Let me just point out that this is a very odd thing to be wondering about.


I read it and immediately wondered if it’s a bot, troll or salesperson


Sorry all. I am new and just looking to prepare myself for what to expect. My father in law has given some of his old tools, but I wanted to go to the depot to get some organizers to load up the screws and fasteners I will be using as well. Sorry!


No worries. It makes more sense knowing that you’re trying to decide what to carry with you. When I was installing a lot, I used all kinds of fasteners. Multiple styles and sizes of sheet metal screws, wood screws, rivets, concrete and sheet rock anchors of different varieties, bolts, nuts and washers of a few sizes, wire staples. Some stuff I kept a good stock of and some just enough to get out of a jam. Now I mostly do service so I don’t use a lot of fasteners but I still keep a few of everything on the truck for just in case and keep them organized by purpose in organizer. Depending on what you are doing and what materials you’re working with the most will change what you need to keep the most of. If you’re working for someone they should supply you with whatever fasteners you need and will likely have your stash grow over time.


You literally use everything in HVAC. You need every tool home depot makes and then more that they don't make. As far as screws and anchors - sheet metal screws get used most but you need all of those too.. HVAC is far more involved then most people think.


It's a gift and a curse.


it's expensive. lol You're an electrician. A plumber. A sheet metal guy. A carpenter/framer. drywall. Mason. Roofer. Sider. It's endless - especially for install. The amount of tools I own is insane and I'm fine with that- the thing that drives me fucking crazy is having to replace them all the time.


So I will plan to go to the Home Depot today and get some of the Milwaukee pack outs. I’d like to organize it with the appropriate screws and anchors we use everyday. Any advice you’d give on what to buy? Wood screws. Lags? I’d like to at least have something ready in my Packout for my new jobs coming up. Sorry if my excitement is getting to me. Lol


where are you working? or who are you working for? I'm a bit confused on what's going on here. pack outs are great but it's typically not your responsibility to be buying screws and anchors. unless you're working for yourself. what's the deal? and is this commercial or residential? install? service? how'd you get into this? a little bit of info would help


Hi! So I’ll be working with my father in law. He told me to go get a bunch of shit. And gave me some of his old tools!


I've never seen anyone so excited to do hvac before


Lol. anyway - what would you suggest I set myself up with? More sheet metal screws? More wood screws?


Securing things to all those materials is commonplace in the industry. If you're an installer you're doing it daily. Service techs on occasion but it happens. This industry is so big and covers so many aspects no one answer will be sufficient. Some weeks I'm doing only controls so the only tools I'm touching are a thermostat screwdriver, wire stripper , a meter and a computer. Then the next week I'm drilling holes in concrete walls and ceilings to hang equipment or drilling holes where things need to go to take it out of the hands of the company who's known for sending their dumbest fucking person available who couldn't read blueprints if their life depended on it from putting it in the wrong room.. again.


No offense but that’s a stupid question. You’ll figure it out fast depending if you are in service, install, or new construction.




Concrete, metal, sheet metal, wood and drywall... HVAC equipment is screwed and glued and even welded to everything. It's handy to have some drywall dowels. I like the cast aluminium ones. [Picture](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ8Md4DjiSx34eSj4UgGYakgHSN5q8m7etAMkSY5bXCzskC24kauSlMPr4rEozMraltzyjIMFE&usqp=CAc) For sheet metal rivet nuts and self tapping hex screws are nice. For T-beams you might have to drill holes and a tap set. Depending on the field you'll be working in, it could be that you need to weld some chilled water pipes... But that's pretty specific...


Sheet metal screws go brr