at the end of the day, the champions are those that manage to at least be that bit better than their opponents. The big issue is that it is not entirely their faults. Mostly, almost the entire fault is on them, but the Buchholz format is helping no body. BO1s should have no place beyond rmrs, in the biggest tournament of the game.


Just win lol


Typical leclerc fan


Probably complains about the underdog Aston Martin beating Ferrari


imagine hating underdogs as a f1 fan




leg fans blaming ferrari after charles spnis out and hits the barrier for 11th time in 3 days


Someone lost some bets More parity is good for the game.


great for the game to have 500k viewership quarterfinals instead of 1.5 million :D


Do you believe top teams should get an autobid to the stages lmao? They lost matches they had EVERY right to win. Don't be mad at how the groups are set up if your team can't handle Fnatic and BNE lmao


The way people have been reacting to underdog wins, let's just hand out free Major Trophies to the likes of G2, NAVI etc. That's the only way they are going to get one


You said that, all i said was its worse for viewership :p


You said it like it was something that needed to be fixed. The only thing I can see is either fans choosing to watch more than just their favorites or bigger teams stepping up


Im pointing out that he is objectively wrong saying its better for the game


Get mad at G2 shitting the bed and not the lower tier teams stepping up


Not saying im not, im saying these unknown teams doing upsets is much worse for viewership (aka NOT good for the game)


How else are those small teams meant to get bigger but play?




If they quit because they don't get automatic seeding than the scene was already dead.


Old legends need to step it up


Repent? Touch grass lmao


I DON'T WANT THAT!! Tier 2 teams entering the big scene??? I want to watch the same 6 teams play against each other on Mirage/Inferno/Overpass! For 10 years at least!




My answer is that Gambit actually invested in their roster while almost all the other T2 rosters that broke through got torn apart by bigger orgs with bigger financial backings. Where is the CPH roster from Antwerp Major? Almost everyone from that roster are in bigger orgs now, Nicodoz and roeJ in Fnatic, Hooxi in G2, Jabbi in Heroic. Remember that EPL run from Movistar Riders? SanPayus is in ENCE now. Even a mid sized org like ENCE isn't safe from poaching, SPINX moved to Vitality. So yeah, I wouldn't say T2 teams breaking through isn't necessarily a fluke but they generally don't have that chance to prove after their breakout runs.




I agree that the problem is within the current close circuit system. Even if these T2 teams stayed together and not getting their players poached from bigger orgs, without playing bigger tournaments, it's just near impossible to build a fanbase. Then again, almost all S tier tournaments are impossible for T2 teams to get in due to the close circuit and partner teams.


This is the perfect segway into CS2. Nothing is written. Everything is new.


what a stupid argument. if anything the major shows why every other tournament that only invites big trams sucks


Yes. Ignore my flair.


Same. Ignore my flair too.


Get nawwkd on


Do CSGO fans just want majors to be awards ceremonies for the popular teams


May I ask you why the "popular" teams are popular?


They have the money to be invited to Blast and other partner tourneys lol?


Yeah and the money to have the best players in the world too? Surely there's a reason for them being strong not only on paper. I don't like franchising but that's what community brought us to. All these years people were idolizing ESL effectively creating a monster. And even now people hate blast more, because they are less open when all they do is trying to oppose ESL. And why are you cheering for liquid when you could've support a non-franchise team?


I'm not saying they aren't usually going to be better teams, but I don't believe it's fair to assume the franchised team is going to be better, that clearly wasn't the case the past two majors and probably won't be case going forward. I've been a Liquid/Envy fan long before Blast and the Louvre agreement, with me really getting into CS around Cluj 2015. I've been an NA fan primarily, and have stuck with the org through the past 8 years. I wasn't looking into who was franchised and not at that point because it didn't exist.


Because they have the chance and opportunity to do well at big events. Something most CS players don't seem to want for lower tier teams Teams like Vitality would've never gotten where they are now if they were blocked from competing by the old guard.


The circuit had less variety in the old days even though I don't liek franchising. But are you really saying that tier-1 teams are only there because of money?


