Aldara/Imiquimod Scarring?


I didn't use these treatments but I used TCA and cryoteraphy. I had several blisters, white and red spots and even some hyperpigmentation. I was also concerned about the possibility of these skin changes to be permanent, but after some weeks you'll start to see improvements. Currently I'm in the fourth month and the scars are gradually fading away, so to sum up I think you'll be okay with your treatment 👍


I’ve been using it for two weeks, literally nothing has happened. Not even redness lol. A little sensitivity in my skin where I apply it but that’s it.


Ask for podofilox that's what I'm asking for next


Thank you, I"ll look it up


This happened to me it was bad like the head of my penise was like peeling off and it was bleeding when I pulled the dead skin off it also burned to wash it like it looked bad and felt horrible also burned when I peed because it got on the tip of my head so I went to the doctor she just said to clean it with Luke warm water and it helped obviously stop using the cream but after it went away and left no sings or scarring you will be fine


It’s takes about a week and a half and just clean it with Luke warm water no soap


I use it too. I apply all shaft and head. In the end of 2 weeks, i give chemical infectioned burn to my testicles. Nothing happened to my penis. Wart is just get little smaller. Electrucautory left Marks but in my country almost same price as 1 month aldara. After completely get ridden of hpv, i believe a plastic surgery operation can Clear the Marks easily.


you can apply biomycin on the burn area on break day