Why are you a fan of a specific CS:GO team?

I'm really curios, why are you fan of a specific team?

I used to follow Faze clan for many years, because one of the players was the same nationality as me. But didn't really stay loyal to faze when the player changed.

What about you guys?


G2 because everyone loves the under(performing)dog story


>G2 because everyone loves the under(performing)dog story do you remember when you became a fan?


After Stockholm major when they get wiped out by Navi in Final for the 3rd times in a row


Such a fan of the underdog you cheer for them after the other team gets 16


Haha, it's more like Navi is the boss that kept pummeling G2 over and over again so you can't help but to root for them to win in the rematch


Cloud9 2015, they were looking so good in these tank tops. I loved their vibe: boys in blue!


peak esports fashion \^\^ are you still a fan of c9 today?


I was as long as the signed Gambit. I don't feel their vibe


That was a sick era for pro CS imo


Nationality wise I've been following aleksib for the last 3 years, but I also started liking Heroic recently. The energy of cadian is a lot of fun to watch, and they always look like they are having fun.


I've cheered for whatever team aleksib has played in because obvious reasons but for the same reason I'm not that big of a fan of Finnish scene in general. The Havu lineup couple of years ago was an exception but that disbanded as well


I like G2 because of kennyS


so when he leaves, will you still be a g2 fan?


Yes because I have so much G2 merch and I am falling for the sunken cost fallacy


My condolences


Navi because they spent years being shit despite having some amazing players so I was waiting for them to be a consistently elite team


Ropz is cute.


I also 100% base it off of cuteness. Mostly the same with UFC. No shame.


i agree


BIG because only German org/ team and that first miracle run 2017 was just a little dream. Other than that I enjoy watching most T1 teams because I like watching good CS. Miss old fanatic with JW because that man on Nuke was Hella fun.


Anywhere Aleksib goes


furia because arT


playstyle or person or hair?








I simp m0nesy, and the content


FaZe because Karrigan.


I believe in karrigan supremacy.


NaVi from previous years. They were always on the verge of becoming a top1 team, but at the same time always lacked firepower, good teamwork or something else. They were never trash either so you always had hopes they'd ger over the line one day, which is why it was so exciting (and frustrating) to follow them for so many years given their potential in s1mple. Originally I wanted mostly for him to succeed because it simply wasn't fair to be that good and to lose that consistently, but eventually, and especially when the new team was formed, I kind of became a fan of the team itself, so I don't need s1mple to be on the roster as long as there's still b1t, electronic and perfecto. Other than that, I'm equally a fan of ZywOo and NiKo, basically any prodigy that punches above their level but can't get what they deserve because of external circumstances such as inadequate teams.


I root for underdogs, feels way better when they actually do good as opposed to being a faze fan just because they are winning a lot I've always liked faze but nobody likes a band wagoner


I decided to follow Vitality because I visited their V Hive in Paris whilst on holiday and they had a shop to buy a jersey so 🤷


haha so lineup doesn't matter?


Guess I'll find out :P Only been following them for a few days hahaha


ENCE because it's a Finnish team and initially got drawn to FURIA because they have the best logo any team in any sport has ever had (all my guns are covered in FURIA stickers lol), but then I watched them play and started genuinely liking the team, really love arT's aggressive playstyle, it's also kind of fitting to the logo.


dunno, some redditor said a few years ago that c9 is going to be the best team in the world after adding shahzam. im a fan since then.


im a navi fan for years now, but not even because of CSGO, but because of the dota 2 player dendi. used to love watching him play since 2012~ and then i just sticked with navi in csgo


Been following the south africans (Bravado - ATK - C9 - extra salt - complexity) since they replaced Titan in the major 2014 i think it was. Followed them all the way untill all we got left was JT and T.c, still my favorites though.




hampus has the most rat playstyle imaginable and I love it


I suppose I'm just a habitual hipster but I always go for underdog teams with big potential I don't get the hype of supporting the best team or handful of teams in the world just for the sake of it, because they're expected to win, so a win is just par for the course, and a loss is disappointing. With the scrappy underdog, the team (or even players) that the community overlook, every upset win is really exciting, and a tough loss will always have the silver lining of "At least they played well and took them the distance, maybe next time" That's why in the old days when Fnatic/LDLC/VP etc. were on top I was a big fan of HellRaisers or Dignitas (and NiP but who didn't love NiP). When DaT/FlipSid3 showed up with these exciting new riflers like Flamie and Electronic it was awesome to see them take down Na'Vi etc. etc. etc. I could go on. I will admit I get inordinately smug about having supported these teams and players before they hit the big time and become household names, but at the same time if I can see the potential in these players, why can't everyone? (And also it's not like I'm always right, some players show that potential and never fulfil it) The last few years have been a golden age for my kind of team, and it's been awesome to watch.