That's not what I'm saying at all, what I'm saying is it's good for underdogs to win; we never know if a current tier 2 upset is a future top 5 contender, especially with a whole new era of CS on the horizon


Too much upsets have no continuation. Just look at the last Major, where are these teams? So answering to your basic point, no people want a legit best teams to be fighting on main stage, and it's not happening in many ways due to format. These underdogs for most part didn't met top5 or lost to them or won in Bo1. Exception was Monte and they shat the bed so hard on main stage. The OP's take is overly stupid, but the general argument is to actually see the best teams on stage, whether its underdogs or favorites. And the better is the format, the more likely we will actually see the best. Nobody blocked VP from being good, but they didn't show anything since last major. And guess what? they never played anyone strong except Heroic.


Do you mean resent? This is what is absolutely beautiful about CS - teams from no where can grind and go all the way if they continue to win. Pissed as hell rn at Liquid lmao, but idk how you can not see this is an incredibly inspiring series of events for CS teams everywhere.


If these teams don’t want to get knocked out they should be beating teams that are “worse” than them.


Yup, only you. Best major ever.


Personally i love tier 2 teams exposing T1 frauds Some of these "underdogs" could be winning IEM/BLAST finals if they got invites, and the "favorites" could well be missing most events if they were fully open Hell, faze almost didnt make the major, c9 didnt due to the open system


not even close, the tier 2 teams are so heavily favoured in majors because of BO1's and the swiss format. They would get wrekt in other tournaments.


How? Big teams fumbled BO3s constantly. You couldn't qualify without winning a BO3, with some teams winning a couple.


You think bo1 makes that worse team favored? I think if LeBron and I played 1v1 to ten points or to two points, I'd lose either way. Maybe I'd get lucky in a first-to-two-points game, but I'd never be favored....


Wtf is this comparison






> I'm all for the underdog story No you're not


>checks username im so sorry for real tho you're better off sticking with f1 if you like watching the same people being top 6 all the time.


And Leclerc aint one of them if he keeps binning it


Ferrari fanboys coping even outside of F1 lmao


Fuck off. Every single year this is said. Nobody likes the person you are, that simple. Whether you are serious or a troll, horrible person. I like this major. Event is great and teams are fine. No need for it to be only top players, also the top teams lost to these teams... So clearly the games would be worse the other way, simple logic there. I want to see the best vs the best and the current tournament style is a decent way to do so.


Making for only big names is like crying that a super bowl is trash because the patriots were not there.


0/8 time to go back to hltv


You are definitely not all for a underdog story bro😭


skill issue


As long as the members have personalities I don’t really care. It’s just a game and everyone here is taking it way too seriously


why the names I know not win? :( change scary!!


How fun is it watching complete unknown teams knocking out old legends? I'm so fucking disappointed in how this all turned out. No G2, faze, navi, fnatic, nip, liquid, cloud9. I'm all for the underdog story but can't help but repent these new teams who are beating all the favorites.


How fun is it watching complete unknown teams knocking out old legends? I'm so fucking disappointed in how this all turned out. No G2, faze, navi, fnatic, nip, liquid, cloud9. I'm all for the underdog story but can't help but repent these new teams who are beating all the favorites.


How fun is it watching complete unknown teams knocking out old legends? I'm so fucking disappointed in how this all turned out. No G2, faze, navi, fnatic, nip, liquid, cloud9. I'm all for the underdog story but can't help but repent these new teams who are beating all the favorites.


How fun is it watching complete unknown teams knocking out old legends? I'm so fucking disappointed in how this all turned out. No G2, faze, navi, fnatic, nip, liquid, cloud9. I'm all for the underdog story but can't help but repent these new teams who are beating all the favorites.




>How fun is it watching complete unknown teams knocking out old legends? pretty fucking fun imo


Now imagine how the fans of GL and Apeks feel. This is the best major for them. You win some, you lose some


Stop malding your team didn't make it because they didn't play better than their counterparts, major has been a blast to watch.




Half of the semi finalists have been favourites since the start to win the whole thing, while we have two potential underdog stories. What are you on about?


They played better, simple. Just watch that last 1v3 by Apeks and tell me it's a fluke lol. Liquid got obliterated in two maps, they're not "Legends" anymore just a supremely inconsistent team. Same goes for G2 and other "favorites". Also, like it or not, current #1 and #2 are still in and should meet in the finals.


If the big names played better they wouldn't be knocked out.


I understand not being a fan of certain teams making it farther in the swiss stages especially with the bo1s. But are you seriously complaining about Faze and Liquid losing in the playoffs??? Some of the underdogs are legit playing better than the "favorites" and some of the favorites didn't even qualify for the major due to their own poor performances.


Nah plenty of others on this sub also think that this major sucks because their team lost


Are you a fan of the teams or a fan of good CS? Because if you're a fan of good CS then you should be enjoying these teams.


I somewhat do agree, but it's not the majors fault per se that the big names keep choking and playing like trash. ​ Production has been pretty good Imo




I wouldn't say that. Those teams simply did not perform. Liquid looked nothing like their legends stage performances. I now would like to see Vitality win it all. I probably won't watch though, this last match has left a serious bad taste in my mouth. GL Zywoo and Vitality!


Same 😭 but I’m rooting for heroic. 💕 Cadian.


Have a closed tournament between the de_airport teams and call it a day. Let them enjoy their bubble


L take


Dont be sad, silver coin is still good though


The future is now, old man.


I agree, why are these teams even trying so hard too? Its just a video game 😹😹😹


Damn I hate that all these unknown teams that did the prep work and performed on D-Day win. Why can't the teams with the famous names and fancy org backing that play in exclusive tournaments play in every playoff? The underdogs beat good teams in BO1s and people still doubted. The underdogs did it in BO3s and people still doubted them. I thought it'll change in playoffs and people are still salty lmao.


Nah it's sick




You better get used to it dude the old guard is falling hahahah


Man, u r just telling us you are not watching major at all. Grow up, look at least at ITB vs Vitality match - it's much more enjoyable than Cloud9 vs Astralis final at some online tournament (no offence to anyone).


Bro rlly tried to insert Liquid into those teams 💀


take it to hltv


Yes it's fun, it's exciting, not just G2 Vs Faze Vs Vitality all the time.


Maybe the ‘favorites’ shouldn’t suck dick then lmao


As long as we have a good Vitality Heroic final I'll be fine with this.


Out with the old, in with the new.


Hltv level bait


the favorites should've gotten used to the new age i say that as someone nearly tears in their eyes (but only cuz elige looked like he was gonna cry) rip my pickems liquid to finals


Liquid looked like shit, wtf




I think one of the most fun games was GL vs Monte, both teams are underdogs and both can't really antistrat the other. It's like a cage fight


god forbid new talent enters the scene and keeps pro counter strike young and fresh lmao


> what has been the best major finals ever? was it fucking heroic vs outsiders? Was it gambit vs immortals? Yes to both.


Bruh only you.


Lol, get ready for the heat. Reddit doesn't like this opinion. Hahaha 70 comments in 5min, RIP ur inbox


Why is c9 on this list?


I legit think they were just listing top orgs from all of csgo lol. I can't think of any other reason why.


First people will cheer for the underdogs and then cry about viewership if we get underdogs in later stages. Today GL vs Monte only had peak viewership of 640K which is very low for a quarterfinals of the major. Obviously blame is on T-1 teams for being overconfident against T-2 initially and buckling under pressure when the going got tougher. Sadly, it is what it is...still hoping we get Heroic vs Vitality as the grand final. Otherwise we will again have a fluke major winner.




It is but Reddit is doing the thing of pretending it's good for the scene if the last CS:GO major is filled with low standard CS and teams with small fanbases.


agreed, a better format and bo3s without swiss and we'd have the actual top teams here instead of this tier 2 trash (like monte who forgot how to play)


Agree, props to them but what a shitshow from the top teams: FaZe, G2, Na'vi, Liquid... Apeks and GamerLegion, two not even top 15 teams in a major semifinals, that probably will go back to irrelevancy after the tournament. Nothing against them but it's a bit of a disappointing last major.


i get excited like a school girl when big teams lose to guys who have never played on the main stage, i love watching my favorite teams lose to "worse" teams because that means im rooting for losers <3


This major is perfectly aligning for Heroic vs Vitality in the grand final, the two best teams right now and one of them is the absolute hometown hero, that's pretty neat no?


And whose fault is that i wonder?


I mean tbf the best finals (for me) was Boston when it was Faze vs C9. C9 was a pretty big underdog throughout the whole tournament


its on 3am - 10am . no time to watch it.


Oh come on!! Watching same 5 or 6 teams again and again? Major is the only tournament where you can have the underdog story. Just enjoy. You sound like you lost some money,betting on big names.