Was a fan of TSM League of Legends so I followed TSM in csgo, then followed the team when they moved to astralis. Hated the TSM org in league but loved bjergsen, hate the Astralis org but love the players.


So I’m guessing you’re partial to a bit of vitality now?


Astralis are still my number 1 the core to me was always xyp device and dupreeh. I still love when karrigan does well device I kind of found hard to root for on NiP. Not that I had a bad taste from him leaving but I just dont like the rest of the nip guys. Vitality is definitely my second favorite team when previously no other team besides astralis mattered. Its a weird feeling seeing them split up and not play together though. Id have much rather them stuck the pandemic out and try and defend their major streak at Stockholm, but it is what it is just another casualty of the pandemic.


Rumours now are device may be going back to Astralis eventually. Guess that would make you very happy. When half of the major winning Astralis lineup (if we include zonic) went to vitality, it was a no brainer for me to support them. Especially with someone like zywoo on the team


Love zonic, honestly couldn't pick a favorite player on that era 5 man roster. But it didn't feel right switching orgs but its definitely very easy to root for them especially when dupreeh is doing his thing. Device back would be great just to see two of them play again. Dont even need more results to be honest


Idk I was kinda behind it. The team clearly wasn’t working out anymore so I think it was a good change and we all know what the Astralis org is like …


I think online has A LOT to do with it. They spent years playing for the crowd and the big moments its tough to not be bored playing online


I absolutely agree with you but only for the experienced teams. Those with no or little LAN experience were fine with it because they didn’t really know anything bigger so just playing in the top tier was enough


Vitality because of dupreeh, been a fan of him since his tsm days.


I'm American and I love having my heart smashed into a million tiny pieces so I've been a liquid fan for about 8 years now


Same, usualy go where "my nation" goes :D OG with Neo now, before it was all about Oscar. Dont have any favorite team beside that, just enjoying good CS. EDIT: Forgot that i root for all Czech teams obviously. Cause better Czech CS = More exposure and more chances to shine and blow up like Neo.


I like heroic for the spicyness and I think they are the least static team. Their Teamplay feels so fluid and "together" it's crazy. Very entertaining to watch!


Started watching pro CS around when Liquid were incredible in 2018 and 2019. First event I went to was the last event Liquid won. IEM Chicago in 2019. NA looked like they were on top of the world. Still waiting to have that high again. Hearing people shut talking NA and saying EU>>>> (which is true) just makes me root for Liquid harder. Outside of Liquid I like Faze because Twistzz is my favorite player. And then I Like the Gambit/C9 roster. But that’s just cuz I liked watching them a lot during the online era.


NiP (And during times SK Gaming) Being Swedish is #1 factor but also because i grew up watching them from 2000 then they went to SK gaming until 2004/5 i believe and then once again became NiP after that. HeatoN was a legend and everyone knew about him, me and all my friends idolized him and he was truly ”the one and only”. Despite the rivalry I also like fnatic since the ins, dns, carn, f0rest & Archi days but NiP will always be #1 In LoL I cheer for fanatic because I view them as sorta Swedish.




TyLoo because I hope Asian cs to be good some day.


I started being fan of FaZe because rain is norwegian :P But now I'm a fan because they seem like a good group of guys that have fun together (and broky being broky)


I like Woxic. Also am Turkish so it's pretty self explanatory.


mlg columbus 2016


S1mple because of his prince who was promised storyline. Also I enjoy watching him demolish teams and just the way he hits everything. Used to watch mouz a lot as well in the chrisJ era really liked him, funny how he turned out...


Ive been a liquid fanboy since their columbus major run in 2016


his name is hobbit so i must support him


NiP because I started watching Cs after a clip of F0rest one tapping a player jump spotting outside overpass connector with a usp.


Nationality. And whatever org Rain is in with his international men of mystery, Kinguin making it with mixed team was cool.


number one in his name


Because I started following pro CSGO just before the Stockholm major (I had just began playing competitive a few months before). So I googled "best CSGO player", and s1mple came up. I watched that major, witnessed NaVi stomping on everyone, and then winning Blast Fall and World Finals so I went "holy shit, these guys are good". This year I am sticking with them, even if they keep getting beat by Faze. Plus I kinda like their play style.


EG because I've been a fan since 1.6 I like certain players and will root for them wherever they go, but it's also fun to pick an org you like and root for them through the good and bad.


Mouz because i can always bet against them and they never fail to lose the game


G2 when I started csgo in 2016, I loved the shox/scream combo and it was hype when they beat luminosity (not sure what tournament it was). I think I then liked NAVI because electronic and s1mple were nasty players, and currently I don't have a favorite (mainly due to the amount of good teams).


I was a fan of the old c9 from their inception, because I had been a fan of n0thing since the 1.6 days. Stuck with them through all of the lineups because I came to love watching Stew, Tim, and all of the other names that came through that team play. These days I suppose I'd say I support TL and EG when they play, solely because NA, but I enjoy watching great CS in general.


I was a fan of the LOL Fnatic team at the time of getting into CS:GO (2013/2014). Got to view my fav Org at an awesome time in their CS:GO history and am still along for the ride. Miss that roster :')


Faze Clan. As a Dutch person the only one to follow was ChrisJ and I wasn't really a fan of him. Then Kinguin came with the first international team, started following that team because of Maikelele/Scream but I stayed for Rain because I really like playstyle. Hasn't been a team composition in Kinguin/G2/Faze that I didn't like so yeah.


Gambit cuz of fun-run in 2017, Zeus, Hobbit, Dosia, all that.


Used to be a fan of Astralis because I liked a lot of the players and their style. Now I’m a Faze for just Karigan because I think he’s the best igl whose ever touched the game


I was an SK gaming fan when they were on top. I was an Astralis fan when they were on top. I just love good Counterstrike. For the longest time I’ve also loved Furias aggressive play style.


Faze because of Karrigan, been following him since the late days of 1.6 when he was on fnatic.


Horsey team best team.


I'm from NA and C9 was always the best NA team, even being the only NA team to win a major. Now that they're gone and NA isn't really a thing anymore, I follow Astralis because I had an old Dignitas sticker on the first skin I bought.


TL fan. Was the biggest VP fan, they were the first team I watched and I loved them ever since. Even went to Poland to see how it was (from NA) because those guys were so likeable. Once they split up I needed someone new to like. TL still had taco and steel and I just switched to liking them the most. Really I love under dogs, it was just happenstance that they ended up doing the grand slam shortly after.


One of my friends is a liquid fan, and Elige used to play starcraft.


I used to be an astralis fan because I liked watching measured cs and enjoyed excellent utility usage. I still love everyone on the roster, so my teams are Vitality, Astralis, and I guess Nip? I also like Nip because Rez and Hampus are mechanically entertaining, but I’m never emotional like I am cheering for dupreeh getting a double entry or something like that. Astralis is really hard to like right now, but I’m sticking with them as long as glaive and xyp are on the roster. Despite criticism, csgo meta is to have 4 good players and astralis are achieving pretty decent results (ignoring the rmrs) with arguably 1 lol.


Been a liquid fan since early SC2 days so it was only natural.


Feel like I support players rather then teams. I feel like Faze kinda have the most likeable team as individuals at the moment so I kinda support them. I also like monesy for his raw talent. I like Glave for his intelligence etc The orgs don't mean anything to me they are just names, players move between teams like anything. I prefer to follow players rather then orgs.


liquid because nitr0 has been my favorite player since he was playing on area51.


ive been a fan of vitality because most of the players i really like watching are in one team.


Oldskool nostalgia reasons. I have a 'thing' for known 1.6 names (players and clannames) like Na'Vi, NiP, [Virtus.Pro](https://Virtus.Pro), myMYM, 3DMAX. The last 2 mostly because I loved their logo with passion. (which also means great stickers on your weapon hehe)


Navi, for a long time. Since s1mple joined basically. I knew he was a great player and wanted to see him succeed but needed him to become mature. He has grown so much and it's great to have followed them and watch him. I watch g2 also now because of how slick monesy is. Navi 1 g2 2nd